Dragons Dogma thread!How bad will the anime be?

Dragons Dogma thread!How bad will the anime be?

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You were fooled by Holla Forums the game is shit and I will explain why:>No indication of where roads lead>No hint to what enemies are weak to>No hint of when enemies are alone or in groups>No warning to avoid status effects>No clue to which items are masterworksI don't know how people defend this game.

Roll chart

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Why are boons so much better than normal spells? Does that change at higher tiers of magic? I'm still having fun but it just seems weird.

>>517461362You get three tiers of offensive spells, I don't think the enchantments are really better than any one tier, as they do different things. The last tier are mostly just big cast time and big damage

>>517461362since you call them boons I'm just imagining you're a new player at low level? well watch this

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>>517460602F SS please

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>>517466093vampire pawn + smol arisen again

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Poster for those who haven't seen it

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>>517460218the story was so generic idk why they are making anime about it

>grabs your qt pawn and runs off into a corner while gigglingWhat the fuck do you do?

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>>517466613From the synopse the anime story will very different from the game.

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How do you make fighter fun dogmabros? flying enemies just fuck me up

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>>517471607Can't even remember if i somehow got jewtits as my first beloved instead of the princessHope i did, fuck that little whore

>>517471840Fuck off.

>>517467392> Ogres are just the final form of coomers> Elder Ogres are just gay coomersWhat does it mean?

>>517460218It's made by Kikeflix, so I expect it to be full of pozz and look absolutely horrendous.

>>517472150Gays are so vile and monstrous that they can only be found on Bitterblack Isle


>>517460476pawns tell you what theyre weak too

>>517460218It will be agressively medium.

Can't find the files for two mods anons, anyone got them?I need the one mod that lets warriors actually have a normal amount of skills equipped and that one sound fixing mod because the game was so quiet

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>>517460602Roll wanna play again

>>517460602Rolling again

>>517468515By not playing fighter yourself

>>517468515>flying enemies just fuck me upYou've got Skyward Lash and later, Heavenward Lash... you can also launch pawns up to them if you use a shield.I hate to insult people, but I really think you have to be borderline braindead to not make use of your moves...>>517474505Fighter is legit fun and I never have and never will understand how people say it's not. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

Reminder to fuck your pawns!

>>517460476Dude, the game doesnt need to tell you everything. Do you think someone living in the setting would simply know? They would know where the roads lead to though, and the game shows that. Also there are no masterworks util a long long time into the game, and by then you'll know. The lack of a helping hand is what i most loved about it desu. The lack of gamey stuff allowed immersion and sometimes i'd just stop what i was doing, look around and be like. "Shit, this atmosphere is good af."

nexusmods.com/dragonsdogma/mods/474Anyone tried this mod?Sounds interesting desu but dunno if I wanna go with it

>>517460602Ayy Ayy

>>517475045>griffin flies up 500m in the sky>skyward lash is uselessNice

>>517475661>Let me HURR and DURR for a secAre you done? You know that's not how you fight a Griffon as a melee class and you know it. For that you jump onto the fucking thing and stab it in the wings.

>>517460602>>517475641M PC F MP, no other pawns.MP Warrior PC FighterPC >150MP Taller than PcS/SMadelineReady for snu snu

>>517475661What were you supposed to do, throw the sword you nonce?

>>517475460You should go to a dentist for your second mouth, bro

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>>517460602Got nothing better to do

Is Dragons Dogma any good on Switch?

>>517460602rerolling because 0 is fucking gay

>>517460476well done bait

>>517472150after a few centuries of molestation women don't work for them anymore

>>517460476>No indication of where roads leadHate this so much. They tell you that all roads lead to Grand Sorin but where do all roads from Grand Sorin lead to?Oh and masterworks. "They're masterworks all"? All what? What are all the masterworks? Finish your sentence you fucking faggot.

>>517472150They're not really gay, BBI makes your character grow a pussy. This is not explained due to time constraints during development.

I expect them to butcher Grigori's dialogue

Pawn pussy is filled with will receptors that only the Arisen can provide


>>517481740You should gain some weight

>>517476021Not him but I'm not too fond of griffons myself, mainly because they constantly decide to fuck off in the middle of the fight. On top of that a lot of times it'll seem like they're about to fuck off midfight only to suddenly decide not to fuck off as you're about to resume your business. Also they typically spawn in that are just outside Grand Sorin near the bandits which is fucking annoying because on top of dealing with the griffin you have to deal with fucking asshole bandit archers who have a massive hard on for the stupid knock back attack.


assassin is the objectively the funnest class and is more of a traditional barbarian than the warriorwarrior would be maximum fun if they could use a bow

>>517481915Seneschal wills it so


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>>517481996>warrior would be maximum fun if they could use a bowFucking this

>>517466526>Netflix OriginalYeah nah thanks. Every single one of their shows is poz'd shit.

>>517482587Netflix Original means that Netflix is funding the project and getting full rights so that it only gets streamed on their platform, the story and animation are made by a studio in japan so unless you turn japan into california then you should just expect a normal low budget shitty anime with CG animation.

>>517483286Is there a hamburger joke in there?

>>517483609No, it was social commentary on how california is a liberal shithole destroying art, jobs and people that don't follow their warped worldview.

>>517460602Im almost convinced to buy it, any reasons why I should tho? I know almost nothin

DDON private server WHEN?

>>517483286Itsuno is also apparently supervising to some extent.

>>517484309It's good if you like D&D type monsters, love battles where the key is exploiting weaknesses, an interesting bunch of magic spells, loot and if you're looking for something not too heavy on story.The biggest weaknesses Dragon's Dogma has are the overworld, which is a fairly boring and empty map, the quests which has some that are really, really good but most are terribly bland and the start of the game which is kind of a slog until you reach the city.I consider it a 7/10 and it is still my favorite game of all time because I've yet to see someone translating the feel of a tabletop adventure to a game with real time 3rd person action combat as this game does.

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>>517485276that doesn't really mean anything, GRR Martin supervised Game of Thrones and Itsuno himself was supervising DmC while he was making Dragon's Dogma.

>>517481284>>517475531>>517472690Jeus this was top tier bait, great job. fpbp every time.For those still dense not to get it>All roads lead to Gran Soren>Pawns always tell you what enemies are weak to>Pawns tell you they hunt alone or in packs>Pawns advise you to avoid getting drenched, on fire etc>They're masterworks, all

>>517485571Let me dream!

>>517485571GRR Martin is a retarded hack and Itsuno a genius. Anime will be shit like every Netflix production tho.

ddon.wikidot.com/areas:arisensroomReminder that DDON had rudimentary arisen/pawn romance.

>>517487058that's why it had to be killed

>>517460476oh, you

>>517487058is daimon the ultimate incel?

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>>517487058That's illegal!

>>517487732Love will win.

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>>517488792yeah, a trip to BBI, population (You), they even give you front row on the bus

>>517488792You know, an interactive relationship(non-lewd)+personality system for pawns would be really bonkers. They just lack the drive to be leaders and stuff on top of being bound to you, they are still humanlike on many fronts.

>mutual understanding upgraded!!!!!kek

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>>5174912310.3% of players unlocked this achievement

>>517492108>only 0.3% are pawn fuckers

>>517485397This.It's a fun but flawed game, the combat and pawn system is great and could still be improved on in sequels. However, the game doesnt really motivate the player fairly well as the world map has a lot of areas that aren't really utilized during the game with quests being few and with little variety. Once you get through bbi it kinda spoils you cause it is where the most unique challenges are despite it's small size, gran soren feels empty and a breeze to travel through by comparison

How is the Switch port? I already have it on PC but it’s on sale for Switch right now and portable DD sounds comfy.

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>>517495456I got it on PC and Switch, and aside from the fps, nothing is different. You know those goblin popups near the mine-tunnel, those are in both. The Switch runs stable 30fps, Did BBI and never noticed any dips when MA or MK.Another thing is that there are way fewer pawns to hire, and that will hire your pawn though

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>>517485397Thx for elaborating user I might buy it


>>517487058>Manga Main Pawn starts acting like a worried housewife>Anime Main Pawn is also really cuteWhat did the Seneschal mean by this?

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i spent like 10 hours trying to grind out hull hellfire set for me and my pawn and i got close but stopped, but i didn't end up finishing the game because i didn't wanna go into ng+ without the gear cause i would have to progress through the main quest again or whatever to get to a good point to have access to stuff

>>517475460>no doujin about a pawn being raped by the arisen and not reacting to it due to not having feelings

>>517497912>implying it's rape>implying the Pawn wouldn't want it

>>517498174i guess rape wasn't the right word there, but my point still stands

What are good inclinations for your pawn?

Pawns ill like small pingas

>>517466526Main Character: Ethan.

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>>517500746Main Pawn: Hannah

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>>517481370the sad thing is knowing how fucking crazy the original vision was for DD, I'm not 100% sure whether you're being serious or not. dks2 had the tranny coffin so i wouldn't be surprised if this was a thing in jap culture

>>517500995>>517500746Is it the same studio as Castlevania?

>>517501123Sublimation studios, iirc. I don't think they are, but I'm too lazy to research.The merciless, barely textured Grigori

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>>517488792Why do they torment us like this?

>>517460476>8yo bait>people still falling for itAmazing

>>517497330>imagine my pawn cooks sometimes but is bad at it at first

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No postings of pawns and arisens?

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Man, 6 skill warrior + shield is nuts

>>517503687> 6 skill warriorGod help me find the mod it's not on nexus

>>517503794nexusmods.com/dragonsdogma/mods/96Use the weapon set setting to switch between skill setsnexusmods.com/dragonsdogma/mods/474Use this for uber warrior


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>>517501379>"I ask again Itsuno, what is the purpose of this anime?"


>>517502954any vns/lns for this feel?

>>517501094I was joking.

Can someone tell me what character Ethan looks like? I swear to god i've seen a near carbon copy of this dude in some other anime or maybe game. I'm not talking about Savan either.

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>>517505051He's the default Arisen.

>>517505051Generic protagonist

>>517505130Nah I don't mean that, I mean someone that looks like him in that art style in the picture. I'm aware he's the default arisen but i've seen this man somewhere before.

>>517460602bread rolling

Im level 50 and getting destroyed by the reaper boss at bitterblack isle. Where am I supposed to level?

>>517505584Level up blast arrows by buying as many as you can

>>517505584You are supposed to run. Why would you fight Death, who can sleep, and will oneshot anyone or anything (that include every monster that can spawn with him)

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Is making my pawn a mage a bad idea? I've heard stories that magic pawns just sit around and hardly cast spells.

>>517460602Rollan but fuck you I'm not marrying Fournival I know your tricks

>>517505397He looks like if Savan and his pawn Salde had a son.

Whats the fastest way to max out vocations


>>517500995>>517500746they better have some Arisen/Pawn cute romance with the Pawn learning to become more human in the process

>>517460602Rolling. I'm rerolling if I land on yellow vocation

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>>517506368they better have the Arisen vilently fuck the pawn while she does nothing and lets him use her as a sextoy*

>>517506368They changed the plot a bit to have the MC motivated by the death of his wife.

Is there a way to fight a wyvern as a melee class without wishing for death?

>>517506627>>517506565>>517506368>Synopsis says that MC slowly loses his humanity over the course of his adventure>Main Pawn becomes more human through romance with the MC

>>517507090nope, pawns are retarded and most likely won't fell him, you're better off ignoring them

>>517507090Fighters are fuckedMythic guys CAN work considering they got semi ranged attacks but are mostly fuckedWarriors need 1 AoD hit to keep it down for a while and hit it again with another AoD

>>517507090Try climbing.That's it.>>517507691Mystic Knights should be able to annihilate any enemy with Great Cannon.

>>517507364>Hannah must kill Ethan before he becomes a daimon

I just got to the undead dragon in Bitterblack Isle and holy fuck is he a damage sponge.

>>517507364>Pawn brings Arisen back from the brink KINO

>>517460602Well done Arisen.

How short can I make my loli pawn?

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>>517460602gimme something good

>>517460476theyre masterworks all


>>517460602come on harem squad

>>517460602Well then let's see

>>517508591Don't forget to carry her across rivers!

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so i attempted to fight the boss with my loli mage, it hasnt gone well. is there a way to go back and sac a hoe or give up. He just has more dps and hp than i have healing and sustain

>>517509935what boss?

>>517510371the dragons 3rd phase with the 7 health bars

>>517507090You know when they get up in the air to start breathing fire at you? They leave their tail near the ground so you can start climbing and bring it down/the dragon comes down by itself

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>>517510474Grigori? Damn that's fucked up, maybe if you die you can go back to a checkpoint? I've always been overleveled for that fight, sorry

>>517510474Maybe try picking up the items that are around the arena? Also there are some ballistas but I think those help if he gets up and starts flying

If youre not supposed to fuck your pawn why are you allowed to customize her


How do I make my Strider pawn stab shit more than shoot shit?

>>517512589take away their bow

>>517512589Show them dumbass

>>517512589youtube.com/watch?v=4O5y6ZAzTZAChange their augments and they'll tend to do different things

>>517512949Do they learn if I'm an assassin?

>>517460218If it gets enough interest to get us a new game, I don't care.

>>517471607Forget the discount, I'll settle for a soapy titwank love.

>>517491231Saw one of these little fellas on my porch about a year ago, they’re based.

Post your DD2 class wishlist here:>Brawler (unnarmed fighter)>Trickster (rogue with access to gunpowder weapons and other tools for close combat, see Jagi from Hokuto no Ken)>Psychic (fights with the environment's props and can use other enemies as living projectiles)>Dragoon (fights with Flamethrower and other fire-based attacks for very wide AoE damage)>Seraph (winged warrior, very powerful in the air but weak when grounded; flying would cost stamina)

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>>517512589If you are melee, you can make him a guarding, which will make him be closer to you, forcing him to hit more stuff, or if your ranged, explorer (or something similar) so he will stand longer away from you.

>>517513753Fighter but it can use a bow, don't make it a new class just change fighter

>>517513981That's stupid. Fighter is perfect as he is and don't need a bow, especially if it comes at the cost of losing the shield. Just play Assassin

>>517513981>He hasn't played Assasin

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>>517500746>>517500995These people remember how the game ends right?

>>517513753A melee that can cast weaker heals, like something like pillars of light that you can stand in or something, instead of casting them, plus other kinds of buffs.Make Mage more than just the healer/buffer. Maybe let him summon stuff, let the Sorc have the big spells, but something that would make Mage at list half-way fun to play.Spear-user would be nice.Fix warrior. I like the idea that he is more about cc and big openings instead of 'fighter but slow and more dps'

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>>517514398How can they remember something they never saw?

Add underwater battles in DD2

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>>517514826>Maybe let him summon stuffHoly shit, I play Yugioh and didn't think about a summoner class. That would be so fucking kino.

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>>517500995Thats not his pawn

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>>517515182Got that in a higher res?

>>517515291cp14.nevsepic.com.ua/211/21063/1385286501-design_works0019.jpgYandex, user

>>517515182Anon, they outright said she's the main pawn

>>517513753>all the cut content from DD>all the vocations from DDO>add a brawler vocationHere's your masterpiece.

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>>517460602lets do this

>>517515182No one cares about not-rook

>Greatsword banditsWho okay'd this?

>>517505574I've played a female warrior every fucking time before fuck off

>"All this open space inspires one to run, aimless and free"Please tell me more about how pawns lack emotions

>>517472150When you masturbate to straight porn long enough you wind up one day finding yourself jerking your cock to animated shota trap on futa milf hentai. Elder Ogres are the physical representation of the slippery slope in action. They’re so depraved that they need to dominate powerful male adventurers instead of weak sultry women

>stunned feelings>no personal ambition>no meaning in my life, yet I keep living>able to give obvious advice to clueless idiotsSometimes I wonder if I'm a pawn IRL

>>517517005Pawn-tism is propaganda by the Dragon


>>517517005It's pretending to feel


>>517517631I'll be your arisen, user

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>>517517874>pc and mp warriors soloI'm fucking game.

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>>517460218My favorite games are castlevania and dragon's dogma.Very bad.

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>>517517631You and me both, man.

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>>517460218>animeIts going to be like Castlevania, they're going to make whatever they feel like and then vaguely nudge to the original material to justify the license

>>517517005I like how they talk shit about Valmiro

>>517467392>The manga had pawns dying horribly getting their heads chewed off and all sorts of mutilated soldiersimagine if this had actually happened taking into account the animations were actually fucking brutal

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>>517505397>>517505051Well, to me he looks identical to Einar from Vinland Saga

FUCK the world FUCK this broken order and FUCK your Pawns

>>517519596>fuck your pawnsGladly.

>>517519534>Golem lasers blowing people's heads off>Goblins dismembering and eating people>Cyclops crushing the guts out of a Pawn

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I like that skeletons run at 20fps

>>517460602Let's fucking go

>>517519889Just go back to the rift and get them back jeez

>>517519534>>517519889You are all thinking about this in the base game as it seemsNow think about BBI

>>517520040It's funny seeing the MC of the Manga get so emotional over the Pawns he's lost/replaced

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>>517520089>Death putting people to sleep and cutting them in fucking half

>>517514826Sauce on brown

>>517501379they're just a no name studio that only did shovelware

>>517520639Unused NPC

>>517520089>Diablo's Dogma

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>>517467392>grabs your qt pawnI don't travel with women very often.If I have a woman pawn I leave her in Gran Soren or Cassardis to take care of my wares and my home / apartment.

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>>517520089>Eliminator smashing heads like watermelons

>>517460218>Pawns don't have wills of their own.>Yet they do things on their own.

>>517460218Playan on PC after going through the game on Switch.Are keyboard controls worth learning or should I just stick with controller?

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>>517520743What a shame damn

>>517521232If you want to bow a lot, sure m+kb is better. I'd stick with pad for the other playstyles though

>>517521028They are born followers were just a speck of will. they are drawn to the arisen because they grow with them. Their final reward, to acquire a soul of their own.

>Netflixno thank you

>>517480127I went through the entire main game on Switch and most of BBI dropped after the dark bishop when even the mooks became a chore to kill and it looked and played perfectly fine. Resolution and shadow/texture quality are all slightly better than the original release and the framerate never was an issue.

>>517514826god I want to BE her underwear

I tried really hard to like it, but the zero personality of the pawns really put me offCombat is great though

>>517521028Imagine in the anime:>Pawn walks into random person’s house and steals everything inside>The Arisen is the one arrested because “pawns have no free will”

>>517521580That's the kind of female character video games industry needs Yeah, with the fishing

>>517460602ill take any excuse to play dragons dogma thank you very much

>>517460476oh, alright. now i get it. i feel like a newfag very much again, thank you for this experience kind user

>>517517631>tfw ywn live endlessly as an arisen, giving.no fucks about the dragon. Now I think about it, this could be a good boss. An old arisen that enjoys the ride as it is and doesn't want you to slay the dragon and kill him too

>>517517375futa milf on pregnant shota trap

>>517522149I think there was a monster in DDO who was supposedly born from Arisen ignoring the dragon and was essentially a lizard goat demon thing with spells

>>517522149Nigger that's literally the duke

>>517522149>giving no fucks about the dragon>when you have to be chosen on your personality to be an arisen in the first place>when the dragon goes out of his way to pester you after a whileDummy

>>517522591The duke didin't "give no fucks about the dragon", he made a deal with it


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>>517522792It's literally that or fighting though, saying fuck all that gay shit just lemme be fits

>>517522149>kill him>second phase where he comes back to life and turns into a lesser dragonKino

>>517522839delicious pale

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>>517522839>Crossed CinquedeaNo wonder she lost...

>>517522979>he literally only has one line of dialogue after the transformation>it's ''God damn it''

>>517522839>this is what Ashe created BBI for

>>517523138Better be in latin

If your arisen impregnates their pawn, will it give birth to a human or a pawn?

>>517460602Just got to level 200 on my ranger, bored of grinding BBI for gear, so rollin.

>>517522149>barroch, but a sociopath instead of a Chadlet>edmun, but not a cuckold cowardIntriguing.

Its pretty dumb pawns cant be hybrid classes

>>517523732I'm assuming this was also because of the time constraints limiting the devs Either way it helps make the arisen feel h more special desu

>Dragon's dogma.>Story centered around a dragon.>Make the dragon look like fucking garbage.you can't just fucking do this.

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>>517507926It's always a wall for me. I always end up having to farm for BBI weapons, dragonforge everything I can, use periapts, etc.

this is where the boner is made

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>>517460218>How bad will the anime be?It'll be worse than what people want it to be but not as bad as some of the other adaptations Netflix has fucked up so far. One thing that's definite is how shitty the animation will be, it's being done by the same fucks that did the cgi Berserk anime AND they're working with even less of a budget due to Netflix tossing them pennies.

>>517507926HehImagine this guy when he sees the THREE undead dragons room or the ultra mega fuck you town 2: electric boogalooooooo

>>517507926Switch to magic knight and spam stone forest (stone jungle if you have the ring for it) and you effectively staggerlock the dragon from full HP to death.

>>517524041I wonder what it's like to live with such inhuman shit taste

>>517524041Thanks Netshitx

>>517524213>berserk anime with less budgetAre they going to make a flash animation?


>>517524274We're talking about the Netflix adaptation, newfriend.You can't defend this.

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>>517524041You think this is bad? wait until he opens his mouth and has a different VA.

>>517524041Grigori is fucking cool, fuck you


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>>517514398I always thought that ending was particularly shit. Taking the place of the Seneschal, ok. Why the fuck do our pawn get our body ? Why can't we just make our pawn human in their usual body with our power over reality ?

>>517524353It'll be like those "animation memes" on Youtube which are essentially slideshows

>>517515118Sure, why not. I just want to have a ship and fight krakens and mermaids, but that works too.

>>517506627Brown waifu dies in the beginning?

>>517524415Yeah realised it as soon as i posted, my bad

>>517524041I'm perfectly fine with the dragon looking like shit if they can make it as charming and awesome that he was in the game. That's not happening though

>>517471840Imagine actually wanting to save the princess and loving her after she hits you with a fake rape allegation and sends you to the dungeon to be whipped.

>>517524552Seeing how this game made various mythological creatures justice when they usually get shafted in other games like the chimera i'm willing to bet they would make absolutely amazing sea monsters given the budget and time

>>517524671It's cool. Gregory looked fucking badass in the game so I understand.

>>517524540Worked for Lodoss.

Attached: FaSvoe4l.jpg (640x480, 49.29K)

Shame the anime seems to be taking the game's threadbare story seriously. I would've loved a comedy that leans into the goofy shit that occurs while playing, like pawns saying the same shit over and over, brine-ing shit pawns and godsbaning bad Bitterblack rolls.

>>517524524It gets more confusing since your NG+ boss version of you summons your old Pawn in their original form

>>517524415I can hear the CLANG just from looking at it.

>>517525156The comedy would be golden if the show was completely serious but the pawns acted exactly as they do in the game with the Arisen snapping at one point and telling them to shut the fuck up

>>517522979>Instead of a cult like salvation, there is a nobleman who boycotted your every effort to slay the dragon Ever since you became noticeable. >You reach him in his castle and fight him.>"I see I was right with you. There was something different that I didn't see in the others. But it's all the same. You've earned the right to fight me as an equal, and as an equal, you shall fight!">He renders your pawns useless with a single word>He is a decent boss, not incredibly hard to beat> he is mortally injured and starts giving a dying speech about his past days, how you were a worthy opponent>But something is wrong. as he keeps talking, he seems to be gaining strength, not losing it.>"but the battle is far from over, my brother, for as long as there is will in my heart, so shall I stand for what I believe in! You will never win because I too am arisen!">Dragon wings spread on his back, pawn stasis ends and they help you against his second form as he turns into a drake DURING the fight, no cutscene whatsoever

Attached: 159011935345.png (521x517, 226.44K)

>>517524804Lodoss had the individual frames look very nice, there just weren't many of them.

>play up to joining the court on PC a few months ago without a single issue>reinstall today and already have had 2 crashes on loading screens, one costing me 30 minutes of gametimeWhat is this shit?>>517524423>>517524746This is what I'm saying.The design is ass, sure, but what REALLY made Grigori was his god tier voice and dialogue. I can't wait to see how bad they fuck that up in the anime.

Attached: 1584495827065.gif (220x219, 240.18K)

How the fuck do you get the 350 unique pieces of gear achievement? it's the only one I'm missing and I don't know what other shit to buy.

"This new series will feature CGI animation from Sublimation and Representative Director Atsushi Koishikawa mentioned how the studio is excited to produce its own title back when the series was first announced, "The Sublimation team has long dreamed of working on our own title. We have oftentimes worked with partner studios to create partial CGI portions within a given title, so we feel very fortunate to work with Netflix through this production line deal. We're excited to bring our unique cel shaded animation that carries hand-drawn textures to anime fans around the world.During his journey, Ethan will battle demons that represent the seven deadly sins, but has no way of knowing that with every demon he battles, the more he loses his humanity…"The plot is some generic bullshit about demon's embodying the 7 deadly sins, no mention of the Everfall or even the concept of the Eternal Return mattering at all. It's going to be fucking trash.

>>517525726I've said it once and i'll say it again, they will turn him into a generic Smaug clone who dies because of "arrogance" or simply being retarded

>>517526112>7 deadly sinsThe only sin here is still shoving this garbage fucking clichè in things in the year 2020

>>517526112>battle demons that represent the seven deadly sinsStopped reading hereIts going to be even worse than I suspected

>>517526112>>517526112Well, I’m not surprised they don’t mention the Everfall or the Eternal Return considering you don’t really do anything with them until the end of the game and most of the people watching this will be unfamiliar with the game. As for the demons, we can only hope they’re Itsuno’s idea and not Netflix’s.

>>517506368wait a second, I have a vague memory of fucking your pawns having very bad consequences

>>517527863yeah they get pregnant lol

>>517527840I hope that AT THE VERY LEAST, they have creative designs

>>517527863You become like daimon but get a dragon on your dick instead of your stomach

>>517528057If you kill a pregnant pawn she's still pregnant when you bring her back?That could change everything

>>517460602Pawn lives matter

>>517524415Honestly, it looks like it could be almost okay, but only if they are smart with it...like doing better color correction and lighting to account for how it looks.


Attached: DX73QWkWkAYzYks.jpg (640x480, 38.68K)


Attached: ork.jpg (216x282, 24.87K)

>>517508771you really cant go wrong

>>517460602Let's gooooo


>>517529664but you haven’t watched it yet

When can we expect more information about the anime?


>>517523732Would be broken as shit. Do you understand what a mystic knight + magick archer team up could do?

>>517460602give to me not warrior

>>517531172>3 pawn great canon sync

>>517460602die die die

>>517460602Please be sorcerer

>>517522839Olra's got some hips on her as well. If I couldn't keep two thigh masters by my side I'd go crazy too.

Attached: OlraFullOutfit.jpg (1000x1178, 76.37K)


How should I set myself and my pawn up if I want to do duo sorcs? Do we share all the same spells or diversify?

>>517524193Close, but you have made a slight miscalculation.

Attached: das it mane.jpg (234x396, 28.79K)

god dammit, I had a lot of other shit to do but I guess I'm starting this all over again

>>517517375>actually using porn regularlyYou are some kinda stupid.

>>517513753>Alchemist/ApothecaryTwo sides to the same 'craft potions/salves out of what you have one you' tree, but one if offence, the other defence.>Brawler/Mage becomes Monkfocusing on healing/counter attacks. continuous dodging/blocking leads to a perfect parry, one hit punch (like Bide in Pokemon)>Brawler/Strider becomes Hunterset traps/AOE attacks/stun lock enemies. Overall more of a supper class

>>517513753>SLAVERtames enemies, has a lure to single out enemies, and nets/sleeping darts to help with capture, not high on damage by itself>NECROMANCERSorcerer + evil path, resurrects fallen enemies, skills are instead things like 'extra attack damage for summons' or 'instantly destroy all summons in fiery explosion'

Hey Arisens,My name is Daimon, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are base, trifling, slaves to a broken order who spend every second of their day completing stupid ass quests. You are everything bad in the world. Honestly, have any of you ever gotten any pawnssy? I mean, I guess it's fun killing random stuff because of your own insecurities, but you all take to a whole new level. This is even worse than doing radial quests on Skyrim.Don't be a stranger. Just hit me with your best shot. I'm pretty much perfect. I played 190 lvls as a Sorcerer, and started as a Mage. What builds do you play, other than "jack off to shameless princesses"? I also have every other Vocation maxed, and have a banging hot pawnfu (She just told me wolves hunt in packs; Shit was SO cash). You are all faggots who should just godsbane yourselves. Thanks for listening.Pic Related: It's me and my waifu

Attached: daimon2.png (640x666, 597.92K)

>>517513753I just want to play as a bard so badly

>>517534342Nigga wtf would need to tame enemies and raise the dead when you already have 3 tards to wrangle

>>517525453>this post

Attached: Oregon_Trail.jpg (1280x720, 46.65K)

>>517533905>Not using porn regularlyAnon, my wife became fucking hideous about a year after I married her. She called it pregnancy. Our kid is now 16. The wife is still hideously obese. Fuck you.

>>517534841>marrying white womenlol

>>517534841Define hideously obese.

>>517534469Why was he so mad?

>>517497330no matter how cute you are, that hat vanquishes all sex appeal and dignity

>>517536836Denied his mommy gf

>>517460602might as well start up a playthrough

>>517536958I curse the world every day I don't have a qt amazon milf gf and I have yet to receive my demonic powers.

>>517536864It's a cute hat, fight me

>>51753556742 inch waist. 36 inch hips. 34B inch tits.Can you blame me for wanting a Snow Harpy gf?

>>517534841That sounds horrible, I'm sorry

>>517535143Blacks look worse.

>>517537781Whoever came up with the idea of making snow harpies chocolate qts is a fucking genius

>>517460602THE BIG ROLL

Attached: AAAAAAAAA.png (431x385, 142.43K)

>>517505791100% depends on the inclination and if you trained them well. It also depends on whether or not you went full retard and gave them shit like grand bolide when the base bolide is gone and much faster to cast

>>517536836Cycle basically doomed him to choose between sacrificing his beloved, or killing the dragon, who used to be his friend/foster mother.

>>517460602Ya, we rollin' rollin' rollin'

>>517460218>Holla Forums hating on vidya related stuff, per usual.>"HAHA it will be garbage bro"[SPOILER]>It ends up being great just like The Witcher.[/SPOILER]

Im playing for the first time, the quest to kill the griffin was amazing, that moment where you, the pawns and the soldiers all have to run as the griffin starts destroying the tower was KINO

>>517537781Ouch. The fuck, that's not preggo weight. Sorry about that, m8.

>>517534342there's always an edgyshit nigger.

>>517507926Hes weak to fire>>517513753Give Fighters GougeGive Warriors 6 skills + the QoL changes from DDOGive us a Spear class

>>517537781>Can you blame me for wanting a Snow Harpy gf?Yes.

Attached: 1595053687974.gif (498x228, 1.43M)

I'm gonna retry going through this game again. I've just put 10 levels in Strider. What else should I put levels in if my end game is Magick Archer? Only really planning on one playthrough and doubt I'll get to level 200.

Attached: SneakyUnevenAlleycat-size_restricted.gif (1920x1080, 330.32K)


Attached: 1593232375787.png (535x484, 486.13K)

>>517538940Ranger for the universally useful stamina gains, and Sorcerer for the magic attack.

>>517521552NiceMaybe I'll pick it up then. I do have an Xbone but I rarely use it anymore.

>>517538863Fuck off Laura. This is my 'me' time.

I'd become a Daimon to have my pawn say she loves me

Attached: aed.jpg (800x450, 44.99K)

>>517538298The best part is when you kill it before it can fly off on your next playthrough

>>517460602roll for she goat rutting

>>517539967I hope your kid isn't fat too.

>>517540068I love you, user sama.

>>517460602okay, let's see

I can confirm this mod: nexusmods.com/dragonsdogma/mods/474 makes you feel like a gigachad as a warrior

>>517539665I was actually in the same boat user.Never tried the PS4/Xbone versions but Switch is perfectly competent, and if you think you might ever play it in handheld mode then its the way to go. It's a fantastic game once you look past its shortcomings and totally worth checking it out no matter where you play it.

Attached: 1576691637353.jpg (1006x1296, 600.53K)

>tfw your pawn gets weird fanfiction

Attached: EdP-M6TUMAAxVWP.jpg (1125x603, 78.15K)

>>517541251the only mod I use to play dragon's dogma is to get japanese voices

>>517541717>being a dubfagLmao weebEnglish is the original language for this game you know that right

>>517538182It's annoying you can't remove skills, but I guess the real problem is that grand bolide should just be outright better than bolide. Still, how does only having bolide reflect on people who would rent your pawn? I never think about that stuff personally and just go for the higher tier stuff, and that's coming from someone who is probably more knowledgeable about the finer mechanics of the game than most random players. You'd think the randoms would favor a pawn with grand bolide every time.


Anyone try this mod compilation?nexusmods.com/dragonsdogma/mods/193

>>517542556Just cheat them in.

>>517543086You're right.

>>517502954>Why is it so garlicky?>Cloves come in bulbs, Arisen.

What's with all the mods doing shit like giving you infinite stamina, removing equip load or even changing stat growths? And why the fuck does everybody recommend them?


Just installed it. I hear warrior is dogshit, so how are archers?

>>517543649Stat growths are there if you wanna minmax without getting pigeonholed into a vocation you don't want to actually play, I guessEquip load I can totally understand since depending on how you create your character you can have a pitiful encumberence limit and you don't always have access to storagebut that is what pawns are for, though

>>517543972Both of those sound like things that ought to be fixed with mods so there doesn't seem to be an issue.>but that is what pawns are forFuck pawns. This is my adventure.

>>517543972minmaxing is completely unnecessary though, and equip load is part of the balance and roleplaying of the game, sinew and leg strength exist to help you circumvent any problems you have with that as well


Attached: 20191205221448_1.jpg (1920x1080, 431.35K)

>>517543965really goodmagick archer is op as all hell and the other bow classes are strong too

>>517544381Yeah it looks super fun, and the only way I can reconcile puny humans taking down big beasts. A guy with a sword, no matter how big, would get his head swiped off in a second. And then there's the fact that it looks like it has the best archer gameplay of any video game ever.

>>517543965all the yellow classes are overpowered as fuck and easily the best classes in the game, red classes are still good and completely viable, including warrior, but yellow classes are just so far above everything else it's not even funny. we're talking late game shit though, game is pretty decently balanced until you starting getting endgame gear and yellow classes start outdamaging everything else. blue classes are kinda boring to play but pretty strong anyway

I wonder if they'll do a remake of Dark Arisen rather than make DD2. Add lots of foliage and whatnot, make Grigs look like Smaug.

Attached: 22 - LfDSSbn.jpg (1280x720, 68.7K)

>>517544638actually scratch that, blue classes are on par with yellow classes thanks to holy focused bolt being completely overpowered.

>>517544381magick archer is so boring

>>517544767>add lots of foliage

Attached: FULLY MODELED.jpg (1920x1080, 511.69K)

>>517460602rollin for wizards

>>517466526they’ll make anything but a fucking sequel these days

>>517544767Improved character models

Attached: 1570167201266.png (833x421, 439.21K)

>>517460602Oh yeah let’s see

>>517545026My neighbors have those ferns on their porch.

>>517543021Heard it dont work

>>517543649Infinite stamina for sprinting is pretty based given the worst part of this game is getting around

>>517545276The tits are pretty good already. We need some bulges.

There's so few instances of CGI ever looking good in anime.

>>517546626you can expect something on par with this:>youtube.com/watch?time_continue=63&v=UBSeA2XrwXI&feature=emb_titleIt's made by the same studio. Honestly I don't think it looks to bad but it's definitely not ideal.


>Modded arc of deliverance lets you move while chargingholy based

Man, I wish carrying curatives didn't take up half my weight limit


>>517549871Sorry, I meant sprint

>>517547276At this level of 3D quality why not just fucking draw it instead?


>>517549980It's easier to do it with a computer. Animators hardly get paid anything as it is, let it be less demanding.

>>517549554Just stop getting hit

>>517549980Saves time and money, specially with copypasted characters like these zombies.

>>517547276Why does Grigori look so shit when this looks all right

>>517552603Really does beg the question. They probably really did a giant as fuck model and are having problems with the texture.Here's some other thing they did:>youtube.com/watch?time_continue=37&v=apsCoPlfzIk&feature=emb_title

>>517553141Going off of the videos, they seem decent with fight scenes. I hope the DD anime gets some good stuff.

>>517533148I’d like to subscribe to your newsletter.

What are the best skills for a fighter pawn?

Attached: 1572911790981.png (720x540, 702.34K)

>>517549554Invest in carrying 20 spring waters and a couple of other big dick huge HP recovery potions, then just have a mage with anodyne. You should be fine after that.

>>517554227Blink strike and full moon slash, that's about it

>>517554227Blink Strike and Full Moon Slash are GOAT. I also like giving them that shield launch thing, though I never really use it much.

>>517495456It's mostly fine but it doesn't have the Berserk armor.

Attached: IMG_5527.png (500x500, 213.98K)

If I change my lv200 Mage/Sorcerer pawn's vocation to a mainly physical one, and give them a magic weapon, would they be able to function without good strength?

>>517555621Stats are largely secondary to weapon damage anyway. They won't be optimal, but they'll be fine.

>>517495456>portable DD sounds comfy.until you realize portable resolution is dogshit and it looks worse than PS3 DD.

>>517460218what pawn should i start with


>>517556349It's an 8 year old game so it evens out

>>517556819Whatever your favorite archtype is. You can easily change it later onI mostly use Warrior or Sorc early-mid game just for the big single damage instance due to how defense work

>>517556819>>517556920Pawn Class? I usually like giving them Ranger or Sorcerer.Your class? I really love Mystic Knight, but you can't get that until Gran Soren, so mage.

>>517486103>Itsuno a geniusis that why DmC was so good?


>>517556819Striders are my favorite pawns when set up correctly. Tons of damage up close and at range.


>>517460218better than the game. The story was trash and the world was empty. How the hell does this game get so much praise despite being mediocre?

>>517460602Let's go

>>517561530Gameplay was very fun.

>>517561802it felt like getting yanked by dog collar.

>>517561954How so?

>>517561954lol, no it wasn’t



Attached: Xana.jfif.jpg (1600x1200, 78.23K)


>>517505584if you're really cool you can stagger him into the killzone below where he initially spawns with an attack with high stagger, and insta-gib him. So like that ranger skill that uses all your stamina and deathly arrow.need a bow with high stagger though

>>517562285They somehow still have money


Why is my pawn never hired

>>517568460Because your Pawn is ugly and useless and you didn't love it enough

>>517557412The parts of DmC that were good were Itsuno's suggestions during development. Combat was in a much worse state early on

>>517460602fuck you, guess I'm reinstalling unless this roll gives me a faggy vocation like mage or sorceror

>>517568460Here are the rules for getting fat stacks of rift crystals>Pawn must be female>Pawn must have decent facial features >Pawn must have revealing clothes (Silk lingerie is guaranteed rift crystals)

Attached: Armour_Legs_Silk_Lingerie.png (388x476, 298.84K)

>>517570902My pawn still brings in millions of rc to this day and the only skin she shows is a bit of thigh.

>>517568460Ask Reddit to hire it. They do a weekly thread.

>>517571052That makes it even more erotic, user.

>>517571052>the only skin she shows is a bit of thigh.

Attached: f0c.gif (468x748, 563.37K)


>>517571481They're the most dedicated and dependable Dogma community.

>>517471607kek somebody re-posted my screenshotmy heart rejoice>>517471840don't blame herthe duke probably had countless wives and tossed them all dead into garbage dump

Attached: jewtits.png (1418x777, 1.55M)

>>517572963Aelionore is still a fucking thot

>>517573621she is dumb and young and desperate to livesure she deserve good spanking and be set straight but seriously her situation is desperate i mean she still is a thot but her thotery is caused by her desire to survive not boredom or looking for fun

Attached: money fool.jpg (886x742, 165.53K)

>>517574151Wasn't she trying to sleep with you even before the Duke attempted to strangle her?