Wew, this game is brutal as fuck

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>>514405540rdr2 did it better

What movie?

Is she firing .50 or what the fuck

>>514405796rdr2 was big, but most of its features were limited because of how much information there was. That's the reason everyone aside from Arthur and John have ps3 faces

>>514405540>>514405796>movie game vs movie game

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What movie? Looks pretty good.

>>514405540that grenade would have made Ellie deaf at the least.

>>514405540Yeah, if the game was more about the fights it would have been better, I couldn't get invested in the story after all the talmudic stuff.

lol there were guys behind her but they did nothing as she had her back to them while holding him hostage

>>514406205>buzzword vs buzzword

>>514405540Its not really brutal, but it has some really good animations

I mean if it were just like that all the time and not have this story or the sneaking sections then I'd probably be interested in getting it, that looks fun.I've always wanted more visceral, impactful shooters. the latter RE games do it quite well.

>>514405540needs better dolphin diving and prone rolling

>>514406773Play Max Payne 3. It's the best in the field.

>>514405540So when will PC finally catch up to PS4 graphics. PS4 is 7 years old hardware and has the best looking games, with PS5 the graphical disparity will only get bigger.

>>514406773you can just adjust the settings to have plentiful resources, making gunfights and shit possible throughout the whole game, and skip cutscenes I guess. Only thing that would be in ur way at that point are the calm scavenging/traversal sections which can be pretty boring unfortunately

>>514405540Wait, I don't recall you could throw yourself on the stomach and shoot?Not the stab to the back. She just stabs then in the throat every time I do it.

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>>514405540I can't stop clapping and cheering at this kickass display. She's soooo BADASS y'all!

>>514409691you can do a shiton of stuff most relizes on how fast you press inputs.

>>514405540>Enemies have a clear shot>They miss from 10 meters>Wow yes, so good ahahah, peak tps, I do love autowin melee fires with a button spam and abuse enemies retardation for cheap hollywood crap actionConviction did it better a decade ago

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>>514405540Stupid fucking action hero movie bullshit. I thought this series was supposed to be "grounded."

>>514409750you are actually retarded

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>>514409983But where's the cursor? OP looks more like a tech demo.

>>514410185Probably removed as there is an insane amount of UI options. Gonnna remove mine in new game plus and try to rambo the game on the hardest diffulty.

>>514410018What's Conviction? splinter cell right ?

>>514410351I should have looked into options more.

>>514410434nah most games dont have any advanced options and this game doesn't advertise it well. Except for the blind shit.

>stabs his clothes instead of actually stabbing himWow brutal. Also nice job posting one of those gay as fuck sunhilegend webms that are edited to fuck and back to make the game look better because he's an obvious shill. Kill yourself marketer.

>>514405540this is why I like AbbyBecause I can believe it when Abby goes Rambo mode and slaughters multipile combatants.But then stick arms Ellie does the same thing... strangling people from behind and overpowering people with her twig arms

>>514410670What naughty dogs made a birds of prey game?

>>514410421Yes. It had, due to its heritage, better stealth mechanics that this wannabe "game", It's also a good John Wick/Jason Bourne simulator and does everything TLOU2 better, both stealth and shooting, without the pointless talking and drama and "muh she's pregnant" and "no if I get revenge I'm the bad guy" bullshit.The only better aspect of tlou2 is gore.

>>514410670Why did you post the webm of a Holla Forums flop?

>>514410421>stealth mechanics that this wannabe "gamei remember that game being utter shit with limited level design and small areas.

>>514410670what is that from. looks like a movie that did worst than sonic the hedgehog

>>514410670>Have sex, incel.I'am having sex , looks like your mother is enjoying it too much

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how did the molotov catch fire?

>>514410764You can only hold someone for a short period of time before they shake you off which is fairly accurate in my opinions it takes a few seconds to asses how strong the person holding you really is especially considering she is holding a knife to your throat. I believe Abby can hold people longer haven't tested it though.

>>514410943Both have small areas, with enemies fixed in specific pathing, but Conviction controls and mechanics work better, and it has no invisible AI or go prone to become a ghost bullshit

>>514411109you'd be surprise ive almost burned down my shed with one. The real question is the quick lighter use.

>>514410945You know you fucked up when even an Harley Quinn + BoP movie can't break even.The absolute state of woke DC

>>514411172>Both have small areas, with enemies fixed in specific pathinghave you played TLOU2? They can walk the entire map and the areas are way bigger.

>>514411278And it means nothing, besides the first level most areas are small, and engagements are limited to even smaller areas

>>514410670Jesus what a fucking embarassing movie.At least in AA capeshit like Arrow they KNOW the actors can't fake punches so they camera shakes and moves a bit.This scene is plain dogshit

>>514411449>besides the first level most areas are small, and engagements are limited to even smaller areasjust wrong considering the vertical nature of the latter stages and the ai can go through each one. Convictions cover system feels better though.

>>514405540>can do all this but can't kill abby

>>514406506my buzzword wins

>>514411258>mfw the director blamed being a woman and a female lead as the reason why the movie flopped

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this is the best looking game in existence

>>514405540I really liked the multiplayer in 1, but I refuse to buy 2 unless they bring it back, and as far as I know they didn'tFuck sony and fuck california.

>>514411858source kek

>>514411968Wait there's no multilayer? wtf


>>514405540>interactive movie>game

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>>514411715Conviction (and Blacklist especially) stealth was based on verticality. The early Malta level, but even the White Box Laboratories and Third Echelon HQ had a lot if vertical, even three floors arenas. Like I said, TLOU2 is literally pointless, it's game mechanics are dated by 10 years. I'm tired of tackled on mediocre dated stealth and mediocre shooting in tps games, and surely I'm tired of "press melee 5 times" "combat" that is literally impossible to lose

>>514412359>press melee 5 times" "combat" that is literally impossible to loseuhh... you know regardless if you win the point is to drain or health and distract you not kill you?

>>514412173You can't win with these people

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>>514412494>You literally can't lose a melee fight>>B-b-but that's the pointUh...

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>>514405540She killed millions. Also, the animations look really bad, almost comical.

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>>514405540imagine the standalone mp game

>>514405540Not really

>>514412678you dont see the value of draining a players health and distracting them?

>>514405540>Wew, this game is brutal as fuck

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>>514412819>Standalone full price mp gameWow, sounds like (((Druckmann's))) ancestors really survived the Holocaust, if you know what I mean

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>>514412996Looks like you need a shave user

>>514405540How much of this is gameplay and how much of this is just a glorified quicktime event?

>>514405540honestly if a 17 year old girl can hold you in a chokehold you dont deserve to live in the post apocalypse

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>>514412928No, what a load of bullshit, the combat is dogshit and trying to pretend that's by design is retarded

>>514413098I mean its just fundamental game design without it the player could just camp in corners until a Molotov is thrown or is flanked.

>>514413075The part where she stabs the guy in the stomach. It;s more of an execution thing but I guess you can technically call it a QTE, even if it is a stretch.Rest of the video is actual gameplay. It's a shame that it doesn't happen often enough.

>>514413094b-but I'm so hungry, I can't fight back

>>514405540Not gonna lie, this looks pretty impressive. just wish combat that visceral were in another game instead of this one. From what I hear you dont even get into shootouts very often.

>>514405540>this game is brutal as fuckSo is this the latest maymay? Because you're not the first snoyboy I've seen that's described the game like that.

>>514405540I wish the level of brutality in this game was used in an actually good game.



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>>514408912Hunt: Showdown was a beautiful game but Crytek listened to esports retards and downgraded the game.Star Citizen is legit one of the most impressive tech demos to date. As a game, it's barebones.Who knows if it winds up being scam or an actual billion dollar MMO.Regardless, the techniques they use to achieve their visuals is impressive. Game runs like shit, but still impressive.And of course, theHunter: Call of the Wild.

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how's the MP?does it even have one?the first game had some good mp mode.


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>>514408912Nice meme

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>>514410059erm, kinda awkward since you fell for obvious baiterinos?

>>514405540Bruh. This is TECHNOLOGY

>>514410018it looks like he's playing on easy mode, enemies are pretty accurate on anything above moderate. u die quickly too, it actually feels almost like a third person hotline miami when u think about how it takes like 1 second to load back in>>514410050

>mfw u can blow a runner's legs off with a grenade and they crawl towards you on the ground

>>514405796It did it so much worse.RDR2 barely even dealt with grief in any way.

>>514418509Shame that this great looking gore tech is wasted on this piece of shit

>>514405796Man what everybody shit on rdr2's gameplay. TLOU2 is leagues better in that department, story is god awful though.

>>514412768This image is retarded.Ellie killed all of Abbys friends.More net happiness? Fuck off.



>>514405540>enjoying power fantasieswhat are you? twelve?

>>514419424everyone who enjoys shooters is

>>514419280>Ellie killed all of Abbys's the least she could do

>>514405540Level of violence looks shit compared to Soldier of Fortune and Manhunt.

>>514419848those game look over the top in an edgy way. tlou 2 gore looks more like something you'd see on live leak, coupled with the more humanized chatter it does genuinely make ellie look like a piece of shit the more you continue

>>514419686Why? Abby only killed one of Ellies friends at that point.

>>514420091>it does genuinely make ellie look like a piece of shit the more you continueI don't know how you at all got that feeling from the game, they all had it coming. The Scars are cartoon villains and the WLF by the end of the game are pretty much committing genocide.

>>514412359>Like I said, TLOU2 is literally pointless, it's game mechanics are dated by 10 years. I'm tired of tackled on mediocre dated stealth and mediocre shooting in tps games, and surely I'm tired of "press melee 5 times" "combat" that is literally impossible to loseHow would a modern stealth and third person shooter actually look like?I kinda feel like a decent part of the problem is that there are only so many ways to design such a game, especially with the limited controls of a gamepad.

>>514405540le dyke superhero

>>514419424>enjoying weeb titsI'd rather be 12

>>514412678>>514412359You've not played the game then.I play on normal and I've lost plenty of melee fights when don't watch my surroundings or my health.Dilate and cope

Very much can't wait for factions: WLF vs Scars

>>514420302did you miss the part where it shows how WLF is fighting to protect a community of normal people with schools? idk how you could say scars are cartoon villains either when there's plenty of parts showing that there's people on their side who want the conflict to end and that it all was a result of things spiraling out of control with their leader gone. the whole inclusion of the written notes in the game helps flesh out things a lot too, knowing the history of how WLF took out the fedra quarantine zones feels like something that would actually happen in a post apoc city. whole main theme of the game is that in conflict all sides have justifiable reasons, just like real life.

>>514420176be more subtle

>>514406243It's a deep post apocalyptic zombie movie with human characters as the true monsters. You've probably never heard of it

>>514420503I think it's supposed to be a tranny

>>514410018so what PC game did it better you cuck?

>big splashes of blood = brutal


>>514421196Soldier of Fortune by Raven Soft

>>514405540I really doesn't look that brutal to meIt just looks like a generic shooter, but with desaturated colors and shitty brown and bloom like it's fucking 2006If the colors were more vibrant the red blood would clash more with the rest of the visuals and be more impactfulAnd speaking of the blood there's definitely not enough blood and the enemies die way too easilyThey were trying their hardest to make the edgiest shit possible but the enemies don't writhe in agony on the ground nearly enough, nor is there enough dismemberment or creative corpse interactionI guess it's brutal if you're used to Crash Bandicoot

Nice snap lockon there.

>>514421531name 1 (one) third person shooter that has more realistic violence.

>>514420893>>514420302just to add onto the post: the feeling of them having it coming does make sense since they are already in a conflict and are ready to die. its all one big warzone

>>514420893The WLF is in the whole mess because Isaac is cartoonishly evil and was dumb enough to execute the leader of the Scars and turn her into a martyr instead of using her as a bargaining chip to form a truce. They're so absurdly evil that instead of dealing with the group of three people leaving mountains of corpses of their own dudes in their general vicinity, they decide to instead start an all out war against the Scars at the end.And of course there are Scars that just want the conflict to end, but what is shown throughout the entirety of the game outside of Lev and Yara is every Scar being batshit fucking nuts, hanging people and gutting them, and even busting up the arms of their own people. They are absolutely cartoon villains.

>>514421657Literally the most famous third person shooter of the last generationThe game where you chop enemies up with a fucking chainsaw in a fountain of blood and gutsIt succeeds a lot more at the "brutal and edgy" feel than this

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>>514405540>putting women in your combat patrol in an apocalyptic scenario

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>>514420829>losing>on normal>in a movie gameMaybe if you stopped dilating long enough to hit those prompts you wouldn't have.

>>514421827>broo hitler was cartoonishly evil, nobody would ever want to exterminate an entire race for the betterment of his tribeI thought isaac's character was really well done too btw, you get the feeling that he's been through a lot of shit. he was there from the beginning where they had to wipe out the fedras so they didn't starve to death. yeah the scars are batshit insane, but batshit insane people exist. and removing society and rules would probably end up with shit like that happening. stuff like this happens in real life. idk what you'd want to change to make them more realistic, war itself is illogical and absurdly evil in a way.

>>514422001Looks like shit bro.>Ooooooh flowing blood puddle texture effectwake me up when they start looking like Doom where actual chunks of flesh get ripped off

g-gamers aren't psychopaths i-i swear*plays games about murdering people and molesting japanese children*

>>514421867i said realistic, not cringe comic book shit. also this looks objectively worse just from a technology point of view

>>514422213Fool, we are not going to argue about whether or not Hitler was absurdly evil, the original point wasn't even that both factions being crazytown bonkers evil is unrealistic, it's that every enemy you kill as Ellie absolutely deserves what they get. Their attempts at making you feel guilty for killing total pieces of shit is a failure, or rather it should be. I don't know how anyone could even for a moment sympathize with either factions' psychopathy.

>>514422703So TLoU doesn't count either I guess>muh zombie apocalypseIt's basically the same shit

>Redditors trying to convince Holla Forums that this game is brutal and realisticHoly mother of cringe, it's a midget lesbian killing adults in an apocalyptic world with no training or physical strength, irl any of those men would've hit her in her tiny stomatch and then raped her

>>514405540for all this "muh realism" it kind of bothers me that she pulls a mazel tov cocktail out of her ass and that it ignites midair.

>>514406205>everything I dont like is a movie game

>>514407838Not that user but I've already played through MP3 3 times and retrieved all the gold weapon skins. It's excellent but I get tired of the cutscenes

>>514423373>mazel tov cocktail 10/10Also the fact that the soldier just hobbles towards her like a retard. What was he expecting would happen? Just shoot her in the face and inspect the body later

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>>514405796Rdr2 is a better game but lous linear design allows for more detail

>>514405540>inb4 gore get censored when the online mode release

>>514406417Enemy aggression has 5 settings

>>514423082everything other than the infected is handled convincingly tho>>514423045well one of the main aims of the game is to show that nobody deserves to be brutally murdered. includig joel, even if he himself was a brutal psycho that killed a bunch of people who were trying to fix the world. most of the people in the game commit violent acts, you're not a piece of shit for fighting for justifiable reasons. i'll slightly correct what i said about ellie though. you shouldn't be thinking she's a piece of shit because killing people in a warzone is morally wrong. more like you should think she's obsessed to the point of mental illness and is on the same level as the factions that she's fighting. like she's not fully aware of the amount of violence she is committing because she's blinded by her vengeance. the part where abby comes to the theatre and ellie's like "i know why you killed joel, i'm immune" as a reaction really shows her lack of self awareness. she killed all of abbys friends, abby couldnt care less about any of that at that point.

>>514412215>pure gameplay >movie What does this even mean?

>Nu-sony >Nu-Naughty dog

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Retards are telling me that this game is grounded when Ellie takes every experienced adults by herself

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dude... new vegas..... morrowind... so fukin dope, no game will ever compare....

>>514423624maybe he doesn't like fucking corpses?

>>514424421its as grounded as a videogame or an action movie could be. not saying that it couldn't be surpassed someday though.

>>514420996Not an argument.

>>514405540>Using the fake scripted combat Fuck off shill

>>514424421Dude fuck, it’s almost like it’s a video game or something.

>>514405540Yes, it's brutally shit.

>>514405540Wasn't this game supposed to be all "muh violence, so horrible!!"? It straight up looks like John Wick but with more moss.

>>514424710...what? i played the game and there are scripted combat sequences but that is not one of them

>>514424812it only looks like that because its a redditor playing on easy mode and editing it like a cod montage

Blowing people in half with a Rambo III arrow and seeing their intestines and spinal cord sticking out of a charred torso was fun. What the fuck Dröckmann?also: was this censored in Japan or did Sony bribe CERO?

>>514405540is this from that sushi faggot on twitter? these are always awful

>>514424925As much hate as Jin Sterling gets, he brought up a good point in his review, Druckman said "we don't make games fun." but killing people in games is fun and tlou2 can honestly get fun when you do it like op

>>514424830Of course, because that only exists in E3 footage and was never intended to be in the game

>>514425139i wish i was as ignorant as you life would be so rasy

I always kinda liked how last of us played, even like some of the story concepts in part 2. Just wish ellie killed the bitch in the end

>>514405540>Blast a knee cap off>AAAHHHG AHHGG AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHdamn bro... I'm starting to think violence is kinda bad...>>514405796With that clunky ass unresponsive gameplay? No.ND can actually make realistic looking animations and keep the fast paced snappy game.