Why aren't high value people reproducing? What are the causes and what are the long-term ramifications of this?

Why aren't high value people reproducing? What are the causes and what are the long-term ramifications of this?

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>high value>canadien anglaisNon.

>>276236329feminism>ramificationsidiocracy and the end of the humanity experiment


>>276236329High valued people are black pilled and realize society is irreparably broken due to minorities and women in power. There's nothing white men can do right now except MGTOW. Don't get married. Don't have kids. Is it helping the white race go extinct? Sure. But I don't care anymore. My genetic pool is terminating with me, so it's not my fucking problem. Enjoy your broken society, shitfags

Hes gay as fuck.

>>276236329She's a beard

>>276236662lol no, he's as straight as they come.

>>276236476He is French. His mother was Francophone, and he grew up in Quebec. He's also spoken French in Canada based videos.

>>276236329>causesjews>ramificationsend of western civilization

>>276236329Joscha Bach has a really good theory. He said that it's about financial incentive to retain your social class. A middle class family stands to lower theirs through the financial burden of having more children, and lower class are already low so have no reason to not have lot's of children as modern society generally won't let them starve no matter what. Very wealthy people escape this, as their class won't be lowered because they can afford to take the financial hit and retain their status. If that makes sense. The guy's a genius.

all modern women are whores looking for divorce money


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>>276236329Because the establishment has purposefully made it impossible for us to have more than one child. You either can have 3-4 children and work until the day you die, or you can retire comfortably and not have to spend the last 20 years of your life in an office or on a construction site.

>>276236990Actually you can, you'd just be lower class and maybe need to utilise welfare.


>>276236758then why is he childless with that high caste blonde woman?


>>276236329>smokes pipes and cigars like an old person>wears old lady pearls Your answer This is from Wikipedia. Ben Shapiro pretty much did the same thing and he as kids. "Crowder married his wife, Hilary, in August 2012, and wrote about the benefits of remaining abstinent prior to his marriage.[46]"It is weird to see a nice looking couple not have kids. Maybe they physically can't have kids.

>>276236329person on the left is gay

Less competition in the job marketMore hypergamy amongst upper middle classWife and kids are no longer needed for quality of life/social acceptance

They are? Crowder is a bad example because hes gay. Most young people I meet that have degrees and careers are married and have kids in mind. It's just low tier people that dont have careers arent reproducing, and that's a good thing.


>>276237291As much as people want to think being a celebrity and making money on YouTube is worthwhile. It's not exactly the most job security in it to raise a family you want it to be, especially being a political pundit.

>>276236329Having kids is expense. Unless your already a welfare scrounger, then it doesn’t hurt your standard of living and might even improve it if you’re a retard

>>276236329He's so handsome.

>>276236329Seriously though why does he not have any kids yet.

>>276236329that woman is going to take eve he owns.

>>276236329Feminism, divorce-rapes, metoo, female hipergamy...

>>276236923Its woman.Women who work dont have more than 2 kids. Maybe 3. Its just too much. Birth control and work. Its not more complicated than that. Also marriage age. Marry at 20 and shell have 4 kids. Marry at 30. 2 at most. Biological clock shuts off.

>>276236329We have given women too much power. It's too expensive and risky to reproduce. Also, all women come with 1-3 kids already. Having kids seems so unlikely to me.

>>276238178Most gay men are. They spend more time looking at themselves in the mirror than paying attention to their spouse. Gays are just turbo narcissists.

They make a beautiful couple! I hope his wife gets better and has kids with him soon. People are calling him gay on here, he’s just goofy imo.

>>276236329>same threads with the same pictures posted over and over and over againYou want to know why they aren't breeding? It's so that there will be fewer eyeballs to read your garbage slide breads.


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>>276238300>it's womenSimple answers like that are probably wrong. I think you're just a gay. Stay away from me.

>>276239139Women crave the chadjeet.

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I can’t imagine having a newborn when you’re in your 40s is fun, it wasn’t fun in my 20s with the lack of sleep. Mine will be grown up by my mid 40s.

>>276236657I married into the tribe. 31 year old MD, got a girl on the way with a hasidic qt3.14 law student.Its strange but the Jews in my g-d forsaken part ot the country are some of the least degenerate.Gonna be a dad in March 2021 :)Pic unrelated, my drink in the sun.

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>>276236329>Why aren't high value people reproducing?Humans were a mistake.

>>276236329He’s a basket full of the fruitiest fruits

>>276236758dude he has a classic gay face and listen to him talk. he is 100% a fag. the question should be why are so many conservative republican gay?

>>276239480Most of them I know are happy. There's nothing else going on in your 40s and there's no joy in anything anymore. Childless 45 year olds nowadays LARP as 60 year olds. Met many such cases. Just wanna hang around with retirees at coffee shops or pubs all day. Either gym going full energy family men or wannabe retiree happy pill poppers. That's the men in their 40s I know.

>>276239602Mazal tov and thanks for the gene therapy

>>276239480Late thirties and starting a family soon with a younger wife. I have more energy now than I did in my 20's. Diet, exercise and lifestyle play a big role.

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>>276236329Well crowder is very obviously a faggot so he doesn’t count

>>276236329Define high value? >haha they are mediocre normies

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>>276236329the definition of high value has changed.you need to be fake, a pretended, front, a fraud. basically a cheater, liar and a stealer to be high value.

>>276239602You’re a race traitor but you do you man

>>276236329500 years ago, your children were free labour on the farm, a networking tool across the community, a retirement fund for when you get too old to take care of yourself. They were an economic asset, and an investment. Plus they died a lot, so you produced a surplus to make sure you have someone to feed you when you turn 60.Right now children are unproductive until they turn 30, due to the skill and education requirement of modern jobs, they never pay off. They cost more give less, there's no room in your apartment to store the fuckers. Your social network is your highschool pals, your coworkers, not who you marry your kid to (not that you choose that even). The state takes care of you when you are old, not your kids.So children moved from material investment, to material liability. And yes, it was always material, culture and spirituality are downstream from lived experience.

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>>276236329>What are the causes and what are the long-term ramifications of this?Whites will become slav tier, Japs will become chink tier, chinks will become filipino tier, everyone else niggger tier

>>276236329Using memeflag in case some Fellow countrymen recognize me:>have High IQ>abusive childhood>getting bullied in school>Can't get a job, and if cant handle social situations>do Therapy>Therapist fucks me up, even admited it during therapy but denied it later on. tryed to sue her etc, no way i could win due to my statement vs hers.>take meds>meds fucked me even more up>stop meds>become neetBasically I was already fucked before therapy, but now since therapy, I literally have to struggle with the most basic things, have sexual issues thx to Meds, and for me Social situations are extreme stress situations. Even trying to learn something is impossible since the therapy.There you have it. Humanities stupidity and ignorance fuck up the best of us. Psychatry is plainly evil unnecessary.

>>276236758then why does he constantly dress up in drag

A lot of you are making excuses for yourselves. Man or woman, if you turn 30 and dont have anything going on that is your fault. It's for the better that you dont reproduce.

>>276236329Attractive men just want to keep fucking around without kids tying them down.Productive men don't want their leftovers.

>>276236329There's a documentary called Idiocracy. It details what would happen.


>>276237124>>276236329>>276238190They did try to have a kid. His wife had a miscarriage and that's what spawned a lot of her current health issues (indirectly). I hate to say it but I follow all of his stuff, and have a pretty good idea of more personal details that have slipped on Steven.

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>>276236329Because what you consider high value and what is actually advantageous from an evolutionary perspective are very, very different. Evolution always wins out in the end btw.

>>276236657Good. Your faulty genes aren't needed.

>>276237199Crowder is a faggot, though.

>>276242958why doesn't he just cum in her again?

>>276243088Disagree. White, good looking/tall and good career is what I consider high value.

Raising children is a huge investment and it's cheaper on paper to export the cost of childraising by importing people instead of creating them.

They don't actually intend to do all the work and raise children, they have to flash in front if their audience. It keeps them busy.

>>276243903shut the fuck up kid and stop spamming in my thread.

>>276236662>>276236758>>276237124>>276240213>>276242275It's so funny to see people having a discussion when you have the ultimate piece of evidence to make everyone agree. I love seeing you discuss small stuff and speculate about this. But let's watch the clip where he admits he had a bisexual phase together: youtube.com/watch?v=Kt9Pbz5-5mg&feature=youtu.be&t=467

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>>276242076>High IQ>TryedKek

>>276236329I have wondered why all these right wing ecelebs aren't having kidsThey have money and moderate fame, many have girlfriendsWhy aren't they having kids

>>276236329Well Crowder is actually a closeted homosexual so I suppose that is his excuse

>>276245537It's funny, both he and Millennial Woes admit to having had a gay phase. I posted Crowder's admission here BTW >>276244385. Don't remember when Millennial Woes said it

>>276236329they were convinced that all your time needs to be showering them with attention. you get a few and the big ones can start watching the little ones in reality.

>>276236329Because intelligent people realize this world is fucked and bringing a child into this world nowadays ia literally the most retarded/selfish thing you could do.

>>276236329watch the documentry idiocracy it tells you.

>>276239602Congrats on the little girl. FYI newborns are a 24-hour job, so prepare accordingly.

>>276238815so what he bought a Ukrainian girl.

Historically whites have knocked themselves off the map when some greedy old bastard takes over and causes wars killing young fertile men. Civil wars and greed have made white men each other's worse enemy you cant trust your family much less your friends

>>276236662>>276238029>>276237261He's the farthest right guy alive today, some say he's the next hitler.

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>>276237199Crowder's wife miscarriaged less than a year ago, I imagine they're still working thriugh that.

>>276236329Who in their right mind would want a kid? Whether you're a man or woman, if your life is so boring that you need a kid to fill up the majority of your waking hours than you lack creativity and drive.

>>276236657your last 30 years are gonna be fun....

>>276236657>High valued people are black pilled and realize society is irreparably broken due to minorities and women in power. There's nothing white men can do right now except MGTOW. Don't get married. Don't have kids.This sums up the entire situation.

>>276248223As if shaming or fear mongering change anything at all.

>>276236329Their low population? Are you dumb? Attractive people are rare.

>>276236329because they are high value. and because it's hard to find others of high value

I’m married but don’t have any kids. Society has made it nearly impossible to afford kids in my social class. The poor people can shit out as many as they want and the government will foot the bill. Most of them don’t work so they don’t need childcare. My wife and I both work professional careers and if one of us wasn’t working we would struggle to afford our lifestyle. If you are rich you can afford it easily but the whole middle class is being strained with high cost healthcare, the necessity of dual income households, and long work hours. My wife and I are in our upper 20s already and still haven’t even planned having a kid yet. We are going to wait until one of our mom retires so she can take care of our eventual kids.

>>276238369>Also, all women come with 1-3 kidsAnd thats the other issue. Single moms are a plauge on society. No real man wants to raise the kids your ex boyfriend didnt want.

>>276236657I don't want this to be true, but all signs point to yes. Still, don't give up. Only then have we truly lost.

>>276242770That intro actually explains whats happening now pretty accurately. Smart people realize having kids when your not ready is a bad idea. Idiots with shit jobs marry other idiots and have 5 to 6 kids and think raising a family is smart in these horrific times.

>>276248017Especially nowadays. Youre either ridiculously selfish or dumb. I couldnt imagine having a child nowadays.>"Time for school sweetie heres your corona mask, the bus will be 15 mintues late thanks to the riots down the block and remember when the minorities spit on you for being white you just smile and say thanks!!"

High value men are usually preyed upon by women who have little interest other than their money. A lot of smart men fully understand this and, as a result, avoid marriage or children entirely, as it's too difficult to discern whether or not its genuine love. Why do you think you see so many old men with young Vietnamese or Thaiwanese girls? They both know what they've signed up for. High value women are too interested in attaining more value, and are usually the kind of people who will take advantage of high value men. These women don't bring up good kids.On the rare occurrence that two high value people come together out of mutual love, they are usually both too invested in their own careers, and see children as an unworthy investment of time and money.Sad as it is, this is what happens when people reduce everything to dollars and cents.

I fucking hate his face

>>276236657Mostly this. But I cannot deal with accelerating technology and social media and its detriment to securing a family. I've seen what it's done to marriages and relatives around me. I'm also sick of everyone denying that there isn't a global reset in action literally called Agenda 2030. These next 10 years will be absolutely brutal to whites. We've seen nothing. Nothing. Yet. I don't want to raise kids in this sick unpredictable environment. The Trumps, Bidens, Clintons all married into the tribe, they know what the future holds. And it's not for trad white Americans.

>>276236657I know plenty of high value people having kids (including myself). Can't imagine giving up like a 12 year old pussy in a game of flag football. If that's how you feel, face it, that's who you always were. Society didn't "do it" to you. You're just a whiny bitch who gives up easily, same now as you were as a kid. You could have fought through it and grown up (I assume) but you didn't. Now your life will be like a nightmare from which you never awaken. Assuming it's not too late for you. Some MGTOWs can still turn back. But they aren't MGTOW to begin with because they didn't go their own way, they were sent, and they aren't men, they're still boys. BSTOW - boys sent their own way.

>>276240331You forgot to flip on your memeflag, Sergei.

>>276236329crowder is gay

>>276236329I'm not bringing kids to this fucked up, kike world. Its selfish.

>>276236329I know a couple in California. Guy is a super fit PhD who does machine learning for big startups. Wife is 9/10 blonde ER doctor. They’ve agreed to not have kids because they think the world will be uninhabitable to human life within 50 years and they don’t want to doom their children to that agony. Their wedding vows were literally talking about how they’d take care of each other as the world ended and humanity flickered out. They are just a little more conscious than the others. But a lot of people have been convinced there is no future.

it's probably not very rewarding compared to what they're already doing in their careers.


>>276236657Stop being a homo and take some responsibility. Improve yourself and then start a family and homestead

>>276256899>Their wedding vows were literally talking about how they’d take care of each other as the world ended and humanity flickered out.I mean...they're not wrong...

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>>276236329Because kids are a time suck and this world is in peak clown form. Humans are a virus. Need to channel your spirit upward as this is just the proving ground for the afterlife.

>>276256640This. People are insane bringing their fuck trophies into this clown world.

>>276236923That dude is awesome. Saw him on Lex’s podcast! Highly recommend

>>276247861lots of women also miscarry before they even know they are pregnant. Could be that her eggs just keep failing, and she may not even know it. High stress also lowers female fertility, so she could be over stressed from work as well

>>276236329>Why aren't high value people reproducing?do you have a chart of birth rates by household income that has been adjusted for the price of raising the children?

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>>276256899That is honestly pathetic on their part.

>>276250766take the rural pill, and the homeschooling pill. Basically keep your kids away from mainstream society

>>276240362Shooting for this user. Congrats. How old is she?

>>276242638This. The option is always there well into the 50’s. Especially if the financials are superb.

>>276240331I'm actually talking with a few jewish hoes myself>thanks for the gene therapyYou're welcome

>>276236329Samsara. Ultimately people need more meaning than ascending a brutal and meaningless biological hierarchy. High status people have been to the top, and while more comfortable and fun, they still realize it is all meaningless shit. The plebs are so focused on surviving and ascending that they fail to notice the futility and nihilism of it all. The ones who made it get it, and they see no reason to perpetuate this shitty game onto another generation.

>>276236758Owen Benjamin

>>276236329If you have your eyes open, and can see the reality of things in the west. It's very difficult to want to marry a western woman, or expose your children to nigger worship and kike rule. I say this as someone who raised two great children who I had at a young age with my ex wife. My kids are red pilled as they can be, but I don't blame anyone for not wanting to bring kids into this bullshit.

>>276236329Kids are expensive.

>>276236329You do t live in the suburbs. Go to the wealthiest one in your city and you’ll see aloha males with their trophy wives a d3-4 kids

>>276248223Yes, to do whatever you want without any financial burdens or strains. 60 is the new 40 and there’s a lot to do and see out there. Kids make you a wage slave and unless you get the ultra rare trad red pilled wife it is doomed from the start. I can literally go anywhere and do anything I want to do. Life isn’t like it was before as some user mentioned before you don’t need kids for farm labor. We are in the hyper real now and life is forever changed compared to the values and ideals you all cling to.

>>276260161He is, awesome content. That's where I found him too I think. I love when he does the crazy eyes.

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>>276236329Because Crowder is a sodomite. I would get that woman pregnant by just talking to her.

>>276256899Selfish pricks that will die in a nursing home smothered by a 3rd worlder.

>>276249865Nope. I constantly run into single moms in my age bracket. Not raising someone else’s kid, not now, not ever.

>>276236329Nobody knows what "high value" is anymore, not even the women doing the choosing.

>>276245329because they're grifters at the end of the daydon't give money to anybody on youtube

>>276236476as opposed to what? compared to your genetic failure of a flesh sack? gtfo of here.

>>276236657Sadly, I feel the same way user. I've taken the blackpill.

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>>276250766Plus all the natural resources are drying up and these things called animals are all going extinct. Nuclear war imminent as well. Kek

>>2762545372030? Got more info?

>>276236329We reward childlessness, and punish parenthood especially in the very talented that we want to shove in a wage cage (or salary cube).The end is the same as in H.G. Wells's Time Machine. The Morelocks will kill the Eloi.We need to SUBSIDIZE smart people to breed.If I ran America, I'd have IQ tests for all women and issue a government funded Dowry for them to marry early instead of going to college. They become a genius factory.

>>276236657I could pursue women. Try to date, have sex, marry, reproduce. Like the other guys. I just don't care enough.

does anyone in this thread even have kids and a wife who stays home?

>>276261967That sounds like a rather dumb thing to do.

>>276249390>our lifestylethen change your lifestyle retard

>>276262001Yes, I do.One stay at home wife, 2 sons and a daughter

>>276262119Based fatheranon

>>276262001If they did, they would understand.

>>276262119How have you not killed yourself?

>>276236329>implying Chowder is high value

>>276262001I would kill to have that.

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>>276255832Check in in 10 years. You drank the kool aid. Yes, we gave up on the gay football game and took up jiu jitsu and yoga. When your wife divorces you and the economy is in financial turmoil and your second child is transitioning, we’ll be traveling and shagging younger pussy and head back to the homestead bat lair out in the middle of nowhere with sustainable resources. Enjoy your suburbia and your wife’s future dreams of turning you into a cuck faggot.

>>276236329We are. You’re just not one of them. My wife and I are both 10/10 in all aspects of life and have 2 young sons who will one day dominate the planet. You’re welcome.

>>276262322Why would I do that?I Finally have what I never had growing up. A family who loves me.

>>276239602>having a baby with a kikess lawyerPlease be joking

>>276262001I do. Wife stays home with our 4 year old and 6 month old. I make about 150k a year so that helps.

>>276262001Had kids in my early twenties. Two of them, wife was a nurse and went back and forth between working and staying home over the years. Unfortunately she is a typical western woman who reaped all the benefits of being married to a successful man, and offered very little in return. She was a decent mother, but really only because I made everything extremely easy for her. Now that she is single, even with my financial contribution. She is dead broke, in debt, and recently lost her home to foreclosure. Luckily the kids moved out on there own at a young age. Pick wisely friends, or you will be like me. Paying for a crazy cunt to have mid life crisis after mid life crisis. If I wasn't someone who made a good amount of money in my young life, I would probably be extremely depressed. I have good friends who went through the same thing, but with far less financial success. And it ruined them.

>>276262484She loves you because you provide something for her.

>>276262036It's part of being an adult, or so I'm told.

>>276262567This faggot gets it.

>>276262678And I wanted a hot virgin wife to bare my children. So I got something too. Now we work together to advance our children.Do you seriously expect to provide nothing and get nothing in life? Is that love to you?

>>276255832I mean this is all true and would be an absolutely redpilled post.... Except for the fact that you're making it in the country where 'divorce-rape' is a well known concept.

>>276260161Now that is an intelligent person. All these fags larping posting their iq’s on here couldn’t put together this guys sentences if they tried. Good on us for watching and learning user.

>>276260522That’s is my only option left if I go the kid trad wife route... it’s an investment for sure. I have 6 acres in Hawaii but no red pilled qt yet, hard to find...

>>276261032This. This is what I said. Attachments keep you stuck in Samsara. Well done user.

>>276262974Love is not "I love you because you pay for my stuff". It should be unconditional.

>>276239602You were already an oven dodger.

>>276261966in the UK higher education is subbed by the taxpayer, if you have 100k student loans and dont pay... your taxi driver and mc dicks worker pays for it. (yes literally working 40h a week in mc cock flipping burgers and cleaning cum from the bathroom pays 20% tax)birthrate in the UK still fukked and is approaching 0 if you remove the kebabs

>>276262553nice income! I make 50K and we make it work, rural life

>>276236329Crowder is a faggot and a crossdresser and a Zionist shill.He dresses as women and stalks people according to Owen Benjamin. Crowder's wife is a beautiful blonde lady who would have had many White babies, but Crowder used her as a trophy wife and to cover up Crowder's sexual perversions. Owen has stated that Crowder's wife desperately wanted kids, but she has resigned herself to living as a barren woman. No true right-leaning person remains childless, it's anti-traditionalist to not have children and goes against everything they stand for. The only explanation is that Crowder is a sexual pervert. Listen to his high-pitched shrieking voice and how he preens over his outfits and tell me he's not a faggot.Crowder is a shill for the Right, he is the equivalent of a Trevor Noah. Crowder's only real stance is "free speech", but that goes out the window if you are a nazi or White nationalist or an ethnonationalist. Crowder is a gatekeeper used to keep people from going farther towards National Socialism or the Third Position. It's an echo-chamber reinforcer used to keep the sheep penned in the GOP corral.As soon as Owen Benjamin started naming the Jews, Crowder no longer had Owen on Louder with Crowder.Crowder is a Zionist shill.

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>>276236329>Why aren't high value people reproducing?high value people need high quality women to reproduce. the quality in women is non existent

>>276263389So you expect to play Xbox all day while she feeds you?Nah, love motivates you to do things. She stood by me when things went bad and we made it better together. I do the same for her. Love is loyalty and action.But you don't fall in love with a fat, lazy, jackass. No one does.

>>276236983Yeah I'm sure the superior breakaway space civilizations would be thrilled to have low-brow Terran surface dwellers jumping the cosmic border fence just to leach off of a better society.

>>276263573Discretion is the better part of Valor. Crowder knows if he named the Jew he'd be homeless in a week.

>>276262001Yes. Tradesmen in big Midwest city.I’m mid 30’s she’s late 20’s. Have one small one and another one inbound.Doing my best to turn her far far right. Although everything that’s been happening in society is helping me out too.

>>276263848We need a big beautiful wall so high that Moonxicans can't low gravity jump over it

>>276263832Of course I'm saying work, dipshit. I mean that women love men based on what services they provide and it shouldn't be that way. Would your wife love you if you suddenly became flat broke and had nothing to your name?

>>276264229* Tradesman

If you think you're high value yet are childless at 30, you are delusional. You are badly lacking in one area.

>>276263573>owen benjamin as a source for anything

>>276264288You are a fucking Peter pan, grow the fuck up dude.

>>276264229Lol, my wife has turned far right too. Seriously, she is further right than me. It's pretty hot, imo.When we shout real estate she immediately googles racial makeup.

>>276236329I want to dominate him from behind

>>276264069Crowder is a Libertarian, pro-immigrant, and has an egalitarian view on race.There is no discretion, he is just bluepilled.

>>276264229good for you! 4 years, 18 months, and one more coming. think my wife would rather have a christian non-white europe than the opposite, but we will see where it goes

>>276264567Enjoy your wife taking everything that you own.

>>276264288Yes, and that has happened before. I lose a job. I get another. She pitches in and we pull through. Loyalty for each other and our children.Not all women are Kardashians.

>>276264729My bad. I saw a few based YouTube bits of change my mind. He had his moments.

>>276264851Well my friend, you lucked out and I hope you're happy. Fuck marriage though, I still think it's a jew scam.

>>276236329Because they understand that life is dominated by violent and ruthless people, and life of people with intellect is very depressing. Even if people succeed in building a career, they understand that their children will not inherit anything and find themselves in a dystopia where they will be a passive minority without rights.

>>276264851I'm glad it worked out for you, user, really. I wish you and your family well.

>>276236657>There's nothing white men can do right now except MGTOW. Don't get married. Don't have kids.This.I've been divorced for 6 years now and never in my life intend to remarry, nevermind waste my time chasing women for anything else, at this point I'd consider anyone sub millionaire status having children child abuse given the world theyre going to be forced into.By pretty much every metric you can come up with I know I'm 'high tier' compared to most. I'm physically healthy, never been sick ever, fit, tall, blonde hair and blue eyes. Financially I'm doing fine, lead teams of people in work, always fronting the company whenever we attend industry events, even my main hobby of writing makes me money on Amazon.I'm just thankful we never had a child before the divorce, I'd give every penny I had to a child but subsidising her aswell? No chance.

>>276264737Non Christian Europe will become Non-White because atheists have no children and love Gimmegrants by large margins.The argument is pointless, because it isn't an either or.Europe will be non-Christian and non-White without hardcore Christian Whites breeding like Duggars.

>>276236329The real question is why this faggot hasn't impregnated his wife by now.

>>276265072Americans don't practice real marriage mostly.Marriage is for life. It's not taking a thot concubine and betting her half your stuff that she won't get bored of you.

>>276265394Marriage has always been a transaction you foolish naive child

>>276236657This. High intelligence people realize that with physical reproduction you effectively disappear from humanity in a few generations. If you wish to make a lasting impact on humanity, do something worthy of the history books. That’s how you leave a legacy.

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>>276236476hon hon hon hon hon!Leaf rustling intensifies!

>>276265394It's sadly always been like that. Dr. Dre would have lost everything he built if he didn't have that prenup.

>>276236329It's one of the best real-world examples of the bluepilled midwit meme. They fall for malicious memes intended to keep them from having kids, and think they're smart because of it. Having kids is clearly no problem; traditionalist Whites, spics, and pajeets have no problems with it, but they get in their heads things like "oh, children cost $500,000 per head, I can't afford that" or "kids suck, I just want to live it up" or worst of all "the world sucks, forcing my kids to live through it is selfish of me." They're removing themselves from the genepool, but it doesn't fucking matter since they also believe Replacement Migration is a good idea and they won't be gone soon enough for what they think to just not matter.

>>276241271>a retirement fund for when you get too old to take care of yourself.Yep. Through the power of investing and money in general, I can now make everyone else’s kids take care of me at a lower cost than raising kids of my own.

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>>276236329>Implying I give a fuck about humanityOnce this body is gone, that's the extent of my caring about society. And I'd expect everyone else's is too, unless they're pretending in order to virtue signal.

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