Are you crypto-fasc?                                         
Are you crypto-fasc?                                                 

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Shit guess I better leave.


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this shit is bugged


anarkids ww@?

How the fuck


Compulsory service for men is fine, for women is retarded. They shouldn't even be able to volunteer, that's not their function.

fuckin ew

Women took part in every socialist revolution on a military level too.

At least I’m not a cryptofash.

I just answered strong disagree when I read something creating a dichotomy between existing nations as capitalist or socialist and I got anarkiddie

Not really…

Tankies disagree.

take notes boys, this is what idealism looks like

I will read as much as i want. Even if the book is written by people i disagree with. Truth is not something to pick and choose, therefore all books must be read in the pursuit of knowledge, even if the books are nazbol.

Some of these questions are loaded to hell like
Especially questions like
As it should be compulsory during wartime because it would be necessary to do so given that you'll be fighting against a whole slew of outside capitalist forces and always be at "war" even when at "peace", and the only peacetime is that in which socialism has succeeded in usurping all capitalist forces and the need of a conscripted military is unneeded.
Almost all of these depend on conditions.

I'm ML and got anarkiddie
this test fucking blows

That question was retarded. How much progress and how many lives?

Women that were part of the Soviet military during WWII ate people like you for breakfast.

>You are disciplined but tolerant; a true American real Comrade.

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Are ☭TANKIE☭s a psyop?

he's right you know

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Yeah sounds about right

man what?

You get the fucking wall.

DemSocs aren't SuccDems.

Not that guy, but women were purposely kept back from the front lines in WW2 and used as snipers or support

Their army applications were also blocked, until Raskova personally went to Stalin to put a stop to it.

Nobody is asking people to go from feudalism to socialism and shed all the reactionary attitudes in a single life time.

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Is it reactionary to think women on average make poor frontline soldiers due to biological endurance and upper body strength?


Half these questions are obviously loaded and full of moralistic bullshit (e.g. question 5) while the other half depends heavily on context (e.g. question 2 - people don't know what's best for them under capitalism but I'm pretty sure they do in Cuba). Seems like the kind of crap >>>/reddit/ would buy.

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welp i guess i'm part of them

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How much mental gymnastics revisionism does that require?

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your test is broken

I thought spurdo posters were shit but you're by far the worst poster on this board.

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What a horrible test. I got DemSoc, for one, which I resent. I suppose it isn't Socdem but it stinks. For two, these questions are loaded(?). Should more constructive Socialist measures be chosen if they will lose lives? Depends exactly on whose lives are lost! So I answered agree, when I'm a strongly agree /strongly disagree depending on the topic. It also depends on how much it develops Socialism. There are other questions like this too. Should a capitalist country that can be reasoned with be invaded for a "final victory"? That completely depends on the global stage. If they are the last Capitalist country? No, we will just bully them. It works when Capitalists do it. If they are one of a few left? Really depends on how strong the military is on both sides. If there is only one Socialist revolutionary state, then a semi-immediate invasion is probably wholly necessary at most costs.

I'm not doing my job then.
How do I make a quiz?