Alt-Right erupts after crying Nazi Christopher Cantwell admits he’s a federal informant

Bit of an odd one this is. (And the site as well.)

These are a few highlights, but the article goes into full detail about this odd / funny story.

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Consider this: before Cantwell became a Nazi, he was an "an"-cap who moved to Keene, NH as part of the Free State Project.

Here's an archive of Cantwell admitting it.

Are all fascists emotionally unstable? Heinbach, now this…

Why are you using “alt-right”, and “Nazi” so interchangeably? I have a pretty difficult time believing a 17 year old who wears a meme shirt is politically identical to the stereotypical 80’s Nazi skinhead with the boots, jackets, and tattoos. You’re over reaching way to hard here.

Imagine my shock

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There is considerable overlap between individuals who identify with the alt-right (which isn't really a movement and more like a swarm, like Anonymous in its time) and proper neo-Nazi militants.

Don't blame me, blame the person that wrote the article. I just copied & pasted it.

Dude, you realize that the website Holla Forums literally has their own street, and prison gangs now right? It’s time we start taking this seriously, and realize just how serious of a threat these people are to our liberal democracy.

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Fuck off. Don't use my name.

Fuck off Holla Forums falseflag

If it were Holla Forums it'd be a black guy.

This thread is pretty concernin. From street gangs, to hackers, yikes! I need a minute to take this all in.

weev (a fed snitch) snitching on his fellow snitch to sow discord in the ""movement""

pure pottery

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Disregard that I suck cocks

Is that a good or a bad thing for the alt-right? Will they get out of it weaker or stronger?

more retarded

Man this board really has turned into reddit hasn't it

Speak for yourself. Liberal democracy (i.e. bourgeois democracy) is not worth defending.

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Nothing leads to communism quicker than fascists winning major election majorities.

it's literally true though, do you think Mao would've won against someone smart? Fuck no, he needed that retarded monkey Chiang Kai Shek and everyone is better for it now.

True but it's not like alt-retards are any better.

Despite this whole post being fucking retarded, you want to guess how I know your new?

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Credit where credit is due, Holla Forums was right about there being fed plants in their movement. Maybe it was just their trademark paranoia, but I have heard them accuse guys like this, Spencer, and that fat guy with the podcast (It's like The Daily Shoah or some shit) as being plants.

Oh come on, you see what these people post? They "ironically" believe women and non whites are inferior, "ironically" believe people immigrating to their countries constitutes a genocide, and "ironically" believe Jewish cultural marxism controls the media and academics to brainwash kids into fun right? I get what you're saying, those kek sargon spergs aren't probably going to go out and kill people, but it is definitely a gateway because they share some common goals and those alt lite meme spergs do a lot of work normalizing further right ideologies and groups.

This, but unironically.

Did inability to recognize irony give it away?

Honestly, we've had our fair share of r/socialism-tier posters this month that I can't even tell what's ironic anymore. Just in the last three weeks we had an user arguing in unironic support of intersectional politics and quite a few argue against gun-ownership. Then we also have spurdo poster.

I get that reddit vermin make it difficult to tell satire from sincerity, but 'You realize the website /pol ==LITERALLY== has their own …. how serious of a threat these people are to our liberal democracy ' should have gave it away.
I was amused at all the quotation in the markup for this post.

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false, but also a hilarious thought

I think we can infer from this that anti-semites can't get decent lawyers

Reactionaries are born snitches tbh

t. nu/pol/ kekfaggot

Christ, you're a bad commie and a giant fag.

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Underrated post.

read the fucking faq

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That's the point - your stereotype of the 80's neonazi is merely past century's version of the current alt-right fad

Yeah, nah fuck off cunt.

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weev is also literally a jew

What are you implying?

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Have not seen that picture of Makhno before.


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Fuck boons! All boons in zoos!

what kind of idiot talks to the feds

if I knew where Hitler was being cloned I still wouldn't tell the feds because I know they'd somehow use it against the public and probably create a hitler fbi army of assassins