Flag thread

Flag thread

Does anyone else get tired the same Anarchist and USSR-esque style of flags?I know, history and symbolism and all, but can't we have something different? Maybe, forgive my heresy, something more Fashy or more like Modern Flags? Both of those can be pretty aesthetic. Who knows.

Anyways, post flags you fucking LARPers.

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why a fucking bird?

Why not a fucking bird?

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Red flags with aesthetic gold writing are the only kind of flag we need.

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I like it but honestly I feel like flags should be designed such that they are both easy to remember without sacrificing symbolic values behind them, which when you start getting these flashy birds and things on them, while they certainly look impressive, they're just too much.

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See this is what happens when scientists and engineers run everything. The arts starve and the flags look god awful

Firstly, I am not a Veblenist; 'Scientists and engineers running everything' has nothing to do with my ideology.
Secondly, at-least my flags are distinct from the thousands of variations of hammers and sickles on a red background that filled the last such thread on this topic.

Are those the flags you put around your Garry’s Mod military RP served when you jack off to your own sense of authority?

You just went full Halo 3, kiddo…

The first is the flag used by the historical American Technocracy Movement.
The second is my own design that I have since relegated to just a potential design for an armband.
The third is based off of some flag design suggestion I came across a few years ago that put forward the idea of using a traditional monad symbol to depict a Totalist state.

I honestly do not even know what the hell you mean by that.


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I think our flag should have tits and monster trucks

The JCP's flag is pretty rad. Perhaps a bit busy though, I might simplify the wheat.

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I think that's rice not wheat actually

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Looks like shit

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i always liked their flag.

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The first and last aren't flags

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by that standard, neither is the Makhno flag, nor the majority of Soviet flags

All of whom were better than the flags you just posted

What’s the deal with you faggots, and the obsession over working so much? Who the fuck wants to work, seriously. Industrial smoke stacks, and tools just come off as oppressive. Have you ever considered some of us just want to be able to live freely, while the others who are willing to do labor actually go out, and work? If I want to live the same way I lived in highshool, what the major the problem with that?

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Fuck sent same one twice

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I will remember that love of conformism the next time one of you reds wants to claim that art in a Technate would all be boring and sameish.
But please, do not let me stop you from the hammer, sickle, star and red background posting; I'm sure there are at-least a few combinations of those design elements that have not been used yet!

I'd rather eat the same meal every day than eat shit is all I'm saying.

t. anti work anarchism gang

International Internet Users Union

Civil Flag


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you're still on this board?

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Here's our old prototype design we had before picking the previously posted Civil Flag.

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