This is amazing

Pic related says: "reaction of russian footbal team as the soviet anthem plays by mistake"
This is so heartwarming. The fact some of them smile and sing along just brings such a nice feeling. Glad to see so many russians still love the USSR
Here's the link btw

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Isn't it basically the same music but different lyrics? Probably an easy mistake esp since lots of people refer to the USSR as Russia. Nowhere near as bad as the time Kazakhstan won gold and they played the fucking parody anthem from Borat.

The guy with the beard is 100% товарищ.

It is the same song but with differe t lyrics, yeah. Also did that Kazakhstan thing seriously happen cause if that's true that's fucking hilarious.

Yeah iirc it was their first Olympic gold ever

It was even in fucking English

Just saw the video, still can't believe that happened. Probably would've pissed myself from laughter had I heard it live.

I saw the video this morning.
Guys on the left are kulaks but the others are true tovarish

Contemporary Russian nostalgia for the Soviet era is a superficial longing for the "golden age", and most of those who profess it haven't even experienced living in that era. In that sense, it is hardly different from Trump's promise to "Make America Great Again", to return to a time when America was better than it is right now. It is very telling about the left's impotence that we aren't capable of coming up with a new imaginary and that we have to rejoice over people merely settling with "times that were at least better than today".

it's actually good for the russians since if putin drops the ball communists can get strong quickly.
Russian porkies should thank putin for being a godsend stable leader.

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is this a quote or actual sewage that spewed from your mouth?

Why don't you got fuck yourself?

t. buttmad ☭TANKIE☭s

It really isn't good. Soviet nostalgia is a tool for legitimizing and perpetuating putinism. Most russian Soviet fans think Lenin was a jewish german spy who ruined Holy Russia but Stalin was an orthodox Tsar who was good because he had a big army that scared Westerners. It's actually impressive how russian porky made socialism serve him. If any current """communist""" groups in Russia seize power there will be no meaningful change, if anything it'll make legitimate Marxist agitation harder.


Yes, I'm sure it has nothing to do with the part when 147 million people fell into poverty after the dissolution of the Eastern bloc and Russia suffered the worst economic crisis in history while oligarchs sold the entire country

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having some trouble today?

typical ☭TANKIE☭ non-argument

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Your friends from /leftpol/ calls us a ML fascist board

Truth? People miss living standards, sense of community and stability of the time. The wester obession with "russian just want muh strong leader" is just a way for the western media to cope with the fact that the soviet union was superior

A vast majority of soviet/socialism sympathetic people in eastern europe are elderly people who actually lived through it. The youth in eastern europe are fervently anti-communist, pro-american neonazis you deluded liberal mong.

Okay retard

It's not my fault you fucked up your own LARPing as a being of ascended intelligence. Feel free to actually make an argument against my original post at any time.

Why do you refer to Western liberalism, political correctness and PragerU videos? Are you not capable of addressing contemporary Russian issues and their relation with Soviet history without resorting to bogeymen and assuming everyone who doesn't agree with you is secretly a Democrat spy?

Butthurt tankiës with no argument upset that the purely spectacular (and partly state-sponsored) Soviet nostalgia prevalent in contemporary Russia is being questioned as the fraud that it is.

Of course it is related, and unsurprising that many Russians would feel that way. But the same could be said about Trump: Americans, considering the neoliberal hellscape they face right now, have a reason to long for the era of economic expansion, rising wages, full employment and job security associated with the so-called miracle of the post-war era that started going downhill in the '70s — the same era Trump promised to bring back. And that's precisely why I think the left is a failure right now: it's not capable of creating a new imaginary, of crafting a future of its own — all they do at best is get over-excited when some Russian guy gets teary-eyed when visiting a museum dedicated to Soviet memorabilia.

Of course, Eastern millennials are literally the Schutzstaffel. Now this sounds like a reasonable argument and not at all like regurgitated RT tripe.

Do you guys always argue about the dumbest things?

Okay ascended, tell us your plan to revitalize the left (tm) in the world in a way that jacks off your moral sensibilities the most


neat strawman, do you write for the guardian?
I'm eastern european and the youth here, especially young men, is dense with skinheads and neonazis. 'Anti-communist' paramilitaries and marches are rife.
But i bet you'll have some neat non-argument about me being a putin-shill to btfo me :^)

Right, because I'm obviously a buttmad ☭TANKIE☭, that's why I wrote that. It's not at all because I think you're a dumbass who wastes his time arguing about why some Russian rugby players sang the Soviet national anthem.

Why else would you mind if I do, except because I insulted your god stalin?

What does historical revisionism have to do with any of this?
I didn't pretend I had a ready-made solution to that conundrum, and I don't think anyone could pretend they individually do. It's a challenge that requires a shared intellectual effort. The left needs to gets its shit together and collectively work towards creating a new imaginary rather than impotently rely on teary-eyed nostalgia. Pointing that out is not being contrarian or condescending.

That's not a strawman, that's a figure of speech. You said "the youth in Eastern Europe" were "neo-Nazis", not me.
I'm sure this observation is accurate, but it doesn't paint the whole picture. According to the Levada Center, 20% of Russians under 25 regret the collapse of the Soviet Union; that is not negligible at all. To say nothing of those under 35, where the share of pro-Soviet and anti-Soviet opinions are more-or-less equal. You'll notice that none of those actually got to experience much of Soviet life if any at all, just like millenial MAGApedes never got to experience the post-war boom.
No, because I actually argue in good faith and don't reduce my opponents to "shills" with no intellectual autonomy just because they don't agree with me. Mind-blowing, no?

If I mentioned PragerU wouldn't that at the very least mean that I was also condemning the openly reactionary wing or the (R) side in burger terms of the of the American bourgeoisie and not just singling out its liberal/leftish wing?

Also, I'm sorry but it is a Western liberal and especially an American thing to assume that the youth in Russia only like the USSR because they didn't experience the "horrors" of communism for themselves. The contrary point which is that many who actually did live through the USSR have a positive view of it is also neatly explained away by a strain of Western double-think which is not at all dissimilar from what you espouse.

By your "criticism" that I am unable to address Russian issues without accusing my opponent of being a democratic spy a claim I did not make I take that to implicitly mean that you think I cannot address Russian issues on their own outside of my own Western point of reference. You would be equally guilty of this charge yourself with your claim that Soviet nostalgia and MAGA have the same implications and the same meaning.

"Make America Great Again" was a campaign slogan coined during Reagan's 1980 campaign that was intended to appeal to nostalgia for a time when America was an open white supremacist apartheid state. Trump's campaign appealed to nostalgia for the atmosphere of the Reagan years which was based on not a little bit of nostalgia for open white racism and McCarthyism. Make America Great Again is also a class collaborationist slogan.

Soviet nostalgia is based on the nostalgia of the Russian proletarian for the most progressive society that history has ever known. Soviet nostalgia evokes memories of class war.

Nostalgia for the American post-war boom is nostalgia for an era when America was the most brutal counter-revolutionary power on the planet.The US was the most savage enemy of democracy in the Third World during this period.

Despite all of your equivocation, the facts show that the content of Soviet nostalgia and MAGA are not the same at all.

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Fam, it's cute that you think I actually care what you think, but I don't. I just think it's funny how Holla Forums manages to make the most pedantic, hour-long arguments about complete non-events like these.

Being this much of a yuppie must suck, the only reason why the "left" in your shit west is in this state is because of your infatuation with liberalism and ready-made pallette for cia propaganda, fucking scab

t. US state department

It wasn't the only point in my argument, and I do agree that Russians have good reasons to look back into the economic stability of the Soviet era with fondness considering the reality they're faced with regardless of their experience with Soviet life — but that's no different from Americans doing the same with the post-war boom era, a sentiment Trump latched into.
What class war? The one that was mercilessly repressed by Soviet bureaucrats?
Wrong. They're both instances of crypto-nationalist nostalgia for an age that was at least better than the disaster we're stuck with nowadays. And a reactionary populist figure ended up capitalizing on that sentiment in both cases, to boot.

My, that's a lot of buzzwords in a single sentence. Call me when you're done with your autistic screeching.

Not the other user, but the whole of my family were KPCC members. I can, in all candor, say that what the other user says for the most part is correct. The sense of non-entropic development is strong in the milieux of nostalgias for the bygone era. Contrary to what AgitProp would produce, this was very much a "non-ideological" tendency, which is why we see the nostalgias and stupors oriented within the horizon of capitalist meaning.

One of the foremost strengths of the modern regime is their allusion to the legitimizing force of the developments of the past. But surely if those great strides and leaps were secured within the historicity of socialism, the populace would rise and turn the pretending representation on its head; however, this is the polar opposite of what we witness. The ideological edifice of the Soviet Union has been effaced, and in its place has emerged a new ideological bulwark - authoritarian reaction, predicated by the historical and nostalgic solvency of the erstwhile union of constituent republics.

These statements and their ontological assumptions cannot be understood within such simple bounds, for both concepts are, by their nature, vacuous and sycophantic - playing as easily to one individual as to the next, but all on the assumption of the reproduction of the present organization of production and symbolic relations, the continuation of the ideological process. All in all, you are within your right to critique the synchronic reading of Soviet nostalgia, but that the answer is to not make an equally specious claim to the contrary.

Sorry id rather not speak with a limp wristed libby

Pretty sure that there was also a situation where there was supposed to be a press conference outside the Kazakh embassy in London, and Sasha Baron Cohen showed up as Borat, walked up to the podium, pretended to be the ambassador, and talked for like ten minutes before anybody noticed what was happening.

b-b-but turing point usa and this infograph of socialist state economies during the USSR collapse from Holla Forums said that it sucked!!!

I've literally heard both of these from Holla Forums

If you're going to parrot talking points, be consistent.