Are modern ☭TANKIE☭ parties in the Western World now just glorified re-enactment groups...

Are modern ☭TANKIE☭ parties in the Western World now just glorified re-enactment groups? I refuse to believe that even they take themselves seriously deep down.

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yes, they are bloodthirsty larping edgelords

fuck stalin and fuck white people(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

I called my dad a fascist shitlord today too.


Every single revolution that didn't follow Leninist principles failed

all leftist groups in the western world are terrible

they're all bark and no bite they do nothing other than bitch, moan and do absolutely nothing for the community other than show up to liberal protests and gay pride bullshit

Was Stalin white?

fixed that for you

Tankies are to communism as civil war larpers are to america.

he was a slav

He was Georgian you dolt.

Um, sweetie :)

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Yes. I was in the PSL for a bit. They are Stalin fanboys.

Based BO.

Not all Leninists are tanks fam.

Are there even any legitimate leftist parties in the West or are we stuck with entryist shit and Democrat Cops of America

CPGB (male)

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Tankies getting any traction within the west is as possible as the Sonic fanbase ceasing to be autistic.
You're more likely to see them in the third world, and given the material conditions.

Years of anti-communist propaganda have demonised what the USSR did, and even if you were to call it state-capitalist, it can't be denied that given the evidence we have, it certainly wasn't a hell-hole and was a better place to live in than the US and I say that as an anarchist.
You'd probably see more lib-soc organisations or the occasional trot org which has split from another trot org. The likelyhood of first worldist socialists wanting to repeat the bureaucracy or revisionism of these ML revolutions is unlikely, wether it's out of theory/ praxis/ culture or misinterpretations of what the USSR was.

Also the way that tanks (and I know it's not all of you) go about supporting or expressing solidarity with reactionary governments in the face of """imperialism""" while claiming you are socialists might also be the case. It may surprise you, but the US isn't the only imperialist power that has its eyes on the worlds resources.

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there's nothing wrong with that. if you think there's something wrong with that then go suck down more american propoganda, you don't belong here.

Tankies need to relax and just realize that Imre Nagy was a pretty cool dude.

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Stalin was half arab half white. Trust me, i'm a race pro!

Council communism is fascism, suck a dick

tfw you fight for the red army, inform for the NKVD, redistribute land to the peasants and reform agriculture once again after the people revolt because you were a better leader than Khrushchev's puppet, but you're a fascist because you want some reforms.

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/thread tbh

If you don't want to be accused of being fascist, stop employing fascist goons in your "revolution"

I'm not Nagy btw, but if you don't want a revolution, don't replace a competent, popular communist leader with a Khrushchevite butcher.

read a book, faggots

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there is this in my country
but they aren't really presented at all
and I don't think they can do much, but it's something

This post has just proven so many points…

haha, totally owned these liberals! my flawless argumentation leaves them speechless


the "toiling masses" you commie hardliners always refer to were rising up against the Soviet domination. But only in Stalinism can the actual masses of working people be turned into "fascist goons" in a matter of a party decree.

Kys, ☭TANKIE☭ scum.

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i wonder where this guy's coming from

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And you can thank the stalinoid hardliners coup attempt later that year that finnaly destroyed the idea of a "democratised Soviet Union" as envisioned in the referendum.

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