How can anyone not see this scam?

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Because it's all they know. The average person has been conditioned to think modern communists are simultaneously simmering skeletons and terrifying barbarians, while also conflating Socialism with Social Democracy.

At least at in current collective consciousness, they see no alternative.

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Gib me a job.

no but you can have loan

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well I'm sure most people here see the scam
most of society seems to think this is the "neutral" state and is normal just because it simply is though

Ok, what if I take the loan and spend everything on whores and drugs, then I kill myself?


because each of those things has a different porky at the face of it
if they were all literally owned by the same person like you say people would probably be more open to revolt, they'd probably just replace it with what we have now tho lmao


Because government was the scapegoat and now it's mostly Jews, rather than the system. Also, propaganda and people generally not knowing what capitalism is let alone socialism.

It's actually an extremely intricate multi-layered scam when one is born into it. If you were born blind and nobody else existed in the world to tell you you were blind, you wouldn't know you were blind nor would you have a concept of sight.

they only think of ☭TANKIE☭s when they think of communists, so the just see them as another porky and take the devil they know over the devil they dont

you cant inherit debt

You can though.

not in the US, so if you want to go ahead and say that the US isnt real capitalism be my guest

The world doesn't stop at your borders you fucking yank.

Some people use religion to defend porky, saying shit like socialism is fulfilling apocalyptic prophecy and anyone that wants anything to be publicly owned is being tricked by the antichrist.

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yes you can.

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What religion says that? Under socialism we would be alot closer to most of the stuff Jesus wad saying people should do.

The Church™ of The First American™: Jesus®

You can too inherit debt in the United States you mong.

if you use loans and credit cards wisely it's actually quite beneficial, problem is most plebs and commoners get loans to buy frivolous shit instead of improving their skills or investing

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just pay the denbts bro

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For the same reason that people who grew up in abusive relationships don't realize they were getting abused. People don't have some magical ability to see outside of their context.

But that said, most people do see through it to some degree.

Check out some rural evangelical Christian pages on Facebook. Such as this one.

this is a very important fact that people need to apply more often when examining people with stupid beliefs.

welcome to the real world, kiddo

There goes that generational wealth paying off that those people take for granted.

can we use them to bankrupt the system and institute communism?

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What do you think the media is used for? You don't think propaganda doesn't exist in the capitalist system? Heck, they just don't call it propaganda because that implies they're misleading you, and they wouldn't want you to catch on to that.

The capitalist system is apparent in all spheres of life: including culture, education, and media. These spheres are used to reinforce notions of what "should be", what you should value, and how you should behave. They are used to make you believe in the capitalist system, and you are taught this is the only way and are taught how to be a perfectly efficient cog for the machine. Without seeking out or access to new information and systemic theories, you'll probably just end up thinking this is the only way to be or "the best we got".

Essentially what I was trying to say summed up m

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Because people are idiots and view the world through scapegoats instead of action.

Rightwing retards are too busy thinking it's "Teh jooz" Leftwing retards are too busy thinking it's "Teh cis white male". Nobody realizes it's all the same person.

Contrary to porkies that spend all their money in improving their skillsets or capital investments.
Fuck proles, they should not be allowed to have things and enjoy life. That's something only our enlightened overlords should be able to do (but they don't, because they are enlightened)

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this is the grossest shit i've ever seen

just rent the property your mom, ceo of a "nonprofit" (a nonprofit that can afford to pay you more than what 80% of americans make in a year) bought you

wow people who can rent out property can make money to pay debt
brilliant observation business insider, looks like we can all pay our debts now, it's super easy

sike nigga you thought
it's not always the case but it DOES happen

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Why did anyone post this on >>>/liberty/?

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