Daily News Thread 3/28

Kim Jong-un was in Beijing, China and NK confirm

After days of speculation, it has been confirmed that North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un did pay a visit to Beijing.

Trump Urges Pressure Against North Korea After Kim’s China Trip

U.S. President Donald Trump called for continued pressure against Kim Jong Un, after China said the North Korean leader expressed an openness to disarmament talks during a surprise visit to Beijing.

Ghanaians Protest in Accra Against Military Agreement With U.S.

Hundreds of Ghana opposition members took to the streets of the capital, Accra, to demonstrate against a government decision to allow a U.S. military base in the West African nation.

Israel: PM Netanyahu Rushed to Hospital

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was rushed to hospital Tuesday, Israeli media reported. Netanyahu was suffering from a fever and coughing, several media reports said.

Spread of Wahhabism was done at request of West during Cold War – Saudi crown prince

The Saudi-funded spread of Wahhabism began as a result of Western countries asking Riyadh to help counter the Soviet Union during the Cold War, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman told the Washington Post.

Poland agrees $4.75bn purchase of US Patriot missile systems for ‘unprecedented’ security

Poland has signed a $4.75 billion deal to purchase US air-defense Patriot missile systems. Claiming it wants to have “friendly relations” with its neighbors, Poland said it’s best when friendship is enhanced by military strength.

Christian Singer Favored to Win Costa Rica’s Easter Election

A gay marriage controversy that turned Costa Rica’s presidential election on its head has pitted a Christian preacher against a ruling party candidate in an Easter Sunday runoff.

Air Force Risks Losing Third of F-35s If Upkeep Costs Aren't Cut

The U.S. Air Force may have to cut its purchases of Lockheed Martin Corp.’s F-35 by a third if it can’t find ways to reduce operations and support costs by as much as 38 percent over a decade, according to an internal analysis.

Amazon loses nearly $40 billion in value on report Trump wants to 'go after' company's tax treatment

President Donald Trump is "obsessed" with Amazon, a source told the news website Axios, and is eyeing legal means to go after the online retail giant.

Stephon Clark's brother storms Sacramento council meeting

The brother of US shooting victim Stephon Clark has stormed a public meeting of the Sacramento city council, amid continuing anger over his killing by police earlier this month.

Former Disney star Caroline Sunshine joins Trump's press office

Former Disney Channel actress Caroline Sunshine is to join US President Donald Trump's press office.

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No amount of ancient Jewish spells can hold off the curse

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Why Not to Expect Much from US Trade Talks With China

Why the Trump trade threats towards China aren't likely to be terribly productive.

Antisemitism as a “blindspot” for the Left


Big Data versus democracy

Tyler Zimmer breaks down what's new and what's not so new about the strategies used by consulting firms like Cambridge Analytica to win elections at any cost.

Police ‘hoovering up’ personal data from innocent's mobile phones

Police forces across Britain are secretly downloading smartphone data from innocent people without obtaining warrants or even notifying them, campaigners revealed yesterday.


Wait I thought it was because they hated our freedoms?

Ive never seen someone parrot trot, tank and liberal talking points in one sentance, colour me impressed.

this is fucking infuriating. I mean this stuff always makes me mad but it doesnt really hit you until it hits close to home. Ghana is conservative and christian for the most part but their workers stick together. In fact, last time I was there, the hotel I was staying at was being used as the meeting grounds for doctors on strike.

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No legit:
"muh reformism" comes from the tanks,
And "HE IS RED UKIP AHHH #FBPE #STOPBREXIT #48%" gets autistically screeched by liberals.
Congrats user, as I said I am impressed.

Okay I am wrong, the cops and soldier thing is more anarchists.


Semitism is the real fucking blindspot for the left you ding dong. If we acknowledge white privilege to be an actual phenomena, the only logical conclusion is that there is Jewish privilege. The problem is that fucking idpol retards/closet zionists instinctively lash out at anyone who points this out.

The Jews served a critical role in the construction of Italian capitalism and beyond through the practice of usury; as the Catholic Church wouldn't allow usury for religious reasons, the Jews were the perfect scapegoat. This role carried over into the 1800s and beyond (The history of the Rothchildren is a good example, but were actually mild by porkie standards in regards to exploitation of labor.). I don't think I need to explain the horrors of the holocaust and the obvious stain on anti-semitism it put, but as a result the Jews became pampered bourg pets and a symbol of neoliberal "diversity". Of course, this completely ignores the fact that the Jews are just as complicit in the third world exploitation as le white man is, but yeah.



Fucking this.

I hate the new prince but lamo.


Assange internet connection cut off in embassy - Kim Dotcom

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Try as she may, Chaya is powerless against The Lion of Damascus


Did you read the article or are you just rage-posting at a title?

Did you read the article or are you just meme-posting at a highlight?

Go to bed Ross

No I am belittling the poster for being a faggot.

so glad they're not taking this lightly

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pretty based

I agree, but the author takes no means to actually designate why anti-semitism is even a problem in the first place; the "Jews" are held as the modernity and enlightenment of the Capitalist system (currently), and thus are the first to blame when someone attacks the current economic system out of spite. Antisemitism is the problem, but more often than not the "Jews" don't comprehend their privilege, and thus actively promote their golden boy status out of ignorance or general bourg greed.

Note I don't think there is any grounds for Judaism outside of religious ones. It's an imposed identity for all real purposes.

Nice to see that Trump is looking out for those who are really hurt by Amazon: Himself.

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Top kek.

Absolutely disgusting

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Campaign Caravan of Brazil's Da Silva Shot At; No One Hurt

LARANJEIRAS DO SUL, Brazil — Gunshots hit two buses in a caravan for former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva's campaign tour in southern Brazil on Tuesday, officials in his Worker's Party said. No one was hurt.


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Does Brazil have armed right wing thugs?

For anyone that cares, here's a quick rundown of the Ghana-US deal from a flyer that was being handed out

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>we do whatever we want and you pay for it
got damn

??? I'm not a lawyer, but I'm no fan of this deal.

kek hes dead lads

Why would anyone support this if what this document says is true?


simple. $20 Million USD.

here's supposedly the paperwork. can't speak to the authenticity since I got it off someones twitter and its also missing parts.

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some fresh PR from the US embassy in Ghana. the protests must be working.

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Every third world country has them.

Hoyl fuck dude check this out… Kim + Xi = Kimchi :0

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good on those ghanaians

that's a pretty fucked up deal

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Judge allows Maryland, D.C. to sue Trump over president's businesses


Mueller, Daniels, and now Maryland. It's a veritable cornucopia of legal troubles.

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Next person talking about America's "military might" gets told to shut the fuck up.

F-35s are shit anyways, getting rid of them only makes the USAF stronger in the long run.

Yeah, sounds right.

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A jewish group barred JLM from attending a march to honour a victim of an anti semitic murder, why? "Gommunists and fascists r tha saem!"

why are jews so god damn angry at nothing all the time?

Jewish liberals get the bullet too. Not because they are jewish, but because they are liberals.

Fuck of m8.


As for his claims the Republic owes victims of the Holocaust no entitlements…. yes ofc they don't. The current French government fought Vichy France in the war, and found Pétain "le Putain" guilty of treason and put on death row.

Mélenchon support BDS therefore that makes him an antisemite to the CRIF standards…

the fuck you mean fuck off?
Mélenchon is literally a social democrat, it's as soft left as you can get.

Even throwing in 20 million USD that's still a terrible deal, christ, there are multiple people in my state who earn more than that annually.

The f35 isn't shit, it's costs are just being blown up by Lockheed Martin and other contractors so they can milk the DoD for gorillions of dollars.

But I thought the right hated the violation of property rights!

He is running on a succ dem platform, but is an actual socialist, if a reformer cuck.

Apparently that is enough to make an anti-estabishment radical in the heart of socialism.

Neoliberals are currently doing the same in the UK. Corbyn is getting hit from all sides of the establishment over his supposedly anti-Semitic views (despite being an anti-racism campaign for the last 40 years). And momentum, a left wing group within the Labour party, were accused today of being neofacists by a Conservative MP.

I really hope Kim doesn't give into denuclearization. He'll probably tell the US to withdraw troops from the ROK and Trump will refuse and nothing will come out of it. Not sure if denuclearizing for the sake of getting rid of US troops is a worthy trade

Jeb Bush mocks Trump: My children 'actually love me'



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Makes me mad people don't already know this

Trump To Replace VA Secretary David Shulkin


Everyone knew this was coming, but his own physician for the job? Really?

Trump is paranoid as hell.

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They are doing it themselves.

Dude just look at what soldiers do in Am*rican soldiers do in Korea for fuck sake.
They are fucking animals

Kim Jong-un se compromete a desnuclearizar península de Corea

So, the gook is going to let go of his nukes? What did China promised to them?

but why

Unlikely, he'll probably say to denuclearize that the US needs to abandon the Korean peninsula

This tbh, check out the areas near any foreign US base and you'll hear about tons of rape charges/murders/drug dealing/etc that the US troops just walk away from since they can't be charged

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because the white house physician also happens to be a rear admiral in the navy

did it occur to you yet that Trump is replacing everyone in his cabinet with military people

I dont think Ghana is in a position to negotiate

it's easy with an infinite supply of turtles

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More that Trump is replacing everyone with sycophants.

I guess Holla Forums doesn't have a monopoly on the tinfoil.

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