Since we spend so much time shitting on mainstream parties on here, I'm wondering which political parties, if any, are actually good according to Holla Forums ?
I've heard good things in the US about the PSL (Party for Socialism and Liberation) although it does seem to have some IDPOL issues, what left wing group doesn't nowdays, honestly?

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PSL seems like the least-bad US party, but they do have some questionable elements (like Mike Prysner and the fact that they're ex-trots).

Partii Inuit isn’t completely awful here.

who is that and what do you mean by ex trots explain plz

For the US it's the American Party of Labor.

For Germany it's the KPD.

For Great Britain it's the CPGB (ML).

CPGB ML is fucking cancer fuck off.


start or support your local /leftyparty/ now!

Why? Please elaborate, user.

It's the party of phil fucking greaves

the PSL are unironic Dengists

There is literally a video of them praising Stalin because he abolished tuition fees: they are either 60 year old tanks or teenagers, both LARPers.
Also they reject the cybernetic saviours Cockshott and MacLeod.

Who else /labor/ here? they're ripe for radicalisation.

They've got cute brown girls:

Most of their members seem to be in their mid 20s

Okay I forgot it is really weirld populated with Indians (no joke they have to papers, one in sanskrit) buut yeah, CPGB ML are just LARPers, the best lot are former CPGB lot or Cockshott's BICO gang. Both of whom have joined labour now.

lmao, one of the times I got banned from r/socialism it was because someone posted that video and I commented that she was qt.

is it that surprising that a communist party would have a disproportionate amount of groups historically marginalized by British capitalism?

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PSL is crypto-Trot and their leadership is shit. If you're in the USA, there simply is not a proven, credible communist party for you to join.

PSL looks pretty gud. Heard they have a bunch of former IWW people.

CPGB just means Communist Party of Great Britain and that is a name so generic that several groups are contenders for deserving that name with some history to back up. The small group publishing the Weekly Worker also call themselves CPGB (the WW folks admit that they are more like a committee that would like to become a party than a proper party, but if that happened, they would like to call themselves just CPGB). So, to avoid confusion which party is which, the party led by Harpal Brar calls itself CPGB-ML, ML stands for Marxist-Leninist. There really should be a book with quotes by Brar, talking about the heroism of Stalin in one sentence and gushing about the fancy shawls he sells in the next.

Do you have anything specific? My impression of the sf writer Ken MacLeod is that he's a socdem (as was his pal Iain Banks).

I decided to look up socialist parties in the United Kingdom and…by god.

[Laughs in english]


any fellow leaves have any thoughts on the CPC and CPC-ML?

In my country, there are a bunch of communist parties but only two imo are worth mentioning, the Communist Party of Chile and Communist Party (Proleteriat Action). The first one is american tier of revisionism, maybe a bit less but still shit. Maybe certain people in the party are legit, but as a party it's awful.
The second one is a bit more obscure, they seem to be genuinely MLs, but they have very little militancy (roughly 35000 people).

First off, the party separated from a succdem turner Blairite party so you take what shit you can get.
It refers to separatism from colonial overlords dumbass
Not that bad.
Refer to first point.
Not the best thing in all honesty

Also I just remembered that the party dissolved last week. So, yay we don’t even have social democrats anymore! forwards to liberalism (;-;)

wtf i love the most milquetoast possible market socialism now

All of these things seem pretty cool. What's your problem? You love Margrethe II.?

I know the Democrat Cops of America is shit, but with the rise of their Refoundation (marxist) caucus that actually makes it left again, should I consider joining? I'm attending a local Democrat Cops of America meeting tonight nearby, but i'm hesitant on ploppin the money down on membership.

Fuck off MI6

How are they crypto-Trots? Most members I've run into were defenders of Stalin.

Not liking a party for autisitcally worshipinf someone, having shit praxis and one that is not even that important, just known for how autistically they worship is not an aim of the intelligence services.
Also it is clear you are a burger because MI6 is foreign, not a domestic ss.



DKP (and KPD but they’re pretty small)


I support the CPC the CPC-ML are your basic sectarian Maoist’s with the same dumb opinions

Do it

That's no excuse, James Bond movies are just as popular here.

For a non-autistic british party with more than 50 members try hitting up SPEW

I like what I see from their website. A hard-left American organization without the autism and struggle sessions of the PSL.

Literally just that

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SEP seems the least bad American party, I'm not even a 4 I'm just tired of saying "WSWS was right again".

There's no such thing as a good Trotskyist (except for Posadas)

Prysner is an ex-troop turned socialist. I'm very suspicious of him although he's less outwardly objectionable than most other "reformed" soldiers. As for being ex-trots, the PSL split from the WWP, which split from the SWP, a trot party.

Wtf I love the CPGB(ML) now

Seems highly unlikely that they publish a newspaper in a dead language.

Why try to start a "Marxist" "caucus" in the Democrat Cops of America?

They're certainly the least-bad trots.

Prysner is veteran activism done right, telling people not to join the military or if they are to resist deployment. I don't see what could be objectionable.