I need a girlfriend? How can I find one

am watching those woman.

Her friends are accepted my fake facebook account so I can watch them.

Watching woman without her consent even on public is coooool.

All you from /leftypol give me an advice how to get a gf that should be bigger, hot and an awesome also atheist in an alternative and easy way.

I really need gf

Help me to get it

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My 1st favourite crush.
She is in holiday.
She looks so sexy

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Another crush and her age 19.
She looks so hot.
Some of her friend accepted my fake fb account

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Yesterday I was in street

Unite the workers in a glorious peoples revolution

Yes but Worker and companies shouldn't be bitch.
I like capitalism and socialism.
I am against extreme of both ism.
I need gf.
I hate left and right wingers

Kill yourself

No you fool. I need gf

They dont want you. Kill yourself

I look beautiful.
I am olive skin.
I think they want be. You bitch.
I need gf so i can share her about my problem

No i won't kill myself

One of you leftypol that will trap for this guy? Come on, this is getting annoying.

No one can trap me you COMMUNIST fool.
Lot of people tried to trap me in past but failed to do that

No one here is going to help you dude. Isn't there an imageboard for rapists that you can fuck off to?

If you are so beautiful how come you don't have a gf yet?

I am not rapist.
I am sexually frustrated and wanna fuck woman with her consent.
If she say no then I won't fuck her.
I am sexually frustrated doesn't mean I am rapist you bitch

Read all my entire thread then you will understand bitch

You need feminism my man. Rape fantasies are not okay.

I don't fantasies rape.
Just remember I hate radical feminist and MGTOW.
I will fuck woman with her consent you bitch

You all will never know which Cities i live in?
Even a photo will not able to solve the mystery

Girls love feminist men. Take my word for it. I bang at least 2 girls a week because they find it hot that I am a feminist who cares about their and all of womankind's feelings. Become a vocal feminist, stop posting for 10 days, and come back with your results, it is the solution to your problems.

In India it is difficult to get gf.

Give me an advice how to get a gf that should be bigger, hot and an awesome also atheist in an alternative and easy way
You are lucky

Like I said, become an outspoken feminist. You will find so many to pick from and most of them will probably fit your description.

However I cannot be radical feminist

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It won't solve an anything to find gf. You bitch

Deal with it you communist fool.
I need gf

Alright, I guess we all know now why you can't get laid.

I need gf. You bitch.
One more thing I hate prostitute and hookers etc.
I need a gf so also that I can share my problem to her
I will be businessman if I have gf she will look at my business

Have you tired actually going outside, and having a genuine conversation with a woman? That will alot more than going on a imageboard.

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In india it is difficult to get gf you fool.
So give me an advice how to get a gf should be hot, bigger (taller), an awesome also atheist

I seen some modern Indian woman are taller than me in street.

In an alternative and easy way

well the first thing to do is get off of here

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I am so depressed.
In India it is difficult to get.
Remember I hate all marriage

>Having standards that exceeds your height.

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At least gf should be nice, taller and beautiful.
Also awesome.
You bitch

why in god's name was this anchored instead of straight deleted

I hope it doesn't get deleted.
I need gf.
I am an atheist

I need gf.
I just masturbated one of woman photo on FB you fooool

LMAO you want one of those upperclass hoes.
ain't gonna happen.
i know it won't help but if india was communist you wouldn't be in this awful situation

Fuck communist and facism.
Fuck Left and right wing.
I need gf.
I will have it if you give me a proper advice.
I hate hitler and mao.

its almost like you're trying to drive away people to help you here

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I need help.
I need gf

I'm laughing too much at him to simply delete thread. I know that this is just a troll, but I like to imagine there is this fat, ugly indian stalking women on facebook, bragging about it on imageboards and wondering why he do not have gf.

fugg, shitposting flag

I am not ugly.
I am not fat.
I look beautiful.
I am olive skin.

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My face censored because I don't wanna anyone find my FB.

You are volunteer. Bitch

I am not a troll either
I need gf and I am depressed.

GF i need it.
I am so sexually frustrated.


Deal with it..i need gf.
Those board suck

Honestly we should get this man a girlfriend. It would be racist and bigoted not to.

My 1st crush photo from FB.
She today capture photo in her holiday season.
She still in holiday.

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I need a proper advice how to get a gf that should be an bigger, hot, an atheist and an awesome.
You fool.

I am not a spammer.
It is not a spam.
I hate spam and call centre

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It is a blowjob video you sent bitch.
I need gf.
You fool

You an all give me proper advice how to get a gf that should be taller, beautiful an awesome and also atheist in an alternative and easy way.
I love to be dominated by taller sexy an awesome woman

Here you go user.
Read this, follow its advice and you'll have a gf in no time at all. No need to thank me.

Fuck communist.
This stupid marxist advice will not give me a gf.
You bitch.

Fuck communist and nazi.
Fuck mao and hitler.
I need gf

google bookchin

Even google and other search engine not giving me a proper advice you fool

This is your mistake. See pictures above.

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Not all Woman support communism or nazism.
Although you post of those woman are hot

I love to be dominated by taller an awesome sexy woman

Anyway Good night. I hope mods don't remove this thread.
I am tired.
Please give me a proper advice how to get a girlfriend that should be taller, sexy and an awesome also an atheist.

I love to be dominated by taller sexy an awesome woman.

I will dream about a taller sexy an awesome woman.

Few weeks ago I have dream that beautiful woman is kissing me and talking to her

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So this is what Indian incels are like

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What did this redditor mean by that?

I am back.

Good thing mod don't remove this.

I need a gf give me an advice to get in an alternative and easy way