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1) go watch potholer54, if you can unironically come up with sourced agruements to his presentations go fight it out with him.

2) over a dozen US military bases in Syria isn't evil, but they are definitely going to be bitten in the ass when the USA find their use expired

3) partially correct, there are still lingering socialist policies, but they have been greatly weekend as compared to their previous strength (ie reduction of free education to primary level only in China) , although the quality of these policies probably has risen, they are less affordable to the average citizen compared to decades ago.



WaiPeeDjee is getting fucked by the US as I type this. Basically Trump sold out the WaiPeeDjee for better ties with Turkey. Is it not time to support them against US betrayal and Turkish aggression?

I live in California bud and have personally talked to asian folk who have come from China to the US, young people mind you. And they all say that China is just like the US the only difference is that in China they don't try to hide it. China and America are two sides of the same coin and Russia and China are on the same side of said coin. You know that in China there is no such thing as free healthcare or education. And surprisingly America is better than China in regards to education because in China you actually have to pay to attend middle and high school.

The reason they come over to America is because America has a better whataboutme.jpg economy. But China still has one of the best economies in the world. So where is all this money going? Gee … I wonder. It doesn't take a genius to pick up from here. But what is sad is that they aren't even socialist in the modern sense but they still portray themselves as communist. Sad world.
>inb4 after I get banned swarms of muh info-graphs come flying in

Climate-Change is a racketeering scheme nothing more. No system with feedbacks can ever be exponential like what is required for any of those ridiculous predictions to be possible.

It doesn’t take much more than Uni Algebra to figure this out.

So where the fuck are the winters going? I haven't had a cold winter in 5 years.

I think a better place for you people would be r/unpopularopinion

You would know know about that.
More like will if your overlords wake up on the wrong side of their estrogen shot. Sad world when freedom of speech is being controlled by authoritarian liberals. Making us all look bad.
More like on fire and you know it.
Where are the insults? All I see is facts being discussed in a manner in which they should be. Bluntly with no filter. I don't pussy foot around bud, life is too short.

Also everything you said when commenting on my fact driven response about China is a opinion. Opinions aren't arguments.

Those that can afford to move to america are usually going above the upper middle class, additionally keep in mind the reason why america can afford such policies isn't bloodless either.

Additionally, given the cost of living in California I don't think Chinese immigrants living in California thanks to their parents money is a good reflection of general trends in China, keep in mind the CCP has begun to restrict capital outflows and reign in their richfags.

You mean those that can afford to fit inside a shipping boat?
Gee … I didn't know middle class asian attended community college in East Los Angeles. Boy howdy we are sure making it.
Obviously but at least the we have things a communist country doesn't. To add to that China is currently ravaging Africa like many before.
The good acts to not wash out the bad nor the bad the good.

Your confused.
Majority of asian immigrants live in controlled ghettos named after their ethnicity. The only asians that are middle class are second or third generation maybe more.
Which is what I said in the form here
Russia pulls the same scheme just to siphon off the top of the GDP.

Are you comparing trade to slavery? And sure america *has* these things, but these things are there due to a very rigid set of requirements, once the dollar goes the military needed to enforce it goes, and when the dollar goes so does all that lending ability america has.

Asian doesn't imply only Chinese aswell, and this isn't the cold war anymore, I have some doubts about Chinese youth being smuggled into america just to get a community college degree

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Am I wrong about its living costs aswell?

This nothing to do with nothing being discussed.

You're naive. Frankly I don't want to waste time explaining how the Californian education system works or how smuggling isn't real.

I frankly don't want to waste time explaining how I already know this because I live in California and how your last minute Google searches are wrong.

Everytime time I talk to people online they have no idea what they're talking about. You join that club. Come back when I don't have to spoon feed you.


You sure convinced me Mr anecdote man

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Or you could spoonfeed instead of acting like a smug jackass who can't provide evidence when pressed. I'm not the user you were arguing with btw

The spurdo icon is definitely the sign of a shitposting tbqh

Don't worry fam, it's not your fault you're an idiot

stop being a nigger, I don't need to debunk your anecdotal evidence to point out that your reddit-tier posting doesn't contribute jack shit to the board and is cancerous to the extreme.