What political stance are/were your parents or guardian?

What political stance are/were your parents or guardian?
How did they influence your beliefs?

My parents are insufferable diehard liberals.
I resisted liberalism as a teen and was a right winger and still resist today as a communist.

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I grew up in Oklahoma to a white father, and Chinese mother. My fathers an open Holla Forums-tier white supremacist, any my mom is late 2000’s obama era infowars type. It’s fucking hell…

standard culturally right wing religious parents.

i actually read a book and understood dialectical materialism and how much perfect sense it makes and how communism is literally the only thing that can save us so im a marxist leninist

Like clockwork

My parents are unironically labor aristocrats, they work but they're also petit landlords. I saw how liberalism didn't make their lives better despite the wealth, it's given them nothing but high blood pressure and robbed them of the ability to clock out of work like a regular human being. The only way to really fix the psychological knots and moral rots any boug or labor aristocrat finds themselves in is to expropriate that fucking land.

could be worse, although my dad has been saying some good stuff about the cia and fbi and dubya lately so thats not a good sign

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Left-liberal mom, Right-Liberal dad. Both socially liberal, more than me really. My grandparents were left-wing anti-anti-communists. I've found a Yugoslav travel guide and cyberpunk comic books in their old library . My other grandparents were just regular old people, kinda conservative, kinda christian, but not really.
Just liberal platitudes about charity and compassion and that kind of stuff. They used to vote for the center-left party and talk politics with friends and family sometimes.

My mom is a tumblr tier liberal. My dad is a centrist liberal. Both believe that the CIA and NSA protect them and the rest of America from “Russian subversion”

I turned into a nazbol as a reaction to there retardation, them read some books and became far-left.

Dad's basically your lolbert crypto-nazi but replace hatred of specifically Jews with the typical American perspective on Jews. Mom loves Ayyn Rand. They're probably both on the autism spectrum tbh. Their biggest influence on my beliefs was to make me think we need to communally raise children to avoid irresponsible nutjobs like them from fucking up their kids. I have a host of psychological problems from how they treated me, since they're both narcissists who view the world as an inherently black-and-white dominance hierarchy.

As for my politics, their bullshit helped put me off liberal/conservative politics as a profound waste of time. I came to the left for completely unrelated reasons well after they stopped having any influence there. I did get a permanent distrust of authoritarian structures from a number of experiences, including my childhood, so there's that too.

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Dad was an almost unionist. Politically illiterate but knows hit's wrong with capitalism.
Mum is some form of socialist (just left of red liberal) anti USSR tho.
Grandparents dads side never knew
Grandma was a left liberal.
Mum raised us with a left liberal additude, brother and I became MLs after reading some shit by marx and lenin (and somehow kropotkin helped me be an ML, how?)

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My dad is from the third world, so he somewhat understand how imperialism works

supreme liberal progressive. It somehow seemed like she became moreso after going to college late, but Im not sure what she was like before exactly.

I dont know exactly but if he knew more and had a more concrete stand hed be an anarchist. hed been a junkie for a lot of his life, hates the cops, sympathies with the libertarian party for being anti-government despite overall being more "leftist" in the typical definition(voted hillary just because fuck trump), likes guns, if that gives you a picture of the particular strain. 9/11 was an inside job, feel he saw the use of the internet as a surveilance apparatus coming.

I was raised by my religious conservative grandma who made me destroy my toys and video games because she thought they would welcome demons. I became a reddit-tier atheist when I hit 14. She believes I've been a secret christian this whole time.

When I turned 15, I moved in with my liberal feminist mom and my step-dad who doesn't give a shit about politics. Mom's Obama worshiping and my exposure to 4chan pushed me to the "centrist" mindset of watching cringe compilations of sjws and not giving a shit about anything related to policy. I still considered myself a democrat for 8 years until the 2016 election broke my brain when Clinton lost.

Both of my parents are the whole embodiment of the 'Love me, Love me, I'm a liberal' and frequently cache much more reactionary policy opinions behind a sense of social justice. Our family were all party members in the Soviet Union, so a great number of those who remained in what is now Russia are ardent communists, but everyone who left are the worst of reactionaries.

I never really dealt with politics with my parents, I simply distended myself from my family in that respect. I read on my own and only recently began engaging with them in that manner

Oh come on
I’m in Texas the only place where The Dems W Bush sensibility platitudes and never trump republicans have any actual power
But I know people in Ohio and they were saying that the election would be either tie or trump win

Don’t mean to dogpile but if you have any rural relatives you should have at least known this could happen

what happens when a relative fro russia comes over for the holidays, and the table starts discussing politics

I was born in Guatemala, and despite the fact my father is half black is a huge Holla Forumsack. He used to sit around and get drunk, and talk about how great Hitler was, and play Wehrmacht songs that he had saved to disk.

At least my brother hates cops

Just about my entire family is left-liberal succdems.

Canada-fag, reporting. My dad is basically an actually reactionary (didn't need the word filter for that one lol) socdem. He's said that "maybe what we need is communism, but real communism." Then went on to say the nordic countries are very socialist.
My mom is also pretty socially conservativ, but is alright with gays, so long as they're not in your face, but is way more chill about transgender shit. But she has no idea about politics and will side with whoever seems less greedy and more well behaved. According to her "the problem is greed" and this gets repeated every week or so. Both of them are protestant (Mennonite and new apostolic, if you're interested) though my dad doesn't take it too literally, for he is too much the big brain wojak.

They buy typical bourg media hook line and sinker, but my dad did mention that one syrian video about government violence looked greenscreened. I could do a lot worse, I guess.

Dad died before I really knew what politics were. Mum is more or less apathetic to politics in that way people who've been shit on their whole lives get to be, though when I do end up talking to her about politics she more or less agrees with socialism in broad strokes. Think she particularly likes the idea of workplace democracy/worker control, though I've never really gone any deeper than that. Her father was a union man, which might be where she gets it from I guess.

Apparently her father would always talk about how aliens were going to come and save us after the Cold War inevitably went hot. That, coupled with the fact that the only Posadist party in the country (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Revolutionary_Workers'_Party_(Trotskyist)) had its office a few miles away, does kinda make me wonder. She said he never did anything political other than his union stuff, so I doubt it, but still. The idea of a Posadist in the family is an amusing one.

Neither know I'm a communist, though I've dropped plenty of hints. My dad and I never really got along and I've always been a momma's boy. This combined with me not being stupid made me a lefty

2 of my cousins and my uncle are cops. Can't wait for the next wedding so I can yell at them for killing innocent people

We really don't almost at all. The ones who remained were mostly academics so we talk about my research or just make merry. As far as I can tell, they really try not to discuss politics

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Dad is an anti-semitic Nazbol, even though he's Jewish. Mom is apolitical.

Both my parents are professors. My mom is a generic left-liberal who is pretty apolitical (she’s in a scientific field). My dad on the other hand is a classicist and is pretty educated in philosophy and political theory, but he’s basically a socdem who thinks that capitalism will naturally collapse/evolve into something else that will probably be a lot like socialism.

Same shit with my dad. He's literally the most Jewish looking person you could ever imagine. He was actually beaten up in Ukraine by neo-nazis for this reason. Yet he praises Hitler constantly, and calls Jews a "plague". I wish I was joking but I'm not.

Parents are just regular Democrats, I was a Republican (voted for GWB), Lolbert (voted for Ron Paul), whoops almost stepped in shit (libshit), then ML

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I guess I'll be completely outing myself with this post. Centrists with a mix of somewhat left-leaning and somewhat right-leaning beliefs. Loving people who constantly give there time to others and unironically did work up Inb4 "if you work hard" meme, they still have to deal with the stress of work and family every day and one of them has lost their job before after more then 15 year working there due to layoffs and outsourcing from poverty and difficult families. Family is Catholic, but in an extremely charitable sort of way. My beliefs growing up more or less were:
Centrist-Liberal -> Anti-Gov. Liberal (Bush Years) -> "Socially Liberal, Fiscally Conservative" -> Light-libertarian -(Enter Trade School)> Hard libertarian (Minarchist) -> Distributist -> Geo-Libertarian -> Hard Georgist/Geoist -(Find Holla Forums, far into trade school)> Some kind of mix of Georgism, Mutualism, and Market Socialism with the goal of transitioning to Socialism -> Some kind of generic Leninist -> Socialist with State-Syndicalist leanings coupled with cybernetic planning and a multi-leftist confederation and council to allow for "united sectarianism" and division by community/land
I found I also became more socially "conservative" in my own personal opinions of how I hold myself and on the concept of family over time

I also became an existential christcom

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Hard neocon dad, apolitical but liberalish mom

My parents were and mostly are liberals with a background in petty crime social spheres. Dad hates cops and Mum has a growing hatred of tourist industry, which she's learned from living in Hawaii, where the boatloads of money from tourism don't reach down to the common people at all.

They influenced my politics in that I have always had sympathy for working class people and criminals. I never saw anything of value in electoral politics, which seemed to be a circus for placating people into believing they have a say in society. I see prisons as modern traps for slave labour and I always hated cops and "the rich". Took me a while to understand class relations, but once I did find the info I needed, it clicked pretty quickly.

I was never far right, but did have a near reversal of my primitive politics at one point before I got to Marx. It went this way: Basic anti-capitalist > demsoc > socdem > socdem/liberal > *read some theory* > demsoc flirting with NBP ideas > libertarian communist

It's always interesting for me to see actually reactionary people on the left. Obviously you can have whatever personal taste you like, but it's curious to see how other people's backgrounds can shape their relationship to Marx's progressive (in the traditional sense) political philosophy. I don't necessarily think my social libertine lifestyle is the logical outcome of progressive politics, but it does feel natural to me, so seeing someone who feels differently is neat.

My parents are both Left-Liberals. My Mom is generally a fairly progressive Liberal, but also really believes in the whole "both sides just need to work together" BS and really doesn't like political extremism
My Dad voted for Reagan back in the 80s, I think in part because he was going to be tough on the Soviets, but during 2016 he was fairly supportive of Bernie

My Dad influenced me indirectly because as I grew up I slowly came to realize how close he came to loosing his job because of the 2008 crash
He works as a computer programmer, and after the crash the team he worked with was cut from something like 15 to 3
Then his company would just hire out any extra work to Indians who had to spend a year getting caught up on what they were working on, and then just leave to work somewhere else as soon as they had marketable skills
This was in the name of cutting costs and increasing profits of course, and in combination with the crash it taught me pretty early on that capitalism wasn't as great as it was made out to be

Probably their biggest influence though was never once taking me to church, which is rather unusual for anyone who has grown up in Texas. Naturally I became an atheist which led me to start watching left-liberal skeptics like Secular Talk which turned me into a socdem
Like I considered myself a Democrat until Trump won the election which broke me politically until I discovered Red Star Videos, Libertarian Socialist Rants and Muke around the end of 2016 which led me to become a Ancom and then an ML

Interestingly, I had a somewhat awkward conversation with my Dad about Israeli imperialism/oppression in Palestine a few months back where we both kind of agreed that it was pretty shit

Also, my AP World History teacher taught us the actual definition of Communism: classless, stateless and moneyless, and he showed us a movie at the end of the year about Mao era China that made it seem pretty good while also showing its failings
Many of my friends had also drifted pretty far to the left by the end of high school, with half of them being at least socdems, if not full blow demsocs or marxists
There was also a kid in the grade below me who was probably an ML now that it think about it, and another kid in my compsci classes that was probably an unironic Nazbol
Keep in mind that I went to a well off High School in a fairly conservative part of Texas that literal children of Porkies attended

Word filters on fleek lately.

I should also note that even when I was young I always hated something about the system, though I was never able to pinpoint the actual cause. For example, I despised military involvement in the middle east and hated abuses of power especially those that affected workers, but it always boiled down to "muh evil government taking from the people" and "corporatism". Once it became clear that corporatism was an inevitable consequence of capitalism, it all kind of just clicked together. Being in manufacturing/machining and experiencing actually working in a machine shop also exacerbated the sentiment that was building inside of me and kind of further validated what it.

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Its always interesting to hear the progression of people on this board and how they eventually got here. Tragically, anti-idpol leftism isn't at all as popular as it should be and the dominating narrative is the opposite. If I hadn't found this place, I probably would have ended up a Holla Forumsyp-tier reactionary. I still have the page saved of my first post here. I cringe whenever I look at it and read my strawman responses to people.

I feel you. First time I came here, I was unironically antagonizing people about cultural Marxism and postmodernism. Now I've read and enjoyed some Adorno and I love me some Deleuze and Guattari, sooooo I fucked myself on that one.

This place definitely saved me from becoming a devout Sargonite. It was a rough transition, lol.

if I hadnt found this place I'd near certainly be either a lolbert, or something squarely in between a 'centrist', non-idpol democrat liberal and le rational skeptic sargonite.
probably a lolbert eventually though, just one of the genuinely socially liberal ones.

Both parents are religious and grew up in poverty in the third world so they've always stressed the importance of caring for the less fortunate, and that kinda shaped how I arrived to my current views. My mom is totally apolitical, and my dad is a spooked radical centrist cause he and his family got screwed by both right wing death squads and leftist guerillas in his country. During the 2016 election season my dad announced he was considering voting for Trump, but ended up not voting at all. Politics have very rarely been discussed/mentioned at home and I'm kinda happy my childhood was free of that after hearing the stuff my friends had to put up with. Neither parent knows I'm a commie. Dad probably wouldn't be thrilled, but I think my mom would say "whatever makes you happy" cause that's the kind of person she is.

if you had clicked on another nu atheist youtuber who knows how politically you could have gone

My motha, is like some sort of actually reactionary, democrat person. Not sure of anything else, she's very clueless about polititcs despite how much she talks about. A boomer.

Ive been sort of a a-political liberal for most of my life. The wacky raving hijinks of reactionaries, conservatives, the nu fash and the trump presidency pushed me farther left and forced me to get more into things.

Dad is centre-left. Military kind of guy.
Mum grew up in the Party. Pioneers, Communist Youth, up to becoming a party member. However, she went full retard somehow, left the party and started believing in God. Says that now all she believes in is "freedom". Real strange.

father was a skinhead fascist who always talked about how much he thought I'd "love Hitler" growing up
mother was a batshit insane woman who wrote curses in blood and worshiped trees but also has basic bitch republican beliefs
they both believe in the "pull up your bootstraps" meme
older brother was a horrifically abusive individual throughout my life and is now a white supremacist NEET and literal sociopath who constantly spouts Holla Forums propaganda
the rest are more or less basic southern republicans who hate "niggers" and are either rich farmers or white trash
they certainly influenced me to be everything they weren't, although they did influence me to look into history a lot and not trust official narratives, I guess
their nationalistic posturing and extreme racial politics ironically led me to being a filthy commie
I don't have contact with any of them anymore.

every time

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This is actually a interesting question
Both my parents hate Croats and voted for parties they thought had Serbia best interests at heart
But also my father used to be in the military with croats and said they were good guys
They don't agree with the current and previous government, but don't like the opposition either since it's full of previous government retards and other mobsters
I'm honestly not sure how it shaped my beliefs
Since I remember myself thinking about politics I've been anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist
There was a time when I was also really nationalist but then I figured out that everything just revolves around money and that the people on the Balkans don't actually hate each other that much

My entire family are socdems. This includes Parents, Siblings, Grandparents, And so on.

My grandfather left a lucrative job at a state enterprise to go into politics and join Russian neoliberals (Yabloko) in the 90s. Once Putin seized total political power he was left on the streets. So he is a bitter liberal who hates Putin and worships Yeltsin. For a long time I agreed with much of what he said, but not because of him. If anything he pushed me away from liberal views because his politics were driven by jealousy for his peers who became more successful and eventually started being grating.

Nobody else in my family is particularly political, they just repeat state propaganda they hear on the TV and vote for Putin. I had to figure out Marxism all by myself.

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Hardcore Maoist ☭TANKIE☭ dad,somehow apolitical party member mom.
Dad treat women quite poorly when I was little.Thant influenced me and make me a ML feminist after I read some Marxist theory.Realised some mistakes during The Cultural Revolution, so I am less ☭TANKIE☭ and more internationalist than dad.
Interesting thread :)

Yeah, I won't deny I was sheltered. I don't talk to my relatives in Indiana much and I was going to college in Denton, Texas so my environment was pretty Berniecrat/Clintonite.

Mom's pretty much completely apolitical and only ever focused on family and work.

My father comes from one of those old timey, Southern-farming Democrat families, and for as long as I can remember has always been left of center. Although in the recent years, I've seen him grow pretty dissatisfied with society's conditions as he gets closer to retirement, and he's started to become really interested and agrees with many Socialist/Communist ideas when I've talked about it with him. He hates cops and authority and loves guns. Overall, pretty cool dad.

Dad: old school sucdem that despite being sent to private school is a massive trade unionist. Thinks Blair was okay but also supports Corbyn and voted lib dem in 2010 (yeah… I know).
Mum: v chrisitan (not in the burger way, in the English vicar way [even though she's Scottish]), "user care for your fellow man!". She is socially liberal on some things (pro abortion, gays ect.) But is still moralist on like porn and that.
They know I am more leftwing and are okay with it.

Father was Marxist leninist revolutionary in Iran and mommy is apolitical………………..

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My mother is a social-democrat with utopian ideas and my father is a low-key communist.


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Survalists. They don’t give much opinion on politics, but they’re very pro-independence. They also show some signs of social conservatismc.

My parents used to be socdem, now they are nationalists.

The ammount of leftists born from ultra conservative parents just proves commies are inevitable and here to stay till the day the world is red. make sme happy.

Accidental sage.

naive. make the same kind of thread in Holla Forums and you'll get the opposite. never had anything like the alt right a year ago.

a decade ago*

My dad is a mentally ill (Literally) Army Vet that supports Trump. Thankfully he doesn't live with me.

Mom is your average Liberal that hates Trump & the Republicans. Likes Hillary.

Grandfather is a Air Force vet that used to support the Republicans, but after the invasion of Iraq, he became estranged with them & became a Democrat. Voted for Obama twice, voted for Bernie in the Primary, & voted for Hillary in the General. Kind of SocDem leaning.

Grandmother doesn't bother with politics, but hates Trump. Likes Hillary too.

Feels bad man.

In regards to them influencing my beliefs? Hell if I know, ever since I was a child I felt as if left-leaning politics felt "right" or "correct". If you understand what I mean.

There is another greenlander tho…

There is? If it’s the one with the trip, that’s me. VPN posting now because internet provider are assholes and integrated a bit with google. So every site google blacklisted is blacklisted by my internet provider.

there used to be danish threads. But yes, I would like this board more if it was more /euro/ populated.

could have been worse I guess

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From Hungary
Parents: Liberal/Social democrats who like communism but they think it can't work
My grandparents are hardcore Marxist-Leninists with Stalin statue in their bedroom pic related

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How can he had sex with Stalin looking at him?

It's a turn-on tbh

How do people have sex with a cross overhead in Ireland?
It’s a blessing to ensure nice stronk Communist babies

We never discussed politics in the family. It felt almost taboo.
Not sure honestly, probably a left-leaning liberal from the few soundbites I heard
too apathetic to care or talk about it but probably spooked nationalist
hardcore vatnik, the kind that praises both the Empire and the USSR while sucking Putin's cock and literally spergs to the point of shouting and cussing whenever he infers even a slight implication of criticism to the USSR or Putin
she never talks about politics

Since politics were never discussed I wasn't influenced by anyone except my grandfather but was somewhat disillusioned by my teens and ultimately realized he's a senile retard

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although, on the other hand, if it wasn't for this soviet legacy and familiarity with the USSR I could potentially fall prey to the "communism is trannies and feminism" meme that Holla Forums pushes

I never got into politics with them because we were always fighting. Fuck parents though, children should be raised by the state and utilized as sexual object.


As always, spurdoposter makes the least valuable post itt.
Can some mod compile all the retarded shit spurdoposter says and add the ID? I think it could be entertaining.

But that helps me you retard, infamy will launch my political ideals to the top, along the likes of Hoochie, Batcunt and others, it's the Trump Affect, you will only be helping me in the end, only retards believe that negative press is still bad in this day and age.

Also I make the most valuable posts in any thread, it's just that the majority of you brainlets can't comprehend my complex ideas. In just two words I say more than Marx, Stirner, Bordiga, De Leon, and others have said in millions of pages.
Fuck you.

For real though I make posts of actual value, most people just consider them too extreme to be taken seriously but I am serious.

Yeah man hoochie was so valuable and her opinions were so cherished.

Your opinions are certainly extremely retarded
I know a guy who thinks the moon landing is fake because if we can get there in video games and make colonies, why didn't we establish colonies there already?
That's about the same level of extreme you're displaying.

My parents grew up in the eastern bloc and like all of my family neither party members nor liberal 'anti-regime activists'. My dad studied political science and came out of it broadly disillusioned and disinterested in politics but is an intelligent and knowledgeable guy who i can discuss any recent political developments with when he calls. My mum has always been similarly apolitical but has in the last 5 years or so embraced all sorts of hippie-ish bullshit which i don't care for, but thankfully its nothing egregiously liberal and she doesn't give a shit about idpol. They encouraged me when i started reading theory and stuff. Overall my parents are pretty cool (especially when compared to all the libs and reactionaries anons itt have), like all my family, nostalgic for the eastern bloc and generally agree with me when we discuss politics.

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You're an idiot and that comparison makes no sense.

mom: commie, lutheran
dad: not political; tends to be reactionary, but i managed to convince him to not vote afd and linke instead
grandpa: socialist
grandma: not political, lutheran
grandpa: conservative (ran a business)
grandma: full commie. i've inherited a nice library of old economics related and leftist literature from her.
further back it's mostly socdem and conservative petite bourgeoisie afaik.

they all influenced me to a certain degree but they never taught or forced me to become a commie myself. infact i wasn't interested in politics at all until schröder/fischer started to ruin the welfare state and sent the bundeswehr to afghanistan. was kind of a libshit first but then drifted further left :3

the comparison is that you're both dumbasses with nonsensical opinions

my parents used to be social democrats

now that my mum is on facebook she's a firm believer of pretty much every conspiracy theory and basically a fascist

You're a fucking moron. Stab yourself through your spine retard. Oh wait you'll probably be dead within the year because of your retardation.

You can't be serious

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Neither can you

My father is a heavy christan conservative and my mother is way too cryptic and insane for me to understand but I guess reactionary since her rants about the neighbours and niggers and any former relationship, friendship, acquaintance that my father had before I was born was all negative. Not that I think about it, she wants to be a Monarchist with her as a queen. My sister is green party standard environmentalist.
I'm introducing my dad into Leo Tolstoy, is this a good move?
I was a Mutalist on the libertarian side before college. Currently a Ancom.

r e a d

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Mother is apolitical and supremely apathetic to current events let alone politics

My father is 'love me I am a liberal' tier but what is the most interesting is that he is a chinese nationalist (We are all Chinese dispora) in the sense that he is always pro-china or sympathetic to them. We are often at loggerheads with the actions of China, but he always argue from a nationalist view and I from a socialist one on Mao, Hong Kong etc etc

Ffs he unironically thought Xi is trying and could genuinely bring socialism to China in 20 years. I was so mad that day

Fuck, I also grew up in Oklahoma with a white democratic father from Wyoming, and a slightly right leaning Kurdish mother from Iraqi Kurdistan.
I think that influenced me to become a Pro-PKK/YPG socialist for sure.

an extremely liberal, market worshipping, privatization addicted father and a "muh human naytur" level liberal mother. The kind of parents that make it impossible for you to not become a radical.

Ceras is Danish……..

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whole family is standard islamic cuckservatives from egypt :DDDDDDDDD

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Im kinda going thru the stuff you went through but without all the nazi stuff. Although i could swear my older brother is a crypto.

Like Coptic or just general Arab/Egyptian?

If theyre muslim i doubt they are coptic.

Right wing guatemalan are the cuckest cucks

I like how there is a lot of eastern Europeans in the board
I wonder why