Daily News Thread 3/27

Census 2020: US adds controversial citizenship question

A question about citizenship status will be added to the 2020 US census, for the first time since 1950.

Officers in Alton Sterling shooting won't face state charges, attorney general decides

Two Baton Rouge police officers involved in the shooting death of Alton Sterling will not face state criminal charges in connection with the 2016 incident, the Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry's office has decided.

Macron Said to Unveil Insurance-Friendly Business Bill in May

President Emmanuel Macron is set to unveil legislation aimed at leveraging the more-than 200 billion euros ($248 billion) in French public funds to boost investments in small- and medium-sized companies, according to two government officials.

Who's Who in Egypt's Election: Sisi and 'Not Sisi's Puppet'

The only runner against President Sisi argues he is not a puppet chosen to make elections look legitimate but a look at his recent political positions suggest otherwise.

Ecuador Taxi Drivers, Cooperatives Protest Against Cabify, Uber

According to the official taxi cooperative, local taxi businesses have seen a reduction in ridership at least 40 percent.

Suspicious packages sent to military facilities, congresswoman

Police are investigating a “suspicious brown substance” found in an envelope sent to the office of a congresswoman in New Hampshire. Separately, the FBI is examining suspicious packages delivered to US military facilities.

Facebook's Zuckerberg will not answer UK lawmakers' questions over data scandal

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg will not answer questions from British lawmakers over how millions of users’ data got into the hands of political consultancy Cambridge Analytica as the company faces further pressure on both sides of the Atlantic.

Facebook Goes on a Hiring Spree for Washington Lobbyists

Facebook Inc. is on a hiring spree in Washington as the social network bulks up its ranks of lobbyists in the midst of a privacy scandal that cuts to the heart of its business model.

Facebook Deletes Gaza-Based News Agency Safa's Account Hosting 1.3M Followers

According to a Palestinian activist, this year alone 500 pages of Palestinian journalists, activists and bloggers have been deleted.

Linda Brown, Who Was At Center Of Brown v. Board Of Education, Dies

Linda Brown, who as a schoolgirl was at the center of the landmark U.S. Supreme Court case that rejected racial segregation in American schools, died in Topeka, Kan., Sunday afternoon. She was 76.

Deported US Army veteran blames PTSD for drug conviction

A US Army veteran has been deported to Mexico after serving time in jail for drug charges, authorities say.

Controversial 'free-range' parenting is now legal in Utah

So-called free-range parenting will soon be the law of the land in Utah after the governor signed what appears to be the country’s first measure to formally legalize allowing kids to do things on their own to foster self-sufficiency.
wpbf.com/article/free-range-parenting-utah/19598628?utm_campaign=WPBF&utm_content=5ab98d0804d3011069a11052&utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=trueAnthem: New Content

One In Five Students Used Loans To Buy Cryptocurrency

More than one in five college students have used their financial loans to invest in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, according to a recent survey conducted by the Student Loan Report.

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Why the Torture Cases of Anarchists in Russia Matters

This report and analysis from CrimethInc. of State repression against anarchists and antifascists in Russia details what is happening, why it matters, and how we can help those facing State brutality.

Northern Ireland Needs Jeremy Corbyn More Than It Realises

Jeremy Corbyn could be Northern Ireland’s best hope. But so far, we are unable to have a conversation about it because any discussion of the Labour party and Northern Ireland has led to a tiresome and endless debate about what Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell may or may not have said about Irish republicanism in the past.

ICE Uses Facebook Data to Find and Track Suspects, Internal Emails Show

Cambridge Analytica may have had access to the personal information of tens of millions of unwitting Americans, but a genuine debate has emerged about whether the company had the sophistication to put that data effectively to use on behalf of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

Michigan Gubernatorial Candidate Brands Himself as the “Bernie” of the Race. But He Donated to Clinton and McCain.


While hardly any new jobs pay a living wage. This is the first step to getting kids to work again…this time little Aiden will be working in Wal-Mart instead of a factory.

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Prisoners that were citizens before they are prisoners should still be citizens and allowed to vote. I hope that is what they are going to ask.

I wonder how many people will get fucked when the crypto bubble pops.

honestly when the market crashes, it's gonna crash and burn

Already a lot has, given that the market is down 50%. The "smart"-er money moved onto alts and that is where all the massive, uncontrollable speculation is. BTC's current purpose is largely an entry drug to more intense scams.

I think crypto is here to stay, but bitcoin specifically might decline in favor of an alt coin.

I had a teacher who told me she used her pell grant to buy a car, to be fair in most U.S cites are car is nessary

Saudi Patriot missile failing and hitting a residential area in Riyadh

It's getting tougher for Trump to find new lawyers to defend him in the Russia investigation


Lawyers don't want to touch Trump with a ten foot pole.

That upcoming Mueller Interview is going to be hilarious.

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also the Muller interview will last less than five minutes because Mueller will just ask Trump if he'll sign whatever new laws he proposes, and Trump will answer yes. Mission Accomplished as far as Mueller is concerned.

I hope Trump calls their bluff and fires Mueller. Their only recourse is impeachment and they're too incompetent to pull that off.


This really, it'll be Patriot Act 2.0

I think this too. The Russia paranoia (the husband is still paranoid even if the wife is cheating- Z) is a way to fight against the deep state narrative. Intelligence agencies are ascendant in the West (really have been since early 20th C). Scary stuff

It'll be the transition from a covert to an overt surveillance state/oligarchy

Slow news day. Nevertheless thank you based news user.

I for one welcome our new techno-bourgeoisie overlords. Please report revolutionary activity to the nearest surveillance drone.

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Look at Tesla's stockprice.

hey i noticed you may be running low on commie anime grils so here's an imgur album of east german ones i found

Techno feudalism here we come

Trump will fire Mueller over the Easter weekend when Congress is in recess.

Cuban economic shit.

Trump privately proposed military funding for his border wall, report says


Just in case you thought Trump was joking about the "the military will pay for the WALL" stuff.

So the military is made of Mexicans all of a sudden?

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I'm wondering how many "Yes" respondents were buying 2C-B on internet drug markets

just fyi, the Patriot Act explicitly allows this sort of expenditure. It's how Bush built the current electronic border surveillance system, which includes UAVs.

Probably just buying drugs tho tbf

t. someone who used student loan to buy crypto to buy drugs

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Well that explains the massive military budget. Wonder how his supporters will deal with how the funding is from the US military budget and not Mexico like he promised.

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A 25 billion dollar wall is not in the best interests of national security.

not really, but "border security" is a part of the patriot act

And Congress already doled out $1.6 billion for that.

Trump will have to convince the Pentagon that his ridiculous Wall is more important than upgrading US military forces, which is ridiculous.

On a separate note, this bullshit is a good example of Trump's selfish nature. He absolutely cannot stand money being spent on things that don't directly benefit him. It's okay that he's going to waste $50 million dollars on a military parade glorifying himself, but fuck spending any money on infrastructure.