I'm about to become a content creator(tm) and start making videos on socialist theory and history for youtube. Any tips...

I'm about to become a content creator(tm) and start making videos on socialist theory and history for youtube. Any tips, recommendations or requests?

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What's your background? Because we really don't need another kid in his early 20s extrapolating his opinions on the web.

Put effort and thought into your slides if you're not going to do animation

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Keep them short
No long winded unedited conversational stuff
No reading text from the video out loud.
Don't address or discuss internet only enmities and splits

stay anonymous
don't show your fucking face
NEVER reply to your commenters, NEVER fav comments, turn off commenting, etc.
concentrate on the quality of the content only

fuck off

Don't listen to anyone in this thread.

Ideas for socialist videos:

1. History of Marxist revolutions in the Third World. How did their Marxisms differ from the usual Soviet Marxism-Leninism?

2. Anarchist participation in non-anarchist revolutions (Russia, China, Algeria, India, Cuba, etc.).

3. Philosophical influence on Proudhon and Bakunin, what made them become anarchist. (Hegel's influence on Marx has been done to death TBH.)

4. Role of women in socialist revolutions.

5. Role of religion in socialist revolutions.

6. Peasant-lead leftist revolutions.

7. Influence of Mao on French postmodernism, how did MZT lead to modern idpol.

For the love of God, do NOT make any Prager U response vids. Those are getting old very quickly. Also, we have way too many leftist channels focusing primarily on Marxist econ, we don't need any more.

make an entirely different e-mail, ideally one that isn't Gmail, so that nothing of it gets traced back to you.
If you're really paranoid there are good and free voice-masking software out there. smaller and edgier Aut-right figures mask their voices a lot.

way to kill your channel.

Look for stuff that hasn't been done that you care about, and be open-minded enough to interrogate others' ideas from within their own framework as well as with your framework.

This but also do have fun and shitpost sometimes.

There is never enough of people recording their thoughts, if only for historical purposes. Today people feel lucky because we have such easy access to so much knowledge. In the future people are going to feel lucky because they have such easy access to so much of other people's experiences.

This, don't get lazy and start doing like Sargon.

Don't do this. Engagement is second only to view time in youtube metrics. It's why shitty content gets so popular. Posting a comment, positive or negative counts toward engagement. So does rating up or down, though not as much.

I agree, and especially don't listen to you.


I'd say 3-5 sargons long is the ideal length

Batko is a good example

Few things yi could do:

best example is russian leftypol youtube.com/channel/UCCe_fTqstaz8axIBScs8_Hg/videos
>russian dubbing sounds really good sorry Baťko

But don't feel bad for not being as professional as russians are. Just do something

By the love of G‒D prepare and edit your videos propperly. Don't make me waste 20+ minutes watching some faggot stuttering into the cam when you could use pictures and video to illustrate your points, and editting to make your points concise and brief.


A Dose of Buckley is a good example, don't copy his style (he is a comedian, not a political commentator) but the editing, the format ect. is good quality.

These two pls.


Why not make a video on Badiou's St. Paul book since it gets shilled on here so often?

lol, like what exactly? What leftist channel actually focuses specifically on marxist *econ* ? none except possibly Cockshott