Physical copies of Socialist books

How does one acquire a massive amount of sturdy socialist literature cheaply? I'm fucking sick and tired of reading everything electronically. It hurts my eyes, it prevents me from going outside, etc etc. I want physical copies of books so i can disconnect from the digital world for a while. Anyone else share these feelings? Any suggestions on where to get books from every political author? Help me Holla Forums!

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Lefty bookshops, charity sales or stealing them from academic institutions (i stole my first CM from my school history department).

I totally get what you mean. I have plenty of PDFs, but I don't like reading anything larger than a mid sized article on screen in one go, especially if it's something I need to mull over and digest. I was lucky enough to find a collection of Marx and Engels in one book at a local second hand store. There's actually a leftist book co-op around, but it's quite a drive to get there.

Just buy them the capitalist way poorfag

a used bookstore

or..print and put in binder/3ring folder

I assume the op is a prole and i doubt they have the spare change to pias away on print 100+ pages.

Where does one find these wonderful /leftylit/ establishments? Do they have websites? Are there any in the right-wing southern USA?

Websites, most likely. Might be worth contacting the DSА, I think they like giving away free books.

My high school in Texas literally had a copy of the Communist Manifesto right there on the shelf in plain view. So, who knows, you might find something at a public library if you want the government to know you're reading extremist literature and put you on a no-fly list if you're so inclined.

Good praxis, comrade

Pirate Socialist gang, assemble!

Even in the south if you live in a big enough city you can probably find one.
You also have to remember that the quality of institutions in the South has no relation to the population of the city or town it is in so you will probably still have a decent chance if you live in the middle of nowhere.

Learn Russian and go to your local Russian migrant area looking for a bookstore, 2nd hand preferably if you want Soviet books.

Digital reading sucks for your eyesight, guys.

I can read forever in a paper book but I groan at the sight of a long paragraph on the Internet. I end up buying lots of physical copies because I can't stand reading online.

get a kindle

Nigger just get an e-reader. Its amazingly good for your eyes, you can download everything you want, the battery lasts weeks.
You will have gotten your money's worth after roughly 6-7 books already.

i am the same way. i also like making notes in all my books with pen so physical copies are a necessity

I always just use Verso, granted I piss away a lot of money on books. Plus a great deal of them come with digital copies, so you've one that you can read at your leisure and an easily compartmentalized and accessible digital version for notes and writing


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Search for lefty publishing houses and then buy the physical editions of their books. You could also try looking if your local lefty parties/movements have publishing arms and if so look into their catalog.
For instance: in Brazil the Landless Workers' Movement(MST) has an actual publishing house dedicated to sell theory/lefty lit at production cost, you can even sign into their book club and get one, or two volumes, of theory every month.