so Holla Forums, why haven't you joined the Democrat Cops of America Refoundation caucus yet?

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lmao they are a buncha fags.

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch?

What's their praxis?

Regardless of whether that's true or not (It is.), they're still the best, last hope for socialism in America. So long as they don't descend into complete IdPol, we ought to give them our full support.

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mediocre at best.

they have descended into idpol. look at their statement papers

Seem decent enough.

ok bro let me know how that works out for you.

The Democrat Cops of America exists to waste activists' time and redirect discontent with mainstream politics back into the Democratic Party. These guys would change that which leads me to believe they'll be sabotaged from within the organization itself.

>Establish national network of Democrat Cops of America union organizers, members, and staff which will develop a 'comprehensive program to reestablish union militancy, an orientation away from employer-friendly contracts and agreements, and mobilize the millions of disengaged union members across the country.
>Creation of DSA workplace chapters around the country with the goal of political education, engagement, and mobilization of workers around workplace and social justice issues.
>Official liaisons to alternative labor organizations and workers centers in chapters across the country, fostering close relationships of collaboration, affiliating where possible.

Not bad. Lets just hope they're not all hat and no cattle. It'd be a nice step leftward for the Yanks if the Democrat Cops of AmericaR manage to pull these points off.

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Is that an arsehole shitting out a socdem with a boner? Or someone getting ready to shove the socdem back up there?

What even is this logo?

It looks like a chinese knockoff sportswear logo

I hate this word more than I hate anything. When every I hear it I think of a fat sack of dog shit person sitting in a metal chair holding a sign and raising it every time a speaker says something he/she likes. Clapping their fat hamburger hands together every five minutes, smacking their filthy lips together to whistle. Making dumb noises, booing and yelling incoherent negative slogans when someone they don't like says something.

I think sometimes people just like to say the word caucus. They like to say it because it makes them seem like they did something important.

"Did you caucus today Mitch?"
"Yeah I caucused today and tomorrow I will caucus again"
"Don't forget to caucus!"

It's a stylized "R"

I've been a refoundation member for months now

yeah apparently weird brooklyn socdems have tried to have us all purged for being "PSL Entryists" (??)

How strong is Refoundation compared to them?

one of our members is on the national level leadership body. we have people on the steering committees of a lot of major chapters, especially in georgia, massachussetts and florida.

I don't understand the refusal of the Democrat Cops of America to make an actual political party. If the greens or the fucking libertarian party can do it so can they.
Parties have died before and they'll die again in the future. Specifically parties die when they have no coherent line on the issues effecting people's lives. The Democrats have no coherent line on poverty, inequality, endless war, or climate change so they're in the process of dying as we speak.

They are probably COINTELPRO.