What are some "cospiracy theories" that you belive in?
For me Apollo 11 was staged and Otto Warmbier was a CIA plant who got double crossed and got burned by the CIA itself to justify sanctions, his death by the hands of NK was just a botched attempt at suicide/he got poisoned by a guard on the CIA payroll.

Also Putin is a sleeper KGB agent who's trying to destabilize the west.
I'm joking

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Marx was a Rothschild agent

tinfoil tier

Here's mine. China is only being capitalist as an advanced facade to fit in with the west, become pilots of world economy via superior industrial and economic strength, whereupon they crash it all with no survivors, and go full gommunist on the crippled capitalist world.
unlikely I know, but I want to believe

Comrade Xi is going to do it.

"Satanic" Elites

This isn't really a conspiracy "theory" insofar that it's a reasonable speculation. I put the "Satanic" in quotes because it really has nothing to do with devil-worship beyond perhaps LARPing, or, to the extent that some members lost so much touch with reality they fooled themselves into thinking they're wizards.

Hellfire clubs, as a general term/idea, are nothing new and appear across all hierarchical cultures across all of history, and they were probably less discrete if not all-out in the open parties back when the ancient plebs had little to no standards or the means to enact them. Elites have money, power, the arm of the secret services, police and judicial system, it should not come as a surprise that they host lavish parties with drugs, alcohol and hookers. Nor should it come as a surprise that they extend their privileges to participate in the utmost illegal and inhuman practices from child rape to human trafficking, given the testimonies and the suspiciously cumbersome investigations and lax sentences certain European pedophiles got. How many scandals involving pedophilia in the elite did Britain witness in the last 20-30 years?

I have a friend who used to work at a rich people's resort where Saudi royalty and elite would rent the property for weekend drug orgies. Again, no surprise. Marx wrote about it btw.

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Tito was a midget troll that came from the center of the earth, he underwent 70 facial reconstruction surgeries to become more humanlike
The chinese are actually magma moles that have an alliance with the trolls that live in the center of the earth
Tito is still alive and bidding his time

And there's nothing wrong with that. Everyone knows that the big bourgeois are more progressive are forward-looking than the petit-bourgeoisie.

This sounds resonable as fuck tbh.
In my country masonic lodges are not even a cospiracy theory, we had a leader who was part of one and everyone knew about it

Why sprudo posters became the most vile disgusting piece of shit posters on this board?
I remeber a post a few days ago from you were you explicitly said that you don't care if Marxism is a jewish cospiracy.
You are a fucking idiot, that's literally the easiest anti communist claim to debunk.
And there is also 0 truth in that

That the world is under the grip of the white supremacist patriarchy, which benefits all white men to the detriment of women and POCs.

Literally all of the reasonable ones.

Yeah this is tinfoil tier, also reported

Do you find resonable my theory about otto? I didn't find that much about it online, there are people who belive he didn't really die and he's in witness protection but imho he died, just not by the hands of north korea. The point is that imho was a CIA asset

Why are no-flags the biggest fucking wet blankets on this board? It’s not like I’m the only poster who uses this flag ya know its a funposting flag and it’s not even my normal flag.

I didn’t make that post from the other day but I do approve of it. Marxism would still be true even if it was a Jewish conspiracy. How dumb do you have to take Holla Forumstard arguments seriously anyways? You can debunk them all you want but it’s not as if they ever really learn from it or change their minds.

My theory:
Marx before defining his ideas probably was a massive lolbert but successfully managed to hide all that embarrassment.
That’s why many former Marxists who didnt read theory turn into lolberts, they managed to find Marx’s one letter home that said “the free market will fix it lmao”
last part is a joke

fuck off stacey

I'm a Marxist who was a lolbert so I can see how that makes sense

A Very popular Conspiracy Theory in Russia and others ex-SU countries is that KGB guys (especially the jews in KGB) organized all the downfall and collapse of USSR to share all the treasures and properties of the huge state among themselves.

there is nothing wrong with being lolbert in high school. But I can not understand how can you hold such political views when you start to work. Calculation what to eat after paying rent made me marxist.

I'll bet that if you'd look at property of former intelligence agency agent's, you'd not be far from truth. They have the best information about your country. They know which resources of your country can be profitably exploited.

The holmodor was engineered to liquidate Ukrainians, because stalin regarded all of them as kulaks
you are right, but he did control the seizure of crops and the movement of refugees

This is the most absurd theory yet.

Conspiracy theories centering around XYZ ethnic group consciously acting as the Big Bag are dumb and the people who take them seriously are dumb.

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it's funny that the mainstream historical consensus is regarded as a conspiracy theory here.
such is the power of MLs

Pic related
Go back to /leftpol/

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France and Germany don’t recognize but most of the former Eastern Bloc.
Lord have mercy

Fucking England doesn't reconize it.
My """""""""cospiracy"""""" theory here would be that the holodomor narrative is forced upon most the eastern block to contain socialism and spread the Russia bad guy narrative in favor of nato.
Fucking England doesn't recognize it

While i'm on a roll, some other Stalin era 'conspiracy theories' I believe

Geopolitics effects things like recognition of genocides. Some NATO countries doesn't recognize the Armenian genocide because Turkey is a NATO member. Does that mean it wasn't a genocide?
The academic consensus is that the holomodor was engineered to some extent. I do not use the word genocide because it has a very specific definition which might not apply here.

The former eastern bloc countries all have US-NATO puppet government.
t. eastern european

Theory, outside EE those that recognise it have a higher ukie pop and those that dont have a higher polish pop.

This is not cospiracy
The rest of your post is tho you stupid american piece of shit.

US has more Poles than Ukies

I guess you have missed the threads where ☭TANKIE☭s insist it was all made up by kruschev.

But the US are dead-set on being anti-soviet.

I’m sorry, WHAT?

t. Kulak Kulakosky Kulakemberg

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We had a 'Was Beria a Rapist'-thread maybe a month ago.
T*nkies were out in force denying everything and blaming revisionism.

John Lennon was killed by the CIA.

The third tag gave me a (you). Do you think I was implying that France and Germany not recognizing it was a bad thing

C'mon I'm hardline ML too, but beria was a fucking rapist and even stalin knew.
There is a letter from stalin to his daughter were he says to stay far aways from him and never be alone with him.

On the theme of beria: He poisoned Stalin



For being a communist that was bigger than Jesus.

Hitler’s last words were “Ich wünschte, Stalin wäre auch für mich schwul”

Fucking stalin apologists are such bloodthirsty goons.
Reminder that if you were a loyal, party loving Bolshevik during the Russian Revolution, you would have probably have ended up in a shallow grave by '39.

Learn Russian patronomyics.

If the Spanish Civil War was won by the Republicans but if any anti-Stalin faction gained power Post-Civil War, Stalin would have made the Great Purge 10 times more severe.

Not a bad take.
Also Stalin sabotaged the war effort against Poland.

Against Poland when?

Stalin disobeyed orders and screwed up the front by trying to capture Lwow, creating an opening for the Miracle on the Vistula, and the route of the Red Army.

Red Army encryption at the time was pretty bad, which is part of the reason why Tukhachevsky over extended the advance and made him so easily trapped. Not to mention the infighting between commanders lead to deliberate insubordination, blaming the defeat at Warsaw on Stalin doesn't make any sense.

the Polish counterattack probably wouldn't have worked if Stalin and the South-West front had been there for the battle of Warsaw, as per the plan.

t, bespoketh

why do you mention patriarchy in literally EVERY post you make ?

The deepest conspiracy theory is that most retarded conspiracy theories are created by the US (or whoever the dominant power is) to cover up actual conspiracies and make all conspiracy theorists look like whackos. For example: UFOs are a cover for military black weapons projects (this one is confirmed), a lot of 9/11 theories and memes are pushed to cover up the fact that the hijackers were US agents, and vaccines causing autism is a deliberately ridiculous stance that can be used to smear anyone critical of the medical industrial complex.


This is actually true as fuck

Conspiracy theories that were made to discredit other conspiracy theories by association are literally called fnords. Read more.

where can i read more on this

Mohammed Wallace Fard was a KGB agent and the NOI was a KGB plant for discord in american society

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none. literally none.

So thia guy killed the president and then was killed by a jewish mafioso?

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Also I'd add jewish conspiracy theories are something american globalist shills talk about to distract the people over the fact that american imperialism dominates the world

I don't give a single shit. Nothing productive can come out from this kind of thinking. Do everyone a favor and read actual theory instead.

It was more likely a Japanese front organization to undermine American society for the benefit of the Axis. It outlived its usefulness after WWII but continued to live on. Read Horne.

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Why are you posting here then you stupid bitch?

that brave soul was a comrade killing an anti-soviet fascist

What are you talking about?

Otto being a spy isn't a conspiracy theory it's a conspiracy FACT


The government doesn't have a weather machine. But they continue backing the petrodollar and avoiding renewable energy to thin the population with hurricanes to minimize a potential revolt.

JFK assassination was a CIA conspiracy.
MLK assassination was a CIA conspiracy.
Malcolm X assassination was a CIA conspiracy.

The US used Afghanistan as a scapegoat, knowingly avoiding SA. Iraq was pre-planned.

The CIA distributes drugs, and probably played a part in popularizing crack.

The reason that science, and American science specifically, took years longer to acknowledge that the foremost causes of 'colony collapse disorder' were pesticides and herbicides was that it would impact profits. This is also why CCD continues to be portrayed as a mystery.

Project bluebeam was originally a product of the cold war meant to be used against the Soviet Union if we ever decided to “drop the bomb”. It was only until around the 80’s when they realized the USSR was on life support, it got “commandeered” for other applications, similarly how the US used weather modification during the Vietnam war on civilian population (Mar 20, 1967 – Jul 5, 1972 this was called project Popeye, yes it’s real) first as a military application, then in certain “special other” applications.

I wasn't talking about Freemasonry at all. And if you think masons are "secret" or are involved in a grand conspiracy you're in for a disappointment. I take it that you're underaged, that's fine, I was suspicious about masons too when I was young.


Sweden actively helped the Nazis during WW2 because they hoped they could gain a sliver of land from Norway and potentially regain “lost colonies”

Actual conspiracy here: the freemasons are working with the tories to undermine the police union in the met polic3. Legit apparently the freemason officers have blocked reforms in the past and May specifically, to their face at a conference said she want to break the control the police federation have. Some weird shit going on.

I am just a conspiracy babby.

Start here: twitter.com/cuttlefish_btc/status/881624697779179521
That guy is a goldmine for communist conspiracy theorists; hands down the best Twitter account I've seen.

Yeah, "da Jooz" is the oldest cover story in the book.

pizzagate is real



You do know that Lee was a Communist who defected to the Soviet Union?

I meant a grand conspiracy, the kind that is all binding in the same way Protestants think the Vatican is controlling the world, or Jews to stormfags, or lizards to Icke. The fact that a lodge degenerated into a right wing cabal doesn't really mean anything, especially since politics are banned in lodges.

Pizzagate is another example of what I'm talking about; politicians and celebrities engage in child sex trafficking so they cover it up with a story about satanic rituals in a pizza parlor basement to make their critics look like lunatics (and to draw actual lunatics to drown out the rational opponents).

Yes I know, that's why I asked why the guy called him a fascist, anti soviet and comrade killer.
I don't think he killed JFK, but if he did he did nothing wrong

No he said Oswald was a Comrade, killing a fascist anti-soviet.

I misread his post then

probably the biggest one I believe is that MLK was murdered by the CIA.

not a conspiracy tbh, more like a known fact

Because he's from Holla Forums and he's trying to bait us like it's 2016

Fucking boomers

This is actually a fact

I thought this was proved?

Wow US intelligence has gotten sloppy.

t. Bakunin

Beria was a rapist.

9/11 was CGI and holograms unironically and you can't change my mind


My theory is Stalin intentionally tried to sabotage some of the war effort in Spain. While I admit he was dedicated to victory, he did a series of self sabotage in order to have the nationalists to kill off any potential opposition (two cases being the Catalonian Anarchists and every single Trot group)

>Also Putin is a sleeper KGB agent who's trying to destabilize the west.
is true though

Also Kennedy was assassinated by lettersoup

If Trotsky took power in the Soviet Union literally nothing would change except Stalin would become the new Trotsky and Trotsky would probably invade the Germans instead of the other way around.

this might have been a good move tbh

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Explains things like pic related and videos like
As far as conspiracies go I definitely believe certain policy interests control mass so that they can manipulate public opinion

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Wasn't the knight satellite a piece of something that got loose from a shuttle or something

suck my dick

Not knowing exactly when the Germans were going to invade had the bonus of making them rightfully look like the aggressors, guaranteeing that the Soviets wouldn't have to face a German/British allied front. Trotsky attacking first, on top of the Red Army not being prepared enough, probably would've been disastrous.

Was John Lennon actually a commie?

He isn't too fond of the USSR or communism, but I think he does give insights into how their intelligence apparatus worked.

a gem

The Polish front as a whole had been undermanned as soldiers were sent to the Crimean Front. The Mezyr group had been undermanned as a result, but was the only group connecting the fronts, so when they were compromised the entire attack was as well. Budyonny and Yugorov also committed insubordination, and the soviets had their ciphers broken by the polish. The Red Army was walking into a disaster with or without Stalin, more men wouldn't have changed much.

It easily could be,
Seems like a more logical conclusion than an alien spacecraft but I still believe there is massive amounts of dis-info and coverups on advance military aircraft.
Maybe the reason I do have a strong opinion is because personally I have seen a UFO/military aircraft so I'm admittedly a little biased. This was after Katrina and me and my family moved out to rural Louisiana to get away from the city. It was a secluded suburb in the middle of nowhere, you had to drive 15 to 20 minutes to get to the closest store.
There was the neighborhood and behind it was a lake and a forest that surround the whole neighborhood. I usually rode my bike or scooter around the neighborhood even when it got dark since it was safe and everyone knew everyone.
It was a nice fall evening, and the cold air was blowing. I was riding my scooter and everything was dark, save for the crappy orange street lights. It was a full moon out so the sky was pretty clear from what I remember. I was riding my scooter and I looked up at the moon and saw 3 bright white lights (bigger than any star in the sky and smaller than the moon) in the sky and initially thought nothing of it. So I continued riding my bike closer to the treeline. I looked again and saw the 3 lights slowly hovering up closer and closer to the moon. I thought "Hey this is weird I'll watch this for a second." I did for about a minute and eventually saw the 3 bright lights disappear. Thought is was a plane or something but again thought nothing of it until the next part that happened. So I'm riding my scooter near the tree line by a dead end in the neighborhood. No one is outside and I remember hearing a very low distinct humming. I rode my scooter to the edge of the dead end and looked up and saw the aircraft flying extremely close at to the trees right in front of me (pass the dead end sign). It had a small red light underneath it and the 3 bright white lights were behind it. It was crawling at a steady pace outside of my vision into the dark forest. The craft then disappeared into the forest at which point I turned my scooter around NOPED my way back home at which point I told my parents what I saw and they didn't believe me. They just brushed it off ass a helicopter but I've never seen a helicopter so big and so silent. I wasn't scared as much as awe-stricken.
Now I probably sound like a fucking nut but this is the only "paranormal" thing I have ever encountered, never seen something like it since. It looked like a mixture of a weather plane mixed with a blimp, I guess some type of stealth craft since it could also fly low and make not make much noise. Others I have talked to said they've seen similar things but don't speak much about it. I assume they like to stay quiet to avoid sounding like a crazy person.

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That was proved fake. Even putin called him a liar. That video is one of the most prominent pieces of anti communist propaganda ever used

Have you guys been keeping an eye on the Blink 182 guy and his quest to reveal the aliens?

U wot?


He's started a company to reveal the truth about aliens, and it's got a bunch of former air force and government people on board.

This some spectacular shit right here

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It funny how many politicians, military officials, and plutocrats today are into new-age trash. Off the top of my head we have Hillary Clinton talking to the spirit of “Eleanor Roosevelt”, spirit cooking, Tony Blair communing with “the light” and his and his wife’s interests in new-age spiritualism, Ronald Reagan and his wife’s interest in astrology, the séance of “the nine” where nine people including an Astor, a Du Pont, a Bancroft, Arthur Young, Ruth Forbes Young (later married into the Paine family), and Andrija Puharich got in contact with nine spirits who claimed to be extraterrestrial Egyptian gods, and then we have Jack Parson’s well-known wackiness. The list just goes on and on.

I’m Traditionalist (Guénon, Schuon, Coomaraswamy, Evola) and not a leftist, so I have a different view on this than many on Holla Forums, but it’s certainly discerning.

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I remember going to Blair's church and shouting at him after going to mass, good ritual.

Good job.
Also didn't he convert to Catholicism?

The US government knew about 9/11 but didn’t do anything till the Pentagon was going to get hit.

Yeah after he left he got full communion but he had been going to the church long before he could take the host. The priest was actually a pretty nice guy but I think he didn't like Blair acting like a Catholic whilst not one.

Google "Carole Caplin"




I heard someone say that the POW-MIA was established in order for the US to get away with funding the Khmer Rouge

Worth a read

I also believe that the West funded the Khmer Rouge even before the 1979 Vietnamese invasion

You don't conspire with people from your outgroup, and jews have always placed a heavy emphasis on sticking together within their ethnic tribe.

Blink182 is a psyop.

Not even possible actually.

Stalin was poisoned by a Zionist organization.


If you think there was a chance of anti-Stalin leftists coming to power in the event of a Republican victory in Spain, you know nothing about the SCW.

also youtube.com/watch?v=sRq1mp4VArA

I think he was a utopian communist. It seems like he wanted to live in a communist society but was too much of a hippie to support violent revolutions.

Yeah he saved violence for women.

He also says "nothing to live or die for" which is fucking stupid and defeats the whole purpose. He was a hedonist and not deep at all.

Also don’t forget how the Canadian prime minister Mackenzie King used to hold sayonces to talk to his dead dog and mother.

Look at the big brain on Brad!

This is not actually a bad point

P sure its nothing to kill or die for there ace

Same difference. He was a hack.

He only hit his girlfriend once and then apologised a million times over the next 20 years.

Hegel was a hermeticist whose dialectical method was based in occult doctrines.

Marx was probably into esotericism as well.

Proudhon and Bakunin were outright "satanists".

The Bolsheviks used magick to get into power.

Mao was a Chinese mystic who used Chinese folk magick to get into power.

Walter Benjamin was a kabbalist; he and Adorno based Critical Theory off the Sabbatean heresy, and Benjamin no doubt used Jew-magick to make it spread.

The Castro brothers practiced palo or santeria and used these methods of magick to get into power.

Pol Pot was the Kalki avatar.

Marxism itself is based on Gnosticism.

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There was a fuck ton of Trot groups, and LOTS of liberals. I’m pretty sure it’s highly possible the Trots would coalition with themselves or the liberals could gain enough internal support for rule. Plus, if the Anarchists remained in Catalonia I doubt Stalin or the Trots wouldn’t have a tantrum at their sheer existence going on for more than 4 years.

It would be pretty cool to have a game where you fight as a soviet mage fighting Himmler's army of wizards, headed by Evola riding a tiger

Don’t give J.K. Porky ideas.

fuck of chaya

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Oh god no

chaya and sphincter leakage have both said shit like this on this board numerous times.

Okay, you caught me.

In all seriousness though, the system of our ARI HaKodesh is a dialectical system, i.e. In order to create the world HaShem had to negate Itself.

If I hadn't been a Marxist I would have never become religious, in part due to concepts like this.

Hegel was a religious faggot but Marx and esp. Engels eventually purged what would become scientific socialism of that influence, and for that I am euphoric.

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based NK killing the kikes one at a time

The Trots were already very unpopular in Spain because the USSR was the only major country that helped the Republicans. If they had won the war, positive feelings towards the USSR would only increase.


Is this Lolbert NazBol?

These are facts, not conspiracy theories.

Read Kutsuzure Sensen

The Chinese terracotta army is a fake, made by Mao as a PR move.

Ask anal water about this.

Jason Unruhe is actually a poe, similar to TamTamPamela, who exists only to make leftists look bad.

If Anyone wants to investigate there's a camp the Durants and Vanderbilts owned up in the Adirondacks that wework executives (israel rich kids) now own and run camps out of.

It's right up in the area where that sex ring was busted and near the water which is by CA/NYC/Chicago

At this point "government" is unknown at any given point in time. So this could have been literally Bush was the only one that didn't know until that strike, or thought it would be something different but can't say that either.

either way I think we're seeing was the internet did to rothschilds. for hundreds of years they were the only group that had world secrets (usually crafting them over the centuries) and made it impossible to get out from under this rule.

are we seeing the end of this in our lives?

might want to brush up up on your american geography

I'm not going to beat around the bush. I just read this and think I put it all together.

Scientology is what the rothschilds are pushing on america and soon the world.

Reading about how they control america and how scientology holds all the article's beliefs, How scientology has the same practices as all those groups we're seeing involved here.

thats why they're the only group the irs doesn't destroy. that's why they're in hollywood.

sounds just wonderful

Does anyone have that Wojak image with him in front of the bookshelf lighting the cigarette and all the books are anarchist books? I can't find it anywhere. I think it started as Wojak in front of conspiracy stuff.