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Saudi Arabia's U.S.-made Patriot Missile Defense System 'Malfunctions,' Crashes in Residential Area

Saudi Arabia has claimed to have intercepted all seven missiles fired from Yemen, but missile experts who watched interception videos have questioned those claims.

Spain Catalonia: Puigdemont's arrest in Germany sparks mass protests

Protests broke out across the Spanish region of Catalonia on Sunday after former leader Carles Puigdemont was taken into custody in Germany.

Death of US dollar? China launches petro-yuan to challenge greenback’s dominance

The highly anticipated yuan-backed crude oil futures have been launched in Shanghai. China is the world’s biggest oil consumer, with eyes on rival benchmarks Brent and WTI as well as the US currency.

U.S. and South Korea Reach Trade Agreement

The U.S. agreed to revise its trade deal with South Korea and spare the country from President Donald Trump’s steel tariff, as the allies sought to resolve disputes before planned meetings with Kim Jong Un.

High-level North Korean official may be visiting Beijing: Japanese media

A high-ranking North Korean official appeared to have arrived by train in Beijing, Japanese media reported, though speculation that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is currently visiting the Chinese capital has not been confirmed.

Spy poisoning: Russian diplomats expelled across US and Europe

The United States and its European allies are expelling dozens of Russian diplomats in a co-ordinated response to the poisoning of a former Russian spy in the UK.

Canada: Over 150 Anti-Kinder Morgan Pipeline Protesters Detained

"We’re putting our bodies on the line in the right way," said Manitoba Cree man and environmental activist Clayton Thomas-Müller.

Israeli ex-defense minister says Trump’s new NSC adviser Bolton was pushing him to strike Iran

The newly appointed US National Security Adviser, John Bolton, tried to persuade Israel to conduct a pre-emptive strike against Iran before it achieved nuclear weapons capability, Israel’s ex-Defense Minister has revealed.

Witness in Mueller probe aided UAE agenda in Congress

A top fundraiser for President Donald Trump received millions of dollars from a political adviser to the United Arab Emirates last April, just weeks before he began handing out a series of large political donations to U.S. lawmakers considering legislation targeting Qatar, the UAE’s chief rival in the Persian Gulf, an Associated Press investigation has found.

U.S. Recession May Come Just in Time for Trump’s Re-Election Bid

Here’s another reason to circle the 2020 election year on the calendar. It may well be the year of the next U.S. recession.

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Trump suggests American military may pay for US-Mexico border wall since it’s now 'rich'

Donald Trump has long pushed for a wall to be built along the US-Mexico border, but he seems to be no longer insistent that Mexico pay for it. The US military should construct it because it’s now “rich,” he suggested on Twitter.

FTC Confirms Facebook Probe Regarding Privacy Practices

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission confirmed it has an open, non-public investigation into Facebook Inc.’s privacy practices.

Remington: Oldest US gunmaker files for bankruptcy

The oldest gun manufacturer in the US, Remington Outdoor, has filed for bankruptcy in the wake of slumping sales.

Court documents reveal the father of the Pulse nightclub gunman was an FBI informant

Lawyers defending Noor Salman, the wife of Omar Mateen, the gunman who killed 49 at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida, have uncovered documents showing that Seddique Mateen, Omar's father, was an FBI informant from 2005 to 2016.

Strike over after union members receive new contract at Frontier Communications

All 14 hundred members of the local CWA will return to work Wednesday after reaching an agreement with Frontier.

what the actual fuck is in this person's mind?
also, thanks newsanon

Thank you NewsAnon

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Who Will Stop the US-Russia Arms Race?

Real News Network interview with Professor Stephen F. Cohen on the insane arms race between the United States and Russia, which leaders from both parties are doing their utmost to stoke.

What Now for Unions?


Is there too much immigration?


Mexicans Fear Abuses as New Law Empowers Military — but U.S. Security Aid Keeps Coming


The Mad Man Theory: Nixon, Trump and Bolton


‘The Gig Economy’ Is the New Term for Serfdom


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lmao thanks Raytheon for the quality american work

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more video

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Now THIS is some fuzzy math if I ever saw some.


I'm sure these marvels of technology will protect the homeland when the time comes.

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Just fyi, this won't matter so long as Trump actually brings some jobs back (even if shitty ones) to swing states. Remember how this game is played, Trump can afford to loose the popular vote.

republicans just lost a house seat in a trump + 20 district
the only way republicans will retain the presidency in 2020 is if Trump gets primaryed

Because it's a nonissue. The west was silent about PetroChina's bankruptcy too, the largest bankruptcy in capitalist history by volume. The west wasn't silent about the root cause of it all though: Saudi and Russian oil dumping which American companies managed to survive.

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The Democrats could easily scuttle their own candidate if s/he isn't to the liking of their donors. Underestimate Trump at your own peril.

So? Democrats have over 50 seats to go and to buck that trend means bucking 10+ years of successful Republican grassroots campaigning. In particular, with the decline of American unionism all those underemployed nonunion workers leftover are now -R voters. That is what Democrats need to fight, and right now the Supreme Court is openly threatening to spread Right-To-Work laws nationally via Janus vs. ACSCME. They have a bad hand, even if they manage to flip one or two districts. Meanwhile Trump is promising a thing Democrats never provided: a trade war with China.

Which brings us to the Senate, which is 51/49 for the GOP. Democrats need two seats to win, yet they are on the brink with Hietkamp, Manchin, and Smith. Republicans could easily make the Senate into a 54/46 split.

Also: with a stronger GOP Senate, when the next liberal SCOTUS Justice drops they can be easily replaced leaving a 6-3 Republican court system, further wrecking Unions over the long term.

Democrats will probably take the house in 2018 but the senate map this cycle so strongly favors republicans that democrats capturing that chamber seems almost impossible.

Or Republicans hang onto both because Trump hammers down the "fuck china" card and keeps their swath of votes in the midwest.

The party of the sitting president almost always looses ground in midterm elections, and Trump is uniquely unpopular.
Look at the results of recent special elections. Things are not looking good for the GOP.
Plus this whole Muller investigation is unlikely to conclude favorably, that will be a further hit to Trump's reputation and the Republican brand.

user can you tell us more, i dont know jack shit about this

Midterm elections are also slightly older and have a more conservative voter base, with Trump's trade actions he has a clear edge. He didn't do the steel tariffs for nothing, he did it to help Republicans in those districts.

And the Mueller investigation is 100% in his pocket because he and Mueller have the same goals, already Trump has blamed Obama for being weak on Russian hacking on Twitter and Mueller will probably back him up on that. The end result will be Mueller suggesting some sort of new domestic censorship/data/internet regulations which Trump will happily endorse and sign. Americans will eat it up and simply blame Russia (and China) for everything bad.

This doesn't leave Democrats with many cards to play other than social justice ones, which don't work in swing districts.

Back in 2014 the Saudis realized that changes in technology meant they'd loose marketshare. So they didn't cut production in order to cause an oil glut and crash the price, fucking over Russia in particular. American companies had insulation though increased use of ethanol and natural gas in America. Meanwhile, Petrolchina ran out of money and had to essentially declare bankruptcy which they survived but only because the Chinese government effectively bailed them all out. In consolation, the Saudis agreed to sell some oil in Yuans not USD. It isn't much when China's economy itself is based off a weak Yuan (a good Yuan makes their export-driven economy noncompetitive) and their state oil company had to shed a lot of assets and land in order to continue existing. The Saudis won that battle, although they took some losses too (less money leading to budget cuts leading to the situation in the Riadayh hotel).

also thanks user

The time you wasted posting there could have been used for anything else.

from earlier this year


tl;dr with budget cuts came saudis having a problem with the new saudi king so they were all imprisoned in a 5-star hotel until a solution was found

Dammit, hopefully another porky will pick up and use their core-lokt one, I like that ammo.

the eu-turkey meeting is taking place in varna
there it's expected for the eu to provide turkey with money in order to stop refugees from the middle east
racists don't want refugees -> the eu gives money to erdogan to make military armored vehicles (cobra 2) -> he uses them against syria thus creating more refugees -> racists are more pissed off


Their patent for it, I mean.


Kim Jong Un has made a surprise visit to Beijing, the leader's first visit to a foreign country since taking power in 2011


This is a big, big, big deal boys

Kim is playing 4D go while Trump is parsing the gorilla channel.

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That kot is chunky.

why exactly?

Because the World's Second Power (and growing) having a good, friendly relationship with Kim undermines the US's hawkishness and constant calls for the UN to impose more sanctions. Not saying anything *will* happen but the DPRK having China as an ally or even just restating previously established defensive agreements is a definite blow to Trump's attempts to pick a fight with them.

Pic related except with N. Korea, China and the US.

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You're assuming Trump isn't being blackmailed somehow. His behavior, antics, history (Stormy Daniels, bankruptcies) and purges all lead me to believe he is. You may not, and I'm stupid exhausted of debating people on issues they've already made their minds up on.

Trump's trade actions won't be in his favor. He's not playing 11D chess. He's not a stable genius.

His actions have already severely disturbed an economic ecosystem which was fragile in the first place. Reintroducing speculation, unleashing unfettered capitalism will result in heavy economic damage. His merciless insults to opposition may resonate in Holla Forums, but in the Churches here in Kentucky they are appalled. The Dem base is frightened… no terrified of Trump and Bolton. You may think the March for our lives was fake, but it wasn't. Dems are energized, and will be showing up in 2018 and 2020. Anyone with more braincells than a polyp realizes only DIEHARD right wingers will be making it to the midterms. My neighbors in Harlen (the reliable voting kind) refuse to admit they're even conservative right now. They are thoroughly embarrassed of Trump. Dems only need to promise Keynesian rationality, Medicaid, Social Security, Food Stamps, Free College, higher minimum wage, national healthcare and ironically to make America great again to run roughshod on Republicans. They are terrible strategists though, and may try to run on gun control which will cost them heavy.

Trump might make polyps nipples hard, but the God fearing folk in Kentucky have even stopped their pro life marches because they are demoralized. Don't expect heavy pro Trump showings.

That assumes Trump has some sort of problem with Mueller and needs to be blackmailed. As for the elections, what people say and what they do are very different. Nobody wanted to associate with Trump during the primaries or the general yet he won both because a silent majority turned out in his favor. They didn't respond to polls, they just voted. Even if they didn't like Trump, there's no viable alternative.

Which is the heart of the problem: Trump can do whatever he wants so long as he hits the right notes on Chinese trade. That is the issue swing voters care about, since it directly affects the amount of hours they work and their pay. And "god fearing people" are such utter worthless cucks at this point since they can't produce viable national candidates. A similar problem Democrats -including christian democrats like Gavin Newsom- have.


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Democrat majorities never materialize into anything. They just punt issues away and come up with elaborate excuses as to why they're complete failures that lose to Republicans at every turn. The party knows they're due wins but they'll just use that to consolidate their power by running dull centrists that will win by default.

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I think the GOP really fucked themselves though. Dems are unfortunately just a placeholder party these days (at least in my lifetime), and I sincerely question their strategists. That being said the GOP doesn't resonate like it did pre Trump. Yes a silent majority did show, but my family who voted for him won't likely vote for him again. If they do I GUARANTEE they're keeping it to themselves. Which is bad in it's own way. Plus the electorate is getting browner, and I bet the black vote shows up in hordes for 2020. So the placeholder party will comeback. I'm not terribly certain they'll do anything worthwhile though. Maybe just bring politics back into statism, but maybe they become transformed by demsuccs. I won't vote for anything right of Corbyn personally.

That's flatly wrong. Trump lost the popular vote by around 3,000,000 votes.

Both Hillary and Trump were neck and neck in the unpopularity polls, making the outcome close to a 50/50 split. Trump just managed to blunder into the Republican's fix: the Electoral College

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Jews, Arabs nearing population parity in Holy Land - Israeli officials
Big if true, article literally says Israel might end up introducing apartheid.

That and rust belt states which tend to go blue went red

Here is the ACTUAL big news

And that's solely because of Hillary.

Hilldog was so loathed by working class Dems that they either sat out the election or voted Trump. It really didn't help matters that she didn't even try to win their favor and instead focused on her computer model.

it was her turn tho