The truth about Cambridge Analytica-SCL: Psy-ops by UK-US deep state actors

By Julie Hyland
26 March 2018

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Do anyone actually read this shit or we just want the pictures?

Because I'm the latter.

I read them, I actually look forward to these posts tbh.

Good for you.

I find them hard to read due to the greentext.


Talk about saging but forgetting to sage. But take it as bump for interest if you like.

I think they're easier to read because I use the dark theme. You know, the correct one.

then highlight it.
if you cant on a phone or some shit then you deserve it.


I'm surprised this investigation is happening and the msm is reporting it. So how does this positively affect their profits?

can we please ban these(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

I propose we ban posters who talk question Aoki Rin posting

Mind, that name is what a porn site says it is.
it might not be right.



Not recognizing Iiniku Ushijima, smh fam.

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oof she's so hot :3

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Ushijima tummy is the one thing that can bring us all together.

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post more

Porkies have conflicting interests depending on their activities, Classic media Porky is more than eager to hit Social network Porky who hurts his profits

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Is she some sort of porn actress or just a model?

She's perfect

There we go, it had to be something. Well fuck them anyway.

thats just the name of some sort of producer/brand/something. I think the specific girl this thread started with, and a lot of them do, is aoki rin.
think, anyways.

aoki rin is a fat tub of fuck and nothing at all like the goddess of trotskyism iiniku ushijima

thats a different aoki rin. this one is also named aoki rin.
my source, and identification for comparison:
then again, while I /think/ this looks like her, im not entirely certain. maybe 'iiniku ushijima' is the girl in OPs name as both a model and a producer?? or, shes different but works with the same pepole- or, maybe I was righ the first time and im overthinking it. fuck.
post the manga shop one

I see what you're saying. Looks like Ushijima has also worked as a producer on some dvd titles including a few with Aoki Rin. The titles are something like 'Ushijima presents Aoki Rin" and then has a picture of both on the front which is confusing. But they are different people. Iiniku Ushijima is the girl in OP. Aoki Rin is also gorgeous but does not have Ushijima's trademark stomach so flat you can grow wheat on it.

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so the girl in the OP is both the producer 'iiniku ushijima' and the model, and shes produced videos featuring other lithe models with short haircuts.
right, I think I understand it now.

I wonder what her real name is in that case, seeing as how 'iiniku' is 'goodflesh'