Why did space exploration just die? What's keeping everyone from restarting?

Why did space exploration just die? What's keeping everyone from restarting?
I want to spread to the stars!

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Because it cannot bring short term profits and there is no more communist rival to have a dick contest with.
Altough they try to recreate this kind of emulation with Musk versus Nasa, but given that Musk would rather send cars in the void that doing anything worthwile, i doubt it'll will go far.

Check out the space program the USA had and compare it with the Soviet one - it was literally only for prestige, to get someone on the moon because it looks good, the Soviet one was actually centered arround progress, they've built a fucking space station which is something we profit from even today. Yet burgers think they've won the space race because muh man on the moon.

brilliant minds working for different companies making basically the same shit
energy put into marketing and other similar nonsense and what said

Because laws of physics. We've already launched a probe into the interstellar space. There is nothing else we can do at this point.

We could create a base on the moon. We could even create a base on Mars (probably, with some risks involved). We could do this right fucking now if it wasn't unprofitable.

It isn't just unprofiable, it is unvaluable.

Perhaps, with some incredible strain and dedication, we could bore into the Moon crust, put some humans inside and continue to supply them with life support, and even provide it with so much that the inevitable accident won't wipe out the whole colony and everyone inside.

Producing commodities and burning them in a blaze down on Earth would do the same trick while being all around safer.

have we really hit a wall?

Yeah, but check out the things we are doing right now in global capitalism that have absolutely no subjective value but people go out of their way to do them anyway. All this money we blow into big banks, defense and all the other shit would be more than enough to create an underground base into the Moon with a nuclear generator that produces enough energy for it to be self-sustainable.

There is going to be a wall, but we are far from reaching it any time soon.

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In terms of how far chemical jet engines and Aluminium hulls can get us - absolutely.

There are countless projects and technologies regarding energy generation, engines and materials, not to mention everything else.

We must defend the solar system against Earthling space imperialism.

3 reasons
Lyndon L Johnson
Jimmy Carter
Ronald Reagan

Space exploration hasn't died. We've just had our first glimpses of interstellar space, mapped Pluto, have had rovers exploring the martian landscape for decades, mapped the magnetosphere of Jupiter to start examining the internal structure of the planet amongst other things. I don't understand why you think space exploration is """dead"""? Is it the refusal of short-sighted politicians to fund expensive and dangerous manned spaceflight programs that travel beyond LEO?

Space exploration will be saved for the post-revolution society.

i guess i'm under too much influence of sci-fi spaceopera shit
honestly i don't even have time to read those anymore

space is literally the most stupid thing there is

There's no profit in space. Instead we should focus our technology in making the next iPhone, with the latest useless gimmicks, for impressionable teenagers.

t. capitalism

We have to slog through the inevitable shock of nuclear war to annihilate capitalism before we reach out to the stars with our space comrades.

What's the point of space exactly? There's literally nothing there.

I wanna fuck an alien.

If you compare it as a point system the space race was a lopsided Soviet Victory. As a burger i’m still perplexed how Euros outside the former USSR don’t bring this up whenever one of us has a dick eating contest about us being so great at everything.

well well well:


reportedly the russians and europeans are in on this, and other developing nations too


no, the wall is intergalactic travel
we will colonize the milky way eventually

Resources, and i want my colony of cybernetic child sex slaves.

more realistically, Space allows for the testing of various sciences, for example, biological agents develop much more lethally in space than on earth.



those were the days

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really should have taken that over the iraq war eh?

Space exploration is really fucking impractical, pointless and literally nothing more than an aesthetic indoctrinated into you by our trashy culture. Space is boring and has very little to offer at unreasonable prices.
Days spent in a garden on a summer's day are infinitely better spent than any number of space flights. We should commit our resources to making sure everyone has a home and can feel secure in their life.

I sincerely hope we never make it off this rock, appreciate what's below your feet faggots.

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You realise use of space resources is literally needed if we want to live on a decent world in a century, right?

ignore luddites and let them get killed when they get infected by anthrax or something

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Stop it user you make me sad.

Why everyone so obsessed with colonising Mars? Wouldn't it be more reasonable to first colonise the Moon, to test and research space tech?

We can get to Mars in a few months.

The moon is just a big, dry and boring rock. Nothing interesting there.


That is true, there is no problem supplying moon base, it's pretty close. But is it even possible to sustain life on such inhospitable place? Nothing can grow there, there is nothing to drink or even breathe.

What we should strive for is increasing investment in international space station and rebuilding it to space harbor. If we would be able to catch rocket from earth and then shoot it elsewhere, no planet in our solar system would be beyond our reach.

Yeah, space is bullshit. That space between the proton and neutron, the electron and proton, atom and atom, fuck that just crunch it together and become a black hole.

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but arent you excited for the private interests in space, user? don't you want musky to be on the bleeding edge when the ISS gets privatized? He sent a Tesla into space. How awesome is that? exde

also would Nicola Tesla have liked some mouth breather from south africa to just steal his name for a waste company to make redditors wet themselves?

Like bread and butter.
Get out fag.


thats not true. we can melt ice.
but yeah, you cant grow anything any easier than you could nearly anywhere else. if itd be easier, or just as easy to just build a purely space based habitat why bother? the only real reason would be material resoruces of the planet.
but, mars is an inhospitable hellhole too.
the upper portions of venuses atmosphere are in some ways better than it.
basically, if we ever want to live somewhere other than earth and space stations, in our s ystem, we'll have to work with what we have, and what we have are inhospitable hellworlds.

I was mocking you.
Space would be really cool to study if half the sky wasn't covered in advertisement.

What about Titan? You'd be living in oil, I bet that's dream of many americans.


Wouldn't some kind of spinning, hollowed out asteroid be a better people reservoir? We just move straight to being a spaceborn species.

yes. but thats basically just a space station, and I said "if we want to live somewhere other than earth and space stations"
thats not to say that sort of thing isnt a good idea or that it wont be important, just, if we want to fufill the fantasy of living on other planets as well.

You go start a polity on titan. I dont wanna get liberated.

mars is a shit planet compared to possible 'second earths' around other stars

Wouldn't be planned destruction of earth preferable to waiting for asteroid in right shape flying nearby?

Fam, they're not jet engines.
Space travel isn't impossible, it's not even unviable with our current technology, it just has an enormous up-front cost. In order to make space travel viable, you need to establish infrastructure in orbit and around near-earth objects (including the Moon and Deimos - which is actually easier to reach than the moon, strangely enough). That's because the biggest problem for us currently is getting stuff off Earth and into near Earth orbit (NEO), it's easier to go from NEO to Jupiter than it is to go from the Earths surface into orbit. If you have a depot full of fuel (probably extracted and refined from water-bearing asteroids or moons) you can go anywhere with any rocket that you can launch from Earth. If we then invest in tugs that can do the heavy space lifting, we can move even more payload around. Once all that's set up there is practically no limit, we can expand exponentially for centuries and not even come close to hitting the limits, and that's just in our solar system.
That said, it's probably a way better idea to use those resources on not fucking things up down here. Once that's solved then we can go up, and by then we might actually have figured out fusion (both are about equally likely).

Fam, there's literally a giant conveyor belt of asteroids in easy reach of Earth that have more resources than we have used throughout all of human history. Plenty of big-ass asteroids too.
That said, I prefer living on Earth than a space rock.

im not a transhumanist but I want every retard who says this' brain to be replaced with a single core cpu simulating their personality on one thread.

I really need to expand my vocabulary

I'm not saying we should wait until we have world peace or whatever, but you shouldn't use space as a fucking back-up plan. If I have to choose between getting into space a century early or having the Earth actually still be hospitable, I'll pick the latter.

But you don't have to make that choice. If you get working fusion for space if works just as well for energy on earth. If you mine asteroids you have an enormous supply of materials needed for solar panels, and you can produce them off of earth. If you can settle huge numbers of people in asteroid colonies you can lessen the energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions on earth.

You're not saying anything I wouldn't say, dude. The thing is that there are a lot of people these days who think running off into space is a viable alternative to dealing with things like climate change. Dealing with climate change and getting into space are both massive investments, and only one of those has a timer. Sure, all the space stuff is helpful, and it's invaluable for our long-term survival, but it doesn't solve everything and no matter what it's gonna take far more time than what we actually have. As I was implying with my comment about fusion, it's not gonna happen any time in the foreseeable future. So if I was making a plan right now on what to invest on, I would invest in averting climate change before anything else.

I honestly believe that getting to space is what might have to happen to save the planet. Earth can become a resort planet eventually, and we can live in expansive bio-domes on mars, and rotating colonies floating around the planets. Oh sure, we can have nature reserves and trees 'n shit inside to make them beautiful livable places, but Earth can only be inhabited by so many humans, and it's not fair for there to eventually (way down the line) be a minority who have the luxury of permanent residence.

what about asteroid mining? theres more rarer earth metals and shit in asteroids than in al lthe earth combined

There's no real reason to send people into space at the moment but we're still exploring plenty of shit with robots. Colonizing mars is a meme. No matter how badly we fuck up the earth with global warming or nuclear war it will still be a million times more hospitable to life than mars, at least for the next couple centuries.

alright how about this
screencap this itll happen

Pretty cool

Long term exposure to microgravity will damage your eyes.

You sound like a capitalist

I mean, you wouldn't pay to go there, nobody privately owns land or property.

Space travel is for robots honestly. I hate the "manned mission" meme.

Because we need to fix our own planet before we can move to another one. Also its probably for the best right now, we don't need billboards in space.

I don't know man. Outlaw Star was pretty cool.

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