Give me a detailed rundown of why Capitalism is bad, and why Communism is better

Give me a detailed rundown of why Capitalism is bad, and why Communism is better.

Imagine you are explaining this to your Uncle Albert at the dinner table, who loves freedom but has no understanding of politics.

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then there is no hope for him

It's no use to explain an entirely abstract question to an entirely abstract Uncle Adam.

The biggest problem with capitalism is that it is unstable and unsustainable, so it cannot be a final destination of humanity. The next question arises is where we go from there.

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Very funny. The top answer is quite good, and has further sources as well.

Just tell your uncle "I'm a 20-some-year-old faggot who thinks his engorged brain is fit to bursting with good notions and I'm pretty sure that if you and everyone else just bends over and takes it in the ass while doing all the dying and heavy lifting for our revolution then things will be just peachy keen for you afterward because you're a brainlet and I'm a genius."

You'll really knock it outta the park.

But I'm not even in the CIA.

Huh, sounds alot like capitalism.

Why does everything revolve around sex

I would ask your dirty analogues from the 60s that managed to destroy the whole world by the ripe age of 30.

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I don't want indentured servitude (loans, interest, rent) and I'd like a future with white Christmases (the polar ice caps existing and I don't have to leave the US).

That's one nice way I could put it. However, he's going to give me bs about how loans are "voluntary" and global warming is a "jewish lie".

They became fantastic capitalists in the 80s. Hippies were also a small part of the baby boomer generation.

Pretty easy tbh.

I'm pretty sure your two statements are slightly at odds with each other.

Don't be silly. Nobody spent their 20s being a faggot pinko and then embraced Rand.

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Okay, I lied. The world is doing just fine.

Follow my INSTA!

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This. It's essential to despise happiness and freedom, and to be prepared to say goodbye to your toothbrush and bourgeois "human values".


This sounds exactly like my libertarian brother.

I agree with your image. But your statement is wrong. Hippies were indeed not a large part of boomer youth in the sixties, They may not have all grown up to be Patrick Bateman, but they were effectively the same just with a friendlier exterior. There is no material difference between Hillary and Trump. They are both attempting the same goal, but with different language.

Communism is a variant of capitalism.
Full free market capitalism will result in an almost identical scenario to communism. The same bankers who funded the Capitalist allies also funded the Communist soviets. Only a retard would try to refute this.

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Kekiddykek how are you Nixon?

Don't start defending Clinton around me, I'm trying to have a semi-civil discussion.

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Seriously? Burger rightists will usually tell you that they used to be a leftist before they "grew up".

Hippies, beatniks, hedonists…How am I wrong?

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Fuck off Holla Forums

What does "grew up" mean to you if you don't take it at face value?

I'm here to learn. Yay learning!

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You guys come to our board all day everyday…constantly interrupting our Bible Studies and portfolio comparisons!

I don't see where I was defending Clinton. Keep your preconceived notions out of this. She has nothing to do with communism.

Yes it was the hippies that caused consumer culture undermining morals, not porkies trying to make a buck.

Would Nixon at least not deny global warming?

Only because you come to our board and interrupt our Torah studies.

Yes, I remember that perfectly good people would have a gun put to their head until they divorced their husbands and lived in a van down by the river. I remember when I, personally, wasn't going to buy a pair of Nikes, but the CEO sent his mercenary army to lay siege to my home. How will we ever stop making these people money?!?!

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People in the sixties were afraid of nuclear war, not hippies, whom were mostly well-off college age adults doing drugs in public. Conservative people just shoot up in private and lie about it.

As in they bought into the culture war nonsense like most other politically active Americans, even though actual American politics are two center-right parties arguing about wedge issues.

Here, some faggot boiled that shit down for you.

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The American™ Dream® is unaffordable by most now. This is due to capitalism, it is more profitable to not pay people a living wage, allow housing values to go way up, export manufacturing jobs, lend money with high interest rates, and spread propaganda that it success is purely egalitarian in capitalism.

Tbf AGW wasn't known back then but inimagine he would.

Kek, mass pop culture gets commercialised out the arse, it was the admen selling sex, not the hippies.
Also tbf deindustrialisation caused by neoliberalism hasnits part too, even fucking Norman Tebbit agrees on that.

are you a literal amerimutt boomer?

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I wish the other center-right party didn't want to tax my income to the sun, to disarm me, AND ban Mt. Dew and Doritos.

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Do you think, that we think that is exactly how this shit works? Marketers are way more effective than you think. Also patents, artificially high barriers to entry are part of the reasons why most industries are dominated by huge multinational companies. Also that image calls Trump a communist.

The footnote of your pic is a flat out lie. Alinsky was a New Left reformist faggot and his book was published in 1971 for other reformist faggot protestors:

If you think I am trying to sell you on the Democrats over the Republicans, you seriously need to lurk moar.

The fact that I can’t tell if he’s talking about Dems or Repubs says a lot

I know. I know. There's no patent office in Ancapistan.

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Most of that money is for the military and social security you won't collect as they continue to sell off and cut all social services while people make less and work more. Our infrastructure is shit and the best idea we have is to privatize more so we can have it deteriorate more. Look at ISPs they have no interest in upgrading their networks, not profitable enough.

have you ever noticed how the economy collapses on the dot every ten years

wouldn't it be nice if, Not That

reagan wanted both of these things and other republicans would absolutely support them if it meant more votes
this is ignoring the fact that conservatives in both parties intentionally fuck with government process so much with bullshit like superfluous drug tests and shutdowns that the sheer inefficiency is costing you more tax dollars
and the fact that waging war overseas at all times isn't free

Ancapistan will be a slightly worse version of America for the average American. It would be great if you are a billionaire.

Just gotta say, love that this dead thread was picked up again by some retarded newfag convinced that the democrats are communists and hippies are responsible for america turning shit. Willing to bet they're a r/thedonald boomer who wound up here from their daily dose of 4/pol/ posting.

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In collectivism there is no freedom

Precisely the reason why all collectivists/rightists must be liquidated.

god damn Wolff really does know how to give normies the 101

Back to Youtube comments with you

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Wolff's rhetoric is probably the most effective pitch for socialism that can be mustered in America. Outside of a food crisis or something where we should probably just start speaking like Lenin.
Leave all the marxist vocabulary at the door, at least in the beginning, and just start talking about how much everyone's fucking job sucks. If they start to feel socialism there, at the workplace, they'll come around to production as a whole.

OK, what is your alternative? Working for a state or commune? No thanks!

You already work for someone regardless, in socialism at least you are provided the opportunity to work and as well as equal and calculated compensation for that work. To re-post something I said before:
The difference is that capitalism doesn't actually enable self-sufficiency or provide merit based compensation. In capitalism compensation is determined by how far an employer can drive it down to within the confines of the market, while in socialism he is compensated a non-transferrable labour voucher equal to the work done and the product produced. The worker is also completely dependent on a bourgeoisie to allow him to work on his property and his means of production, in this system a worker cannot obtain self-sufficency. The hierarchies which emerge from capitalism are not strictly individually merit based or determined by work performed but are instead determined by profit maximization and ownership of property or production as well as surplus extraction and reinvestment. Hierarchy and even "offensive" attitudes outside that of the economic matters very little as that hierarchy has no economic force which can be used against you, your always in control of your own labour while in capitalism even your ability and means to perform your labour can be denied from you.

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Guess these people were professional cannibals before a bunch of jews and intellectuals thought crashing their economy with bo survivors was a good idea.

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Marx and Engels were gay lovers and Communism could only be understood in the context of love between two men.

It's the same communal spirit and logic of "the family" but applied to everyone everywhere.

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Yeah, who heard of there being famines in the middle of civil wars, commies BTFO

Your posting a photo from a famine which was caused from economic disturbances which originated from WW1 and the inner conflicts which occurred after it as well as environmental conditions and weather. The effects that would result in the famine were already occurring under the Tsar, a leadership and system that the people were already starving under.–22
Understand as well that prodrazvyorstka was done because everyone was starving already from things the soviets hadn't even done and food had to be redistributed to mitigate the extreme effects of the famine in the cities and urban areas who did not grow food.
And before you mention Holdomor, because I know you will, watch this:
And if you use the Black book, I don't even have to respond because you'll be debunking yourself.

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No, in Capitalism you have freedom to decide and work, and you can make profit and keep your own fruits. In Communism you have to give it away to a commune or stae

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So, this board is truly showing it's true colors…

As socialists?

Burger freedom is not really freedom, hell the veneer of freedom is even being threatened by populists like trump.

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No, you don't. Your labour is entirely determined by market forces and the operations of capitalists which are above you. Even as self-employed your work is entirely dependent on currently established capitalists not undercutting you or forcing you out of your market and the laws you follow are determined by those who currently hold more profit and influence then you. The majority of the populace do not have the resources or option to be self-employed and so must work for someone else, otherwise the economy and especially industrialized economy as you know it simply wouldn't operate. These are inevitabilites of the system and there is no way around them within capitalism. What makes you think the people at the very top, those in control of industry and with access to vast amounts information and calculated algorithm would ever allow profit to go unchecked or ever allow themselves to fall to your level? If you ever were in a position to deny them measurable and noticable profit, they would simply flick their wrists and either buy you up or force you out. You are where you are because it was deemed by others that you could be there, by the measure of comfort that they held with your existence. The market incentivises all methods towards profit and those that use them and get away with it, make it.


man someone really ought to let all these out of work people know that

Who is this slut?