So where were you when Harvard shot down the “race is a social construct” nonsense with a litany of scientific evidence?

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Tbh the only brainlets that deny race here are the red-liberals, Rick&Mortey tier nihilists, and Antifa types…

Honestly am I one of the few people on this board that doesn't deny human biological diversity? It's a fairly straightforward materialist stance and even Bordiga wrote on it.

Fuck off

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Race is a meme, niggers aren't human

I don't - inasmuch as literally any regional group of humans develops common traits. Ethnic Irish vs. British would actually be an example of this, too. It doesn't start or end at 'race,' and claiming it does isn't following the science.



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racialism was the default liberal worldview until WW1, this should surprise no one.

Just canceled my fucking subscription. Fuck them for posting this fascist filth.

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Warned you, but just like this thread you were all happier to cry "Holla Forums" and stuff your heads into the sand. Time to stop trying to use molecular biology to make ethical arguments.

Do i have to fuckin kill a nazbol in this bitch?

Oh well if a Harvard geneticist says so it must be true! Ivy leaguers are never wrong after all.

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ITT nobody read the article. The writer's point is actually for disproving racist stereotypes like Africans having lower Autism Level than Europeans being based on genetic factors because it's not based on any scientific evidence.

That’s a hilarious attempt at spinning it, either that or the cognitive dissonance is stronge with you.

well the point was also made that even if that genetic difference exists, nonwhites should have equal opportunities

So you didn't read the article

Sorry sweetie but this part
is still fucked up. I'm staying unsubscribed.

I just like how you assume whites have the best shit

Racial differences are genetic but those differences have fuck all to do with muh intelligence. Asians had super low Autism Level scores 100 years ago but now are seen as being superior to jews and whites. Really makes you think.

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That only makes sense if you're Holla Forums false flagging

No it doesn't. You don't broach these topics in the public square because they're not worth talking about. I don't see any utility in a scientist giving clout to racists by even acknowledging said typologies used by racists.

both wrong
The article is what OP says it is + wishful thinking.


Wrong, see

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Read the piece again. Pay attention to him pointing out the discovery of genetic markers associated with higher educational achievement within an ethnic group and the expectation the frequency of these markers would vary across ethnic groups.


Ah yes the free market place of ideas

You'd rather scientists not debunk racist pseudoscience?




Like Nords and Italians.

Good article. The people who felt inclined to sage this this thread should read it.
I can’t believe this level of wrongthink is coming out of the NYT.

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That's not what they're doing, they're acknowledging the typologies built by racists using neocolonialist ideology. This is going to lead to blowback resulting in more people joining the retarded race realist movement when in fact it shouldn't even be getting media coverage. Leave the bullshit alone till it withers and dies.

Are you an imbecile or purposefully misrepresenting my position?

This is a good point. Why aren't intra-caucasian intelligence differences discussed more often? It's quite clear that certain european races are more intelligent than others after all.

Did you read it? There’s a point where he admits it’s a social construct, but he still finds it useful for whatever reason.

Fedorah tipping nonsense

Basically the author of the article is saying that HBD is real, but that race is a bit of a meme.

Then you truly didn’t read the article. The entire point of it was that scientists ignoring the reality of human genetic diversity were going against the facts, making them look increasingly irrational and protective of an ideology rather than the truth. That would create a crisis of confidence among the public which could then be exploited by actual racists to make their nonsense claims, which legitimate scientists would be unable to really challenge because they will have lost their credibility and would have refused to study the subject themselves. The whole point of the article is that meaningful genetic differences in humans exist, but that these do not conform to racist stereotypes, and that we need to determine the truth or else the racists will set the narrative. Genetic differences are real, and we can either study them to debunk the racist nonsense of Holla Forums, or we can ignore them and let those retards run away with it.

The thing about this kind of shit is it doesn’t even have any real implications for leftism, for the same reason racism is retarded in the first place. These are average trends, key word is average. The aren’t absolute, and there will be no shortage of exceptions and outliers, meaning that even if it could be shown that say, Africans were less intelligent, racist policies would still not be justified since they would discriminate against intelligent and unintelligent people alike.

No they aren’t. They are acknowledging that human biodiversity exists but explicitly stating that it does not conform to social constructions of race and that racist stereotypes have no scientific basis. The article states this multiple times.

I've never seen a leftist believer in HBD it's specific to the NRx goons and techno-fascists.

You misunderstood. Race is a social construct but different people from different regions have DNA variations. However these variations only quite loosely overlap with race and race itself has no scientific basis. Many studies have shown that two people in the same race can have less in common with eachother than someone from another race if the place of origin of the two is different while the third is near by for one of the whute guys. Some scientists try to redefine race which leads to confusion among some people.

Not really, but thanks.

Your position is dumb, and you come off as a Holla Forumsack pretending to be a /leftypolack/. If you're not, I'm still going to mock you for subscribing to the New York Times.


That's not how evolution works Holla Forums.


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Because I'm guessing you're an American. After all you lot homogenised and don't have the language barrier so it harder to tell a Frenchmen from a Walloon. If you hear someone talking about race in Europe it will in minutes boil down to racist bantz comparing Russians to apes banging rocks together and Spaniards stealing, fucking, or sleeping on everything in sight.

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You mean the school that was founded by literal Nazis has a racial bias?


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This topic always yields uniquely poor discussions here because so many posters have been taken in by liberal blank slate spooks.
Just look at all the people who jumped into this thread to righteously sage, as if to proudly display their ignorance and unwillingness to even read the article. We don't give such an emotional response to any other topic.

Might want to check your dates there mr spurdo. You're off by three centuries.

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The same place where said Harvard proved racism a total dead end. This stuff will end with genetic engineering and transhumanism, rendering, negative racism, bigotry, prejudice and so on totally meaningless and obsolete. This shit is a DEAD END.

Even worse Liberalism and liberal scientists are going to take racialism in their direction. Get ready for bio-engineered super niggers with Chinese Jew Autism Level.

How do the racists win again?

Race is a meaningless concept.

Prove me wrong. You can't.

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At an individual level it is unimportant, but at a macro level it's significant.

What if the reason why blacks have a lower Autism Level then whites in America is because they where segregated from obtaining high education and safer standers of living? I mean segregation ended in the 1960s, obviously it would take a while for blacks to get there Autism Level up.

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Not quite. Not on a mass scale, and certainly not internationally.


Didn't you hear about Soros buying us some ANTIFA SUPER SOLDIERS at the meeting last week?

I think it goes deeper. If the only individuals in your gene pool having 3+ children are low ĮQ, you kinda end up with an idiocracy situation. Successful, and educated middle class African Americans aren’t having children at the same rate the really poor ignorant hood rat ones are, so it kinda pulls their whole collective ĮQ as a whole down the drain.

In all seriousness, genetic engineering could open a gaping chasm between the developed and developing world. Pretty soon, half the world might be gaining 10 I.Q. points per generation while the other half stagnates.

Lol no. Genetic engineering will be reserved for elites only.

lol even the couple of sentences you quoted are an equivocating mess

What’s even worse it that rumor has it, a culture disconnected from Computers actually LOSES 10 ĮQ points per generation, if it’s been previously introduced, but sudently taken away. We could end up with a generation of 50 ĮQ mestizos that entire vocabulary consists of “La VIVO”, or “El Youtubina”



I mean… I want a super niggress

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IVF PGD will soon be affordable to the middle class in the west. In SocDem countries it will be available for everyone.

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and it still does not matter

Mr. Tugan repeats the old trick of the reactionaries: first to misinterpret socialism by making it out to be an absurdity, and then to triumphantly refute the absurdity! When we say that experience and reason prove that men are not equal, we mean by equality, equality in abilities or similarity in physical strength and mental ability.

It goes without saying that in this respect men are not equal. No sensible person and no socialist forgets this. But this kind of equality has nothing whatever to do with socialism. If Mr. Tugan is quite unable to think, he is at least able to read; were lie to Lake the well-known work of one of the founders of scientific socialism, Frederick Engels, directed against Dühring, he would find there a special section explaining the absurdity of imagining that economic equality means anything else than the abolition of classes.


For anyone looking for a Marxist take on eugenics, Revleft has much better discussions on this topic than Holla Forums. I think because this board is first and foremost a leftist outpost on a reactionary website, people here build an identity around being anti-Holla Forums. This identity interferes with dispassionate discussions of topics like eugenics or race.

Bio-engineered Catgirls for all!
Bread, roses, and Catgirls

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Pretty much this. The "('race')" portion of the text seems incorrect.

Well, there is your problem.

Yeah sure. As if people care about eachothers macro's and shit.

Its stuff like this why i think my white peers secretly want to genocide me, over some minuscule stat. Its got me paranoid.

Like yesterday, the casheir at gamestop shot me this really weird look for no reason. I mean, he seems like one of those neckbeard gamer types who browse Holla Forums

I sage almost every thread I post in. It's an old polite custom in my country.

This is why we need a leftist militia in 2018.

Ummm SWEETIES, the science is settled! Race is real and you're on the wrong side of history!

This. This, right here.

This article isn't saying anything new or damning though. Before genetics were even understood at a modern statistical level you had understanding of genetic diversity, I forgot the name of it in english but basically around the end of the 17th century the king sent scribes to every part of the country and he wrote down observations on all the various differences to the people's appearance, behavior, health and the environment they lived in. This continued until the mid 20th century. There were distinct differences in height, looks, weight, demeanor, hair volume, etc. For an example the people that lived in the dry hills were shorter and the men balded easier, they were all very stocky and strongly built because they had to go all the way down the hills to cut the wood for cooking, heating and building, and they were short and bald probably due to malnourishment, since the hills were barren. As a whole they were a lot more strict and enclosed than the other people examined. Basically, the looks from just the various REGIONS within a country are distinct enough to show proof of genetic difference & diversity, if applied on a continental level the differences are far more radical and this is to be expected. We are marxists and that means we are scientific, and to deny these things would be unscientific. Besides we should especially be strict about this because it is so easily abused by reactionaries and fascists who would make difference to be inferiority or supremacy.

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also fair bit to note my country is ethnically 81% the same, so these aren't even differences between ethnicities or races.

People have known about the Flynn effect for years, user, its nothing new, even if people choose to ignore it.
The average Autism Level of blacks from Carribean countries is significantly higher than that of blacks living in Burgerland despite having the same ancestry, while blacks in Europe are rapidly catching up with or even surpassing native populations. The aut-right love to point to statistics while ignoring the underlying causes which are based in peoples' material conditions, even the black crime rate that Holla Forums loves to clutch their pearls about took a massive downturn when lead was removed from gasoline. Meanwhile, the crime rate among whites is skyrocketing as a result of the opiate epidemic but that doesn't mean that white people are somehow becoming innately more prone to crime, nor does the fact that the average Autism Level of whites is actually dropping in some places mean that they're becoming innately less intelligent

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The problem with far right racism isn't that average genetic differences between various aggregates of people don't exist. It's that they formulate these differences unscientifically, and use them to make unfounded value judgements. Even if race were real, their racism would still be pathological.

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Ehhh??! E-etooo…

ano… user-chan…!

The existence of race as a biological reality doesn't conflict at all with the understanding of race as a social construct, just like gender theory is not "debunked" by the existence of male and female chromosomal systems. Describing something as a social construct doesn't mean "it doesn't exist lol", it means the social perception thereof varies according to social variables.

social construct
a social mechanism, phenomenon, or category created and developed by society; a perception of an individual, group, or idea that is 'constructed' through cultural or social practice

This isn't even worth responding to.

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Is that supposed to contradicts 's point ?

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what king?


also, people also ignore that the irish used to be the most violent group in the US, the most linked statistically to crime

It used to be the same with Italians in 19th-century France. The wop-with-a-knife was the nigger-with-a-gun of the era.

what am i missing here?

How did you get to the conclusion that the term "ignores biology"…?

Does "social construct" not refer to an object which is primarily created and maintained by culture, instead of biological influences?

No. You can have something that is both biological and socially constructed at the same time.

A vicegrip on any straw that comes your way, I see.

Not necessarily. That gender roles are socially constructed does not all conflict with the fact that (let's say) women are better homemakers by nature of their biological constitution. There is a big difference between saying (let's say) men are less emotional than women and telling a crying kid "boys don't cry".

Milos Obrenovic


I only needed one example to debunk user's claim. There are other differences as well.


Regarding Ashkenazi Autism Level:

well, congrats on proving his point. You don't need to infer genetic differences when you can use sequencing to confirm them with mathematical certainty. You know, scientifically?

All this is still incredibly circumstantial. Call me when you find something that actually shows a causal link, instead of jumping to conclusions from correlation

I agree. The claims of hereditarians need to be born out by GWAS. Everyone should be more or less agnostic on this issue.
The thing is, polite liberal society is not agnostic, they believe dogmatically in blank slate spooks. Biological determinism undermines the theoretical meritocracy which they use to justify capitalism. This is why James Watson is called a racist for claiming things which are certainly possible (and imo probable). Liberals unduly reject hereditarianism because it indicts their entire economic system.

No one here denies race you retard, it's the concept of abolishing race we believe in.

That literally does not appear in the article you lying little rat.

genuinely triggered

Burgerland blacks have different ancestry than caribbean blacks, learn your shit user

I think capitalists use race and often biology in order to cover up problem created by them.
In my country there's an area where toxic products were dumped after mining for metal
the children had -5 i.q. points average compared to neighboring areas. My university did a study on the best way to cover these waste in order not to cause problems and publiced it. Even though we tried to cause noice the government completely ignored us. Even today infant mortality is way higher there and the I.Q is dropping
i can imagine a journalist or "an expert" telling people that there's no cause of worry and that those people living there are naturally dumber and probably deserve getting sick and dying young

"It is true that race is a social construct. It is also true, as Dr. Lewontin wrote, that human populations “are remarkably similar to each other” from a genetic point of view."

Post less and read more.