Is Cheating Part Of Chinese Culture?

Is Cheating Part Of Chinese Culture?

Cheating seems to be a very common problem here in China. From the classroom to the boardroom. Sometimes it seems as if it is just an acceptable and expected way of life.

We recently gave mid-term exams at a high school where I teach a few classes a week. The students were all put into a large lecture hall with two seats between them as they took the exam. They are placed this way to try to keep them from cheating. Regardless, as one of the monitors of the exam, I moved one of the smarter students (he ended up getting the highest score in the class) because of the boy behind him attempting to see his exam.

When I talked to one teacher about this problem she said, "Well, if you were sitting next to someone and could cheat, wouldn't you?" I said, "Absolutely not. In the USA if a student so much as glances (takes a quick look) at another student's exam, the teacher is very likely to give him a score of zero with no way of making it up. Besides, I wouldn't trust his answers if I could see his exam and decided to cheat." By the teacher's response, I realized that cheating is so common that it is expected by the teachers.

I gave one exam at a local university where the person who ran the copies for my exam gave (or perhaps 'sold') the exam to my students before I gave it. Still, some students failed the exam. I suppose they didn't have the money to pay her. Even then, she wanted me to give the exam again to the students who failed. I found it somewhat incredible that you would give the same exam twice to a student who failed and who had rarely ever come to class. She said, "This is how we do it in China." I said, "No wonder most people have have little to no respect for the schools here and want to send their kids abroad."

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99 Percent of Battlegrounds Cheats Are From China, PlayerUnknown Says

Many PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds players blame the game’s cheating problem on China. They’re not wrong, says the popular battle royale game’s creator Brendan Greene. But there’s more to it than that.

“Battleye have already tweeted out that I think around 99 percent of cheats in the game right now are coming out of China,” Greene told Kotaku by phone.

“There’s a massive cheat market not only in China, but around the world,” he said. “But it’s seen as kind of a little bit more acceptable to cheat in games in China. Also geographically, they just have a lot more people than anywhere else in the world.”

While PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, long available via Early Access, has now officially “launched,” it’s still got a murder purgatory island of ongoing issues to contend with. Some, like server troubles, are just a matter of polish. The game’s cheating problem, however, is a tougher nut to crack.

In recent months, PUBG has seen an influx of cheaters, some of whom go so far as to advertise their hacks like door-to-door salesmen (at least until somebody finally wallops them with a frying pan).

Some players who’ve encountered a large number of cheaters have gone on to call for things as drastic as bans of Chinese players from other regions’ servers, using language that borders on xenophobic to do so. Despite the prevalence of Chinese cheat programs and players, however, Greene said he can’t get behind that mentality.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea at all,” he said. “Yes, the majority of cheats come out of China, but that doesn’t mean all Chinese players are cheaters. This idea that just because you’ve got a few bad eggs, you’ve gotta ban a whole country is a bit reactive.”

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It isn't cheating for it's own end, but to get ahead.

Chinese society is highly competitive and is shaped like a pyramid, with the most powerful at the very top. This is very different from western society, which is also a pyramid, but most Americans don't know that. American society is not an obvious pyramid, while Chinese society is.

China today is basically America 100 years ago.

Mainland China has seen an explosion of business, wealth, urbanization, pollution, growing military spending, and class disparity occur in the last few decades. Chinese today are worried that this rapid growth has resulted in irrecoverable moral decay, but they're hardly the only nation that's ever been through this.

100 years ago America had remorseless sweatshops run by billionaire business barons, deadly food scandals (Upton Sinclair's The Jungle should be required reading for Chinese that want to understand the US and themselves), ethnic violence, corrupt politician scandals, and everything else that's on the news in China today.

Nowadays the US has grown to the point where the 'rules' are well known and cheaters have to be a lot more subtle to not get shamed in public.

They don't feel it's a good thing. They feel is a necessary thing. Competition is the driving force. In China, no one wants to be left behind in the rat race.

It takes more than fingerprint checks to beat cheaters in China’s biggest exam

This week, more than 9 million Chinese students will sit roughly nine hours over a period of two days for the gaokao, the high-stakes exam for admission to a Chinese college. Notoriously grueling, it can determine a student’s entire career path, and ultimately the kind of life one leads. At least 2 million of the test-takers won’t pass.

That’s why the gaokao, to be held on June 7-8, never falls short of cheaters. Exam halls have used metal detectors and drones to prevent cheating via high-tech gadgets. But what about hiring a surrogate to take the exam for you?

For this, verification via ID cards is a must, but hardly enough. Surrogates can use their own photos on forged IDs, and admission tickets with the real test-takers’ information on them. Fingerprint checks have become common in many test centers, but surrogates have responded by wearing special fingerprint films of the candidates.

It’s a constant game of cat-and-mouse. Now authorities are embracing more sophisticated biometric technology. Since last year, Guangzhou officials have used facial-recognition programs (link in Chinese) to match students to their ID photos, admission-ticket photos, and headshots from high school (taken at graduation and uploaded to a database). This year the northeastern city of Qingdao is following suit, rolling out (link in Chinese) the same program to check some 35,000 gaokao candidates.

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This industry helps Chinese cheat their way into & through US colleges

The advertisements were tailored for Chinese college students far from home, struggling with the English language and an unfamiliar culture.

Coaching services peppered the students with emails and chat messages in Chinese, offering to help foreign students at U.S. colleges do much of the work necessary for a university degree. The companies would author essays for clients. Handle their homework. Even take their exams. All for about a $1,000 a course.

For dozens of Chinese nationals at the University of Iowa, the offers proved irresistible.

“Test-taking services. Paper-writing. Take Online Courses for you,” says the social-messaging profile of one Chinese coaching outfit used by Iowa students, UI International Student Services. A pitch emailed by another business ended with this reassuring claim: “Your friends are all using us.”

Today, the University of Iowa, one of the largest state universities in the American Midwest, says it is investigating at least 30 students suspected of cheating. Three sources familiar with the inquiry say the number under investigation may be two or three times higher.

University spokespeople declined to name the students or comment on their nationality, citing academic privacy laws.

But those familiar with the investigation said that most, perhaps all, of the cheating suspects are Chinese nationals. They stand accused of cheating in online versions of at least three courses, including law and economics. Three of the Chinese suspects admitted to Reuters that they hired Chinese-run outfits to take exams for them.

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Living in china atm?

I've lived and worked there for half a year. God have mercy on you, what a fucking shitshow. I can't even begin to say all the shit thats wrong with that country.
Do you at least have a european toilet and a bed with a matress? Because I fucking didn't.
Also how do you like the food? My favourites were sweet and sour pork and fried eggplant.

Just be carefull with politics lad, they arrested maoists because they were reading mao.

Riot after Chinese teachers try to stop pupils cheating

What should have been a hushed scene of 800 Chinese students diligently sitting their university entrance exams erupted into siege warfare after invigilators tried to stop them from cheating.

The relatively small city of Zhongxiang in Hubei province has always performed suspiciously well in China's notoriously tough "gaokao" exams, each year winning a disproportionate number of places at the country's elite universities. Last year, the city received a slap on the wrist from the province's Education department after it discovered 99 identical papers in one subject. Forty five examiners were "harshly criticised" for allowing cheats to prosper.

So this year, a new pilot scheme was introduced to strictly enforce the rules.

When students at the No. 3 high school in Zhongxiang arrived to sit their exams earlier this month, they were dismayed to find they would be supervised not by their own teachers, but by 54 external invigilators randomly drafted in from different schools across the county.

For the students, and for their assembled parents waiting outside the school gates to pick them up afterwards, the new rules were an infringement too far.

As soon as the exams finished, a mob swarmed into the school in protest.

By late afternoon, the invigilators were trapped in a set of school offices, as groups of students pelted the windows with rocks. Outside, an angry mob of more than 2,000 people had gathered to vent its rage, smashing cars and chanting: "We want fairness. There is no fairness if you do not let us cheat."

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This is anecdotal, but Asian students seemed to be cheating on exams disproportionately when I was in college.
I do not know if they were Chinese.

The chinks are right, test exams are fucking gay

They sure are right, most capitalist country ive even been in.

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There are certain aspects that make a country more capitalist, mainly the lack of workers orginisation and power.

Even though welfare and workers rights do not make a country socialist or make the economy hybrid, it does make the economic system less "pure" capitalism.

Related, but not about cheating.

impressive really.

t. retard

Cheating is innovation

So is this the angle Americans are going with? Lemme guess, the Petroyuan is going to be characterized as China, as an entire nation, "cheating" at global trade. This is just the foundation work for that.

There must be some discord where Holla Forumsyps formulate these retarded efforts at damage control and justification.

This comes straight out of the MSM

TBH school exams tend to be structured poorly. There's far too much focus on individual knowledge and memorization. Who tests for resourcefulness or the ability to know where to look for new information or how to connect ideas in a network or how to coordinate people to get a task done? The focus on individual success is a sickness tbh and the main reason people balk at "group projects" is that everyone goes into it with a hyper-individualistic mindset, intending to get the highest marks for the least work.

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Highly centralized bureaucracies require quantitative numbers to plug into a computer to make student, teacher and school performance testing easy for the purposes of distributing money. It is of course easily abusable (see America's K12 system as an example), bourgeoisie elements demand as such because it gives them an easy leg up and prevents meritocracy from occurring.

The only problem is that it causes social isolation which leads to increased mental illness and suicide (and school shootings as is the case in America and mass stabbings as is the case in China).

The world is fucking filled with Holla Forumsyps and we are here to purge.

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Recently graduated English major from SFU, a Vancouver university with a large quantity of Chinese students. (Though this includes both Chinese nationals and X-generation immigrants, what im writing mostly touches on the former)

Currently I'm a little frustrated because the only place that has expressed real interest in my writing skills have been the companies Shadow Writers and ASAP Consulting, which are both glorified pay-for-essay farms.

I only applied in the first place because the original pitch you get is that your job would be "assisting ASL students with their writing" which inferred (to me) editing and proofreading papers or walking a student through their own writing i.e. how to present an argument they already had formulated, into English.
Nope. The work is basically thus: an employee logs into a web portal, sees a request for an essay of X number of pages on such-and-such a topic, with the attached source material to write on. The client is anonymous to the writer. Starting rate is 13 Canadian funbucks per 300 word page (this is low to my estimation. I've written articles for pay before, and I usually made slightly under $200 for 1500 words, and when I did that i wasn't putting my academic future in jeopardy.)

By my estimation it's nothing to do with some kind of Chinese cultural quirk, but more to do with the failings of a capitalist conception of education, first and foremost treating a diploma as the commodity and not the education itself. (My English faculty is still pretty left comapred to the rest of the university, so I was made way more aware of it just by comparison, and by professors complaining they were being expected to try to teach liberal arts in ways similar to STEM.)
Since my specialty for Shadow Writers or ASAP would have been in English, I already know that most of the assignments I'd receive are 100-levels that students are required to take as "breadth credits" to round out the education of, say STEM or Business majors. These are often just treated as obstacles to the degree in Business and not an opportunity to learn, due to the ludicrous pressure to perform/succeed, hence creating the market to pay someone else to do it.
I also have to say that the opportunity to cheat or sell essays wouldn't be so prevalent to begin with if 100-level courses weren't often in classrooms of 50 or even 100. Once you're at the 300-level of english and you have a teacher having a one on one relationship with a class of maybe 15, the idea of a teacher being duped by paid essay is kind of laughable.
Lastly the first time you cheat or pay for an essay, you're increasing your dependence on it later, compounding on itself until disaster strikes. I remember basically being incapable of communicating with some chinese students due to what I found out later to be their reliance on external assistance in proving their English skills in order to gain admittance to SFU. This resulted in a sort of linguistic self-segregation at times on campus, which I feel is sort of antithetical to the opportunity to encounter a diverse array of people which can make university a formative experience.

TL:DR Its not China or Chinese culture, it's the continually growing influence of Capitalism in the university.when school becomes a commodity and not an actual formative experience, people with money are going to find ways to get the commodity faster and with less effort. Universities that go along with this capitalist approach perhaps even accept a small amount of this grift in their institutions but end up shooting themselves in the foot, as they've now drastically reduced the value of that commodified degree, since there are now people walking around with them who have learnt very little.

I heavily regret writing all this on my phone.

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>the original pitch you get is that your job would be "assisting ASL students with their writing" which inferred (to me) editing and proofreading papers or walking a student through their own writing
How much did that English education cost exactly?

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You have no future unless you luck out. I have dozens of friends in the same position and the majority are working in call centers.
I hate to say it but you're incredibly lucky just to be writing/editing.

Does tendency to cheat come from cultural factors or from biological factors?

Jeez those are some insane measures.

Hahahahaha, I would expect that to be an onion article. Do they not see the hypocrisy of their statements?

A lot of them are retarded. Still in many disciplines its the most convenient way to test mastery. I would say that exams where you just memorize words and maybe do something with it, write some stuff about it is terrible. You forget what you learned half a year later.

Awful group projects that modern uni courses are flooded with. Often the projects are easy, the most challenging projects where often 2-3 man projects.

Everyone hates group projects since they usually are a way for free riders to get success. There are no proper punishments for leeching, if one puts in a lot of work and another writes a few lines which are usually bs then its really hard to get that guy out of the group. So he leeches off everyone else putting in work.

I would argue that more groupwork should be done alone, groupwork only works if an entire university course is focussed around it. E.g. you can have a course for application development where for the entire course you're building an application with a group.

The true bourgeoisie doesn't require education but would have jobs available for their kids through connections. Many entry tier jobs in my country (Netherlands) 20 years ago that didn't require a Bsc/Msc now require it.

My university (University of Amsterdam) would have tests for nearly every course. So you couldn't just buy your way through.

Same here in Netherlands but people don't cheat here either. Material conditions are not to be blamed for it. I would say cheating occurs least from my experience on European universities.

USA universities are overrated. Listed way too high on those ranking websites. European universities should be ranked higher, at least their bachelor and master programs should.

das rite, the chinese are cheaters! when chinese do something, they're cheating because being chinese is being a cheater! when china grows faster than the west is because they're cheating! chinese news? cheating news! FAKE NEWS!

wrong thread but I cheated my way over here

Honor and merit are completely alien concept to all non whites.

The cultural thing about China compared to Europe does exist.

And I see it as an advantage of the Chinese culture.

Whereas European culture divides people into masters, who actually do cheat, and good little sheep who obey the law, Chinese see things as they are. If the Laws allow for someone to be bypassed, you should strive to bypass them too for your advantage, because if you don't you will simply be taken advantage of by other people.

It creates both more cutthroat and "redpilled" society, which is a good thing for Capitalism specifically.

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Well, no wonder you autists will be dead in 1 generation.

Nah, honour is a Euro thing.
Literally the culture which is known for establishing one of the first meritocratic nations.

The test obsession is a consequence of having a so-called "meritocracy" under capitalism.

Bruh I addressed this in my post. Group projects are shitty because of the context. It's a game of chicken over who's willing to do the least work instead of any measure of overall quality. I'll add here that the idea of a maximal grading system plays into it as well. You get x out of y points so your success and failure is bounded. If you had a system that scaled with input then there's a reason for everyone to put in effort because the choice is no longer between "do the work or let someone else do it" but "add work to the product and increase everyone's marks or don't". In the latter case there's no reason to slack off based on the context of the project.

Yep. The concepts of honor and merit are mutually exclusive. If you are motivated by utility, you in no way can follow any sort of rigid and strict conservative behavioural code that forces you into making choices without thinking at all, let alone evaluating their utility.

honor and merit are completely foreign concepts to capitalist fucks

Cheating is actually existing socialism.
Seriously, where do Marx wrote that thou shall not cheat? Nowhere.

Cheating in China is a legacy of the Imperial Examination system. The tl;dr is that in imperial China, if you wanted a top job (ie. a bureaucrat) you had to study for and attend what was basically a giant civics and history exam that focused exclusively on the rote memorization and reproduction of classical Confucian writings. These exams were grueling and extremely competitive even thousands of years ago and cheating was as rampant then as it is now. The "cheating is part of the test" attitude goes back literally thousands of years in China and has shaped their culture considerably.

When interacting with a Chinese on a purely interpersonal level they're often perfectly decent people but when it comes to any professional or pseudo-professional relationship they will cut your throat without a shred of remorse or hesitation and then when you ask "why?" they will shrug and reply "I don't know why you didn't".

t. angry wide faced man with slightly tilted almond eyes and short stature

Reminder that our brother Hong was fighting to eliminate this bullshit. Press F for our martyr.

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Are you seriously implying that they shouldn't cheat? I hope every single Chinese student cheats on their exams. I can not believe that their are actual """socialists""" who would support inneffective, biased testing that determines someone's standing.
They are objectively right to do this. When you investigate one group, they will get worse scores than the people allowed to cheat. This is basic, basic logic. The kind of tight-ass who wants to catch cheaters is undoubtedly a counter-revolutionary.
These tests are just another separation of rich and poor, """"good"""" worker and """"bad"""" worker, etc…
Really puts it in perspective how absolutely retarded Holla Forums can be if topics haven't already been covered for them to have an opinion on.
Before anyone gets ass blasted, I don't really know what the OP's opinion was, I'm just making the point for any straggling retards

The wealthy are the ones paying others to take the test for them.

Burgers cheat aswell

The entire American history is based around cheating, the natives, Latin America etc, hell the culture glorifies cheats, in relationships, gaming the system, etc…

Western countries cheat, they just hide it better and would rather do it in third world nations.

My sister got a masters in English and then got accepted to Vanderbilt for law school. It isn't totally useless, but you have to get lucky or get another degree on top of it.

Or you could get a masters in any STEM subject and get a better LSAT than your average liberal arts degree holder (excepting philosophy majors of course) then get accepted to a Tier 1 school. That way you can always fall back on your STEM degree if the law school thing doesn't work out (it often doesn't these days unfortunately.)

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Some more cheating links on america:

What if you don't give a shit about STEM? I was just pointing out English isn't useless. Also math and science isn't everyone's forte. People should be able to do what they want in school.

I love this.

In school I remember being taught that American industry started when we stole and reverse-engineered British manufacturing tech, and this is portrayed as good old American ingenuity, but the Chinese do the same thing and it's BAWWWWW THEY'RE CHEATING A BLOO BLOO BLOO.

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There is nothing wrong with cheating the US Empire anyway, not when they did the same with the USSR

cheating, shoplifting, and assaulting trump voters are 3 crimes i think should be made legal tbh.

fucking this, undermine the system and hierarchical bullshit anyway you can

Im not sure if any of you know, but some background on china and tests:

Everything in china depends on your tests, your entire future does. The tests are standardized in the whole country, over a billion people. The result of your test determines what university you can get into, and you always go to the best one you can, because the university you went to determines the kind of job you will get.

Any chinese student will go to the best university they can, and its even more important for rural chinese, because getting into university means getting a city-passport, allowing you to live, work and use services such as school for your kids, hospitals, etc, in the city. If you have a rural passport, you cannot use hospitals in the city, live there permanently or have your kids go to school there. You inherit your parents passport, and rural areas are incredibly impoverished, underfunded and the quality of services and life is staggeringly worse. If you get 1 point more on your test, that means you now rank higher than a million or so other students, which can be the difference between living your entire existence in poverty in rural areas, or having a decent job in a city. It can be the difference between having a shitty office job or a high paying position. And once you are in university, you are set. You basically cannot fail or drop out, you just complete the few years of ceremony to get your slip and then you get a job, it is almost impossible to fuck up once you are in a university, as said to me by the chinese university students I lived with for half a year.

The entire chinese system and culture are based around standardised tests, they determine your faith in life. This breeds an astronomic incentive to cheat, because if you dont cheat, everybody else will, and now you will spend your life slaving away on a farm. This dates all the way back to ancient times, where the Mandarins/Guans/Imperial scholars were chosen by means of tests, not by means of lineage. Your performance on the imperial scholarly tests determined if you lived a life as an imperial scholar, or as a lowly servant or peasant. Being a bureaucrat or suffering your entire existence.

Tests are everything in China, they determine your faith in life and that of your children, and it has been this way in China since the year 605.

I find it a truly nightmarish society to live in.

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Cheating is just good praxis.

based chinamen

somehow this is bad for leftypollers

Its still a hierarchy based on memorization instead of ability, unjustified and unnecessary.
Learning should serve the person, the goal is to make a better person, not to be good at tests. And even people who score lower on tests shouldn't be destined for a shittier life and be barred from growing afterwards.
Its a caste system justified by tests, rather than by birth.

What makes you think they like this either? China isn't some magical land surrounded by water without regional enemies and has ample profits from a century of plundering

during a 3rd year economics midterm exam the prof caught about 12 chinese students all cheating together. They all sat in the same row at the back handing cheat sheets around.
She was a stupid libshit and didn't expel them/give them 0, instead made them redo the test and gave them a 10% penality or something….wtf

They should've all been deported, their english was atrocious, and none of the girls were even cute.

Anyway, they seen to be inching on to reform anyway

maybe if you're elite and not a fucken pleb commoner
you think plebs are gonna undermine the hierarchy lol

People in the Third World is tested with hunger, violence, poisoning… corporations cheat on their lives every fucking day, then all of a sudden leftypol is scared by imperial quizzes. Do me a favor first world, fuck off and die.

Fuck off you moralising liberal.

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Made me cringe

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it's a shitty description but still..

It's not wrong

has Holla Forums had any issues with China or Chinese people? The people round here are pretty nice

We have horror anecdotes about China in basically every China thread.

I worked a few months in a chinese importer store and the owner was a pretty cool guy tbh, despite obviously being petty bourg.

no this is just flavor of the decade "muh insect dog eating people" to revv up those war drums

distaste for China has existed since the 1989 Tienanmen Square Massacre where the Chinese government more or less laid out what their domestic policy was (shooting unarmed protesters). This is why people protested the WTO, China's inclusion into the WTO, and all businesses who outsource to China.

The Chinese kids at my high school mostly kept to themselves and didn't learn much english, I don't blame them, I would've done the same.

Shut the fuck up amerifat.

talking like westerners haven't been shitting on the chinese since the opium wars when they were called "celestials"

it's not cheating guys it's communism

No, I won't :^)

China + America were best friends in WW2, before they went communist. Relations then improved from Nixon until the Massacre in 1989 under HW Bush.