Does anyone want to talk?

The first time I posted here the thread got 600+ replies, and we had a good discussion until I got banned.
Can we try again?

Why does the left want to give special privileges to minorities?

If the goal is to foster revolutionary spirit among the working class and overthrow the capitalist ruling class, why focus on dividing the working class on racial grounds?

Even worse why take the side of minorities who by definition are a minority. I don't see minorities rising up and overthrowing both the majority working class and the capitalists.

Please explain.
I can't understand this.

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Identity politics is a capitalist campaign.

It destroys organized labour, and allows the owners to rip everyone right off.

There was that Bidstrup comic about it somewhere, to show how long back it was a thing…

fine, i'll bite.

go ask >>>/liberty/ about that
we're not liberals

Define special privileges.
Because you really do seem to be confusing us with liberals.

I'm not OP but I've been wondering, what does Holla Forums think about "positive discrimination" programmes like Affirmative Action?

Ok maybe i'm just wrong then.
If so thanks for clearing that up, but it's pretty hard to tell you all apart as an outsider.

Race based scholarships, racial hiring quotas, exc.

forgot the obligatory anime picture.

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They're libshit cancer. They're also not necessary with total employment.

Those are, generally speaking, liberal policies. That said, I won't sit here and say that groups that genuinely support the downfall of capitalism *don't* sometimes advocate those things out of a misguided sense of equality.
However, the smart leftists realize that those things are unnecessary if we implement socialism and hinder our ultimate and main goal.

More or less this.

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We do?

Thats not us, thats other people in the """"left"""".

We cannot explain the reason people do things we don't support either.

We usually make a distinction between actual leftists (radical socialists) and the sort of "leftist" you describe (liberals obsessed with identity politics).

The latter aren't really leftists since they don't want to uproot capitalism, they just want capitalism with more black transgender CEOs. We do not associate with them, and frequently criticize them.

(This doesn't mean that actual leftists ignore the plight of minorities - rather, we see capitalism as the source of their woes, and identity politics as obscurantism meant to hide that fact)

and that they hinder*

Huh, I was completely wrong on this one.
I think you guys have a serious image problem then because iv seen let's call them """""communists""""" advocating for racial/liberal things more often then iv seen them actually fighting against capitalism.

From the outside the """""left""""" looks like a monolith desu.

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What do you want me to do about it?

I agree. There is also a lot of propaganda against us that would ruin are image even if we had less liberals

Actual communists have been completely deplatformed, banned from public discourse, and their labels and terms have been re-associated to what amounts to be controlled opposition AKA left-liberals.

Are you familiar with 1984's Newspeak? That's what's going on from what I can tell since I went down the rabbit hole of Marxism

Kill yourself

Indeed we do, but no, the left is far from a monolith, even amongst actual leftists. Leftist here meaning the same thing as anyone against capitalism.
One of, if not the, primary missions of leftists right now is education.

That actually makes more sense then I was expecting.

Learn to meme. I'm not memeing when I say that.

The right's factions all have different distinguishable memes that lets you tell them apart. Porkey is a good start. You need more of that.

You can't deplatform a meme.

It's not a good thread unless someones telling me to kill myself. Thanks for that.

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We've got plenty of memes though.

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So tell me this.
Are Not Socialists who oppose capitalism leftists?

I really don't understand why you are fighting the """""nazi's""""" when you both seem to want the same thing.

Feels like i'm not seeing something.

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We can't compete with Holla Forums meme quality since they are run and funded by the US government.

But almost none of them are good.

*National Socialists.

Idk how that turned into not.

Nazis aren't in opposition to private enterprise or private property, private property here meaning private ownership of the means of production like a factory, not personal property like your toothbrush.

Word filters.

In reality Holla Forums memes aren't really that good and there is no "meme science". They are only funny if you already agree with their message. People first get indoctrinated into the ideology, then start laughing at le merchant and helicopters. That's the truth.

It's not that leftists can't meme, it's just that they are deplatformed everywhere and misrepresented by shrill idpol liberals.

Word and image edits are OK in board material, but you need original meme's that people and spread.

The stuff iv seen on here is way to on the nose.

We do have memes but its hard to un-meme 70 years of cultural indoctrination.

We also don't really need seperate memes for seperate trains of thought in communism, because its not as clear-cut as the right is. There is more of a spectrum between everything from ancoms to ☭TANKIE☭s, with everybody lying somewhere on it.

notsocs arent socialist and they do not oppose capitalism. The word privitisation was invented to describe nazi economic policy.

5trasserism and nazbols are more apt and can be discussed as if they are left or not, but they are few in number. But nazis are definately not socialist.

The wordfilter is here to help you with writing what you really want to say.

Where did you hear we want to do that?

I'm not talking about le merchant, plenty of people find that offensive.

I'm talking about Kek, Autistic Screeching, exc. stuff that's not purely political in nature but will lead you in the direction of the creator.

I ended up here because of everyone on /int/ memeing spooks.

The 1940's version of the Not Socialists mabye, but the modern version are board line monarchists. I don't think they even know what they believe.

What I really mean to say is, You have a poor white working class that is tried of the current system, and it just strikes me as odd that you don't target them at all.

If you added a little bit of nationalism into your message I think it would really resonate with people hit by the Rescission.

Because they only have you + leftists or the """""nazi's"""""" it's not hard to see why they see thing's like pic related.

Leftist rallys.

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We do.
On the boards I go to normally I still proselytize for leftism of any sort if politics comes up at all and people are being dissatisfied with the effects of capitalism.

Kek, there we go. Holla Forums isn't working class, it's literal children or lumpens (neets and fat amerilard conspiracy theorists on autismbux)

(Not that right-wing populism isn't on an upswing, but that has nothing to do with Holla Forums)

the common idea of "leftism" amongst self-described leftists and their opponents is diverging so far from what it ever was historically and from those who want to emphasize libertarian anticapitalism it might sooner or later be best to just drop the term entirely.

they mostly do, except osmetimes people have a kneejerk reaction to people who seem too Holla Forums, from having suffered so much of their obnoxious spamming. the same thing combined with the chronic infestation of reddit vermin normalfags also tends to breed nasty anti-NEET sesntiment amongst a certain fraction of the posters.
leftypol doesnt ignore any specific element of the working class because they're white, though. I like to say that idpols relationship with leftism is parasitic.

No one posting on image boards is working class. On some level we are all have enough free time to spare to post anime gifs and talk about political theory, be it that we are 6 year olds, boushwazeee aristocrats, students, rich kids, w/e.

It has not changed the fact that Holla Forums doubled real chans numbers during the election and Holla Forumss memes have radiated out and hit home with the actual normie working class.

I think the left is just a lead weight around your neck tbh fam. The right ditched the neo-cons and look how well they did.

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understanding "the left" as meaning "what most everyone calls and thi nks of as 'the left' " I agree.

Working class in leftist parlance is anyone selling their labor power for their means to live. Which is, admittedly, a broad definition, but it's both a practical and easily defined one.
If you sell your labor power to someone else, you aren't getting the full value of your work back. If you were, your boss would be out of business.
We're trying. Literally one of the first things I do when trying to convert people to socialism is to denounce identity politics.

According to Holla Forums if you don't want to kill 90% of the human population for being "non-white" you are a leftist.

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You can ignore Holla Forumss power but you can't ignore the results. That le 17% face meme is also great.
Not the one you posted, but the original really hits home with a lot of Holla Forumstards.

I grew up around christian working poor.
They love Jesus. They love america. And they at least make an effort to get along with minorities.
They are actually worried about the collapse of capitalism (turn on FOX and wait for the commercials, its all COLLAPSE INCOMING! BUY GOLD!) in there own limited understanding of it.

If you sold them a solution to it, that still let them wave the flag I think they would buy it. That's what the right has done.

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That's a really good start.

The well was poisoned for you from the start, and gamergate and the SJW's just made it even worse.

I'm going out for a few hours.
It's been nice talking with all of you.
If there are posts when I get back i'l reply.
I'd wish you luck but I'm hard neutral on all this.

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One of my favorite things to do is preempt anyone calling me unamerican by explaining that socialism is the logical next step of the ideals our nation was at least nominally founded upon, namely radical democracy and liberty.

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yeah, but I said most everyone, not Holla Forums.

probably. as an anarchist I'd rather get them to give up on the flag and replace it with their own community and the wider movement for liberation. but, thats what its actually been like at various points in american history, to varying extents. a lot of us are aware of all this, but an imageboard isnt a great platform from which to change the entire political landscape. Holla Forums gives itself too much credit.

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Well the way affirmative action was designed was less "Let's help minorities get into x, y, or z" and more so to create environments (particularly college) for people that were diverse. That was at least the plan when it was first implemented, if i remember correctly.

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What results?

Is there anything more pathetic than the undeserved sense of smugness mongoloids like OP have when talking about meme images on the internet? It makes me wonder that maybe the SJWs were right about "mediocre white male confidence".


I some how don't believe you.

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I don't feel a ton of hostility towards it. I just accept it as part of the capitalist system. There will always be little rules like this to try to "fix" the system. We wouldn't need it in a just world.
The system is racist. It can cut both ways. It just gets a lot more attention when it cuts in a certian direction in certian groups of people.

You can try to add any buzzword to "discrimination" you want, it's still discrimination. By giving companies employing niggers or women advantages you are not changing material conditions of people living in your country - it just means that women have less children (which means you need to import more people from undeveloped countries) or that you are forcing creation of petty-bourg sentiment among minorities.

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is not. explain how capitalism is structurally, materially "racist" in a way that would be the same if noone was personally racist and there had been no history of racism either.
capitalism would work the same if it there was absolutely no sexual or racial inequality whatsoever. there perfectly well could be and it wouldnt change an ything about capitalism.
if some kind of people have been historically made poorer because of naked and widespread bigotry it will perpetuate that poverty, which will reinforce that racism, etc etc, but that isnt the system being structurally racist, thats the system doing what it always does to everyone in a society where there is also racism.

That's unironally what the KKK was trying to do.

I did not mean to ignore that poverty amongst blacks actually originated with slavery. my bad. the last sentence still stands.

yeah but they also wanted to murder people for being brown. reactionaries often imitate leftists.

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You have been spooked.
Thats how they have been spun, and i'm not saying some diden't, but for the most part they hung foreigners(people from other states) coming to take jobs, not just black people for being black. It was a sort of resistance movement after the civil war. But your now going to say the civil war was only about slavery and this discussion has happened over a million times now.

Got a way to back up the claim it was mainly foreigners?
Of course it wasnt only over slavery but it was the flint that lit the fire.

Don't take this the wrong way but you seem to be new, most if not all of the """spicy memes""" that Holla Forums """created""" existed way before Holla Forums was given its second chance, hell even Kek predates Holla Forums it was Horde for lol.

I've said it once and I'll say it again you can not "create memes" they just happen.Nor can you "own memes" they flow were they flow.
end of discussion


Made by Anti-Baboon Gang

Nothing besides personal experience, but you don't have hard proof as well. It's not like they had iphones to film shit back then. All we have is the propaganda. That's why we will never agree.

The kek thing only goes back to /s4s/ getting insane dubs with pic related, having several mega threads, and eventually crossing over to Holla Forums with there dubs worship.

The wow translation is just a coincidence.

When I say you need to learn to meme what I really mean is most of the meme's iv seen on this board are fake memes, lets call them mems. The mems you have all feature quality opposition memes, opposition members, or attack the opposition in ways only you would understand. These mems are funny to you, but only you, and yes that sounds like a meme, but it's not. It's a mem.

Memes are only understood by the people who made them because of relative location to the people who made them.
Normies can eventually figure them out if they get the context.

Your mems are only understood in context to already existing memes. To a normie they just look like random biased shit.
Since you are only generating mems and not meme's i'd say your fucked famalama.

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It's only about the memes fam.
It's only ever been about the memes.

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it wasnt "just a coincidence" it was a pretty popular phrase in thier circles

Please show us more sonnerad glasses and helicopter memes that normies love, oh wiat

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Articulating class divisions as manifest in racial and gendered relations isn't a liberal tendency; asserting these divisions as meaningful in and of themselves, understanding culture as ownership, "reclaiming" / "self-identifying" any of the manifold results of class divisions, however, absolutely is, and ought to be treated as counterrevolutionary.

their point remains that Holla Forumss favorite memes are largely second hand.
their use of them is overrated too. particularly, the one actually meant to be propoganda are usually as bad as contrived leftypol wall of text counterpoints to them.
there is some truth in this, in that making funny shit becaues you like it and reposting it becaues it makes you laugh is more likely to draw people in and then hook them when they are in. for which, the board culture and how people use and repurpoues memes does matter more than wherever they came from originally.
leftypol is less funny than Holla Forums in this way, partially because of the r/socialism rejects, partially because of the /lit/, and osme other things. but you cant just say 'make better memes guys' as advice to remedy this.
I can vouch from experience that leftypol absoslutely can get someone who's already prediposed to anti-authoritarianism, mistrust of corporations, etc, who hasnt yet bought into or found themelves unable to buy into Holla Forumss crap to swing to radical, anticapitalist socialism. particularly if they previously stayed away from the mainstream 'left' because of idpol. since, well, that was me.

nazbol and made by x gang is the funniest shit ever, no Holla Forums meme comes close tbh

When I say you, I'm referring to Holla Forums as a whole. Not you personally. We both witnessed the phenomenon of meme creation in our lifetime.
What i'm saying is your board is shit at generating memes. So you somehow have to git gud (idk how) or your just fucked imo.

Iv never heard kek used outside of wow, and I live in more of there circles then yours.

Iv never said helicopter memes were popular around normies.
If anything they are more popular here then on Holla Forums.
I'd classify those as mems as well.

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I was only saying that because someone asked "so what do you want me to do"?

I know it's actually impossible. I agree with you on most the point.

Let me try to make my point using examples.
Pic related is a Holla Forums meme.
It's self explanatory, it's funny, it's not directly political in terms of economic theory, it's not to edgy to get normies banned for sharing it, but it makes you think about race representation, and that will lead people to Holla Forums who dig deeper.

I'm saying you should do pic related with the capitalist propaganda normal people see day to day.

All I see on here are copies of bad right wing memes making fun of them for being bad.

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like most of the right its obsessed with frivolous shit. You cant condense econ down to a 3 or 4 word snip-it for nitwits.

how many people do you think looked at that and thought, hmm why arent there more blacks and women on that panel and came to the conclusion "must be genes" and not "we need more up there"

Is there a leftist board that also embraces identity politics?

please dont try to dodge and false flag

humour is subjective
don't kid yourself
it's time to stop
pic related

Just stop. The obsession with LE MEMES is laughable.

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What you call frivolous shit is really important to people.
Memes are not paragraphs of text, they are simple, funny retarded cancer that get the point across.

A bad choice of words about representation, I was trying to speak your language, but my bad. What it does is build a narrative.

You combine this meme, with lots of other stupid simple memes that all share a common theme of "anuddah shoah" and this is just more proof of a global conspiracy to end the white race.

I'm insulted. I don't even know how you flag.
Seriously how do you flag?

Nobody wants to give "special privileges" to minorities. The closer you'll get to that are quotas as supported by liberals, a rather pathetic band-aid on the open sore of systemic racial discrimination and exclusion. This faulty assumption makes pretty much your whole point moot.

We don't. We support class-based politics, and while we understand and address the fact that certain social groups are faced with specific issues, ultimately it always tie in to class.

… So what? Should we not care about cancer patients because they're a "minority", because they don't make up the majority of society?

Why the fuck would we want "minorities" to "overthrow" the "majority working class"…? This is such a bizarre question to ask.

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Then laugh.
I don't see anyone getting banned on normiebook for posting this. It's not edgy in any way unless you already bought into one sides narrative.

borderline going on full throttle ethnonationalist understanding of rthe meaning of the word "culture" is one of the worst fucking aspects of idpol and vastly under-hated.
It would take a book to fully articulate how revoltingly misguided and stupid the idea of that word that could lead someone to say "[speaker shome contry here] has no culture" is.

yeah they're pretty good. I doubt theyd be that good to outsiders but they represent the right kind of culture.

somewhat, yeah. it isnt THAT bad though.
its /extremely/ good at making people who are already predisposed to these ideas realize they dont have to lick big reds crusty muff to be a "socialist", and thats one of the reasons why. that and the shitting on liberals and SJWs, which leftypols memes and infographs for are actually pretty good because they come from an organic motivation to take the piss out of insufferable establishment cunts.
there are various reasons one could pose to explain why there arent as many good jokes, images, and inographics about capitalism itself. bookish liberal arts students predisposed to express themselves in walls of text. changing the fundemental organization of the economy being harder to imagine and talk abotu than bitching and moaning about frivolous shit, which is both Holla Forums and sjw's platform.

well few to none but it doesn't have to.

poster, you seem friendly, know people are hostile becauses they're very used to smug cunts coming here to boast about how much better their epic nazi froggies are.

r/socialism. 0chan if you want the worst possible kind of anarchism. that wass its name, right

you are a dipshit

I forgot to put 'well read, articulate posters writing walls of text' at the top of that.

that doesnt fucking work you mongloid
it doest work that way, next your going to say hypnosis is real
What you call frivolous shit is really important to people.
this is making me want to unironically promote sterilization for retards if you think its good or important to dumb down theory to meaningless memes
pic related

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imagine being so immature, sheltered and brainfucked by your echo chamber that you unironically think shitty memes are this important in the grand scheme of things

imagine thinking that you do more in the real world than leftists because you make circlejerky memes, while leftists are fighting in R.ojava right fucking now, for example

i am actually yet to talk to a person who uses Holla Forums memes and isn't a longtime imageboard user in the first place, or a roblox child

It would take a book to fully articulate how revoltingly misguided and stupid the idea of that word that could lead someone to say "[speaker shome contry here] has no culture" is.
burger detected.
Also I'm the one arguing that memes cant be made nor owned, do you think cultural appropriation is you think there is a culture war going on? if so you are a lost cause

who cares? it's not like 99.99% of people there will ever actually DO anything other than periodically post Holla Forums memes, and htink they're being revolutionary by joining groups.

Why would yo uthink, based on that post, that I would think that?





Hello I have come to teach you about memesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemesmemes

Do you have time to read my pathetic ramblings about memetics?



It is an established fact that a politics isnt politics without MEMES

Personally before Donald Trump came around I thought memes were nothing but stupid images on the internet but after the conservative candidate Donald Trump won the presidency I now believe memes are powerful um things


In the real world I am a loser but in the M E M E world it is YOU who is the loser

Excuse me do have the time to look at my memes?



Do you even MEME bro


I mean, we have proof they were trying stop blacks from joining communist meetings and hanging them. That’s enough proof for me they were shit

If I'm such a loser than how come I have memes?

check mate

you alright bud

Remember that 5 minutes in between the 2016 election and the death of moot where basically Holla Forums was in agreement that memes were fucking dumb? FUCK THAT


with memes everything is alright

It's an established fact that memes won the presidential election

memes are fascist

Am I being memed?

You make jokes but memes are proven true

memes are real

Fucking based

If only marx made memes

Memes are spooks

Marx is memes

Marx just showed how capitalism is a meme. His whole analysis is based Hegelian memetics. It’s fucking based

Are memes white?

Memes are 56 percent white

Is teenage white boi anxiety a meme?

I'm sorry but this is a bad meme. It's not even clever within my own adopted internet subculture and ideological disposition

Beating up you enemies is gay

MEMES is the realpolitik of the 21st century

"The reason the left is "losing" is because they have no memes"

- dumb ass who will change politics 6 times between ages 15 and 20

You just don’t get how memetics work. These are good memes

Write a 20 paragraph thesis on why it is a good meme and I will consider it

This imageboard will go NOWHERE without clever MS paint images

My Grandad died at Comic-Con for these memes. They’re good memes

Attached: BFAAB07C-7216-45A6-A180-8BE36D963347.jpeg (304x504, 32.02K)

People thinking a conservative candidate winning the presidency of the United States is such an aberrant, improbable, symbolic thing 8 years after a democratic one who came 8 years after a conservative one is my favorite meme.