There are persons who leave thier own Western...

There are persons who leave thier own Western, well off countries for less wealthy countries wherin they indulge in prostitutes and find girlfriends.

What's your honest opinion on such people?

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Both contemptuous disdain and concern for how they're going to turn out.

Immediate deportation.

Any white person over 30 in Asia is some order of scum.

Sexual imperialists. They’ll get the laogai.

Every day I hate you more and more /leftycuck/…(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

never change Holla Forums
It's more about rich fucks going to poor countries to buy pussy because they're too pathetic to get any in their own, it's just sexual imperialism

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This is going to blow your mind, but it's possible for sex to be rooted in exploitation and racism.

There is a mystique about white males in asian media and cultural imperialism of Hollywood, I find that sickening. So, I figured out it is a crooked supply-and-demand thing, the artificial scarcity of whites in asia, which isn't a real scarcity at all, but one created in the minds of asian women due to the media-reality gap, creates this grass-is-greener-on-the-other-side obsession. There is only one solution: To close the gap by going there and liberating the women brainwashed by media with my white penis, breaking the spell of the myth by demonstrating my mediocre sex skills to as many asian mothers, sisters, wifes, and daughters as possible. This is the revolutionary praxis of Marxism-Sextourism, also known as Third-Worldism.

But asian females are attracted to white men everywhere they are… first world, no world, brainwashing, no brainwashing…who are you to say who asian girls can be attracted to? Their bodies, their choice.

Again…race mixing is only bad when white males do it.

Almost all interracial relationships are rooted in that though. Black men want to fuck white women because they are white and it's a means to claim power over the white race; white women who fuck black men either do it out of grossly offensive and exploitative stereotypes of black men or as a means to "get back" at white men. Asian women want to fuck white men because they wish to acquire his wealth and position and society, and white men want to fuck Asian women because of stereotypes about Asian female sexuality and compliance in the domestic sphere.

ALL inter racial coupling is tinged with racism and exploitation by both partners. Surely, then, you condemn all such dalliances.

"race-mixing" is not the issue you dumb creature.

Are menopausal old hags who pay niggers to plow in Jamaica a problem too then? They should be.

But since they're not white males you probably don't have a problem with THAT kind of sex tourism.

fuck off retards, what about the extremely common sex tourism in eastern europe? Are we still pretending slavs aren't considered ""white""?

in all caps too! Not all. You should condemn all those motiviations, but not any any and all couples that happens not to to be the same """race""" as each other.

if someone was going to say that wasnt a problem itd be because the prostitutes werent female. but its the same thing isnt it, so.
why do you fucking come here if you're just going to twist every little thing into whatever retarded boogeyman youve constructed out of LE LEBBYPOOP GOMMEEZ? if you want to ignore reality you can do it from Holla Forums.

well the OP didnt mention any of that, he just mentioned the destination countries beeing poorer.
unless thats what you're pointing out

So it's only muh sexual imperialism when the prostitutes are females? What about traps? Is it still sexual imperialism? What about fags fucking male prostitutes?

I'm not twisting anything I'm merely exposing your barely veiled racist deeply triggering and problematic male ideology.

I said "would", you sensitive little girl.

Suck my dick, shitskin

I said "would", you sensitive little girl.

Have you ever considered that — maybe — they fuck because they're simply sexually and/or romantically attracted to each other?

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you're doing what the Holla Forumsfag is crying abotu for real this time. "interractial can only be motivated by toxic racialist perceptions when theres a white male."
the white woman might well be sexually attracted to the black man because of deeply racist stereotypes about black men as animal like subhumans, or because it seems inherently 'naughty' because muh racemixing. there are other things like this.
that poster was being stupid in using words like "all", implying its like that all the time You shsouldnt stoop to the level of Holla Forums or for that matter sjw fucks in condemning any relationship involving a black man and a white woman, or an asian woman and a white man.
but, its not like those things dont exist at all.

You really don't think the society, the media, history and so on don't inform someone's sexual tastes? That it's just one tabula rasa that nothing effects?

I find it rather odd that Marxists of all people suddenly go full Gadsen libertarian when sex is discussed. "Whats that? Society tells people what is attractive and creates stereotypes that suggest one brand/race has certain attributes over others? Preposterous!"

im pretty sure it was a kneejerk reaction to the generalization.
if you were going to take it like a retard you'd end up like an sjw.

Holy shit you nearly killed me I was drinking water

"I-I was just PRETENDING to be retarded! I-it was a joke!"
And yes, I still maintain that generalization. All interrraical sexual encounters are predicated upon preconceived notions of the partner's sexual characteristics based on what society has to say about race. Until society is in a position where race no longer matters, then interrracial sex only increases racist notions regarding the sexual attributes of different races.

theres that word again. No, not all.
why do you people always do this to me, you take a reasonable, somewhat correct idea and then take it far further than it actually goes, and I have to fucking defend it at the same time as differentiating it from the idiotic territory you carried it into
racialist ideology does inform peoples ideas about whats sexual attractive, subversive, etc. it does do this for everyone, including women, black people, etc. criticism of this, especially when you dont turn a blind eye to big chunks of it is good.
but its not like fucking "all", or 'nearly all so yeah basically all' sex or relationships between people who happen to not be the same "race" is because of racialist ideology. plenty often they do just like each other regardless.

Don't want to be racist? Don't miscegenate. Simple. Miscegenation perpetuates racial stereotypes. Stay within your race to combat racism.

Well which is it?!

The logical end point here. Interracial sex reaffirms racist and sexist notions. The only way to not exploit a person of a different race is to not have sex with them.

We don't want baboon sex! No baboon sex!

People sex yes, baboon sex no!

those arent contradictory.
just because everyone is affected by those ideas doesnt mean absolutely every interaction or relationship between different "races" is driven primarially by them.
also, in reality, different people are affected by those ideas differently and to different extents.

Yes they are. You refute my statement that all sexual encounters between people of different races is tinged with racist notions, but then in the same paragraph you say that everyone is affected by those ideas. And wile you may try to wriggle out by saying that those ideas don't have an effect on interactions, you're basically going back to the point that I was against, that humans are somehow not affected by ideas and notions that they have gained through society.

I dont really like them, but I think that saying that anyone from a well of country with a girlfriend from a less well of country does this with malice in mind is a bit harsh. There is plenty of people who meet their spouse in a less well off country, for both sexes.

When I was in china, two guys found girlfriends. Both the guy are not rich, one of the girls was originally from autralia, the other had a decent job. And a family friend found her husband in cambodia and they have a family now.

There are people who go there to score a girlfriend (and god knows ive seen them 50 year old white dudes with weird hair/clothes and a 30 year old girlfriend or something) but there are plenty of people who just meet someone there.

Taiwan is a first world country, you cant group it with places like vietnam, south america, indonesia, non-south africa or central asia in this regard.

I said they dont have an effect on all interactions. They don't.
I said they dont effect everyone to the same extent. They dont.
Nor is every interaction tinged with those notions to the same extent.
the result of all this is that plenty fucking often people of other "races" just interact like humans without any meaningful racialist undertones, and this can include fucking.
that doesnt mean racist notions about inter-racial relationships arent a problem any more than the ability of a white and a black to have a casual interaction with no racism means racism doesnt exist, but none of this shit is absolute like you're saying.

the first three lines put another way:
just because someone has an idea about an interaction of some kind, to some extent, somewhere in them, doesnt necessarially mean its the important, driving, characteristic feature of that interaction.
apply this to racist notions about relationships.

So is Alabama. Stop believing in GDP per capita.

The level of mental gymnastic here. If I cracked upon your skull, would I find a brain contorted into a Moebius strip?

Oh forgot to add:
It would be much better if this weren't a problem in the world, so that visiting and living in a different part of the world and meeting a significant other there wasn't immediately tainted with judgements of "he/she only wants your money" or "you are disgusting and predatory".
I mean, its beyond fucked up that in this world, people being in relationships immediately gets a thick coat of racism, racial insecurity and golddisgger-ism. In what fucking world do we live that two people are immediately looked at in disgust by a significant group of the population just because the man is white/black and the woman asian/white?

btw I didnt try anything because I dont want to deal with the politic of having to date a chinese girl while being a communistand i have self image issues and chronic cyclical depressionthere were nice and pretty girls though, but the language barrier and cultural differences are staggering, I dont think I could handle that shit

I am willing to bet most people in taiwan aren't in a similar position as the people in mainland china, or god forbid, one of the many capitalist countries that don't have social security like china and is poor as fucking shit.

You're doing their job for them you fool.

Tanko there was doing the opposite actually, he accused me of thinking in third and first world.
I know it isnt at all accurate anymore, but it gets my point accross about relative levels of wealth. I dont think taiwan would do under for the avarage european nation.

Thats not what I said you thick fuck.