Hungarian Elections

The international reactionary convention, also known as the Hungarian parliamentary elections are coming up in a week. Here's a thread for discussing the running parties/candidates and the general political climate of Hungary.
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I dont know much about Hungarian politics, but im very interested, so if someone could answer my questions I'd be super appreciative.

1.How reactionary is Hungary in the modern day, is it as bad as people say?

2.What was Hungarian socialism like? I've heard a lot of people say it was one of the worst European socialist states, but i dont know whether to believe them or not

3.Is there any hope for the Hungarian left?

do elections even matter in hungary?
isn't it just ex""commies""" turned nationalist to exploit their own people?

Orban is good

1: The most popular parties (Jobbik and FIDESZ) are both reactionaries. Their voterbase makes up about 70% of the population.
2: Hungarian socialism had three phases basically: first, the soviet republic after WW1 which was probably the best we had. Then came Kádár after WW2 who was basically a sad, bald Stalin. Dude didn't really care about socialism, he just liked nationalising stuff because that's what Stalin did. He was shit. And finally, Kádár after 56, who was just mini-Tito. He got a bunch of loans to maintain good lifestlye, but utterly failed to spread class conciousness in any meaningful way, so after 1989 almost everything was privatized, including a all of the previously communally owned lands (which btw were super fucking effective btw), and now those lands are left to rot, the farmers only plant anything because they get money from the EU. Sometimes you see entire fields of corn and sunflower, simply not harvested, because the dude already made a profit.
3: maybe. Leftism, as it is currently, is fucking dead in Hungary. Most young people are liberals or reactionaries. We're probably the most right leaning country in Europe. We have like two radical leftist parties, one is the wokrers' party which is a fucking joke, filled with old dudes, and the other one which is this new demsoc sort of party, is one of the smallest parties in the country.

orbán was a huge anti-russian anti-socialist pro-europe liberal during the 80ies and 90ies. That's what allowed him to take power between 1998 and 2002. Then he realized that there are more old voters than young ones, so he started only appealing to them. The only reason why dumb liberal call them "commies" is because they associate evrything and everyone old with """"socialism""""

look at some of his speeches from 1989, literally half of it is "remove tanks lmfao"

shit I meant to say Rákosi, he ruled hungary after WW2, not Kádár.

to actually answer your question, they sort of do. Currently, FIDESZ controlls like 65% of the parliament, meaning they can pass any law they like, without oppposition. So this election will determine if they keep their practically absoute power, or not. But even they lose a bunch of seats, and dip below 50% they'll just enter into a coalition with Jobbik, and then eat up the party like they did with the Farmers party in the 90ies, probably

The worst in the Rákosi years, one of the best in the Kádár years
Not really

To any hungarians here, check out "Népi Front" I think they are the better out of the two "communist" parties

életemben nem hallottam még róluk
indulnak egyáltalán jelöltjeik BP-n kívül?


Énis csak nemrég fedeztem fel őket, székházuk Egerben van, szóval szerintem ott is indulnak

this is truly cancerous

I never said that it was great, i just think it's the better one

You do realize that as a Marxist you are not forced to chose between these ridiculous parties? There are currently no revolutionary communist movements in Hungary. That is our number one problem. Playing the socdem game where your whole praxis consists of commentaries on the elections and bringing flowers to Kádár's grave is not something any serious communist should be involved in.

I mean… Can there even be? Isn't it basically illegal now?

Sounds awfully familiar to here poland.

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Communist apologia and symbols are illegal

Really? My mates went to a restaurant in Budapest with shit literally called "AVO burgers".

Are you sure? My mates went to a cafe in Budapest with flags and shit everywhere and stuff named AVO pizza. (No they weren't comrades, just appropriating the aesthetic).

By communist apologia, leninposter meant "denying the crimes of totalitarian regimes". The reason for that restaurant not being shut down was them not denying any """"""""crimes"""""""" committed by communist or other totalitarian regimes (which would be pretty weird since the restaurant's identity was built on those).
There is also a ban on "totalitarian symbols", but that only includes the hammer&sickle, red stars, swastikas, that SS symbol and the arrowcross (a symbol used by the 1943-45 Nazi puppet government). I'm guessing that the restaurant managed to watch out for this law too and didn't put red stars all over the place.

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There were leads of the first two, also some Béla Kun stuff too.

Thought first post failed due to shinternet.