Disillusioned and stuff

How in the fuck do you guys keep hope in regards to politics and shit?

I straight up volunteered for Bernie Sanders when he was running because it actually felt that was a possibility for change

I don't feel that there's a possibility like that anymore. I went to a couple meetings of a communist party and Democrat Cops of America. It's all super shitty and boring and a total waste of time

It feels like things are back to what they were pre-bernie and there's not a possibility for change in my lifetime any longer

Sorry if this kind of thread isn't allowed I'm new to this board

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Why are you obsessed with the idea of change occurring from the top down?

Because I've never witnessed it occurring from the bottom up

Have you witnessed it occurring the other way either? And by that I mean change in a positive way.

I just shitpost on twitter, talk to friends I've made in those meetings, or just chat up people on discord.
Public meetings for socialist organisations are only good in regards for pointing out the problem, but not for having solutions.

Wouldn't be too sure, but I'd say it's going to take a very long time until we see a genuine socialist revolution. People within the west, least to my belief, still think change can come from liberal reform.

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Don't even bother with activism. Most people are total lemmings and the state has entrenched itself so thoroughly in society that it is impossible to root out.

Just get the fuck away from it as much as possible through self sufficiency, and wait for the collapse

Read, get fit, get armed, stay informed. As for these political organizations, you need to avoid the petty-booj irrelevant wankers and find (or perhaps start one haha) a group that actively participates in the class struggle.
- Helping a union for one (with its proletarian nature intact of course)
- Direct action, it's the little things that raises awareness for socialism amongst locals and to a lesser extent perhaps the press. Propose the idea for a social media (or propaganda) initiative to whatever org you like and go out and give food or something. Perhaps something more creative and engaging than simply just that, but I'm sure you understand what I mean.

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Yeah, quit waiting for Lenin bruh. If he shows so be it but I'd just worried about being prepared if he doesn't.

Seems a slight bit LARPy but even so can you detail me a change you made by being in a union or other leftist group?

I'm not waiting for a Lenin, I don't want a benevolent dictator to worship. Only liked Bernie because if he was to actually become president he could do at least a little using the executive order. Or the bully pulpit

Honestly I can't think of anything significant. Maybe Obamacare. How do you think change is possible?

Public opinion should come first. You don't even need to get people to commit to anything at first, you just need to get them on the same page.

Don't despair OP. I know it may seem that way on the surface, but the next workers' movement will be much bigger than the Bernie campaign. The grievances and anger expressed through that campaign haven't disappeared, they just went back underground for a while. They will reappear stronger than ever sooner than you'd think.

In the meantime, prepare. Read, lift, etc. There will be plenty to do before you know it.

I keep hope by jacking off and failing to produce anything of value. Shake your fist at the man, I say.

The way I see it, the bottom rung can maybe put the right people at the top rung by popular vote etc. who will empower the bottom to put more of their guys at the top and so on.

it sounds kinda half baked, but maybe incremental change prior to revolution (or something like it) can come from both sides of the stack.


Why read theory when I can spill my seed on porky's dime? Checkmate.

Read some theory you massive asshole. There's a plethora of thought out there on how people can be organized outside of "vote and hope for the best."


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Read a fucking book, jesus christ.

if you fucking read what I posted, you'd see that I was saying we put OUR OWN people up there, and co-ordinate from within the structure to influence and empower the working class.

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I read once and it was awful. I spilled my seed between the pages and ruined the book for the capitalist swine. I say, cum in every book and a load in every pot!

I'm gonna give you a bit of homework OP. Study the October revolution and study the labor movement of the USA, with a particular focus on the great depression. If you can get your hands on a book called "Labor's Untold Story" by Richard O. Boyer
and Herbert M. Morais, do it. It does a fantastic job of showcasing the potential for spontaneous organizing in the US working class, as well as helping to show why the US labor movement is in the position that it's in today.

You lads are a fun bunch, but I'm gonna stick to jacking off and I implore OP to join me (in spirit, no homo). Beating off is the ultimate revolutionary praxis comrades.

we must fap our way to revolution, we'll be so high on dopamine and alunya lewds that nothing will stop us!

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This guy gets it. Keep your spirits up by keeping your pecker down and soon enough you'll have the strength to keep the working man up and the parasite class down too. Replace that hammer and sickle with a tug and a tickle and instead of trickling down that wealth will rain down in spurts.

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And how exactly is reading theory any more useful?

It's all about trying to facilitate a worker's movement. Of course no org or person is going to single handedly change the the reality of class struggle and its eventual implications, but the sooner the better. The effort put into participating in the class struggle as a communist is to help instill that revolutionary character into the proletarian consciousness and typically working with unions and other forms of direct action helps with that overall. I know many people within the local trade union I help around with are very class conscious with help from me and several friends who are dedicated and sincere to helping them not get fucked. Let that be the case rather than have porky and reactionary ideology dominate organized labor.

On the other hand, community food pantries and such in urban areas is great PR, and even if folks aren't going to be communist the moment after they eat Comrade Martha's pie they are touched by what we represent. It's not fucking LARPing m8.

The post-left anarchists are right.

Kill right-wingers and fuck bitches till you die

I totally feel you. The most depressing thing during trump has been how fucking god awful liberals have been throughout it all. This Russia election interference shit drives me nuts and turning on the Americans news on TV drives me insane

Replaced the shitty nazi memes with Stalin

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Heavy drinking. Alcohol can fix any problem.

Even if nothing changes, we're gonna be good anyway.

not sure that's wise considering the text gives it away anyway