Now that the dust has settled, what do we think of him...

Now that the dust has settled, what do we think of him?​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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pretty cool guy, doubles the life expectancy of his people and doesn't afraid of anything

Mao's understanding, and non-stop propagation, of DiaMat seemed to be entirely based on traditional Daoist metaphysics, unsurprising considering how he was extremely well-versed in classical texts. Even today yin-yang doctrine is called "plain dialectics" in Chinese academic lingo. Its partially due to this that Mao is ascribed many mystical powers in folk history, having the ability to divine and plot out the course of battles through the magic of Dialectical Materialism.

Traditionalists in Hong Kong and Taiwan that hate him accuse him of demonic witchcraft, while fervid supporters protray him as the messenger of the heavens himself. Some legends of his superstitions have been confirmed to have a basis, as more recent, less biased biographies of Mao are coming out, showing that after he dropped out of middle school he spent a few years reading books on divination and "metaphysical arts" such as Qimen dunjia. His ancestors being buried in so-called good fengshui place, he specifically had his anscestral grave covered and hidden with dummy graves to prevent Chiang Kai-Shek's troops from digging it up and messin with his chi bro, which they indeed did later attempt to do. He would frequently quote the I-Ching and give Marxism a sort of histortical precedent/basis in Chinese philosophy, which can also be seen in his Selected Works.

If you can read Chinese I'm sure you'll find tons of books from Hong Kong on the subject since they love Qimen dunjia and shit like that; I'm sure you can easily also find books on Mao cults. But again, its mostly legends that I know from talking with villagers and not anything written down, even though Mao was known was postponing battles for a few hours and insisting on attacking from certain directions for seemingly no reason. It's more of a point that Mao's shitty understanding of Marx and his love for traditional supersititous feudal culture lead to a now incredibly terrible view of historical materialism and DiaMat in China

as a history nerd, I can't forgive him for the cultural revolution

I knew it.

Mao was simply not a materialist, and that's a good thing, since materialism is garbage. His "DiaMat" is entirely rooted in Daoism; he holds that all "contradictions" emanate from a single contradiction, holds the "unity of opposites", doesn't believe the "contradictions" ever sublate but merely move on to other contradictions, and so on.

Interestingly enough, Mao's thought grew from Chibese anarchism, which wasn't only Daoist in origins as well, but distinctly nihilist and ultra-left. Pic related is a book I'm reading on the subject.

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A legendary dumbass. How anyone can defend him is beyond me.
In the moments after a revolution, there should be only one thought in the mind of a socialist, especially a third worldist, and that is construction. Action, made with lightning speed, must be made on all fronts with no opportunity being passed by to build the country up as much as possible.
All Mao brought in his time was stagnation and failure.
Shut the fuck up faggot. Mao did nothing and you know he did nothing for China but molest little girls in his spare time.
Maoism has to be looked at theoretically, viewing it in the one instance of its application will showcase only failure.
That said, the image of Mao is needed for Eurasianism in order to establish a Chinese socialist identity. Using his image is far better than Deng the revisionist.

Blatant Machiavellianism.

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He wasn't a third worldist until the 60s though.

He modernized China, lad, what are you talking about?

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Keep in mind she talks to Anal Water.

Also I don't trust anyone religious to give me practical advice on Marxism and philosophy.

M’Goy *tips*


His late rule was shit, but I doubt there's anyone else who's done more for China

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Deng Xioaping

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60s Mao is best Mao.

You don't need to discard Maoism because of spooky shit. You need to discard Maoism because it's class collaborationist, and Mao says so himself.

Two words: Pig metal.

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"Lord Kalki, the Lord of the universe, will mount His swift white horse Devadatta and, sword in hand, travel over the earth exhibiting His eight mystic opulences and eight special qualities of Godhead. Displaying His unequaled effulgence and riding with great speed, He will kill by the millions those thieves who have dared dress as kings."


Maoism is pretty anti-Christian given that its metaphysics are dharmic in nature, not abrahamic.

Taoism and Confucianism aren't dharmic, though Buddhism is.

They still don't jive well with Christianity.

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Taoism is generally critical of authority, whereas Jesus literally called himself "king."

Extreme opportunist. Too bad the cultural revolution (i.e. the only actually communist revolution that Mao sponsored) failed. I do enjoy how his country fucks with the US though.

Wouldn't it have been the pests that won since he did successfully kill a great number of sparrows?

He never actually does that, only his followers and those who blamed him for being an insurrectionist to get the Romans to kill him do.

Still, the idea of a human authority is generally looked down upon in Taoism. Even the idea of an anthropomorphic god is alien to such a system.

Why Christianity anyway?

Due to the focus by Mao on the peasantry and how Jesus goes around using agricultural references to explain himself, and since the two are so alien it would be bizarre to see.

Ridiculous. Has nothing to do with each other.

Great military commander, shit theorist.

Totally irrelevant in today's world. Maoism is 70 years old. Any leftist ideology can only be effective in the modern age if it continues to grow and evolve. Democratic Confederalism is way more relevant in this world than Maoism/MZT.

This is bait right?

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Why would it be?

Where has the last successful Maoist revolution occurred in the past 30 years?

are you lost, brainlet? lemme help you >>>/leftpol/

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Still doesn't make Maoism more relevant than DC.

Good at the beginning of his revolution then turned into a fucking idiot later his career. This man had a shit ton of potential.

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Word on the street is, repeat "imperialism is the primary contradiction" long enough and you'll turn into a crypto-fascist, just like Roo did.

Tribals aren't completely genocided in India so I suppose you could say that Maoism is succeeding thus far.

Naxalis are losing worse.

Now that I think about it… yeah, Mao does seem like a feels over reals guy, typical of religious mystics. He also told people not to read philosophy, also typical of mystics (think al-Ghazali).

the liberal promoting US bootlickers also in denial about imperialism
what a surprise

Doesn't make Mao good or Maoism relevant.

Mystics are skeptical of anything which tries to formalize the world.

Might I ask how Jason's becoming a crypto-fash? I know he's basically a bigot to trans people, but how is he a fascist now?

He supports reactionary governments like Iran and North Korea, even going so far as to claim Iran is proletarian. Who the fuck makes propaganda for the Ayatollah?

He's becoming increasingly more authoritarian. His demeanor is generally egotistical and cruel, a bully basically.

Also notice how he spends more time attacking other leftists than he does rightists.


ha you got banned

tfw nihilist Chibese anarchism


Cunt. But good at protracted guerilla war.

Why are there still ignorant retards who fell or try to force the "pig iron is something bad because lol pigs" meme in the 21st century with internet around?

This argument is basically on the same level as "how can you be a communist when you use an iPhone". Would you blame Wolff for showing up on Fox News? Do you blame Abby Martin to show up on Russia Today? When you get offered a platform for big outreach, you can't be picky.

This makes him even more based


Holla Forums is for big dick materialists ONLY.

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The difference is, he's willingly shilling for the theocratic anti-communist regime in Iran.

Abby Martin was fired from RT for speaking out against Putin.

Most of those movements are either dead or severely weakened.

Mao is the greatest thinker and practitioner of Marxism, only comparable to Marx and Engels themselves and Lenin.

Different people may have different opinions when judging his works, especially due to him remaining controversial politically, but, suffice to say, a simple notion that he influenced the world from Latin America to Paris without any sort of administrative or violent coercion (rather the opposite of that) is a clear cut evidence of that.

People immediately jump on Muh 4 pests campaign, Muh Great leap forward, Muh Den Xiaoping did all the work etc. bandwagon.

But these are just mistakes, and everyone who undertakes a practical task commits mistakes. The greater the task is - the greater are the mistakes. And it is clear, that in general scale, those mistakes are totally insignificant and some of them unavoidable.

As for Deng Xiaoping, he was obviously more skilled in civilian economic management than Mao, but he was just that - an administrator. He would have gone nowhere if Mao would not have won and would not have created political and administrative framework, as well as the economic and international foundation.

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As much as I detest Anal Water, he did a fairly good job of BTFOing Mao's "method".

I'm not sure I care to find out literally who he is and what he thinks, esp. if it's a youtube vlogger.

Even ancient Greeks knew that Sophistry may be used to validate any point. That's why we have materialism.

Anal Water says he hates materialism too. Listen to his recent reading of Posadas:

Again, thanks but no thanks. Also, you might be him promoting yourself. If not, I don't understand why he warrants such attention (a commodity a social media market is all about)

Actually, the opposite is true. Traditional Chinese philosophy is protoutilitarian and protomaterialist itself. Neoconfutianism is in many ways more materialist than European philosophy.

While Mao did rely on Chinese culture, and can be seen as embracing Neoconfucian thought, calling him a Daoist and Mystic is as unfounded and sensational, as those movements themselves are.

I-Ching oracles aren't materialist buddy.

Defending Iran from imperialist aggression is a justifiable course. Never once has he stated that he likes Sharia law of whatever.

You shot yourself in the foot with that argument, because if the state of Maoism is unimpressive to you, then you must admit that Anarchism is a rotten corpse by now.

He promotes the Iranian theocracy. He doesn't "need" to come out as an advocate for Shia superstition.

Maoism hasn't been successful in 70 years. It's time for Mao cultists to move on.

I always find it funny that people whine about Mao being influenced by elements of Chinese philosophy when Marx was influenced by tons of thinkers before him. Communism as a concept comes from the fuckikg bible. That's definitely some cultural chauvinism there.

So do you think every leftist that appears on CNN supports drone wars and American interventionism?

Again: COMPARED TO WHAT? If Maoism was a failure in your eyes, then Anarchism is a disastrous, catastrophic, unprecedented failure.

What fucking dust and when?
Do you need to ask people to tell what your opinion of people and things "should" be? Because you cant think for yourself?

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Did Mao practice divination or incorporate Taoism into his ideas?

I see no evidence of any of that, and, considering all his writings and speeches are well-documented, I consider it an evidence of the opposite.

it's a meme you dip
Welcome to an imageboard. We do things this way here. We ask questions not because we haven't made up our mind, but because we like to engage in constructive argumentation.

Nice woman-hating.

CNN doesn't allow actual leftists on its channel.

Maoist movements have failed due to their own weakenesses regarding the people. The Naxals, for instance, have forced Indian peasants off their lands and forcefully recruited them into their movement.

To me, if we assume political decisions and historical outcomes as partially caused by the party's theories (which I don't agree with), Mao's problem lies with the central contradiction not being materialistic, and his view of DiaMat as just traditional yin-yang theory that expands or narrows down as it pleases: the contradictions between the Guomindang and Communist Party can be put aside in favor of the contradictions between China and Japan; after the war, the contradiction between parties is revealed again, and after that's sorted out, its another contradiction between people and state, after that, farmers and "bourgeouis elements", ad infinum.

One can even imagine Mao arguing for scaling up his diamat even high to justify Pan-Asianism against Western imperialism, or scaling it down to justify children fighting their parents: its a theory that comes closer to traditional mysticism that justifies splitting differences when they aren't relevant and obscuring gaps that are actually relevant to the material conditions. If the Guomindang are abolished and we apprently are now in a dictatorship of the proletariat, why do we still have problems? It must be because there are even smaller contradictions to be sorted out, between teacher and student or peasant and local government. But of course, the people most certaintly have no contradiction with the Politburo. You can see how Mao encouraged people to storm the local gov of Shanghai in the name of ridding the state, but of course, the Shanghai commune was carried out through Mao's approval, and the real contradiction is obscured.

In other words, Mao was a master magician, if by magician you mean a sophist playing around with words to dazzle and manipulate people.

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Who else is WANG GANG?!

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That's because leftists are still euro-centric and universalists in this day and age.

Eurocentricism is the opposite of universalism.

Taoists were the original Jordon Petersons apparently.

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He mostly just seems to talk about Geopolotics when he is on there, I don't see him going on about how Iran is great or whatever. He needs the money too.

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Needing the money isn't an excuse to act as a tool for a regime that's murdered communists.

you're right, we all better quit our jobs since we're living in capitalist countries too

das rite, the chinese are cheaters! when chinese do something, they're cheating becaue being chinese is being a cheater! chinese news? cheating news! FAKE NEWS!

Not the same thing by a long shot. Roo doesn't need to go on PressTV and shill for an anti-communist government.

yeah he should go to reputable news outlets from countries that respect human rights am I right my fellow comrade :^)

No, he should keep his integrity.


His early rule was shit too

He does a segment in there that isn't necessarily pro or anti ayatollah.

Your arguments are similar to the "tankie" arguments about military service and the over a dozen US military bases in Syria are btw, just sayin. Now I am going to assume you support the over a dozen US military bases in Syria and oppose moralizing over US military service on a hunch here. Now if that is the case can you please explain how you reconcile that sort of double standard? If I am wrong I apologize

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That is a great takedown of Mao. Chia and Anal Water have both noted his yin yang stuff. From what I have read what you say rings true.

That's like saying the WWII US and UK governments were communist because they supported communist partisans in Europe who fought against the Nazis.

Oh shit.

Yeah, that’s almost as retarded as saying that Syrian Kurds are imperialist agents because they get air support from the US.


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This but unironically.

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He's hanging by a thread as it is.

One more emotional outburst and he'll pull a Poulantzas/Deleuze and leap from a 15-story window.

I pity the custodian who will have to clean up after that mess. All that fat mixed with blood scattered for metres over the sidewalk.

Who /linbao/ here?

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So Deng became the polluted water off of China's coasts?

Yes, he also became the lead paint in Chinese toys and the sewer grease street vendors cook with.

I would like to retract any complaints I have ever mad about the Holla Forums moderation team.


Doubling life expectancy doesn't matter if you don't autistically read Das Kapital 50 times is what I'm getting from this thread