The alternative hypothesis

This is what Holla Forumstards actually belive

Its a pretty long video, but it really goes a far way in how Holla Forumstards can develop such ass backwards thoughts and ideas. What do you guys think?

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Didn't click the link yet, but had to say, could the Russians on this board tell me what the fuck that picture is? I keep seeing it around but have no idea what's going on.

Chernobyl kids?

Is the video a deconstruction? I really can't be bothered to give views and time to a long-ass vid of Holla Forumstard cringery

But it's like they're at a beauty pageant plus-chromosomed models or something?

I used to know Ryan Faulk back when he went by "Stodles". He's been promoting the same views ("race realism", tribalist "anarcho"-capitalism, etc.) for nearly ten years now.

Fun fact: he used to be a gay prostitute, and a video leaked of him auditioning for a gay porno.

Is he self-hating or is he lacking in self awareness?

The ideology he's against is what let's him be who he is

I don't know who those children are, but I don't like them.

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Most Nazis are sexual deviants, weaklings, brainlets and addicts often all in one package. The original Nazis weren't any different, the reason they destroyed the Institute for Sexual Research, wasn't because "hurr durrr muh degenerate doctors" but because their research on Nazi sexual habits threatened to cause them great public embarrassment.

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proof please lmao

He was kicked out of the white nationalist movement way back when for exactly this (he's not much use for the white race if he's not going to reproduce with a nice white woman). He began promoting "white separatist" ancapism soon after, and many caught on to the fact that he was using ancapism to promote white supremacism. Of course, since the Alt-Right tends to be friendlier towards gays they welcomed him right back in.

some russian child who is a sort of mascot for /biz/

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But I still don't know what is the special sash Smimem kid is wearing? All these photos are circulating but no one has doxxed him?

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Just a Russian high school graduation sash

Pretty sure people know who he is and many of his photos are taken from a public page. But he's just a russian teenager with a birth defect who became a minor internet oddity, why go after him?

I didn't mean doxx in the sense of harass. I was just curious if their was anything interesting to his background.

Just a russian kid, nothing special about him aside from appearance. Apparently his head is misshapen due to a birth complication/malpractice but this might just be hearsay. His name is Roman Zuyev and he lives in Volgograd (former Stalingrad - coincidence? Might he be the next Stalin?).

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He saved crypto from the Bogdanoffs.

The kikes were running brothels and porn theaters in the Weimar Republic you brainlet.

Looks like…

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la creatura
el goblino

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These two are insufferable.

I wouldn't give a fuck about him. The guy's a butthurt faggot who goes on mass dislike and flag campaigns against people who disagree with him.

give link.

Um sweeties, if you don't like the alt hyp why don't you try refuting him! Hmm? Oh wait you, can't?

Baboons are genetically low Autism Level, the science is settled sweeties :)

he was a marxist, apparently

Looks like inbreeding in rural areas of Russia

boon posting is getting more sophisticated by the second
please learn to link retards properly

Because none of you seem to want to engage in the topic of the OP and instead want to focus on this ur-slav kiddo I'll summarize the video for you:

That's about it, and it's a fair hypothesis. I forgot to mention that he believes the contemporary university system now operates as a form of "compound" for the cultists, where cult leaders (in the form of professors) are able to indoctrinate cultists in a setting where they're divorced from their normal social milieu and made to invest heavily their time, energy, and financial resources into their own indoctrination, thus creating a strong ego investment in the cult.


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Lagerbordell were overseen by cracksmoking Nazis you fucking retard

You forgot to mention how he says that the alt-right and the movements he's involved in aren't cults, according to him.

That one point should negate the entire video, guy is delusional.

Did they won the contest for the ugliest kids ever?

lel does he explain why he thinks that?

Look in the comments, something about "all the alt-right wants is separation" ignoring the ideology that's needed for an entire population to deracinate themselves and maintain that separation. He actually puts this down to just coming naturally.

Not like any other cult tries to appeal to nature right?

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What's the point of the "revelation" that "progressivism" is a cult anyways? Sounds like a feelsy way to try to delegitimize it by insulting it with a bad word.

He says the race realist position is more like the historical norm and closer to a state of nature - that is, disparate people have come to the conclusion that race is a real and observable phenomenon with tangible consequences without significant exposure to propaganda and without the necessity of indoctrination. That is, even in a time before mass-media people came to the conclusion that there were broad differences in intelligence and behavior between racial groups.

Effectively, the thesis that disparate outcomes are caused by disparate potentials is fairly self-evident even within races (that is, individuals have different talents, abilities, and levels of intelligence) and therefore doesn't need to be bolstered by cult-like indoctrination and constant reinforcement on pain of excommunication, whereas the tabula rasa requires constant management of doublethink and therefore a cult-like set of behaviors designed to prune sources of intrusion on the core beliefs of the cult must be maintained.

The claim is made with a substantive argument related to the similarity of structure between what is classically understood to be a cult and the structure of the progressive social matrix. That is, labeling and excommunication of heretics, creation of feelings of guilt in followers, demands of investment of time and money in the doctrine, etc.

Why does the alt-right rely heavily on cult-like indoctrination to absorb and insulate its "members" from dissenting opinions then?

Ever heard them bemoan "black-pillers" because it strays from the correct path?

Why does every meme spread through the mind of every alt-righter or anyone sympathetic with them in less than a day?

Why do they all use the same talking points?

Why do they talk in coded language?

Why do that ascribe mysticism onto race?

Answer me, ryan.

I'd say you're not correct, simply put. If you make the claim that the alt-right is using cult-like methods, you'll have to elaborate on your claim. They don't ask that you excommunicate people for their beliefs, they're open to debate, and they engage frequently with the left's ideas.

The rest of what you describe is either incorrect or not cult-like. There's plenty of argument and dissent among the right and there are a huge number of different ideas concerning the correct strategies, outcomes, methods, and so on. That's why right-wing forums are actually active whereas your club seems not to be able to discuss a topic without degenerating into something completely tangential.

I needn't expound on what's evident if you just go to where you nutjobs congregate. Literally every point I've listed is on full display.

The only dissent that's present is the methodology and not the substance itself, no one is going to disagree on the "veracity" of race on your forums. Heck, most contrarian opinions are ironic or plain shitposting.

this is a joke right

can we go back to discussing sminem?

Yes, the defining characteristic of the new right or alt-right of whatever you wish to call it is a belief in race and a rejection of the blank slate, but that doesn't make it a cult. The belief in race isn't upheld and created through cult-like means. There's no original sin, no struggle sessions, no demands that one disassociate from their family, and there's plenty of genuine engagement with blank slatists and their arguments.

Of course not. We're not the ones agitating violently outside of university events and forcing people from their places of employment if they dare to question the prevailing narrative. I understand that eventually there's a certain dismissive attitude toward certain types (SJWs and similar sophists are ridiculed or ignored) but that's the reality of all intellectual movements, because you simply can't waste your time forever on people who refuse to argue in good faith. Again, this isn't a characteristic of a cult but a simple reflection of the reality of limited time and a recognition that productive argument requires a level of honest engagement of which most people (right and left) aren't capable.

You guys are welcome to discuss what you want. I come here occasionally to try and keep your board lively, because from what I can tell you lads have a difficult time keeping a conversation going amongst yourselves.

Is it his real name?

Not once, but used twice. Is it that hard to keep consistent with your own repudiation of being a cult?

You want to partition an existing nation and fragment its institutions, infrastructure and capital. That is NOT natural and has to come around through either strong ideology or force, you're a complete idiot if you think this would just come about if we left people to their devices.

You want to regress to the 1950's, yet fail to account that is beyond the liberalisation and progressivism set forth by the enlightenment. The 1950's America was a transient boon period that can't be recaptured without the conditions that had fostered it in the first place. No, not race, war and imperialism.

the problem with the idea that race realism is self-evident is that…it isn't, really

it's an example of the motte and bailey fallacy - making an easy to defend, common sense statement (races are different) to claim victory for a statement that is not quite as "obvious" and needs considerable further argumentation (we need apartheid)

the latter belief is not self-evident at all and needs to be asserted through indoctrination

no, unfortunately

Just to expand on this a bit, the enlightenment is not what caused the liberalizing of society, but material means borne from rapid industrialization. Regression will always be in contention with the inherent progressive qualities of industrialized/technological societies.

For instance, fascism can never exist for any considerable time, it always regresses to social democracy once the main threat has been dealt with.

But people bend over backwards to self segregate themselves all the time. White flight is a perfect example.

You're not very clever, friend. There's a difference between a belief and a cult, and just because people have beliefs doesn't mean they're part of a cult. You believe in gravity, no? Is there a cult of gravity? Of course not, it's an observable physical phenomenon and doesn't require indoctrination, feelings of guilt, separation from friends and family, or other cult-like techniques to support belief.

Also, you fail to understand that "what's natural" isn't the ultimate criteria of the alt-right. They understand perfectly well that a state or polis isn't a natural state of affairs, but they're attempting to create a system which works in harmony with what is natural (human nature, physical reality). The means of achieving this is the subject of a fair bit of debate and speculation. Not everyone wants balkanization, or an empire, or a race-realist libertarian paradise, or what have you. This is an ongoing source of debate and interest among the right and it's the reason there's so much lively engagement.

I don't think you're very familiar with the arguments of race realists, even of the arguments of the guy listed in the OP (Alternative Hypothesis).

Think about it this way: there's the real, objective fact of disparate outcomes. I don't think anyone will try to deny that much. The question is: why are there disparate outcomes? The conclusion is either that there are disparate outcomes because people have different genetic potential which manifests itself variably based on environment (with a clear skew toward that base potential, i.e. smarter people are more likely, though not guaranteed, to succeed in intellectually demanding disciplines) OR the conclusion can be complete genetic determinism or complete environmental determinism. Nobody on the right advocates complete genetic determinism because that's clearly ridiculous - nobody's born to be a rocket scientist because clearly that requires such a thing as rocket science, a baseline of education and knowledge, etc. but for some reason the environmental determinists are perfectly convinced of their own belief even though the evidence consistently proves them incorrect. For this reason they have to create an explanation (white privilege) which is more or less a form of original sin.

The right actually believes in a blend of genetic and environmental causes for disparate outcomes, and believes that at the group level there will be notable statistical trends expressed by different racial groups even within the same environment.

Most alt-right guys are former libertarians and are quite happy to have a liberal society, they just believe that such a thing is only possible within the context of a majority white nation. Many believe that what's required is a a temporary loss of liberal ideals in order to reestablish the context necessary for their expression.

This is correct, and the evidence is all over the place if you care to pay attention. Aside from twin studies and things of that nature, it's pretty clear in observing group behavior that human beings have a tendency toward tribalism and that, even in the face of ubiquitous public propaganda to the contrary, they continue to behave in this manner.

Nebulous nonsense and poor syllogisms seem to be the alt-right's forte, and you're no different. Exaggerating tenuous links and then building a movement around it is exactly why you'll always be in the planning stage.

My contention with your usage of belief is that your people need to BELIEVE that race supersedes all other matters and that is not natural in itself. As highlighted earlier, you're leaping from the "races are different" axiom to "race is the principal matter". It's not quite the logical step you think it is, and elucidating on the why will probably entail some type of immaterial spiritual nonsense.

Nobody believes race supersedes all else in all contexts, they just believe it's the most relevant factor in the macro-scale expression of politics and culture. Obviously there are white individuals less intelligent than black individuals and vice versa, and different cultures can arise from the same genetic stock. They're saying that there's a tendency toward the expression of certain broad categories (tendency to criminality, intelligence, trust, industriousness) of behavior and attitude which become relevant at a large enough scale. It's not a complicated thing to understand, it's simple probability. If you roll two six-sided dice you're not guaranteed to roll a seven, but you're more likely to and if you roll the dice enough times you'll see a greater number of sevens than other numbers.

Also, belief in race is a natural extension of belief in heredity, because races are groups of people who have reproduced independently from one another. If traits are heritable, then you'd expect isolated groups to favor breeding different traits over time based on environmental factors.

The blank slate set of beliefs requires a rejection of heritability, a rejection of genetic influence on behavior, attitude, and aptitude, and a rejection of evolution (so far as it concerns the human brain). These two things really aren't on the same level, and you should grow up.

that's a lot of smart words that completely fail to address the point

Go back where you came from, which on a long enough timescale, would be Africa you fuckin retard

What's the problem of having high Autism Level, low aggression people of different races living together? Without evoking any immaterial mystic rubbish? This is where the "belief" comes in.

Your point is silly, and my syllogism is valid.

You can believe:

A: Genes determine all outcomes.
B: Environment determines all outcomes.
C: Some blend of genes and environment determine outcomes.

The blank slate is B, and it's clearly a retarded way of thinking. If you want to get into to what extent genes determine outcomes versus environment then we can have a real discussion, but to assume either A or B is true is the brainlet's position.

Or elsewhere, considering we know there was interbreeding between different hominid species. Also, I'm pretty sure there's been some divergent evolution (even discounting interbreeding) since our ancestors left Africa.

There isn't a problem with it. The people advocating a pure white ethnostate are the distinct minority. Most alt-right folks think it's just fine to have some intelligent and productive non-whites in white nations.

Not sure who you're arguing against. Certainly not the guy listed in the OP, or me.

Do you know the history of the nation state? Do you think the nation was an expression of the elite to contain infrastructure, or the expression of the people?

How could this "natural extension" arise without artificial means of education (racism was institutional the 1950's) and an indoctrination to connect once atomized communities (remote villages and kingdoms) to a gestalt of race? How can that "feeling of race" arise without the artificial forced migration of distinct groups who were cast into their own underclass?

Can this feeling of race exist without another race? If not, then the feeling is subjective and isn't inherent.

The race discussion doesn't exist within a vacuum but in context of a stratified society that needs to justify and legitimize its hierarchy.

This is where it all falls apart for you because you don't actually know anything about evolution, biology or genetics. You have a huge boner for your white race but you'll never even be able to define what it means to be "white" . You people are all autistic borderline retarded and you should just grow up and stop blaming your problems on other tbh

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thanks for proving my point I guess

You don't need education to see race and heritability, and people throughout human history have seen exactly that. Heritability is obvious to anyone who looks at a family, a father and son, a mother and daughter, etc. People within tribes notice their own similarities and then notice the similarities other groups have with one another (black skin is an obvious one, but facial structure, hair color, temperament, and other traits are also recognizable). The whole of history isn't the 1950s.

You're right that the notion of race wouldn't exist without another race. Just as the notion of "dry" wouldn't exist without "wet". This is mundane.

You lads are very happy to say "ha, I have a point!" but short on willingness to clarify or elaborate. You're not interested in arriving at a common understanding or even an intelligible dialogue. It's boring, faggy behavior.

Some of you might remember back in around 2010 this guy went by the name of FringeElements and was royally BTFO by a guy named theskepticalheretic on race realism. The debate itself is mostly lost at this point to my knowledge though.

Then leave? and never come back? Nobody here needs your redpills or your reactionary "race realism"

So because people notice tribes we must establish huge, artificial institutions and mechanisms to repatriate people and maintain that separation through some quasi-fascist/fascist state apparatus?

Same type of logic people employ when they speak of war; "War is natural", yes because spending billions of dollars and dealing with the immense bureaucracy, politics and management of war is "natural".

Minor conflict is natural, sure, you cannot extend that onto the complexity of war. Prejudice is natural, sure, you cannot extend that onto the complexity of a modern society.

Your "elaboration" boils down to how you feel and perceive others to feel. Also making a huge amount of assumptions on ancient societies.

Really most of what the alt-right brings up are assumptions, no real evidence for anything. No wonder you have to invoke the Autism Level question constantly, must be the only argument with any sort of research behind it.

Evidence is rock solid, then.

There's a reason why people like richard spencer and the like must go on about "I feel" "We feel" " Feel".

I don't even know what this is supposed to mean tbh

I'm talking about the lack of any research done by the alt-right and how they make up for this with shitty syllogistic logic and projection "I feel this way about blacks thus everyone else does too".

it means you're a bunch of 12 years olds with no facts or evidence or logic in your arguments

But this is wrong lol.

There is heaps of research that blacks are dumber than whites

Imagine being this removed from reality lol

no u

I know some of you can be saved from yourselves, so I take the trouble of explaining things in plain language.

You're clearly not familiar with the body of work that's been done on the alt-right, or their arguments. Indeed the guy in the OP consistently makes videos with reference to facts and studies and lays his case out very simply.

You're also stuck on this strange natural thing, which nobody cares about. The question is one which exists in context, and part of the basis for the conclusion is race-realism. If you believe there is relevant group-level expression of the traits which create a safe and productive polis, then the conclusion (if you value such a polis) is to support the conditions (in this case majority white ethnicity) necessary for its maintenance.

You should also be aware that we understand this to be a moral choice, which means trade-offs. We believe action now will be less violent than action later. We believe violence later, if we maintain the status quo, is inevitable as a result of our core beliefs (genes matter at scale). You can say "ha, they're just beliefs!" if you want, but that's a brainlet-tier misunderstanding of argumentation. Whatever you consider axiomatic will always be at base a belief, even though it can be backed up with evidence.

Is that reason that at base all systems thought have at their root a form of faith? This has been well-understood for hundreds of years now, and if you're not hip enough to the current state of philosophy to understand that you're equally guilty of that which you use to dismiss others then God help you.

You're simply not correct. The guy linked in the OP actually does plenty of research and presents his reasoning from a basic platform of scientific studies (twin studies, in a lot of cases). You're just being ignorant here.

Same as above, you're simply being ignorant of your ideological enemy. You lads are intensely insular as a community and you fail to engage seriously with your opponents.

don't you know eyecue is pseudoscience and FBI data is made up by racists?

Dude did I not just say that the I.Q question is where you have any "legitimacy (and even then, richard lynn extrapolating Autism Level scores onto neighboring countries and the Minnesota experiment being criticized by the very people who conducted it. Not to mention most of these experiments were subsidized by the Pioneer fund. There goes your non-bias.)

Privileged white racists, looking to keep the black man down (but elevate the Chinese man, for some reason).

You cannot maintain the same imperialist structure of "white" nations if you hope to avoid violence "later".

Abandon ANY intervention and meddling with all non-european/non-anglo countries and then you can have your white ethnostates. Let's see how long until you're in poverty and at each others necks.

Also stop pretending you're not ryan.

plz kys

Most of the times scientists can provide peer-reviewed studies and have it reproduced before spouting "I feel" assertions. Most of the time they never even use that language, it's amateur and telling of bogus understanding.

Violence is inherent in political life, that's not going to change. I also agree that imperialism's gotta go, which means saying goodbye to globalism and simply retreating to our own nations in order to deal with our own affairs. In that I think you're right and we have no disagreement.

I don't know who Ryan is, and I've only posted on leftypol for a week, and even then only in a few threads. I haven't pretended one way or the other though, and this is the first time I address or mention my own identity at all. This is an absurd line of inquiry.

I do it because I care about you boys and I'd rather see you work out, get strong, and be productive than wallow in revolutionary self-pity and faggotry.

You should like Alternative Hypothesis then, he makes reference to studies in his videos and he's pretty clear about his sources. In this cult video of course he's simply making an observation, but if you were are all familiar with his body of work you'd recognize that your objection doesn't apply.

cute but still kys

Why would I? I've got a great, productive life with plenty of opportunity and hope for the future. Things are pretty good, I'd say.

Why are you so buttmired?

don't lie if your life was decent you wouldn't need to blame darkie. the stink of failure is all over you

Huh? I'm not blaming darkie for any of my own circumstances, I just think there's a legitimate case to be made for a white self-governance and the maintenance of our genetic stock in our own nations.

You guys are the ones who seem resentful and quick to judge.

Most of the studies Ryan uses are of the very nature I've just detailed in that former post. Not reproducible and have been reproduced, also mostly not peer-reviewd. Especially the I.Q studies.

I find it funny that you just cordially dismiss Imperialism's entanglement with western politics, it simply can't be gotten rid of. You're more likely to be completely replaced by browns than have those who maintain imperialism just abandon it.

Also if there's "no problem" of high I.Q people of different races living together, then what is the problem of low I.Q people of different races doing the same?

No feelings or spiritualism.

I don't know who Ryan is, but Alternative Hypothesis makes reference largely to twin studies when trying to tease out the degree to which either genes or environment are relevant to certain traits.

I dismiss it just as casually (the proper word) as you assert it. What's your reasoning?

There's no problem as it relates to Autism Level, but nobody's making that argument. The argument against it has more to do with natural in-group preference and the violence and resentment that leads to when different groups compete for the same resources. Obviously we argue that Autism Level is relevant to economic outcomes but that's a separate argument.

You guys really need to get serious about engaging with the real deal and not simply creating these strawmen for yourselves, you're not doing yourselves any favors.

but you are.
because we know where this argument leads every time: the division of the proletariat

Access to white people isn't an inalienable human right, my dude.

What real deal

You discredit yourself every time you walk out your god damn parent's door, and make the unfortunate decision to start opening your mouth

What real deal

You're a socially unacceptable person and you all become more so every week of every month, of the past year.

You are self destructing at a hilarious pace and you actually still think you can argue from a position of academic authority.

Where have I blamed darkie for my circumstances, and where have I even said I was unhappy with my present circumstances? I'm personally quite comfortable, and none of my arguments make reference to my own circumstances.

Also I'm not sure you guys get this, but the proletariat doesn't give two licks about your ideology. Most working men would rather keep the fruit of their labor and keep government busybodies out of their affairs.

In most places it is

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Would this be a problem outside of capitalism? We don't live in the middle ages, we now have the means to meet demand and more.

Probably a few times outside of this thread. Just a few, I'm sure.

Segregation is illegal, dude,

Black parents are right. Beat your kids more often to teach them when to shut the fuck up, doesn't matter the way. I can't imagine a more spoiled bunch of children then the monstrous ratty brats Holla Forums has spawned from its ineffective tiny loins

You're never going to be around people you like, and the problem isn't other people. The hell isn't around you

You are the hell, John.

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What does that mean? Even If I posited the problem casually, it doesn't mean you can do the same as imperialism is integral to the west's prosperity.

Where was the strawman? That people can have similar I.Q across the races? Or that I'm arguing against someone who doesn't hold any concrete beliefs and keeps conceding where strategically necessary? At this rate you'll just be describing present societies and extolling the virtues of self-segregation.

I haven't made any appeal to authority, I'm simply presenting my case in my own words. I'm not an embarrassment to myself, my parents, or my community. I'm a productive person with a blessed life, for which I'm thankful.

Of course it would, because we don't yet have Star Trek replicators. I agree that the moment we do have such a thing we can fundamentally reorganize ourselves to account for the new reality, but we're not yet at the point of a leisure society and we need some form of system for determining who does what labor and how that labor's valued. No system will please everyone, not even yours.

Just like you've probably masturbated to photos of Hitler and shoved three bananas up your ass at once, right? Get real kiddo.

You know these people had problems which went beyond ideology, right?

Why is imperialism integral to the West's prosperity? You haven't explained your reasoning.

You keep saying that people who believe in race haven't presented any facts or evidence for their belief, which is flat out wrong. You keep tilting at windmills.

oh am I laffin

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If you're "happy with present circumstances" the why the fuck are you here advocating a reactionary ideology? I guess you could be dumb enough to have swallowed all this pol tier garbage without having a completely shit life but i find it highly unlikely.
Even if you aren't lying and you really don't just hate darkie then you're just a useful idiot for any who do and more importantly those who just want to see us divided along racial lines rather than class.

Nobody cares about your case, you're a loser to the world. Every day another Holla Forumsyp decides to do some stupid shit, and every day more people say "Oh it's those fucking race people again"

You aren't becoming a joke

Ever since the begining of 2018 it was effectively over, and you became a joke.

You are worse than Chanology ever was, more cancerous than 2009, and I'm glad the social consequences of you publicly slapping your lips will result in suicide; since you have alienated as many people as you would if you shot up heroin.

Parents have literally started disowning their high school age up children because they post on Holla Forums.

Stop projecting, my spoiled silver spoon friend. Even if you had your racialist White American utopia you would complain about the lack of fucking burgers and ice cream to shove down your gullet like some sort of Greek beast of legend

I'm happy with my own present, personal circumstances. That doesn't mean I can't have an opinion concerning the organization of political and social life which runs counter to the existing nostrums.

OK then.

Anyway, I'm going to go get a little pleasant work done outdoors because it's a nice sunny day where I am. I hope you lads have a good Sunday and that you consider expanding your horizons.

No I said that the alt-right can only source their beliefs to spurious research about I.Q. Everything else is as I described, syllogistic and assumptive.

You probably think Imperialism is the colonization of old, it's not. Research modern imperialism, heck, take a look at Syria and the middle east for a cast study.

It's about generating super-profits from once coveted and already extracted resources, also the ability to extend your markets into realms with vastly underpaid labor.

Rate of technological progress has declined because low-paid wages, thanks to neo-liberalism (late-stage capitalism) has precluded the need to innovate as it's not profitable to do so. That innovation takes the form of gadgets and other information technologies now. If a government made a concerted effort to improve production technology; energy, food and water - then the worlds population could be readily supplied.

Food is already produced beyond the world's demand but is hideously distributed.

Enjoy it while you can dumbass. That depression is goinna hit hard in five years when you realize "My God, What Have I done".

The fact you haven't already makes your outcome seem pretty fucking poorly.

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What am I projecting? Blacks are the least parented demographic in the united States.

Then why did they all hold views parallel to Holla Forumss. Why aren't we seeing the fabled Antifa School Shooters Holla Forums pulls out its ass, every time shit like this happens, and they embarrass themselves when it turns out to be one of their own

Why are all the mass shooters, school shooters, mail bombers, grave destroyers, prison by 25 Holla Forumsyps

I have yet to hear a satisfying enough answer from any of you, why this correlation exists.

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That makes them several fold better than what your parents have done raising a future suicide victim.

No. Blacks are inferior. Always.

He's calling your parents correctly for what they are, people who spoiled and pampered you into not understanding how the world works. You see everyone else as the enemy, and not consider for a moment, that the problem is you.

He shoulda been aborted tbh

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I will never come true no matter how many times you say it.

Hey, at least they won't read your eulogy. Then again, I don't think many people would read your eulogy. Let alone attend your funeral.

I feel bad for whatever corner has to slap the grease off your bloated American body, and try to make that gunshot wound to the head a little less visible.

Who am I even fucking kidding, you care about race more than you care about your own fucking health. It's either suicide or heart attack. Your own problems will kill you before anyone else can.

Did you all really spend this much time arguing with a fucking spastic who doesn't even understand what Imperialism is but thinks that Ethnostates are a viable solution to problems in the world?

Shit skin says what!

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Don't think so lol, whenever I am need of medical attention I always make sure to ask for a white doctor. I don't need somebody who bought their degree from fuckallistan

Do your ask your parents to schedule your appointments with a white doctor

Does it even matter, that's the point.

At least you admit you have fucking health problems. It's just a shame you think they're lesser threats to your life than strangers. You are more dangerous to yourself than a black man with a glock knocking at your door.

We both know you're going to die young.

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I don't think so, I'm in stellar health. Three out of my four grandparents are well into their 90s.

Denial is not just a river in Egypt, little guy. :^)

Ebin, simply ebin :^)

Your two futures.

You can lie to everyone on the internet as many times as you want, but it will never amount to how many times you've lied to yourself.

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And if you aren't lying, that just means the other alternative is suicide. Good luck. Unwarranted self importance takes a toll on you socially, so is being a pariah. You should consider helping yourself before you try to divine magic beans to create a fascist utopia.

You're going to die and never see it.

dont hit on me silly boys teehee :3

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I know it's very important for your fragile shitskin ego to believe that every white person who buys into the alt right is some obese lardass in Kentucky with a BMI in excess of 35, but it simply isn't true. I assure you. You will be in for a rude awakening some day.

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I think I have to repeat myself, jesus. You must have been a terrific bitch to even manage to graduate high school

You can lie to everyone on the internet as many times as you want, but it will never amount to how many times you've lied to yourself. You're an unhealthy slob who's future is health conditions, or social alienation you aren't even prepared to imagine to believe.

I like that your last vestige of talking shit is calling me a shit skin though. Whatever helps

Begone d.egenerate

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and Holla Forums masturbates nearly 6 times a fucking half week

Suppose that I wanted to prove to you that my view, Socialism, is correct. It would not suffice to just say "class exists". It is self-evident that there is economic inequality and stratification, but that Socialism is a desirable system does not follow from it. I'd have to prove that capitalism is destructive and parasitic, that worker ownership of MoP is good for productivity, and so on. If I simply said "Class exists - hence socialism is desirable", I'd be committing a fallacy.

You, for most of this thread, have been, in way too many words, proving that there exist differences between races. Nobody except teenage girls on tumblr who draw anime characters as black would argue with this - it is self-evident. However, you are expecting me to take a mental leap from "races are different" to the idea that we need some sort of a racially motivated state, segregation etc. Why do differences between races mean races should be separated? Can you answer?

I would love for them to have an answer and create their own little desert compound.

They would all kill each other within the fucking year of such an experiment, if not sooner.

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Same tbh but I also have a sex life on top of that unlike the average Holla Forumstard

Who's going to die faster, you or your 90 year old grandparents

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HBD and biological determinism are real
they put too much emphasis on race, and not enough on more granular categories like ethnicity or haplogroup admixture

Excuse the edge

It's never fair when a parent has to see the death of their child. It's fucking hilarious when grandparents who are about one week from dying get to see the death of their grandchildren before they croak.

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This whole "hypothesis" is predicated on the way he dishonestly clumps the left into one group. "Leftists" is what he calls them removing all justification he has to give for the various problems that would come up if he didn't. He is talking about liberals, then communists, then liberals, then antifa and more antifa/black bloc. Jumping back and forth to try and make a coherent point not realizing how different each one of these is. He does this as if they are all the same thing and the way they conduct themselves is the name. Far leftists generally don't condone dissociating gestures when someone disagrees. They've embraced debate as is pretty self evident in the fact that you're having a conversation with us right now. The reason for this is clear - our ideas like yours are more radical and we take opportunities to be heard. It is only within the dominant hegemonic culture and ideology do you find this pushback to other beliefs, and where AltHyp gets it all wrong. ALL radicalism receives pushback, especially true economic radicalism.

AltHyp is literally just talking about fanatical SJWs, not any other kind of leftists here. (I wouldnt even call those left at all since many are just liberals)

The reason the left doesn't like engaging in right wing conversation a lot of the time is because each side sees the other as dishonest and engaging the other side is hard when you are so ideologically opposed. This video screams conspiracy propaganda and obvious over generalizing to shrug off any responsibility of nuance in it's arguments.

Leftists dont like liberals either, or fanatic SJWs. Get your facts straight.

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It is the duty of a community to take care of one another, but this generation has grown so isolated in suburbs they were raised without an ability to understand what community is besides who's different and who's unhealthy.

Which is ironic, given their unhealthy, yada yada. But it's far more ironic they could be fighting for their collective needs rather than the needs of people they feel comfortable around.

Holla Forums is born out of bullied kids or other strange alienated kids who got pampered too much in the suburbs and forgot what real community actually means. They can claim they want community, they don't. They hate each other too, they kill each other too.

These people have been developmentally stunted and they shun community based ideology because they cannot see society function outside of their paranoia of the last time they interacted with as many people: High School. So interesting too, that they've made a habit of shooting up schools they use to attend.

It is the job of the many to help themselves and keep a healthy community strong and fend the few who wish to disturb its equilibrium into factionalism, it is the job of the few to deny help until they become hopeless, because they never experienced what it may look like.

Let's say, they even are right about genetics. That's a medical problem with medical solutions that don't involve screaming and shitting your pants and shooting up everywhere. Genetics, in the long term of politics, does not matter. It is not a deciding factor of how you put it at the center of logistically organizing a society. That's narcissism born from whatever afflicted stunt.

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I disagree. The medical solutions to this problem require certain political outcomes. Technologies like CRISPR Cas9 and IVF-PGD can't be implemented in places without functioning governments or some form of universal healthcare for embryonic eugenic procedures. These solutions are decades or possibly centuries away from being viable at a mass scale. We are in a situation where GATTACA style interventions are not yet feasible, but the genetic health of society might very well be deteriorating. What should we do in the mean time? Sit in our armchairs?

I think you underestimate how much of an impact genetic disparities could be having on society currently. I realize the Bell Curve is controversial here, but everyone should at least read the first 3/4 of it before it gets into race, you will get a good idea of what I am talking about. Perhaps genetics wouldn't be relevant in some esoteric utopian communal society, but it is incredibly relevant within the context of western liberalism, with it's penchant for welfare capitalism and mass immigration from the developing world.

Maybe I'm a filthy SocDem reformer, but I would vote today for some measure to incentivize people with genetic conditions like Osteogenesis imperfecta (what Hotwheels has) to get sterilized. Initiatives like this are absolutely common sense and are the very least that society can do.

Yes, they lead to all sorts of health conditions, none of which, are a majority mental health related.

Scoliosis, gum disease, risk for cancer, all these things are far more common and treatable than your hysteria over the mental health of the public, when it is neither your concern or profession to do so.

If your solution is to just get rid of people in the community, you're not helping anyone effected by the consequences of capitalism in the slightest.

You have a reactionary scent.

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Eugenics doesn't work as intended because genetic defects can be passed down from ancestors as opposed to directly from the parents. Genetic recombination.

Many defects can lay dormant until they finally express themselves in a future descendant whose parent/ancestor from another side also possesses that gene.

Most people have these dormant genes.

We could still use eugenics to increase intelligence and attractiveness.

No, you can't - the same problem with genetic recombination still arises.

Also the traits to rear an attractive son are different to those needed to rear an attractive daughter, vi versa. Humans are too complex to breed "perfection". We hamfisted our breeding of domesticated animals to a tolerable level - we cannot do the same with people, would entail too much controversy and "mistakes".

If eugenics doesn't work how were Americans turned into Fighting Mutts?

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That's only if you are dealing with phenotypes. Genetic sequencing allows us to see recessive traits as well.

The other guy from The Alternative Hypothesis used to go by SpockTalk or some shit like that years ago when Intellectual YouTubism was still mostly a Atheist vs Theist thing.

I watched one of his more recent videos months ago where he elaborates on "white privilege" and all that and literally the first thing he says is how white men have a stigma of having smaller penises. Everywhere they go and everything they do they can't stop thinking about that shit.

No, I'm afraid you're the retard. I never said they didn't have a genetic component, I just said they were health conditions of a variety that are genetic, of which there are fucking encyclopedias of

Focusing on one aspects of genetic disorders to center around major civil rights violations, as well as alienating people from our cause who might have otherwise been a part of it, it's just plain fucking silly. It's a simple man's solution to a problem that's different because the health condition happens to be mental. I hear none of your type talking about cancer, or other types of genetic disorders

It's always mental this, mental that. You have a fuck of a clew about genetic disorders and you're trying to twist medicine into an agenda not so much unlike American pharmacutical companies are.

Focusing all these resources to stop a genetic problem by treating people like animals will never work. You might as well fucking stop a swarm of ants from the Amazon from eating you alive for stepping on their trail by throwing bloody mouse traps on them.

Medical problems are medical problems period, you're the one who doesn't understand just how flimsy the human genetic code is to cause all sorts of problems.

Cancer is deadlier than what most people with genetic mental problems have, should we just give everyone with cancer a hysterectomy or a vasectomy, so they don't fuck? It does not work that way and it will never work that way, so our best option is medicine.

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You are totally out of your depth and do not understand what I am suggesting.
Read this reply again and google search all the jargon you are not familiar with.
I am not suggesting rounding up or sterilizing people or anything along those lines.

Go to hell nazi.

Sauce on this semen demon??

this is your brain on liberalism

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Well I'm back from my afternoon's work, very pleasant. Moved some piles of wood in preparation for a job later this spring which I'm looking forward to. Anyway I wouldn't put too much effort in with these guys, so far they haven't proven themselves worth it. It's a real pain in the butt to deal with midwits.

He's saying blank slatists are part of a cult, which I think is pretty well true across the board. The blank slate is completely discredited, not true, logically incoherent rubbish. I get that some of you guys may not be that way but I still see a lot of blank slatism here.


Not sure what you're implying I'll regret. I'm spending my time improving my mind and body and doing productive work. I don't wear meme T-shirts and I don't care about being some edgy fag. Whatever makes you happy though, I don't begrudge it of you.

What I think imperialism is isn't strictly relevant, I'm asking you to explain what you think it is and why you think it's inextricable from the West's prosperity. That's not too much to ask.

I think it's hasty to say technological progress has slowed as a result of wage stagnation. It's equally possible we're starting to hit the limits of what's possible through engineering and manufacture and that ultimately technology will plateau at some pre-Star-Trek level. Either way it's speculative.

Sure I can answer, it's not even difficult. Here are the axioms:

A: the races are broadly different in temperament, intelligence, physical characteristics, etc. (as you've acknowledged) as a result in large part of genetic influence.

B: human beings have an in-group preference which makes them prefer to live among, trust, and interact with people who look and behave as they do.

C: the vast majority of people of all races act based on emotional and instinctive impulses (including in political life) rather than on the basis of rational arguments.

D: in-group preference is an emotional response.

If you take these things to be true, it's fairly obvious why a homogeneous state is superior to a multiracial one. There will be higher trust and more cooperation among individuals, and less likelihood of warfare and bloodshed among competing groups. This is ignoring, even, the group-level differences in intelligence and temperament.
There's nothing illogical about it, it just has to do with what you take to be true at a fundamental level.

woops, meant to say 'I am not suggesting rounding up and sterilizing
There should be voluntary incentivized sterilizations. People with particularly poor genetic cocktails (like carriers of Huntingon's disease or Osteogenesis Imperfecta) should be offered dollars, labor vouchers, bitcoins, headpats, etc to get a vasectomy.

Even if this is taken to be true, it's irrelevant in a capitalist mode of production as it is based in the coercion and systematic violence.
Just like in medieval Europe where the nations were pretty damn homogeneous. Man, those guys were so peaceful, especially compared to now, with less racial homogeneity.

The period actually proves the principle. It's different ethnic groups competing over resources. If you were more intelligent you might expand this outward from the nation and say that the logic of this sort of organization implies the eventual imperial expansion of white nations into non-white nations because of shared competition over terrestrial resources, but whatever. What point is that this is a fact of life for the human organism, genetic groups will fight each other to the death as they compete for resources. The only solution is to get off the planet and spread out.

As for capitalism being based on coercion, yes. So is all law, or any democratically binding resolution, or any decision where one human being (or group of human beings) have authority over another. Your system isn't exempt.

Why can’t we, but we can for animals? We have managed to breed in traits of passivity and loyalty to pets, we’ve bred the brains out of critters like hamsters, and we have bred the traits of plumpness and thickness into various farm animal. Shit, we bred greater gains and increased durability into plants for agriculture.

Is there genetic recombination and uncertainty? Yes. Is it to the scale that eugenics would not work? Fuck no. If genes were that unpredictable then natural selection and passing down genes itself would be screwed up.

We can’t make everyone super humans, but we can definitely induce a general increase of intelligence, health, and attractiveness to some extent.

I'd say that's true. You'll want to find people who are intelligent or attractive or particularly talented in one way or another and simply make sure they breed in higher proportion to those who aren't. A sort of passive eugenics would almost certainly have an effect over time.

Not sure what the other poster was talking about, but he may have a problem with notions of Gattaca-style active eugenics. I think that may eventually be possible anyway but I think there's a more important question: let's say we manage to turn the human race into 200IQ beautiful supermen, what then? Does society still function? Are there unintended consequences? Tough to say. It could be that the stratification of intelligence and beauty is necessary for a functional society.

The fact you're hyper focused on mass sterilization makes you the retard, not me. What even is the next step after that? Treat them so they have a nice life?

At what point do we consider someone can't reproduce? Fucking severe depression? Cancer? Leukemia?

Do you actually know how stupid you fucking sound lol

You're a complete fucking moron, stop dabbling in medicine

The difference is dogs suffer an enormous amount of health problems and choosing who fucks doesn't work. It will never work. That is literally never going to ever work.






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It’s worked for wheat, corn, apples, hamsters, dogs, cows, pigs, chickens, flowers such as roses, oranges, bananas and watermelon are big ones (their wild variants vs what they look like today is huge). It’s worked.

Then people will be happier, and with more intelligent people, the development of the arts and sciences will come along better.

You honestly could not tell me that just on physical traits of intelligence, strength, and attractiveness alone that being dumb, weak, and ugly is preferable or equal to being strong, attractive, and intelligent.

Ok, all of this was against their will.

Second of all the only way you can fucking possibly accomplsh such a retarded feat is by dreaming it. People will fuck, you can't possibly control the sexual lives of millions and millions of people

The war on drugs never worked do you think controlling how people fuck is going to work and produce some real nice studs

You're legitimately retarded.

I'm not saying it's not, on an individual basis, better to be attractive and intelligent versus ugly and dumb. What I'm saying is that there may be pathological manifestations arising from turning everyone into one or the other that we haven't forseen. On top of that, sometimes it's not great to be intelligent - there are plenty of cases of wasted potential and resentment because very intelligent people coast on natural talent and fail to develop discipline.

I used to know Ryan Faulk back when we were both ancaps. He went by the name FringeElements. Ironically he was the one who exposed me to anti-state thinking.

Back then he was part of a community on youtube which poured scorn on the youtube atheist community, the equivalent of the 'sceptics' of today.

I lost my interest in him when he started to become racist. I can't find it, but he made several pro-slavery posts to his facebook and said that black people were better off being slaves in America than remaining in Africa.

Why must you strawman so? If anything, I am hyper focused on genetic therapy on human embryos.

see my other reply . Any sterilization done should always be voluntary.

Certain dog breeds do suffer from tremendous health problems, but dogs were bred incredibly irresponsibly, mostly in a time before we had a proper understanding of genetics.

Is nobody going to talk about how fucking unfeasible the idea of controlling the sex lives of hundreds of millions of people is.

Do you actually think this is possible. Or are you going to reply "W-W-Well we only need a small amount" that's not how this works

That's not how this has ever worked.

Unless you threaten them with death, they won't do shit. And when you threaten them with death, it's probably going to be easier to fall in love with someone since you know you're going to die.

Life finds a fucking way somehow and you can't control how people fuck. It's a ridiculous, fucking stupid idea. The fact you need to compare the behavior of fucking notoriously intelligent, fruits, flowers, and watermelons (the big ones), is on par with Jordan Peterson comparing men to Lobsters

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Just like people who think this works

Ok, congratulations like, fucking 134 people first week and you've accomplished nothing.

Tie cradle-to-grave welfare to sterilization, create financial incentives for intelligent (assessed through whatever metric) people to have more children, convince intelligent women to breed instead of going to university and pursuing some HR career, there are plenty of things you can do to achieve eugenic effects without too much trouble.

Obviously the cradle-to-grave welfare in exchange for sterilization option would be voluntary - that is, you choose to receive the payments on the condition of sterilization. Basically a contract.

See above, there are methods which aren't too difficult. You don't need a camera in every bedroom.

People still fuck
That's not going to work, people are still going to fuck
This is becoming the ramblings of a man disconnected from reality

Just like you can voluntarily get a vasectomy for being the first subject of your great leap forward, you know, being a complete retard.

Nobody wants your children, Jesus Christ imagine that

It doesn't matter whether or not sterilized people fuck, and it should be encouraged because it keeps them passive.

As for positive incentives, it's more likely that intelligent people will take advantage of them. If you're determined to be high intelligence (and it's in any way accurate) you're more likely to have been controlling your own reproduction, therefore it's more likely the incentive will have a non-zero effect on your reproductive outcomes.

If you think you will ever actually improve society based upon forced marriage where such a practice has never even existed before, I don't trust you to be a competent political thinker.

You will make things 100% worse. This would be the war on drugs times, I don't know, an entirely morally unethical fucking degree. And before you say "morals lol" think about how people en masse are going to bypass these laws and rules

So then what, surveillance state? Or is this all voluntary even though people are being materially punished

Face the facts, this will never work

I’m not arguing for that. I’m arguing for genetically modifying embryos, screening out any with severe genetic disorders (severe physical mutation, mental retardation, etc.) and otherwise using soft genetics would work. You know there are less cases of Down syndrome, a genetically linked illness, with every generation, yes? You know that evolution and natural selection fucking works on the premise of breeding out bad traits that reduces survivability?

>You're legitimately retarded.
Oh fuck off. You’re just being hostile now because your moralized idealism was shat on.

The only people who believe in this plan are people who have had a steady friend group of 5 their entire lives and a collective neuron count of twelve to fifteen

People like drugs, because it reduces stress from their lives.

People like fucking, because not only is it hardwired into us to fuck and fall in love and all that shit, but suddenly restricting material access with material punishment. Do you know how fucking awful that would actually go down. Have you lost your mind. There would be human trafficking fucking everywhere. Congratulations you've turned selling drugs into selling people, or god knows children.


People are going to go around that, no matter how hard you try, and the harder tried, the worse it will get. Eugenics works well in a population of not hundreds of fucking millions

pic related disagrees

I envision a future in which people are provided with free access to genetic engineering and implantation of embryos.
Even if only 25% of the population participated each generation, after a few generations society would still turn into super-humans.

Attached: 1child.jpg (450x323, 25.83K)

It's hardly moral, it's fucking realistic that this will cause bloody chaos, in the circumstances I'm speaking of. That has, material fucking consequences actually.

And as for test tube babies, you do fucking realize we live in capitalism, don't you? You realize this would cost a fortune

You're the one moralizing I'm just being realistic none of this will pan out in your ideal hypothetical world

If you have intelligence but no motivation or discipline, you can develop discipline or motivation.

If you have motivation and discipline but no intelligence, you can’t develop intelligence. You’re fucked even if you try.

Plus hey, it would be nice not being inferior to someone else because of something you can’t control.

Arguing in petty idealisms like “life finds a way” and retarded moralism just makes you look retarded.

That's because you have autism and think that once this technology is possible it won't serve the hands of capital, backfire, or be prohibitively expensive.

You can currently buy cloned dogs, from the previous cells of the dog you had that died, did you know that? Do you know how expensive they are?

This is bougie ramblings of unrealistic people imagining an unrealistic science fiction world where genetic engineering and capitalism don't create nasty fucking results, or they can encourage a vast majority of people to engage in sex how they want.

Neither will ever work at this point.

I’m in favor of eugenics after capitalism however even under capitalism the breeding out of severe illnesses would be beneficial.

But yes, we shouldn’t let capital and genetic engineering create new, biological horrors.

All the idealism I'm hearing from is you.

I’m not advocating for doing this under capitalism you brainlet.

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Right now, wealthy countries could probably afford to offer IVF-PGD to all their citizens if they made some major cuts in other areas. And costs are still falling at precipitous rates. Who knows what the future might hold.

If you read up more on this subject I bet you would be as excited as I am.

That is a possibility but I don't think it will happen. Some progressive SocDem countries inevitably will adopt these universal genetic screenings and implantations, and other countries will be forced to follow suit. Capital in each country will eventually support this once they realize their place in the global market is at stake.
It will be a race to the top instead of a race to the bottom.

The hell are you banging on about? You realize you can divorce the act of fucking from procreation, right? I'm not saying "let's prevent these people from fucking" you absolute mongoloid.

Sure, but that's not necessarily the outcome that will develop. I'm not saying it's a certainty that there will be bad results, I'm saying it's possible there are unintended consequences to turning everyone into ubermensch through genetic tinkering.

Something tells me if we ever do carry out eugenics, your genes won’t make the cut.

Stop giving me this Silicon Valley kick starter pledge bullshit, we both know this will end very fucking badly. You know why? Genetically engineered crops aren't very expensive, but vertebrates?

You're taking thousands upon thousands upon thousands upon thousands of dollars to order your own cloned dog that died. Only porky can fucking afford that get real.

Now we're talking about humans. Can you possibly imagine who would want to keep this to themselves, and keep this technology as expensive as possible

This is a scenario that will never unfold as you think it will. I know you're playing John Hammond from Jurassic Park and you got rain drops in your eyes, but if this "designer baby" technology ever does get out, it will only be for porky.

Do you know who else wants a eugenics program for the poor, the working class? It isn't actually the working class, once again, it's fucking porky. Trying to create the best worker. And it would create insipid shit everywhere

Both of these situations would exist only in dystopian novels because there is no effective way financially speaking to give everyone their own designer baby, not in even five decades. The cost would be unimaginable.

I'm saying you're being naive. This won't work. In an ideal world everyone would be perfect, but this is not an ideal world. In our lifetimes this would only create children of porky immune to basically everything, who knows what else.

It's ridiculous, we should be fighting against this technology. Not for moral reasons but for reasons entirely material as it works against the working class.

It's the same because the technology is prohibitively expensive now and into the near future. This only exists in well funded laboratories. Cloning vertebrates can cost anywhere from $50,000 to millions of dollars.

No worker has that much money.

The solution is medicine, not praying to our mighty genetics companies and our mighty Silicon Valley. We all know, or we all should know, that this won't end for the good of all mankind. Not for any idealist, morally principled, or virtuous position; but because only THEY can buy such things.

The only way I see this working if it weren't that expensive is if porky weened out the week to create obedient workers who can't complain about their health and their needs. Sounds great right?

A world without class struggle at all.

that doesnt make him wrong, just about every glorious uprising atleast in the last year has been from some Holla Forumsyp and even columbine was committed by crypto-Holla Forumsyps

Guess we're just chad as fuark, brah.

I hear this alot and everytime it cant seem to answer as to why you take advantage of the stupidity of people, offer them a short term prize to mutilate themselves is pretty ruthless there.
Also most of the time when some force "voluntary incentivized" and those who are targeted refuse they always ramp up the incentives until force.

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Attached: e6ed6bc6a6fb78c8a8a9c5b0754d6f92.jpg (736x414, 46.95K)

In fact, outside of socialism, which even I'm skeptical of this working under such an "ideal world" divorced from class but focused on genes, it would end pretty badly for a variety of possible reasons.

But we're in capitalism. Imagining a Commercial Genetics Company just sounds like fucking Big Pharma 2.0 forever replacing the previous generation, creating an entirely new dynamic of class since such technology would still be prohibitively expensive.

Don't you realize we shouldn't be cheering this "LET'S GO EUGENICS LET'S GO WOO WOO, LET'S GO GENETIC ENGINEERING EMBROYS WOO WOO"

This technology would never be for you, and you would have to fight limb over limb to have your own child be able to compete with other children of richer porky parents.

The amount of things that can go wrong are endless. Fuck even identity politics between generations like we're god damn software.
?"Oh look, next kids can grow up to be a better prole than I ever was"

I see a world like this as hell. I see this as being a gigantic ploy, were it to ever happen, to make proles complain about their working conditions less and make class consciousness less possible.

We cannot allow such technology to progress. And I'll say it again, FOR CLASS AND MATERIAL REASONS THIS IS A BAD IDEA

wow I misread that and now it seems even more sad.

Attached: 52e32c061e0621b8c866a21338d25c00a6329425a89f2ae8d9956ed704f03809.jpg (255x142, 9.32K)

I call that the leftypol special.

Why is this such a touchy subject? This thread is riddled with cringey insults. We just want to eradicate cancer, disease, manlets, etc.

Comparing this to cloning indicates you have no idea what you are talking about. Genetically screening a dozen embryos and selecting the best for implantation (IVF-PGD) is much, much simpler than cloning. CRISPR Cas 9 (which is in it's infancy) is also simpler than cloning. You should have looked up the jargon in my previous posts as instructed.

Also, I wasn't going to mention it before, but your reddit spacing is out of control. Learn the syntax of this website please.

Attached: 5d5f6982567425fe8e547d11beb8e19413d088bf207d15376d84cd1487c87732.jpg (600x400, 46.51K)

Well there's your problem.

crisper and eugenics wont stop, say a massive flu strain

Attached: bQjaXEG.gif (480x270, 265.62K)


Right, it may be fair to say that it was historically inevitable, but that doesn't mean it was right, or that it provides some proof that ethnostates are the optimal organization of a society.

Ah, no. It was feudal lords competing over resources, who were more interested in their spooks about God than ethnicity. You're just imposing race into the matter because you want to.

This is another is vs ought. Kinda. For one "genetic groups" is a vague and empty term, combined with the fact that the basis for pretty much every struggle for resources has had little to do with the ethnicity and more to do with the actual organization itself calls this assertion into question. Humanity as a whole is better off cooperating and already is capable of meeting everyone's basic needs. Furthermore, the present state of affairs shows that even if cooperation is less optimal because one has to work with someone of a different ethnicity than themselves, we see that one already is capable of cooperating with different ethnic groups. I don't see why we should have to cater to some autists who can't stand seeing a brown guy on the subway each morning given the historical trends we're observing now.

Well no fucking shit. That doesn't mean that all modes of production are equally good.

I want to improve physical health, and also psychometrics.
I was joking about manlets, but they would probably be an unintended casualty. Given the choice, most people would prefer tall offspring up to a certain point.


you seem to be more on the sane side but people like

are too far gone for me to accept it full stop.
also at I have one question for you want to only let smart people breed but you understand that genetics is gamble and making them "shit out" tons of babies is a massive drain on the community right? These are people not puppies or watermelons, it takes YEARS to make sure that the kid is "ripe"

The difference is the animal that's being modified. It's not a dog. It's a human being. Not only is the technology we're speaking about in its infancy, but it costs metric tons ton fucking research at the risk of international scandal.

CRISPR this CRISPR that, I don't fucking give a god damn shit about the technology these goons want to exploit

Because they will never be for me, they will never be for you, they will never be for anyone arguing in favor of them, They will be in the favor of those who can afford it.

Because under capitalism, this would not end well for the working class of each successive generation. There would be a new class dynamic, hell, a new classroom dynamic. Where the wealthy get the kid with the upper hand and win at life just that much easier.

Genetically engineering humans is prohibitively expensive, and I do not see a future where it won't end up disastrously, making class analysis even more touchy to the point of modified children being able to call discrimination for kids who could not afford to be modified, bullying that kid for basically existing through genetic cheats. A huge uproar about it, all class analysis would be thrown in the gutter between the religious zealous and the secular technocrats.

No matter how benevolent you think you're being, it won't work well. I'm angry because you're being premature with your praise for this technology when it could very well end up being disastrous. Not for those children of course, but for a new dimension of class analysis that would be thrown into the gutter. Praising porkies new indigo children.

Fuck it. Let humans be humans and let humans die. If my choice right now, is designer babies that are only available to the super rich that improve after ever successive generation vs those who can't afford it, I would rather people die from preventable causes to show how monstrous capitalism can be. We are fighting capitalism for our community, not for our selfish desires that ultimately end badly.

People once looked at Amazon and said, god, just a site that sells books, how great is that. We're really in a new age. Now imagine a Corporation that can design you infants free from disease for that right special fee. How many years will it take for us to remember how we were so adamant this shit would work out well. We're talking about the next Big Pharma

I don't want any of this shit in my lifetime.

Attached: ae21e552ae7e6688a1ea854d5354e339878b592e082b1e9dd6b23a76190ef957.jpg (698x750, 117.85K)

We'll see what happens, my man. Is vs ought is a good way to put it. Ought we all cooperate for the betterment of man? Perhaps. Will we? Doubtful.

Duh, compared to their present state. What are you retarded?

Sure, but you're just altering the balance of probabilities. Say there's a 7/10 chance the child of one couple will be a valuable member of society and a 3/10 chance another couple's child will be. I'd rather the former couple had more children, that's all. The real tricky bit is determining who benefits from incentives.

it'll be worse than that, goverments will jump at the idea of making each generation of "lowborn" more and more passive.
If this research can ONLY go to ending degenerative genetic disorders and diseases its fine but honestly I see people getting their wills sapped out by porky/government

Attached: c4065598cefb7d2829291be4104e8e2a89e43235fd0c6b4a792ce21fa20d6842.gif (448x252, 1.99M)


how do you even know that it's a 7/10 chance?
I.Q. doesnt mean you'll thrive in life nor does it make you into the next hawking. Geniuses come and go and you cant "force them" its disastrous.

Attached: 1299827572337.jpg (4688x4688, 574.67K)

Aye, I mention that problem in my very next sentence and the answer is "I don't really know." I also don't really agree with doing such a thing in any sort of long-term way because government is crap-tier at near everything. Ultimately I think we should just start off with a reasonably homogeneous genetic stock and leave things to develop naturally from there, with the exception of welfare tied to childbirth. Ultimately we shouldn't be rewarding unproductive people for breeding.

It's a joke my man. Soy feminizes you, feminized males are more passive. Same deal with tight pants, Lycra, Spandex, Nylon, plastics, soap, ubiquitous pornography, lack of physical exercise, and mandatory government strap-on sessions.

Here's a terrifying hypothetical for you.

67 year old porky, never had a son, wants a son. By that point in time, he will have a son that can live an extended lifetime, no risk for cancer, no risk for disease, no risk for allergies, no risk for stunted growth. Nothing. The perfect specimen.

He doesn't want the child out of love, he's looking for a perfect successor who will live longer than all porkies before him

And this becomes a phenomenon of these children groomed into their selective positions in corporate life

Imagine a fucking porky, imagine if you will, future fucking HENRY KISSINGER 2.0, who can not only live possibly past 120, no risk for cancer, disease, anything. Forever having political domain for 80 years until he croaks at FUCKING ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY FIVE

Is this the future anyone really wants besides Silicon Valley

Fuck that, imagine an elderly Mark Zuckerberg with one functional sperm left artificially inseminating a carrier, where said embryo is given to a certain chosen family they all mapped out in his will. Where we get Zuckerberg the fucking Second

And what of Jeff Bezos? What of Any of these fucks?

Attached: 1207b3a796bed6a910a5ea151435100b9daaca89c69a210fb0696950b2cf62b6.png (255x210 4.48 KB, 4.48K)

Nah, ethnic homogeneity in Europe is a v recent phonomion, mostly born out of genocides and ethnic cleansing during the 1890s through to 1946. Outside of say ireland Europe was intertwined with different ethnic groups crisscrossing eachother like the modern ME. An example of this is the modern Alps, and even then a lot of "ethnic reduction" has gone on.

Is porky a 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧euphemism🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧?

I see. Probably sent off all their spare negros to war and such like.

And after that, terrifying reality, it's only a matter of time before Industry Leaders clone themselves, and groom their child selves into becoming exactly what they were

Imagine your children (imagine you have the chance to have children) living to see their grand children see the fourth clone of Zuckerberg

This isn't even getting into the gattaca angle of designer infants, it's a pandora's box of Porky's fucking delight. It sounds like science fiction but people in Silicon Valley are at least talking about the possibility of designer babies

After that who fucking knows

Attached: Cvuuf8fVUAExaJ0.jpg (500x312, 25.03K)

It means capitalists.

Oh I see. I couldn't help noticing another commonality among those named.

so you want genetic homogeneity and use gene modding to get rid of the degenerative effect of limiting the gene pool, why even waste time to limit the gene pool?
how will you keep that from getting fucked up, even with out a government that screams "dystopian crystal children" to start cropping up in the gated communites.

If you start off with a group of ten million or similar you're not going to run into trouble just letting people breed normally. You only run into issues when you're starting off with a pool that's laughably small compared to any modern state.

I think what he is suggesting would work, but would be pretty totalitarian. Those extreme measures seem unnecessary when low-cost genetic engineering is right around the corner.

Porky already does hoard genetic capital. What I am suggesting is the only way to fix the status quo. See my previous post for why capital will be forced to make this technology freely available.

Anyway, I'm out for the night. Interesting discussion lads. Even you mr reddit spacing.

Piece of advice lad, look up turks in bulgaria, or albanian diaspora, or fuck it find any working class russian born in the countryside before 1890: Lavr Kornilov was half cocking siberian. I mean the entirity of the baltics and kresly was polish, lithuanian, latvian, rus', german, yiddish and others. Irony of ironiesnyou have Stalin to thank for a lot of your european ethnostates.

that just feeds into my point, it just opens another avenue for a power hungry state to start modding people into less impulsive sheep. It has to be devoid of state influence and we know that wont happen.

he thinks bad capitalists are just jews

Oh I see. So people who aren't quite as disparate genetically as Europeans and Africans are. Though let's not forget Cheddar Man, eh? The first token black in Britain.

Of course not, there are bad goys also. He just happened to mention two very Semitic chaps, and I suspect him of being a Nazi bad man simply using capitalists and porky euphemistically. For shame.

your obsession with fucking brown people is hilarious, ryan.

Attached: c36049e3a4b212584773d9b5ce54b719f9075dbbcbe5cdd8c01e39eecc36fca0.png (507x438, 389.94K)

Not an arguement. If your concept is that was europe was ethnically homogeneous in 1918, say, explain the Baltics.

Why don't you move to South Africa, friend? I hear they're going to have their glorious socialist revolution soon.

I swear this board is no different from Holla Forums, like 3 race threads with Holla Forumstards spewing their shit uncontested and people advocating for eugenics ITT.

Attached: MarkZuckerberg.jpg (3500x2446 90.53 KB, 3.4M)

Sure, easy. The Baltics were loaded straight-up fulla commie fags and other soylent-green fodder.

You into degrees?

Life's good.

In 1918 (should have said 14 tbf) when they were independent states? How did the three balt peoples, yiddish jews, russians, germans and poles all inhabit these areas in a patchwork of ethnic composition of they were ethnically homogeneous at this time? Spolier, it's because your myth don't real.

Tell me this isn't the face of a man who doesn't want to raise a designed superior heir child named Asmodeus

Attached: mark_zuckerberg2.jpg (750x500, 290.45K)

Attached: fatrab.png (245x452, 243.08K)

Leto II did nothing wrong bro

How are plants edible if some plants are poison? Riddle me that genius.

There's something off about his face I can't quite pinpoint, some flaw or other lurking just below the surface. Physiognomy truly rules.

Don't be a bigot, Africans are beautiful and you should be grateful that you have the opportunity to spend time with any of them at all and perhaps even one day service one of their penises. Shame on you for implying anything beside that is acceptable.

We're not talking about Leto II, we're talking about someone who has his powers to perpetuate capitalism beyond the stars

says the gay prostitue.
Ryan you're bants are fucking weak, I assumed you would have a rapier wit but I guess all that crack fried that noodle of yours.
Tell me more about how minecraft is going to collapse the west buddyboy

Attached: 2a66a269206763129b2e25f8f7cd5032.jpg (580x588, 37.88K)

I ain't Ryan champo, my name's el Diablo and I play Minecraft lots because it's the only place I can own the means of production. My crafting table is my castle.

Does anyone have the proof? I want a good laugh

Attached: 3cc3ebb542293670bbc3ba5acca29350e792642e404433ff2dafd3efbb2658ea.png (449x401, 140.09K)

Except the baltic pattern repeats across europe, in the Volga river valley, the Rheinland, the Alps, the Balkans, the Capathian basin, Scotland, Kola and Finnmark, Sicily, the Pyrannnes. If you can't explain the Baltics you can't explain these either: and these constitute some of the densest population regions in Europe. These regions run through most major states in Europe, if you canne explain them then your theory is fucking dogshite.

Could it be that there's such a thing as differences in genetic distance and that one set of circumstances is perhaps different from another in that regard? Could it also be that there's such a thing as a predominantly homogeneous nation with some blurring around the fringes which might yet be considered homogeneous? These are mysteries we'll probably need the Hardy boys to help solve.

You're probably right though and there's no difference between a little French and Italian mixing and hordes of sub-Saharans pouring into Europe.

No one here is a blank statist, again he and now you need to apply blanket terms so your argument can be coherent. Equality of outcome, to each according to their ability etc. Does that sound like blank slatism brainlet?

Possible names for future Zuck's terrible engineered son.

Sounds like commie gobbledigook to me but I've seen plenty of blank slatism here, certainly in an implied way.

I've seen you try to twist peoples words into it and fail misreably

Attached: Bukoun.png (1280x720, 804.12K)

Blurrjng around the fringes doesn't fit it though, the "fringes" didn't exist: the nationstates of today came into being because of these ethnic compositions not the other way around.
Also 'muh distance' doesn't actually prove your point about homogeneous ethnostates.
But still I want a proper explaination for the baltics, am legitimately interested.

Oh yeah? I've seen your mom stuffing hotdogs up her ass and frankly I wasn't impressed.

They're all squatters to me, except the Yids who sit on chairs made of human bones and stretched out foreskins.

Oh the yiddish jews are dead due to the obvious reason, and the Germans were forced to leave due to Stalin (who again is actually immensely responsible for the creation of most ethnostates in Eastern Europe). The Poles mostly resettled in modern Poland post war.

What happened to the Yids, they gas themselves by leaving the car running in the garage? I'm asking for a friend.

What you think to be blank slatism is understanding the way in which environment plays a big BIG part in how people think, operate, and choose to act. Discounting the thousands of externally mediated social factors and going straight into biological arguments is not only intellectually dishonest but an easily debunkable position to have either way. We are social creatures, and are shaped by our historically contingent conditions. This MUST be taken in account to understand the differences in "race."

The weakest argument you keep presenting is one where you say before scientific advancement race was common sense. This is the worst, most fallacious appeal to tradition Ive ever seen. It only matters that people in the past thought insofar as to know how it affects peoples viewpoints and conditions now. We've uncovered a lot of things about "race" in recent years and the most important one being there is no ties to intelligence. Same for gender. Your argument falls apart when we realize this. No reason why we can't push for a coherent humanity which acknowledges differences in individuals while still providing for equal opportunity.

To try and regress to an odd idealist dystopia where all the races have their ethnostate is the cult-like ideology which has consumed you. Taking into account the real conditions we are under now and trying to make a better society for humanity out of that makes more sense pragmatically.

Stay spooked.

Attached: 3a914784b19de19f6f3113d591c529eb28f9ee30b594be72c4ccf8884b008230.gif (184x219, 304.13K)

I think you're right, you guys should definitely be in charge and society will be better because we'll be governed by big-brained super geniuses and pillars of will instead of the feckless kosher porkies we've got now. Boy howdy I sure with y'all would just tell me what to do and how to live my life all the time so I could finally produce goods at optimum efficiency and own my tools communally. I also can't stand owning land and working it and benefiting from my own labor I tell you what, please come take my stuff so it can better serve the working man.

You dont know anything about socialism do you? Get off this board, brainlet.

So far as I understand it it's gonna work this way: big brained readers will pretend to organize things democratically but in reality will simply take kosher porky's place because they can't work worth shit and have nothing in common with the working man. Then once they realize they're not really able to manage the whole thing correctly they'll pretend like everyone who disagrees with them is just a little brainlet prole who deserves the gulag because he doesn't appreciate being ruled over by the big-brained readers who are above believing in things and who are certainly above petty things such as explaining themselves to others.

Then once all that's said and done, the whole thing can fall apart and we can start back from square one, which I personally look forward to because then I'll be able to hear all about how the big-brained readers have all the answers and definitely won't run into any unintended fuckups the next time around because that time it'll be really proper socialism and frankly those other guys who tried it were just brainlets anyway.

So Makhno, Sankara, Goldman and Durruti had nothing in common with the working man? How exactly did they take Kosher porkies place? This isn't state capitalism you fucking idiot.

We're all just gonna agree that your system's good and then it'll work, I getcha. No state no enforcement mechanisms no problem, it's just obviously the right thing to do. No coercion necessary guaranteed!

Read the following and come back when you don't act like an utter pseud.
that is after you sell your twink ass as a prostitute again

It's not gonna work friendo, your revolution's a pipe dream and your politics are a fiction. People won't organize themselves in the way you'd like voluntarily and universally. The only communally owned means of production is your mother and even then it only works because hardly anyone's interested.

Attached: Zs3XXos.jpg (1280x720, 119.11K)

Attached: DiWS30Y.jpg (412x350, 46.72K)

your done ryan, stop while you still have a semi tight asshole faggot

Attached: cc0.gif (200x172, 116.61K)

I ain't Ryan my dude, and Spain ain't no anarcho-commie paradise so you're still batting 0.

Reveal that you're black, and he'll piss off. He can't even bring himself to debate people who he deems inferior. He probably hates them because he got his boy pussy torn up by a black man.

Is this the power of Holla Forums arguments? You are dumber than the black people you hate, Ryan

I am a black man, big guy.

Seems compelling to me. You say the system worked, why isn't it still around? Porkie ruin your fun?

so what, you're just one of his goons?
are you David Chedarwood?


Attached: 1464966650409.jpg (992x880, 157.09K)

What happened to your commie utopia? Did it get overtaken by some more muscular force? Did the bad nasty porky ruin it for ya?

For you.


And yet capitalism's still around and the faggy Spanish wartime jerkoff session was a temporary response to the chaos of civil war, imagine that.

Consider this: communism is jerking off with lemons, and capitalism is just plain jerking off. You might learn to like jerking off with lemons eventually, but why go through all that trouble for a zesty buzz when normal jerking off works just fine? Most people will forget the hammer and sickle and stick to the tug and tickle, so it doesn't really matter if you guys like to jerk off with lemons or not.

ancoms btfo kek

Attached: he-cant-keep-getting-away-with-it-gif-6.gif (245x245, 990.5K)

Yeah, the mass poverty, international starvation, and the fact people care more for profits as opposed to human need, along with the fact that we have enough wealth to get the world out of global poverty four times over is an indicator of such.

Oh christ, are you the faggot that said "man kind can't own natural resources because they're made by nature"?

No one wants to hear your talks on your prostitution days, Ryan.

Ah yes, but it's communism that's """"coercive""". Shitty analogies aside, you can take your lemons and shove 'em where the son don't shine. You are literally incapable of having intellectual debate, which is why you're seen as a joke.

And what's your point? Don't start a revolution?

Oh wow.

Point remains Poindexter, me and my big boy friends are gonna make ourselves a big boy state with private property and contract law and free enterprise and you and your friends can go jerk off with lemons and if you try to shove lemons on our cocks we'll knock your block off, chumpo.

You can't stop us and if it turns out our system is more efficient and maybe we get a little imperialist and come take away your lemons and turn them into lemonade as God intended then don't come crying to me.

Start it if you want, but nobody's gonna jerk off with lemons for long when capitalists develop fleshlights and sex dolls. Face it kiddo, nobody cares about your little program, especially not the proletariat. You're not even able to explain it in a clear and concise way, each time it's asked of you you simply paste a link to your fave fanfic and tell people to educate themselves. Here's a news flash for you, the proletariat aren't reading all that shit and they ain't jerking off with lemons no matter how much you like the burning in your peehole.

Why the fuck do you keep talking about jerking off? It's pathological

It cums to mind 'cause I'm beating my pecker as we speak. Seizing the means of reproduction as it were. All this really gets me heated, you know?

Ok gramps.
Yes, and I'm sure your dad works at nintendo, too.

Attached: 2ac.png (424x480, 77.97K)

I don't criticize any system for being coercive, I recognize coercion is a necessary element of all political systems. You weiners seem to think it ain't in your case, somehow.

Face it, we're never even going to meet on the field of battle because you guys are completely incapable of even creating a state capable of defending its own interests against the throbbing member of capitalism. You're weak cock sluts for superior capitalist Chads.

Yeah I've blown my load, time for bed. Nice talkin to ya boys as always I hope your peckers don't get too raw from overuse.


people who reply to stupid bait should be banned


*one of them doesn't exist. is due to the hands of bolsheviks. If they can do it, why can't we?

Attached: 07f2c1964ba1ef9f1bbccb80800641dbc61ec25b494daa95fb99220f55e79b04.png (1000x1050, 474.67K)

Has the Yugoslavian dude just prove that race realism is basically a dead end? I mean for the racist mongs like Ryan and Holla Forums. If we take the trans-humanist/genetic engineering angle we will finally conquer biology, the body, genetics, race as a whole. Racism is obsolete when you can change it.

Bezos is a gentile.

that is so general and meaningless. you could call every community a cult

Or you could just call them human

Attached: f2f1a99763df7ca3ae5b440965059a5268be7a58.png (578x581, 310.38K)

why do niggers always lie.

first ryan and now his pet slave T joins the fray huh, dont you have sheckles to go shuke and jive for sambo?

Finally another racist on the internet.

Every time

Nigga, you gay

you need to visit Holla Forums my friend

Bullcrap, even among your little "race realist" white supremacist movement a huge portion of you clowns have the most severe case of yellow fever I've ever seen, largely based in the myth among your group that Asian women are "trad".
But more importantly, Burgerland and the whole concept of "whiteness" show how hilariously inconsistent this whole "in-group preference" is. Let's say you guys somehow "won" and got your little ethnostate, what do you think is gonna happen when it does absolutely fuck all to solve the actual issues that are a result of the socioeconomic system and the actions of the ruling class? Do you think the bourgeoisie would willingly give up their wealth and power to help people? Or does it seem more likely that they would just create another underclass to use as a scapegoat by arbitrarily dividing the "white" population in some way? Perhaps they could go after the Slavs, they were a big boogieman for the original nazis after all! Or maybe those dirty Micks, or those shifty Wops… you won't find much serious racism against them these days but there was plenty a century ago, it would be easy to play on stereotypes and convince the public that the Irish are a bunch of drunks or play up the Italian mafia the same way Trump does with Mexican gangs. The ruling class would be more than happy to keep the workers fighting amongst eachother right up until automation reaches the point where the proletariat is no longer needed and they can just exterminate us all.
The fact that this "in-group" has expanded so much over the years in order to stay the majority just shows that its not some natural thing but simply a way of coping with our hierarchal social system- its much easier for people to deal with being shat on by the ruling class if they also have some "other" to look down on and blame for their troubles. All the fearmongering we're seeing now about Mexican immigrants is exactly the same crap they were saying about every group of immigrants that came to America, I can pretty much guarantee you that in a few decades Hispanics will also be considered "white" in order to maintain the majority. The fact that this supposed "in-group" preference can change so drastically just shows that there's no good reason why it can't be expanded to humanity as a whole.

Attached: e0f4f045a902942453f8df1f27f20903190c9fbf3c3e729047b8640a7fbe028d.png (1200x1211, 1.91M)

fug, sage'd the wrong field

Read heidigger. All humans have a religious nature and social organization to outsiders looks like a cult. Its nothing profound at all really.

Whats the difference between a puddle and a lake? Gotcha fuckwitt!!!

Altough common definition is blurry, when it comes to scientific definition, it is a big surface of water surronded by earth,, where the deepness, surface area or volume is enough to cause sedimentation and/or stratification.

In the common everyday life, you can afford using blurry definition, that guy with fair skin is a White, that guy with a dark skin is a Black. But once you venture in the scientific domain, you cannot make the economy of proper and precise definition, or you just end up getting shitty pop science.

let's breed humans into being passive subjects who never question their conditions

Racial classifications like white or black or more rigourous heuristics like anthropological classifications like caucosoid and negroid et al are fine for statements about the aggregate behavioural patterns of a population. Dont get me wrong, I like more scientific defenitions but the science around such is highly contentious, still its not outside the boundaries of reasonable inference to claim that hundreds of differentiated populations fall under the category of white.

When people opposed to the idea of ethnic separation in the name of ethnic harmony claim that it does not solve fundemental issues amongst the compatible ethnicities they do not understand that such a basis is neccessary for further cooperation. Aristotle makes the case most elegantly.

I also find it amusing when socialists lecture on others how to solve The Social Problem as posited by Thommas Hobbes through income equality. It does not solve the fundemental drives of conflict of interest or the thirsts and nature of human being. Nor does it address the role of governance in the face of widening rifts between human ability and the ever accelerating technology and knowledge. It barely touches on it with concepts such as alienation from self and labor et al. It is driven by a tainted epistiomology of positivism and critical theory did not save it. It is for this reason that socialists are very threatened by fascists and material race realism, as such concepts would presupose that their worldview is fundementally wrong in some aspects.

Fascists themselves would not exist if it was not for the crisis of marxism in the 1890s and the surge of revisionism that followed.

Then why bother saying the alt-right doesn't appear as a cult?

Different user, these are my posts. Does Holla Forums have user id?

No IDS here

That's real fucking dumb. What's the rationale?

Not sure, I think IDs would be beneficial to discussion in most cases

"The fruit of their labor" is taken from them by the government and capitalists though.

Non Toyoguchi

I guess we know what this pathology of yours is all about now lmfao

Racial classifications like white or black or more rigourous heuristics like anthropological classifications like caucosoid and negroid et al are fine for statements about the aggregate behavioural patterns of a population.
Negroid, Caucasoid etc are not behavioral patterns first and foremost, but patterns of facial structure, hair and skin colour. Other assumptions are derived from these traits. I know I'm stating the obvious, but I just wanted to say that if you actually take this bs about how "differences in behavioral patterns cause everything bad" seriously, you should drop the unnecessary biological determinism and simply assign people into totalitarian states according to the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator or other meme tests.
Then you shouldn't use these concepts to justify social engineering on a scale never seen before, no matter how much do you perceive them as reasonable.
By putting fundamental issues (I'm guessing that's class struggle) in contrast with ethnic conflicts, you have basically admitted that class struggle is more important thus there is no reason for less important things to be the necessary basis for further cooperation.
Nor will your retarded dystopia, that's for sure.
Many Marxists do. It's also hard for Marx to address le current year problems because he lived in the 19th century.
Why the fuck am I seeing fundamental Marxist concepts written down here with the claim that they are ignored by Marxism? Stop writing stupid bait and get some fucking arguments.
No it isn't. prove it faggot
No we aren't :^)
Please tell me how big groups having very similar in-group traits and differing intra-group traits would make exploitation of man by man okay.

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How is race realism a difficult concept? People are genetically different, and that's going to cause differences in performance. Do tall people have an advantage at basketball? Yes. Is height genetic? Yes. Does that mean a shorter person can't do well at basketball?
No. It just means that over a bell curve, you will see a statistical trend. Taller players will ON AVERAGE play basketball better. And because height is genetic, we can assume some amount of your likelihood to play well depends on your parents.

Are there parts of the altright that are cultish? Sure. Dissention not allowed? sure. Does that prove Ryan wrong? Do genetics suddenly not matter anymore because the right suffers from basic human psycology?
You can admit that the whole 'equalty' narrative is complete horseshit. People never have been equal, never will be equal. And for all humanity's existence, people have operated under class structure, and viewed their race as an in-group. This goes back hundreds of millions of years in our evolution.

When will one of you actually come on to a stream and talk about this?

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We were talking about the video in the OP and debunked his video, why are you now talking about tangents? You shouln't have made such a moronic video Ryan.

Answer me faggot: can equality be achieved despite genetic differences?

Apparently biology is a difficult concept because you think "race" is real.

Who wants equality? Stop with the binary thinking. No one can force people to be the same.

The original topic wasn't about your strawman, so it's pathetic that you have to make a red herring for it.






You are infected with liberalism

lmao like you'd actually walk up to a black person and tell him 'race isn't real'. You do know that minorities are overwhelmingly rightwing, do you? They only vote democrat because they want the gibs.

Leftists such as yourself are either mixed mutts or thewhitestkidsU'know.

You're saying this as if hierarchy isn't 100% natural and helpful in a competitive environment. I know you fags only take liberal arts courses, so try to keep up with this little bit of math:

Wowee people chose Donald Trump oof ouch owie my political leftism is dying but why?



Yeah, because it isn't.

I know it makes you intensely jealous but it's a little embarrassing for you to make such a show of it in front of people.

lol you don't know biology because you can't fucking read.

You sound like him.
< People are genetically different, and that's going to cause differences in performance. Do tall people have an advantage at basketball? Yes. Is height genetic? Yes. Does that mean a shorter person can't do well at basketball? No. It just means that over a bell curve, you will see a statistical trend. Taller players will ON AVERAGE play basketball better. And because height is genetic, we can assume some amount of your likelihood to play well depends on your parents.
even the emphasis, you're either him or wants us to believe you're him.
t. watched every video you made since Kraut & Tea + a little over a dozen more of the older ones.
post feet

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Wow, it's almost like people can be against Walmart paying there employees $10 an hour and the employees being taxed to fund imperialist wars. Who knew?

More whites are on welfare than there are blacks in the whole United States you fucking retard

It’s just how most of us look. People who think that this kid looks “ugly” or “weird” are simply Russophobic.

Hierarchies are as natural as killing scum like you.

That is if you assume everything humanity does to be natural

So shut the fuck up. Humans don't bow to nature, nature is to be subsumed by human practice and human will.

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O.k. one is far more testable than the other. As for total biological determinism that is not the general state position of race realism. It is soft-determinism. Obviously other factors come in to play, some deterministic and some otherwise. What race realism does in the deterministic sense is to set the boundaries for other factors. For example if you have a heritable trait the causes stunting, no matter how much nutrition you get you're not going to get taller outside of what has been determined. When looking at aggregate populations where such heritable morphological traits can directly affect function such as cranial capacity it is not unreasonable to use base heuristics such as skin colour to infer behavior modes. This however is not the be all and end all. For example Indians as a rule of thumb are much more closely related to Europeans than the Japanese, yet they have darker skin as an aggregate than both populations. It's fine for day to day interactions when you need to make snap decisions but probably not larger scale government policy. That requires more nuance and far more detailed epistemologies than base heuristics. Hence why I mentioned more detailed forms of classifications that are more and more scientific.

there is nothing implicitly totalitarian about race realism. Many countries around the World ranging from the USA to Australia were race realist up until the 70's as a matter of government policy. You could be anything ranging from a communist to a liberal and a race realist. Even "socialist" countries like the DDR would forcibly abort mixed race children despite their policy of helping other "socialist" countries of differing ethnicities.

This social engineering is happening whether we act or not. We are given no choice by capitalism, technology, and the personal politics and interests of oligarchical families. We can either make what appear to be sensible choices to us at the time. But we must keep in mind that there is little margin for error for do overs.

I put the two together to help you understand that materialist epistemology (positivism) is flawed. Biology has a very real role in the base of the superstructure yet it has little room at the table, emergent factors from it are considered more prominent, Yet socialists, self proclaimed materialists exert so much effort throughout history and in the contemporary era to fight this. Anti-racism and Lysenkoism and critical theory word games. It is odd to me that such self proclaimed materialists would leap right into the arms of idealist thought to deny the existence of material reality. By no means did I concede anything was more important than the other, that is you jumping to conclusions.

I do not seek to resolve the Social Problem directly through whatever policy you think I am to propose here. I merely wish to maintain society and prevent it from real and serious regression. It is in my view looking at Marxism as a whole that while economically sound, however is a failed historical view, and a failed worldview. It will not ameliorate even class conflict because there are prior conflicts to that. That is to say that the drives that constitute human being are conflicted and that man exists in a fallen state that cannot simply be reconciled from a top down approach of shaping the ideal man through diktat, but by instead addressing the base of the structure from where the conflict emerges. Which requires a functional society capable of resolving such. Then we can live in a conflict free society.

Which Marxists? I don't know if I would consider georg sorel a Marxist. And I mean, there's nothing wrong with him not addressing it, but people did it not too long after him.



I probably haven't made myself clear here. Marxism barely touches the issue of how technology affects governance and many other aspects of society. It focuses the aforementioned topics, in which I think is very limited. Another strike against positivist epistemology,

Democrats aren't leftwing, and social democracy is right wing, that is if you are a historical revisionist that takes the left-right dichotomy outside of the french revolutionary period., Bismark basically instituted welfare and all the capitalists loved it.

pic related commies scum! :^)

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Fascism addresses nothing. It is not a legitimate philosophy. It has no theory and is based on feels. Marxists have produced more literature analyzing society and suggesting solutions to its issues than one can digest in a lifetime. Fascists have written a few pamphlets on how the vikings were cool, the jews are evil and we were born in the wrong generation.

It will never, ever cease to amuse me when fascists assume this philosophical tone, as if they can say anything worth debating, though the entirety of their worldview and theory can be summed up as "I want apartheid because black teens say stupid shit on twitter".

Libertarians have theory and analysis, as flawed as it is, and can be reasonably debated. Even Christian fundamentalists have a clear, structured system of belief that can be debated provided they argue in good faith. You can point to specific passages in Murray Rothbard's works or the Bible and say "this is how it works, this is my answer and solution".

Fascism is Sophistry

And it cannot offer answers to anything. It is just spewing bullshit. Because it is ultimately just a red herring for useful idiots like you to accept the naked tyranny of capital because skin color is more important than fat porky taking what's yours and shitting down your throat on a daily basis.

fuck outta here

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o.k. dude. It seems to me that you cannot debate philosophy. That's fine, I wasn't expecting much here. For every instance this occurs it makes it much clearer to me that Marxists are anti-intellectuals that can only be put down like rabid dogs. That there is no discourse to be had.

your agumentum ab reductum can be applied to anyone. Especially libertarians and christian fundamentalists. As for producing more literature, a fat lot of good that has done us. Pushing incorrect epistemologies into the World is probably one of the most harmful parts of Marx's legacy. I have done nothing to bring up
so all that I am left with to infer is that nothing to discuss. Only denial of material reality in favor of idealism.

okay dude, keep on eating thumb tacks. after all, it'd be against reason to tell you not to, that would be the naturalistic fallacy

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face it dude, dialectical materialism does not properly take human nature and behavior into account properly as it is. This is not a naturalistic fallacy, to accuse so is a fallacy

It is in fact a naturalistic fallacy because the reason we don't eat thumbtacks is not the unnaturalcy of the act, but the demonstrable danger of doing so.

What books can I read to understand fascism and how society must be organized under it?

Not him, but here are some good ones

"Tomorrow We Live" by Mosley is pretty good too. Each of those books focuses more on their own countries since fascism is organic and has different characteristics according to where it forms, for example Brazilian fascism wasn't racist, Chilean wasn't imperialist, etc

Liberal detected.

it doesn't take into account the zodiac or the alignment of the celestial spheres either diamat is fuggin garbage

Yes, and why is it dangerous? Because our body is not designed to eat thumb tacks properly without harm. It does not correspond with our nature.

The wikipedia page is unironically a good source. That and futurism, but I hardly need to produce any futurist thinking for you?ècle_era_and_the_fusion_of_Maurrasism_with_Sorelianism_(1880–1914)

fucking lel Holla Forums got schooled by a Nazi
for a "slightly" autistic faggot you're pretty decent, Ryan. In fact you're literally the only Holla Forumsyp I saw in the course of two years that could hold his shit for a prolonged time. Maybe it's because you're one of the few stormfags whose arguments aren't shit, or maybe it's because Holla Forums is used too much to retards waddling in and pulling all the basic liberal arguments.

Tho, if you're so concerned with materialism why aren't you a Communist?

Ryan is anti-Hitler and anti-National Socialism, I doubt it is him. He constantly countersignals against them

I'm not Ryan. I can't prove it. Nonetheless Ryan holds some retarded ancap beliefs or at least the dialectical result from such. I wonder if he has read any NRx material. It'd be interesting to see.

Because I am not a materialist. I do not think that any existing epistemology can appropriately describe the World as it is because it is fundamentally limited by our minds which are not designed to understand the World around it to the degree that we want. Do I want to sublate materialism? sure. Do I want to live and die by a worldview that has been in part falsified by history? no.

Also presuming the character of the discussion in such a manner is presumptuous. I come here on a irregular basis to be proven wrong tbh

that's because the racial component of Not Socialism is retarded. Hitler called nips honorary Aryans. It was a dumb way of justifying things with no basis. I think we can all agree on that.

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In Mein Kampf he says that the Aryan alone is the founder of culture and other groups, the Japanese included, are either bearers or destroyers of culture, so I'd put a lot of emphasis on what he meant by "honororary":
I personally admire Hitler and consider myself a race realist but personally advocate for more of a Italian/Brazilian-style fascism due to the conditions of America also plugging my board /fascist/ here


Pick one.

Nature ain’t a one way street. Mental illness is natural. You could just as easily appeal to nature to defend a thoughtless child eating bleach, as children are naturally curious. No one other than the densest mother fuckers actually care about what is natural when it comes down to it, and they pick and choose.

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Our bodies are designed. Not by any conscious process. But will react to stimuli in a certain fashion due to inherited properties. Our evolutionary history did not proceed in a fashion that would prepare us to eat thumb tacks without serious consequences and harm.

What does your example with bleach have to with my example? In my example I am examining your erroneous claim that human nature (sociobiological functions that dictate social behavior and society) are irrelevant to dialectical materialism and its validity because it is a naturalistic fallacy. I am not saying dialectical materialism is wrong because it is not natural. I am saying that it is a partially incorrect view of history because it does not take part of reality into account. The whole thumb tack analogy is mockery that every discussion about essential properties is a naturalistic fallacy. Whether I am correct about diamat being an incorrect view is another discussion.

those are a lot of strong assertions. Are you going to back them up?


And fascism wasn't falsified by history? Mussolini's Rome stood for a thousand years?

real fascism wasn't tried. that was crony fascism! :^)

More seriously however I don't advocate (meaning nothing, it is performative) for a 1 to 1 revival of fascism. It wouldm't make sense, different historical conditions et al. I could make the case that Marxism as a historical worldview has been falsified (and vindicated) multiple times throughout history. Whereas fascist nations were by and large put under the heel. That being said most nations who were fighting them sublated much of their position in what mattered in the crucial sense. Then it became a conflict of material conditions which the axis was bound to lose.

Fascism as it existed was too idealistic and ultimately self-defeating even if left alone, and the fact you're calling your ideology by the same name confirms yours is bound to the same fate no less. I am too tired to type and I don't have my essay available to me, so instead just tell me what's "your" version of fascism and what exactly would you keep/discard from the previous regimes.

Most socialist regimes also faced heavy sabotage from outside forces. Do you think the USSR would still inevitably fall in 1991 if there was no Entente intervention, economic isolation, Western espionage, if Hitler hadn't attacked etc and it was free to work its socialist experiment without interference?

Plus we don't advocate an 1 to 1 revival of Soviet socialism either. Well, not most of us anyway.

Then they aren’t designed, then.

Now you’re just equating human nature to sociobiology, as your definition is just a restatement of it’s goals, with added focus on humans. Biology only dictates that, biology. What is done through the process of socializing is interpreting those biological imperatives and impulses, and forming a cohesive ethos. I don’t see how this is inherently un-Marxist, granted, I’m not the same poster you responded to.
What is ”natural” for humans could just as easily be eating bleach, given the conditions I just gave. If it’s not clear enough, I can replace bleach with thumbtacks in my analogy. You can have a child who is “naturally” curious about putting tacks in his mouth. Whether this is natural or not is besides the point. The mother or fathers natural will to preserve the bodily integrity of their child trumps his need to put thumbtacks in his in his mouth. Likewise, capitalism could be seen as the metaphorical thumbtack, and communist acting on an impulse of self-preservation would abolish it.

You have a source for that edgy opinion?

Fascist regimes from Syria to North korea (tankies begone, they are fascist) exist to this day. I personally subscribe to fascism to some extent because I agree with their views on futurism and how it causes crises for society which is often to slow to respond in the short term. I also like autarky et al because I am of the view that social collapse is regular occurrence and I do not wish to see serious regression from a collapse or decline in the society I live in. This has to be prevented by any means necessary in order to change the base cause of conflict in human nature to change the temporary solution to the Social Problem, to a permanent fix. I do not see a pathway for socialism to achieve this.

If I had the supreme power of sovereignty vested in me I would do a number of things

1. instate a mixed market economy in my country
My country hasn't seen real wage growth since the 90's when neoliberal reforms hit.

2. nationalize property and crucial infrastructure that is vital to the people and the government.

unrestricted foreign investment has ruined my country. Now before you get a knot in your knickers all the local socialist movements are right fuckwits about this.

3. When permissible by the conditions instate a patchwork system of governance that allows for true freedom of association

I don't particularly care if socialists or what have you want to implement radically different policies in their own communities. I would rather they do that then otherwise. This would also relieve ethnic tensions.

4. Provide serious funding for energy, infrastructure projects, and other scientific/engineering endeavors that are ignored for a number of reasons. This could range from making more of my country habitable to highly productive and profitable endeavors such as manufacturing in outer space / low earth orbit and the infrastructure to make that viable.

There have been a number of missed opportunities in regards to technical developments made decades ago ranging from 4th generational nuclear energy, to geoengineering to space infrastructure.

I use the word designed for convenience. Most people understand what I mean. What would you use?

We didn't get to that part quite properly. I made a claim that human nature has primed us for a particular mode of living (hunter-gatherers) and all the assorted sociobiological baggage that comes with it. when our societies progress whether it be materially or through means of new relations to the World around us (memes) it brings us further from our state of being that we are most suited to living under. This is in my view is the root of social problems and not class conflict. Sure it is still important, but it is sublated.

As for what is natural, I am not implying something is universally natural. To a communist, communism is presumably natural to them. To a human, the conditions to bring it about not so much due to our inherent characteristics.

the USSR was red capitalism.


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Then how has socialism discredited itself?

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no bulli pls im Australian

You must have ptsd from anti-communists dude. Not all the failures of Marxism are attributable to Marxism-Leninism. The first onset of revisionists in the late 18th century before the USSR cannot be marxist-lenninist fault no?

Yeah man that's totally what fascism is about. It's just that to get there you need to violently repress everyone around you, instate a cult of personality (save me your retarded semantics, "cult" is appropriate here) and flip a coin in hope that your successors don't sell out (totally not idealism!).

Hmm, opinion on Varg?

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Unfortunately you're right, just shows the left does not understand fascism today, how can they combat something they do not understand?

I view fascism as a transitionary stage, if that wasn't clear. What do you propose?

I don't watch his videos. He says a lot crazy things, but he seems mostly harmless. I disagree with primitvism though, we can't go back. Eventually some one will come along and impose their standards upon you because you are at a disadvantage.

What kind of historiosophic framework are you suing then? Or is it just "we go from A to B"?
I've no idea, I am but an average man. But I do know what I want for myself.

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I view it as holding society together rather than some sort of dialectical process if that is what you talking about. My histiographic framework is my own and I haven't really worked through it very much,

Life isn't fair and just.

That's not historiography…
That's not the point.

I meant to type historiography. I'm half asleep

I'll be blunt
The philosophical interpretation of the course of history and historical events; specifically historical interpretation based on a particular, especially theological or metaphysical, view of the nature of historical knowledge.

only in your tiny fashit brain

What is this even supposed to mean

Characteristics which conveniently go unnamed.

Fascists are all brainlets and every one of your posts is testament to that.

You're going to have to help me out here because all I see is a retard making a bunch of unsubstantiated assertions, equivocations, and not understanding anything he's fucking talking about.

The cancer of Holla Forums are pseuds like him and brainlets like you that agree with him.

I could do the same thing on literally ANY board that gave me the right to do so. Unfortunately most boards just ban you.

Ryan sucks at samefaggotry

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