Disavow antifa?

Are antifa useful and a means for promoting social change, or have they devolved into simpleminded anarchist agitators that cause public harm and damage the people's goods, and basically annoy everyone on every side of the political spectrum?

Antifa is short for the German phrase, “Antifaschistische Aktion,” Antifa served as the paramilitary arm of the German Communist Party (KPD), which the Soviet Union funded.

The KPD made no secret of Antifa’s affiliation. A 1932 photo of KPD headquarters in Berlin prominently displayed the double-flagged Antifa emblem among other Communist symbols and slogans.

Today’s Antifa embrace those roots. During February’s protest in Berkeley, masked Antifa agitators caused nearly $100,000 in damage by starting fires, breaking windows, assaulting bystanders with pepper spray and flagpoles, painting graffiti on nearby businesses, and destroying automatic teller machines. “Refuse Fascism,” the group organizing Saturday’s protests, is controlled by the Revolutionary Communist Party USA, which seeks to create a Marxist United States through violent revolution.

This is negative association, not positive. Or should the public be scared and annoyed on purpose?

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I am sick of you fucking retards coming here with this concern trolling. At this point I think opposing Antifa should warrant a ban. They drove reactionaries like Richard Spencer away from our impressionable youth and humiliated the neonazis completely. Now the far right is too scared to hold public demonstrations in America anymore, because they know Antifascists will push their shit in. This is a great achievement.
Fuck off. Only a Nazi or someone who views the world through a reactionary lens says this.

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Oh no, as anti-capitalists we have a huge problem with this

We would never endorse such a thing

Nowadays I personally don't give a fuck what antifa does. I like how they rile up and bully nazis and the aut right and after doing that autists don't come on school campuses screeching about their right to commit genocide against "onwhite" people.
I don't understand if you care more about dumbass windows being broken instead of people dying to autistic nazi rallys and being shot up in public. I don't mind anarchist orgs and shit helping people plant gardens or fix crumbling infrasctures or running food banks because it helps everyone. I don't think anyone would be against that would be autistic "anti-collectivists" whatever that means
The public does what it'll do, personally I don't care for most "popular opinions".
It's all a spectacle.

No, it is defiantly a negative. Reactionary dickheads take advantage of antifa beating the shit out of nazis to say "antifa are the real fascists" which gives stupid people the impression that the (legit) fascists are actually just misunderstood conservatives. The positive aspects are being warped into negative aspects by people like Spencer to misinform the gullible public.
It's a lose-lose situation.

confused much

richard spencer was always a joke among the right, similar to milo yianopolous or jordan peterson, useful idiots for minor issues, they made fools of themselves because they have so many holes in their character and ideology

me neither, specially how they hide their faces, it makes them look like the bad guys

Go outside you imbecile. No one fucking believes this- especially when it comes from the mouths of these people. I am certain you are a Holla Forumsshit concern troll now.

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You are wrong.

useless smashies who make me want to call myself a "social minarchist" instead of anarchist.
would rather oppose spectacle-``facism'' than the capitalism they live in.
may possibly oppose a little or encourage it a little regarding them busting up small businesses windows depending on the city and the neighborhood, and prior context.
dont care about knocking over trash cans. not that its any meaningfull or even symbolic victory to break random shit it just doesnt affect much overall, hence 'useless smashies'
played out subject of thread. one downvote for OP. this subreddit has higher standards than this.

I can just imagine you phoneposting from your #Marchforourlives rally.

I can just imagine you wishing that was an argument.

smashies are stupid, supreme praxis is doing nothing and talking about obscure marxist philosophers on an anonymous imageboard for conspiracy theories and child porn

I'm not OP you turbo-sperg. It's a common belief if you hang around the groups the alt-right has a hold on. I never said antifa was bad so I'm not sure why you think I'm a Holla Forumsyp unless you're just confused and angry.

You sure convinced me, thanks fam.

One day user.

Can you go be a dumbasss liberal somewhere else?
If you don't know and don't want to know about the difference between private property and personal belongings shut up.
I don't care if Dick Spencer was a "joke" it's good to see all the dirty laundry and hypocrisy.
Hahaha please shut the fuck up

This is your mind on soros-bux.

Hee hee hee ho ho ho, your own group doesn't count.

You're a dipshit. What would be the point in convincing you?

*expanding cosmic brain*
Nice retort.

Have you been to Holla Forums? Any reddit board? Any place to discuss "geek culture" has a strong alt-right foothold, and unless you want to not talk about your hobbies you have to deal with it.

Whoops meant not

Smashies are fucking retarded and have 0 concept of actual political theory. They give actual leftists a bad name.
You are either a troll or are retarded.

Fuck off.

This culture war shit is all stupid and a fucking spectacle.
This "geek culture" shit is all consumerist bullshit.
I bully people whenever they try "converting" me into aut right shit because it's all so pathetic.
I can certainly sympathize with people but not dumbfucks screeching about kekistani epic pay pay.

Full stop, this conversation is over

Learn to read.

Because nobody actually conflates antifa with being leftist right?

I'm agreeing you fucking retard.
If you're a dumbfuck liberal then probably.

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Ironically it is you that has no grasp of actual political theory if you think allowing reactionaries to recruit the youth is good praxis. People like pic related deserve nothing more than to be deplatformed and punched in the nose.

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no :^)

I never said they were important I said they were the ones pushing for the normalization of people like Spencer and other cryptofascist personalities.

What culture war? It's talking about videogames and socializing. Just because you learned a new word doesn't mean you have to apply it to everything hoping it'll stick.

I'm sure you do

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If you consider videogames to be a hobby and you admit to browsing 8/v/ and reddit, you deserve the aut right.


Okay well autistic Holla Forumsermin and redditors aren't ever gonna have that grasp.
If you haven't noticed, autistic reactionaries push for imaginary karlture wars where being a tradishunalist/conservative makes people anti-establishment (it doesn't)

I will make fun of you too, don't think you're too safe
TL;DR fuck these consumerist cucks


Milo is a joke. People only pay attention to him because of people like you who try to silence him. People with bad ideas should be allowed to speak so they can be publicly mocked.

What are you talking about?

how else can that be interpreted?

Hee hee hee ho ho ho
That already happens. Milo doesn't have to talk in order to mock himself. I wonder how shilling Misinfo Wars soy vitamins is going for him ;D



You admit to going to aut-right hives and you complain about seeing too many aut-right opinions.
Maybe you should get a less shitty hobby or head over to neogaf

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You could try arguing against these tards and reporting but I don't know how useless hotpockets are

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except it's a loud minority who're pushing their shit on lukewarm impressionable people who don't tell them to fuck off.

nou. Stop pretending to be a big wrinklebrain, it's not working.

You know Holla Forums is one of the boards that uses ID's right? You can block all the posts from particular users if you find them objectionable.

Thanks for the tip kind stranger xD I'm still new here and dunno how this whole thing works! mayhaps you have any other…how do you say…"pro tips" for a confused newbie like me :) ?

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wow nice thread

Why am i not surprised?

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Go back to reddit



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"Anti-fascism" is a pointless term and organizational praxis that only means to allow liberals and lifestylists into actual movements due to the wide political umbrella the term creates and turn them into popular fronts rather then united ones. By declaring oneself a socialist, a person should already be making it clear that they are against all forms of capitalism including Fascism. The only reason one would need to define themselves as "anti-fascist" or join an antifa organization would be if they themselves either do not find themselves to be socialist or if they believe that the current status quo of liberalism is worth defending as if the actions committed by it are any less attrocious. Fascism is an occurrence of capitalism where the inner mechanisms which were held hidden elsewhere in liberalism are brought out into full force and assume a more direct, brutal, and clear form as to defend and perpetuate the continuation of capitalism. It is merely further capitalism and can only exist within it. If antifa organizations spent half their time actually planning meaningful seizures of property and coordinated attacks on actual key capitalist targets rather then smashing things which will get repaired by multi-million dollar international corporations a day later and pissing off the people in the town who don't get what is happening because the action was directionless, general, and unstated, then they might have been able to make actual headway in there goal of "defeating fascism".

Lmao whatever nerd

Have fun in your armchair