This divides the /eftypol/

"Learn to overcome the crass demands of flesh and bone, for they warp the matrix through which we perceive the world. Extend your awareness outwards, beyond the self of body, to embrace the self of group and the self of humanity. The goals of the group and the greater race are transcendent, and to embrace them is to achieve enlightenment."

"Now it's day and night the irons clang, and like poor galley slaves
We toil and toil, and when we die, must fill dishonored graves
But some dark night, when everything is silent in the town
I'll shoot those tyrants one and all, I'll gun the flogger down
I'll give the land a little shock, remember what I say,
And they'll yet regret they've sent Jim Jones in chains to Botany Bay."

Well? Which one, assholes?

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You know this isnt a hivemind though, yes?. Oh who am I kidding, I know you'll be masturbating to any two seperate, different posters having different opinions as proof of the INCONSISTENCY AND HYPOCRICY OF THOSE COMMIE CUCKY KIKIES anyway though.

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The Free Drones, duh. The Hive is a spooky Confucian caricature with liberal propaganda "duh commies are evil collectivists who want to collectivize toothbrushes!!" characteristics. The miners were the real socialist revolutionaries

I won't rest till every single 'transhumanist, technocrat and hive-mind fetishist is dead or permanently interred in an asylum and rendered harmless. If a revolution ever succeeds in securing liberty for the people of this planet I will never let it be coopted by this malignant death cult.

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Well it is a pretty damn easy choice.

Fuck off, brainlet.
The Hive is Legalist and operates perfectly inline with what a modern Legalist nation would look like.

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You're late.
I knew you'd show up, but you took your time with it.

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I have better things to do with my time then constantly scour this board.
Given that, I think a one hour response time is quite acceptable.

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I prefer option #3.

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This is the only Holla Forums choice.


Free drones, no question

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Yang, obviously. I dunno who the other guy is but he sounds like a liberal.

I grew up playing the fuck out of the demo for this. Didn't get the full version until probably 2010-ish. It's amazing how few people actually know it exists.

t. Chairman Sheng-ji Yang, "Essays on Mind and Matter"

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Wtf Yang wants Brave New World…

The GURPS book is pretty good for lore building -

"The Free Drone ideology is essentially a revival of old Earth-based socialism. Resources and labor are to be used to build a just society for all, not to enrich a wealthy few at the expense of everyone else. Justice means an orderly and law-abiding society, but one in which the goods produced by labor are distributed for the benefit of everyone. The Free Drones are aggressively egalitarian, mistrusting elites of all sorts. The same reaction is directed toward those who hoard wealth, claim superior intelligence, sport improved genetic traits, or affect refined social graces. The ideal Free Drone is a strong individual, with simple tastes and plenty of enthusiasm for hard work, who doesn't waste time looking for ways to set himself above his fellow citizens."

"Free Drone bases are rough-hewn and dirty places, but they are also busy and productive. The local lifestyle may lack refinement, but it pulses with energy and enthusiasm. The Drones work hard, play hard, and enjoy their lives with gusto. The Drones run a democratic state, electing their "cell leaders" and "foremen" for fixed terms of service. Election campaigns are vigorous affairs, full of fiery speeches, mob enthusiasm, and plenty of strong-arm tactics. Elected leaders enforce the law and have some role in making it as well, but final sovereign authority rests with the citizenry. Most laws are passed in raucous citizen assemblies,and a jury of ordinary citizens decides all civil or criminal disputesElected leaders are expected to be "men of the people," examples of Free Drone ideals. Even Foreman Domai lives in a small apartment much like any other, and works his share of shifts on the construction site or factory floor. Free Drone government is short on formal procedures, but it seems to work. Despite their taste for informal methods, the Drones respect the rule of law and will always pull together in a crisis. Free Drone citizens tend to wear coveralls or other strictly utilitarian garb, and carry the tools of their trade. Many citizens who escaped from other factions have ID tattoos from their time as drone slaves. These marks are borne with particular pride, and in fact there is something of a fashion for tattoos of all kinds."

Human female; age 35; 5'7", 115 lbs.; pale skin, long dark-brown hair, blue eyes.
ST 10 [0]; DX 12 [20]; Autism Level 14 [45]; HT 12 [20].
Speed 6.00;Move 6. Dodge 6.
Advantages: Beautiful [15]; Empathy [15]; Military Rank 4 (Lt. Commander) [20]; Strong Will +1 [4].
Disadvantages: Fanaticism (Environmentalism) [-15]; Sense of Duty (Loyal followers) [-10]; Shyness (Mild) [-5]. Quirks: Fonder of plants than of people; Introverted; Scottish brogue grows thicker under stress; Writes volumes of poetry.

"Born in Scotland, Deirdre Skye was the only daughter of a U.N. security consultant who spent much of his time involved in one geopolitical crisis after another. Her parents divorced when she was still quite young, and her mother effectively abandoned her afterward. She was raised by a series of nannies and private schools, leaving her introverted and detached from most normal emotional relationships."

AKA A shy Green girl who writes poetry and who's accent gets thicker the more embarrassed she gets ("S-stop it, y-ye eejit!" [TN: "eejit" means "baka"])

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Never had the expansion pack with free drones in it, but that sou ds fucking dope.