What did he mean by this

What did he mean by this

OP must be at least 100 chars on this board. OP must be at least 100 chars on this board. OP must be at least 100 chars on this board. OP must be at least 100 chars on this board. OP must be at least 100 chars on this board. OP must be at least 100 chars on this board.

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Fucking based.

Thread Hijack
Engels had better Facial hair than Marx
fight me irl if you disagree

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I want to put a brush through Marx's mane, but the bead was on fleek.

Marx's looks like a NEET who didn't want to bother shaving. Engels' looks like some WE WUZ VIKANGZ shit.

NEET Marx >>>>>>>>>>>>> VIKANGZ Engels

His beard was too long and his mustache is too thick for my tastes
Marx looks like a daddy

yo mom gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Correct opinion, that mustache, unf.

Can't kiss a mustache

Not with that attitude.

He meant that OP must be at least 100 chars on this board.

We need guns to be able to start hte revolution.

Marx had a fluff factor that you cannot ignore.

Engels' beard was sexier but marx's was far more iconic. Silhouettes of Marx's beard can be immediately identified, but engels' could belong to any old hipster.

this is typical thread quality on this board
good question, but no effort
neither by the OP nor anyone replying
and then i come along and suggest something silly, like "read the fucking text for starters"

then i "spam" the thread with chunks of the text, other related texts for context, give my take on it and nobody ever fucking replies, so i have no idea why i ever fucking bothered
so i shitpost, moan and complain, start calling everyone a faggot who posts such low quality shit comments and end up being the "bad autistic stache poster"

fuck you
each and every single one of you faggots
especially those fucking liberal anarkiddy cunts, that retardo albanian hoxhaite little shit fellating dubcek and these cancerous revisionist dumbass maoist third turdists

why cant i just fucking drop dead already

Marx didnt live in a time where people could just walk into a store and buy fully automatic assault rifles that have massive bullet capacity and then just go to a school and start shooting people

I see you Stache poster. I still didn't click that link tho.

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engels had a great beard but marx's hair/beard combo works better together

And neither do we. You can't just walk into a store and buy an automatic weapon. You have to through background checks, licensing tests, psych evals, etc. and then wait for a period of time (usually, at least a day, but probably longer) before you'll be allowed to own a 9 mm pistol. Forget about an M4, AK, M16, MP5, or anything else with a burst and full auto switch. I'm pretty sure you would actually need straight up military training before you'll be allowed anything like that. O course, this is all assuming that you're not going through the black market. How about actually doing some research instead of parroting sub-60 Autism Level nu-liberal soundbites.

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Fuck off then. This was not a good question, it's obviously just the umpteenth thread made by a Holla Forumsyp who thinks we're liberals.

You know, the next part of the quote mentions the working class having CANONS.