Killer Mike appears in NRA video to defend black gun ownership

Aaaaand the liberal crowd freaks out. Bonus points for smearing Bernie Sanders. We will never be able to run a candidate that supports an armed proletariat.

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This is the perfect chance for us to make anti-liberal pro-gun memes that are edgy.

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I like Killer Mike as a person but the NRA is no friend of the proletariat. They supported gun control when it came to the black panthers and have consistently sided with the cops during police shootings.
The proper position to take is pro-gun, anti gun manufacturer and anti-NRA

That’s already a thing, user…

Defending black (proletarian) gun ownership is a good idea. Using (or trying to use) the NRA to do so is a bad idea.

literally what

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I agree. You can be pro-gun without supporting the NRA.

This and the NRA really isn't that pro-gun either, they'd happily sign off on gun control

I like Killer Mike but he's some kind of confused #blackcapitalist lolbert who likes Bernie.

he's a liberal.

Reminder that the NRA is a reactionary organization whose leaders are nothing but gulag-worthy. They merely serve as a lobby for gun manufacturers, period — they represent gun-selling porkies, not gun-owning citizens. They historically supported gun control when it came to disarming revolutionaries, and they wouldn't hesitate doing the exact same again if a similar situation re-emerged. They also constantly promote asinine garden-variety neo-con politics à la "support our troops" or "BLM are terrorists", but at this point do we really need to go any further?

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AHH, why would he go and work with the NRA? I'm almost tempted to go in and call them racist since that's all these people understand. I'm already upset because I was just getting over him shilling the whole #BankBlack meme

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was obviously joking and would not but that's actually the only thing the type of people in the OP understand.

The NRA is the alpha and omega of gun advocacy in the US unfortunately.

Gotta get money to eat, so

Yeah, and unfortunately if you wish to make any headways with the majority of gun-owning population in the US your most likely going to have to go through the NRA, if only temporarily, to bridge some kind of connection and get those people to listen to you without immediately dismissing or ignoring you based on your political stance. That's the tragic Realpolitik of the situation. Its like having to go through a corrupt union to get to the people inside the union, you first have to be part of it before anyone will be willing to listen to you, otherwise your just another outsider who just doesn't "get it" and who's criticisms lack the perspective of being a person actually affected by, or invested in, the union.

Killer Mike has a pretty big platform, he definitely doesn't have to go through the NRA to make his voice heard.

Inb4 Bernie Sandals disowns Killer Mike over this.

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yes, the NRA isn't exactly a friend of anyone but gun companies. But it's also not a front worth abandoning, given the width and breadth of their scope. The problem is they don't get an alternative besides Trump, a person who is trying to pass gun control so he can ban violent videogames (and websites) too.

It leaves a bad taste in my mouth, but it's a lot better than eating shit aka gun control.

liberals are blood thirsty

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Back up now, I think.

Killer Mike has been based for a long time, I think he's shown support for black gun ownership before as well

It was never down, that's his old account.

That's like using a NazBol party as a platform for class struggle advocacy. Not only are you legitimizing that organization, you're sending the wrong message about the nature of your commitment.

anyone not familiar with killer mike should heck this out.

I agree 100%. This is what you should do, Holla Forums. Please do this lol.

It's probably cause he doesn't know the SRA is a thing.

His Twitter feed seems kinda ashamed.

Mike hasn't learned how the NRA supported stripping away guns from Black Panthers in California with Reagan as governor? Why couldn't he support an actual lefty org like the Huey P. Newton Gun Club?

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How can one man be so based? Uphold Killer Mike thought!

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