Cigarettes - how do they work in a communist society? "From each according to his craving", or what?

Cigarettes - how do they work in a communist society? "From each according to his craving", or what?

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people should be able to smoke where they want and when they want (as long as it doesn't inconvenience the non-smokers) and cigarette companies that put shit in their cigarettes to make it burn longer should be held accountable

Sounds rather decadent.

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I figure cigs would have few to no additives in them, except perhaps flavorings, probably over all better quality too. Far down the line I suspect the most cancer causing effects (aside from physical irritation) will be engineered out, and nicotine removed entirely. I wouldn't be surprised if current tobacco companies could engineer out the nicotine, but that would be shooting themselves in the foot. It would certainly be interesting to see what happens to the consumption of tobacco and various drugs when the negative effects are minimized or removed entirely.

whats wrong with nicotine?
its not what causes cancer. its habit forming but its only in about the same ballpark as caffeine.

Egoist/leftcom fucking master race

I had to make it, because reasons.

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I think chemical addiction is probably a good thing to do away with, even if a substance is technically not harmful. Why have a needless chemically induced habit.

wtf im a marxist egoist now

Full communism is when you never run out of cigarettes.

why not?
its not particularly harmful. if you can get rid of the carcinogenic effects of tobacco somehow, or replace it with something thats not carcinogenic, the consumption of it isn't harmful. and it feels good. I dont smoke but ive tried it before, and nicotine makes yo ufeel simltaneously relaxed and focused, its nice. I'd do it instead of coffee if it werent for that tobacco will unambiguously give you cancer, and vapourizing is "????????????" at the moment. its about as intense as a strong cup of coffee.

What about lungs? Does full communism ever run out of back up lungs?

they don't because communists are smart enough to smoke healthful weed instead of harmful, carcinogenic tobacco

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As they need them.

smoking is cool as long as it's not weed

They have herbal cigarettes to help people quit. The act of smoking can help but the craving is never satisfied. Woudlnt be much of a market for it unless you like the smell of incense and a social scene with goth dweeb communists.

why did everyone lie to me as a kid and tell me smoking was not cool


I agree that smoking is unhealthy, and I will never take it up as a passtime, but it is cool. I'm down with cigars though.

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I personally wouldn't put my commune's resources towards growing tobacco. But land reform has to enable localities to supply their own plant products plain and simple. If folks grow their own tobacco they would not adulterate it and actually enjoy it. Plus under communism we won't have the terrible work environments that make people smoke in the first place.

No need. It's easy for any enthusiast to grow enough for personal consumption.

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Additives don't do shit. The cancer comes from tobacco specific nitrosamines that are specifically formed during the tobacco curing process along with tar from combustion. There's nothing that can be done to stop it, your best attempt is called the vape.

It would be pointless. The common variety of tobacco used by 99.9% of all tobacconists in the industry is already much lower in nicotine content compared to wild tobacco. Nicotine is likely not a carcinogen by itself but serves as a procarcinogen in the presence of other tobacco combustion byproducts like the aforementioned nitrosamines. This is due to fine interactions nicotine has on the enzymatic level. As with the vape example above, it would be far healthier to remove the tobacco and keep the nicotine than the obverse.

Made up buzzwords.

You realize there are nicotine pills on the market, right?

Future cancer patient gets triggered at facts

But we must abolish the markets.

We're all good over here boss. No triggering happening here. Maybe you need a smoke?

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Just in case you're still around, and to protect my honour as a respectable user, is not me, the user you initially replied to.

I did not know I was Leninist, I only smoke weed though.

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Stop it, you're communally owning my sides.

No cigarettes. We only smoke Cubans.

whats the leftist brand?

Smoking (tobacco) is fundamentally right wing due to its capitalist and patriarchal connotations.

Fuck smoking and the lobbyists who encourage it.


Alright, name me six far left figures who don't smoke. Now name six far right figures. Which one was harder?

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Why I can't like commies

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lol just do what you want, no ethical consumption!

Smokers should be immediately shot on sight. It's vile.

I'd like to imagine people saying this to be shooting communists with his newly brought AK.

And Nazis call us Anarcho-Communists edgy

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I wish you would smoke, a lot.

Big cig companies will be deported to the gulag and people will only be allowed to smoke herbal cigars through a filter, so as to maximize A E S T H E T I C S and minimize adverse health effects.

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Tobacco is for wraps and filters for Jah Jah herbs man