ITT: We admit our reactionary confessions

I am a follower of Giovanni Gentile thought and honestly believe his philosophical contributions to Italian Fascism are compatible with state socialism.

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I honestly believe the collective left is the true "might is right" political force in history. From guerrilla armies to the every day "de-platforming" and humiliation of right-wingers, the left are the real political warriors since the left vs right was born in the revolutions of the past. And this is not acknowledged enough by leftists.

Case in point Giovanni Gentile was killed by an antifascist.

Giovani Gentile advocated class collaboration. How exactly do you reconcile that with socialism? Unless by socialism you mean "the government doing stuff, plus red flags."

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Leftists literally make the better nationalists.

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Aside from being an ex fascist I'm still really fucking racist.
I just put that aside enough to see if socialism will eliminate, or at least start to, racial disparity.
If racial differences in crime do not change, they can be dealt with fairly and justly in the future, post capitalism, whatever form that justice will take.

Agreed, but I don't see how that's reactionary.

Of course he means government doing stuff.

As expected.

Contemporary architecture sucks ass and the Romans did it right.

There should be forced state guidelines as to how everything should be built, and it should all be in a classical style.

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Like Marx I have a certain admiration for doomed aristocratic figures who were disdainful of capitalism.

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This is probably the worst post I've seen on the entire thread yet, even worse than the racist ☭TANKIE☭.

Before anyone asks, yes all I will do is criticize all other posters itt, I have no reactionary beliefs, I am perfect, I am your god, worship me you fools.

I really dont give a shit about feminism or gay/trans/faggot rights.

Are you anti or just don't care?

The so-called "classical style" is extremely wasteful in pretty much every department (building, heating, maintaining, etc). It only makes sense in an economic system where you have the luxury to drive entire armies of chattel slaves around to build infrastructure for you on a whim. Plus it's incredibly derivative and uncreative artistically speaking.

Your hot take is "Holla Forumstard posting on Twitter with a Greek statue avatar"-tier. Please consider offing yourself.

We would be grateful if you stayed on Holla Forums instead of coming here and shitting everything up. Thank you.

Extremely dont care. Total freedom for faggots or gas them all in concentration camps is all the same to me.

Well I'm against it because it promotes the false values of culture and is derived from capitalism and therefore must be abolished and will be under communism without doubt, but I found it somewhat creative how the artists twisted their minds as to make the structure ever more complex.

That's apolitical not reactionary.

Hey now, I won't hesitate to work with comrades of any race, or personally discriminate against them.

Why? Like, this is the only thread on this board I've ever expressed a racist opinion in.


all leftists should read sorel

the traditional family unit is ok as a concept

nationalism is ok if socialism is on the menu

The nuclear family or the extended clan family?

Okay I apologize to

This is the worst post in this thread yet.

You know there's a difference between disliking or hating something and making a big fuss of it, right?

I don't trust like that man, I doubt someone like you would fit into a communist society like that.

Im okay with religion
Dont care about pro life or pro choice
traditional family is alright

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Hey, you wanted reactionary opinions, you got them.

I will never forget the moment I drove by the Theatre of Marcellus while in Rome. It was absolutely astonishing, even two thousand years later, how much more striking and elegant it was compared to everything else around it. It was humbling modern buildings with it's presence.

I have never felt anything like that anywhere else in the world, unless it was a Roman ruin. Every single time I've been exposed to Roman architecture I have just been blown away at the incredible craftsmanship behind it.

Take, for instance, the use of the pronaos which is now effectively non-present in most architecture worldwide. If you think about it, it's a really important element, artistically, for most buildings. It serves as a space that is neither outside nor inside, a sort of middle ground.

Just face it fams, the Romans knew what they were doing and they still manage to embarass contemporary "architects".

I "tried on" Holla Forumss ideology in some capacity when I went there while it was newer. not in full, but certain values and aesthetics, muh glorious nation, narrative history, other things. I could never fully buy it because any real contemplating would gradually make it look stupid and so I just drifted away.

thats not really a guilty confession though, Im actually gonna say that everyone should do this/have done this.
if you cant try it on a little, you dont understand what it is, who the people who believe it are and why it draws them in, and so you cant effectively counter it.

That's fine.

I didn't, op did, I'm just here to tell you all that you need to fix your shit, like I said I am god, and you must all strive to be like me.
What in the fuck is this shit, it looks impractical and horrible in basic design alone.

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No reactionary beliefs here. Maybe stop being a fag?
::Tonking fanger face:::

Efficiency is the death of the soul.

No denial of efficiency is birth of the ego.

Art only works when there are constraints, that's where true creativity comes from.

Hitler should have finished off the gypsies tbh.

Women in nazi uniforms are fucking hot.

George Asser was the fucking maynnnnn.

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Antifa are incredibly amusing and I hope they get more violent.

Unless you're a women, your forgetting 50% of the population also want to be free especially form repressive marriages which kept women shackled for thousands of years.