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Hey, looking for useful content (means not entertainment) for a Communist, youtube videos, articles, blogs anything really, not necessarily communist but useful for one.

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TheFinnishBolshevik is decent

Badmouse, Xezixy and Cockshott are good bets.

For current events there's Professor Wolff's Economic Update and The Jimmy Dore Show. It's useful to keep aware of the news in context.

Weak, I know those shits.

Guess I better stick to books, but I'd like some alternatives, guess users on this forum are more worried about their identity as a communist than communism itself.

Ok here are my youtube subscriptions that you haven't told us you've heard of and don't make mostly entertainment.
black red guard
comrade hakim
empire files
left of wreckage
libertarian socialist rants
marxist media
papa dukkha
tovarishch endymion
zero books

DPRK Video Archive

Why did you ask then?

Thanks, Libertarian Socialists Rants (like Badmouse and others) are good as an entering point, but they're not particularly thought provoking.

I'm familiar with some you mentioned but not others, I'll check them out.

Something similar to Zero books would be great, they are thought provoking and engaging.

I'm not very familiar with leftypol, and that is because I have bad impression of you, but had nowhere else to ask, and I got nothing to lose, besides, as much shit and worthless communists most of you are, I know there must be some intelligent knowledgeable guys among you.

Biggest mistake tbh

I'm inclined to say that he's a commie, just one that hates us under the assumption we're politically illiterate.

OP is a real revolutionary who read Capital in 2 weeks

See, with comments like these is why my impression of you is bad, it just reveals your impotence and lack of dedication. Because regardless of the facts (If I read Capital in 2 weeks or not), the fact you wrote that is pathological. Like Zizek says, if a Husband thinks his wife is cheating, even if it's true, it is pathological.

You're more worried about having the correct appearances of the communist identity (by projecting onto me) than communism itself.

I mean, we're not the ones coming into a community, asking for help from it, then disparaging it after it renders aid in a way you didn't like.




Helpful hint: if your political "content" comes from a fucking cartoon character, your time is probably better spent on something else.

It does not. But this is an imageboard, had to put something, i didn't really care what.

Still sad how you make this personal, when I criticize you is not your own selves in your petty lives which I couldn't give a fuck about, but with communism in mind, as if this was about my time, so stop worrying about me and my time, and worry about how to get out of the mess we live in.

the fuck you mean hivemind? I don't particularly agree with FinBol on plenty of issues, but his videos are still good and entertaining. And the fact that two different posters recommend him just reinforces that.

Finnish Bolshevik, the hammer and sickle, Xexizy, Jason Unruhe.

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Maoist rebel news

tovarishch endymion is really good

He said hivemind because we replied within seconds of each other


I want liberals to leave.

You also forgot

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All youtube "personalities" should be shunned tbh. They're all attention whore opportunists and on top of that most of them have nothing to say.

Did that one need stating?

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Left Review puts out some good stuff

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I really don't get this at all. Mexie is so clearly an actual marxist, yet people on leftypol always call her a liberal.

i wonder if gender has something to do with it??

Probably, she does have a small focus on idpol but overall the content she puts out is pretty consistent with most standard Marxist beliefs with some idpol shit to attract normalfags. Contrapoints on the other hand is a fucking socdem who does constant philosophy semantics around race and genders that sometimes completely ignores material conditions
Mexie > Contrapoints

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That's all you need to know

Veganism isn't inherently liberal though.
I get it if people dont like Mexie, that's fine, but calling her a liberal is just inaccurate.

I watch contrapoints, but i wouldn't argue she's any sort of marxist. She's very likable but in terms of economic politics she's way too moderate. A succdem is better than a bogstandard liberal though, imo.

I'm not implying, I'm outright stating he has good content. Dude, where's your argument?

The only difference between the output of majority of the liberal idpols who write opinion pieces for the Guardian and Mexie is that Mexie makes the odd comment about socioeconomics. So does Owen Jones. She's a liberal. That being said, it's hardly surprising that a Contrapoints fan like yourself wants us to adopt this material. The real mystery is why you're posting here rather than in one of the pro-idpol communities.

She has made multiple videos about capitalism and imperialism. Seriously, look at her channel. Idpol based content is a minority of her videos.
Regardless, i use this board cus its fun. I'm not even fond of idpol really, I do think it can divide the working class if implemented poorly, but if we want to make a popular movement im sorry but we have to accept that some people in that movement are gonna support idpol.

also, a lot of the "anti-idpol" people on this board are just reactionarys in disguise, and engage in their own idpol

Uh-huh. Go away, idpol. Not my comrade.

Watching the videos of someone who uploads once in a blue moon doesn't exactly make me a huge fan.
If that's enough for you disown a comrade then good luck making a movement of more than 10 dudes.

You realize he was the most outspoken anti-Zionist in the group, unlike the man you voted into office to take your guns.
Goddamn you retards just can't learn.

Its just some Holla Forumscuck poorly attempting to spam the board. Report & ignore.

I like the sound of that.

Thanks. Have fun with embracing the platform of the US democratic party.

go back to reddit jackass

Not even American
Does pretending everyone that disagrees with you is a liberal make you feel more confident?

seriously though, fuck the Democrats

Go away, idpol liberal.

We're all very impressed

does she have nudes yet?

If you're looking for quality books as well as lectures, there's Michael Parenti. Excellent historian and had some great passion when speaking when he was younger.

This is a dumb post, jesus christ. Mexie pretty often talks about marxist philosophy. Just because she doesn't jam pack it filled with marxist terminology like some sort of out-of-touch autist doesn't mean anything. It's even more impressive considering she's arguably from the intelligentsia, however I'm not sure what her current profession is. Same goes with Contra.

I recommend any serious Marxist dismiss claims of "liberalism" in someone unless the facts prove otherwise. They don't with Mexie or Contra.

Not even redditors claim Contrapoints is anything other a socdem.

This is an anime image board m8. I think he was having a little jape

symptomatic redness is an amazing podcast. zero books podcast.

kapitalism101 blog and youtube. look the related blogs on kapitalism101.wordpress

there are a bunch of magazines too. monthly review, lemonde diplomatique, dissent magazine, international socialism, new left review, WSWS.

Sargon of Akkad, Alternative Hypothesis, Vee Monroe, Maoist Rebel News, Black Pigeon Speaks, Xezixy, Destiny and Stefan Molyneux.

upboating this unironically

Would unironically fuck Steve Buscemi with Mexie's head

this looks like a boomer meme

Pierre tru-dank is good

No thanks.

Wait, what?

But consider the following. Christian Wittgen said:
>Of course, you have to take Marx’s own theoretical development into account. You will find bits in his early work: eg, On the Jewish question, where he empathetically makes reference to Thomas Münzer, arguing that creatures must be liberated too. Ditto the ‘Paris manuscripts’, where he argues that the world we are fighting for will be one where humans are naturalised and nature humanised. These are also some relevant passages in the early philosophical works, where it is evident that Marx had a different view of the relationship between society and nature than some ‘classical Marxists’ did.
>To give you another example, there is a paragraph in The German ideology where Marx displays a genuinely historical-materialist understanding of our relationship to animals. But you will find references in all stages of his theoretical development, including where he undertakes a comprehensive analysis and critique of capitalism: ie, Grundrisse and Capital. Take the end of the 13th chapter of Capital volume 1, where Marx - having described the formal and real subsumption of productive forces - plainly states that capitalism exploits not only labour, but nature as a source of wealth. You will find near identical formulations in the Critique of the Gotha programme - something that today’s left prefers to ignore.
Susann Witt-Stahl:
>There is a very interesting, though commonly overlooked, footnote in Capital volume 1, where he reports an observation he made on a farm. What Marx finds remarkable is the difference between the way humans treated animals when they were serfs and the way they treat them as doubly free wage labourers. As serfs, they viewed animals as fellow sufferers which, like them, were utilised as means of production and therefore endured the same mode of exploitation. When they moved up a rung and became wage labourers, they began to beat and abuse animals, as they were now told that they were free human beings - even though they actually remained unfree and were exploited in a different manner.
Source: (I got that link from the sources listed under the first episode of the VV podcast Mexie is part of.)

e-celebs are shit

I'd rather you posted Marx quote itself than a third person talking about Marx. How many different interpretations of the same sentence are there? The only way we can discuss is by having Marx quote itself.

Actually not even that since Communism and Marxism is not reducible to Marx,, but anyway

This is a fact, not a moral statement, Marx does not say that exploitation of nature would end after a post capitalist society (if he does, link it), the difference is exploiting nature for profit or self consciously for humanity' sake.

Xez is bad. Badmouse is meh.


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Maybe you're baiting, but Badmouse is one of the best youtubers out there

lol. Fucking off yourself