March For Our Lives

Anyone watching this March thing? I like the inclusion of victims of other kinds of more common gun violence like gang/drug violence, etc.

My only complaint is coming down so hard on guns and gun manufacturers but completely leaving out bombs and bomb makers. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Has there been a more idiotic things? March to give up your rights to own guns?

woops left my shitposting flag on


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It's the media using idiotic kids who by default tout a (some what) liberal line to push s message of gun control.

Kids are looking for an identity to connect with and political movements that appeal to their emotions are the path of least resistance.

This kids haven't been crushed under the weight of capitalism yet so they can't possibly conceive or want or dream of a better society because they're so privileged; they get everything they want already.

I understand that they shouldn't be living in fear, but, this is lower tier pleasure bullshit.

The answers to the issue of people going fucking crazy under the weight and alienation of capitalism is not found with in the system of capitalism.

Tbh, fuck these protests.

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Also why no push to ban JROTC? Why so little mention that was the government through the school that trained him how to shoot?

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It's an interesting "spectacle".

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This tbh.

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I get what these kids are trying to do, and I understand why they're trying to do it… But they're way off base on what actually is to be done.

The phenomenon of school shootimgs is uniquely American, and doesn't happen anywhere else. EVEN IN OTHER PRO-GUN COUNTRIES.

Why? Because it has its roots not in access to firearms, but in capitalist alienation, which the US has cranked up to fucking 11.

So basically, they're just one jump away from proper analysis of the problem… But it's a big jump to make, especially for high school kids who haven't lived the exploited life yet.

School shooting/stabbing exist in other countries too.

AFAIK they don't support a ban on gun ownership, they support regulation of firearms sales.

On this level though?
I smell a liberal.

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Cause of some sort stupid arbitrary decision by car rental companies
Bceause of another shitty arbitrary law passed after a group of parents who couldn’t accept that their kid fucked up and made a mistake, lobbied congress to the fun away from everyone else just cuase their kid was
to retarded to a handle, lets justify arbitrary laws we want to pass with arbitrary laws.

They wanna take guns away from under 21s, not just muh ebul ay are fiteeens, but they wanna stop people, from buying fudd guns, fuck that shit


There is actually very severe stabbing in China.


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Not moving the goal ppst you're changing the actual terms of what the OP ment in the first place because you're a faggot.

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I think it's disingenuous to assume easy access to firearms does not play a role in increased incidences of mass shootings.

Nowhere near as much as they do in the US. Mass shootings always come off as abhorrent to Europeans when they do happen, in the US it's now just par of the course.

You're confirming his point, user.

We've had like 25 school Shootings in the last 5 months.

Those are terrorism-related, they're not the same phenomenon as school shootings.

It's irrelevant.

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It has its roots in access to firearms the sane way access to soda gives people diabetes.

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How not? It's all basic murder-suicide killing spree shit.

TBH, gun regulation in the US is shit. They're treated more like toys than weapons.

Most sales don't even require a gun safety course, which explains why there's so many gun accidents.


Require a gun license before acquiring guns.

Then you militarize the schools and make acquiring a gun license mandatory. :^)


Seriously, these little retards have no idea what they are doing. Leaving aside the guns themselves, the second amendment is a core part of the constitution. If legislation passes that renders it impotent, and this stands up in court, then that sets a legal precedent that endangers literally every other right they have. That includes the first, thirteenth, fourteenth and fourth amendments, and in an era of Orwell tier mass surveillance and blatant porky dictatorship the people can not afford to give up a single constitutional right that might cripple porky’s attempts to control them. Then of course there’s the whole issue of the state being the only armed actor and American cops being a pack of psychopaths. Seriously fuck these little idiots.

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100,000,000 gun owners collectivley have 800 fatal accidents a year, annually their are 136,000 fatal accident


The age restriction is actually a good idea because it helps to keep guns out of the hands of angry incels and autists who still think highschool matters IRL.

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Diabetes is a possible side effect of soda consumption. Guns are designed to wound, maim and kill. That's the difference. If I'm looking for a way to kill someone, I'm buying a gun to blow his head off — not slowly getting him addicted to Coke.
Moreover, the soda market is regulated. Manufacturers can't just put what they want in a drink, especially if it's known to significantly contribute to diabetes.

In Canada in 1989 some Eliot Roger type shot up a university. After that sweeping gun control legislation was brought in. In 20 years after that happened, there were 8 mass shootings in Canada. In the 20 years before, there were only 5.

I say let's arm all the teachers and pupils. Problem solved. Cruz would have been killed in seconds, not minutes.

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Tbh id be okay with a gun license law, in return for

What about the gravity of the shootings? What about shootings that aren't school shootings?

Question: Why doesn't the NRA try to foster gun ownership among liberals like they do with conservatives and other reactionaries? Are they really that attached to the wider reactionary movement?

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I'm fine with full auto weapons being difficult to get. Most of them are too expensive for a prole to own and care for anyways.

And by the way I only said "liberals" because in the US these are the types that are always trying to get guns banned.

The NRA doesn't represent the rights of gun owners, it represents the interests of gun manufacturers.

Can someone explain this to me please?

Fuck you, brainlet.

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God damn, ==Shut the fuck up liberal==

Guns are made for self defense, if anything.
. Once you get out of high school and realize how shit the world is then you can come talk to us.

Fire arms are a tool and tools, like any other tool, can serve many functions.

Knifes, hammers, guns, Rricks, soda, litteraly anything can kill you and none of your peace meal, crying, can change that.

The thing about guns is people actually need them to protect themselves against the tyranny of the government.

This is pure idealism.

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To be honest I think the age cut off should be 25, not 21. Young men (especially white suburbanite guys) are going to become increasingly useless, angry, and reactionary in the coming years. I don't want them owning guns until their hormones level out.

I don't even support gun control but your pro-gun arguments are Holla Forums-tier.

So basically this is how it is
sure you can have one but is expensive

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How so, most mass shooters aren’t even in the 18-21 age range.

Fuck you.

I'd be ok with that, tbh.

Those are not because of alienation Jesus christ. Charlie hebdo and Paris were premeditated and studied attacks.
It's like saying that 9/11 was caused by alienation.
The other is racially motivated.
Nizza is the only one I can give you.
Stabbings are the prevalent form of explosion here in Europe.
If you wanted to make an example it would be brevik, but again that's one.
No it doesn't happen that often here and America is more talented at alienation.

Case and point: r/incel and r/hapa. Those things rarely exist here especially people like r/hapa


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He wasn't a spree shooter but a lone wolf terrorist. Guys like him will always be able to get around gun control laws. The age restriction isn't supposed to prevent those kinds of attacks.
Literally schizo and a total outlier. Also not a school shooter. Remember that's the kind of shooting we should be trying to prevent here.

So was:

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Not premeditated in that sense. Premeditated in the 9/11sense.
Military grade weapons, fake id's and connection the would make james bond rogue

Let them drink at 16 like every normal fucking country out there and you'd already cut mass shooting in half.
That's why you need drinking culture

That's been one of the main issues in America is civilians having legal access to military grade weapons.

Until a school shooting happens where the perp uses a bazooka or a vehicle-mounted HMG this isn't true.

Switzerland, Norway and eastern Europe have access to them and none of this shit happens.
I mean plus I want them I can buy them illegally. It's really a problem of alienation and culture. Japanese are even more alienated but what remains of confucianism saves them from doing shit like Americans.On the other hand americans will never blame them self or the system, they will always blame the individual who is part of that system.

They're military grade insofar as they could be used, along with improvised and seized weaponry, by a militia or guerrilla force fighting a regular army.
Arms control is reactionary.

aside from motivation and ideology whats the difference?

Name one military that only uses semiautomatic weapons

You're missing what I was replying too. If any of the terrorist attacks in Europe were carried out with "Military grade" weapons than most of the shootings in The USA were as well.

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What is a military grade weapon?

A buzzword for anything that isnt a fudd gun

I think one time i read a study that said that the legal drinking age just pushses the alchohol deaths to 21

Ask the guy I was replying to. Do you see the >> and the green text?


Grow the fuck up.

Woah, watch out! We got an Internet tough guy here. I'm sure you on the other hand have reached enlightenment.

Make up your mind — are they just neutral tools or first and foremost made for self defense? Of course guns can be used for self defense. They can also be used for a lot of much less legitimate endeavors.

Gun control does not conflict with the possibility of gun ownership, including as a bulwark against government encroachment — like workers forming armed militias to confront violent union busting, for instance.

I don't support a ban on gun at all, I support sensible gun control. The fact is most of Holla Forums lacks nuance when it comes to the gun control debate because they constantly seek to broadcast to everyone in a ten miles radius that they're not liberals — so every fucking time someone says we shouldn't let Dollar Tree sell assault rifles to schizophrenics with a history of alcoholism and domestic violence, he's dismissed as a boot-licking, gun-grabbing crypto-Hillaryite.

Also, note to agitated tankïes: the USSR had strict gun control laws. Access to military-grade, high-capacity firearms was severely restricted and illegal ownership could land you in prison. The only more-or-less widespread guns among Soviet civil society were (registered) hunting rifles.

Still one first has to learn to drink and then drive

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Drinking is extremely bad for you. America's laws regarding alcohol consumption are one of the only good things about that shithole.

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"Lets give up our guns!"
Marx is spinning in his grave so much that if he were a turbine he could power a small city.

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Didn't I mention brevik in one of my posts?
Plus it happens one time and you want to compare it to what you sociopaths do every two weeks?

Explain how drinking at 21 will change anything

Overdrinking is bad for you regular drinking is fine, what do you think happens on your 21 first birthday when they tell you all your life how great crazy and wild drinking is but dont let you do it until 21.or when the first time you drink its vodka at a party and having never drank before you cant hold your liquor, also why do you hate youngfags and want to take everything away from them.


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Until the next Brevik. America is a much larger country as well.

Oh look, now. You're going to cherry pick every point I made and pedantically nit pick them apart.

How smart of you.

The reason; the reason I told you that you obviously need to lurk maor and experience the real world is because once you get out and work 60 hours a week to barley get by then you will actually, on a material level, understand why guns are needed not only for defense from a tyrannical government but for offense against it.

Guns are tools and they can be used for anything like any tool. You're little liberal broken records aren't working anymore, lad.

The problem with these, honestly, reactionary veiws you hold is that they are idealistic bandaids that don't really adress the actual underlying structural problems caused by the economy that lead to people finally snapping and committing these acts in the first place.

Ireal, material, tangible, answers. Any further encroachment is an attack on the prolotariate. Period.

Stay away from my guns, liberals.

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This shit is why we do not deserve socialism. However, the only slight silver lining I can glean is basically what Zizek has been saying recently, if we "massage" our "revolutionary muscles" via demonstrations the message of actual leftism can spread. But at the same time a "protest" like this to give up a right is pretty much helping to kill any attempt at real change. These kids make me feel like a conservative, "guns don't kill people". They will react with intense anger when you try to explain base/superstructure. That kid would probably not have shot up his school if he could afford an apartment.


and also in case you didnt know people who have been convcted of domestic violence are barred from owning firearms, people who are addicted to subtance cant have guns (if you have medical marijuana card you are Noguns) people who have been involuntarily commited are not allowd to own firearms, your schizo wifebeater alchoholic buying am assault rifle is just a strawaman that doesnt happen. Lay off the trevor noah

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Is that yemen

If it was America have the people in the photo would've had their fingers on the trigger and then the inevitable would happen.

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The drug/gang violence inclusion is only done in a pathetic attempt to increase their ranks. And it should come as no surprise that policies aimed at controlling gang violence and drug abuse only leads to high minority incarceration rates and the (failed) war on drugs. Prohibition doesn't work, and as it turns out three types of prohibitionists have some common ground with each other even as the world around them melts apart.

They support giving Trump more power. Make no mistake, any new gun control would be within the jurisdiction of Attorney General Sessions (a person who considers Black Lives Matter to be a terrorist organization) and Donald Trump. This is why I'm absolutely against all gun control, because Trump himself is proof that any new "control" over anything will only be used and abused by the bourgeoisie.

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A REAL shitposter would say that men should be banned from owning guns and only women should be allowed the right

I should've said prohibition violence. Actually a more correct term in general would be street and household gun violence.

I agree with pic related but for tactical reasons I don't attack the 2nd amendement. You can strategically support laws that give you freedoms without endorsing the system as a whole. (not a burger, but still)

NRA is a reactionary poltical group that pretends to be pro-gun. Gun Owners of America is less Republican and much more pro-gun. Unlike the NRA, GOA is actually consistent.


This! In almost all other countries in the world, 18 year old adults can get drunk, but in America you're still considered a bigger kid.

You should be happy, our right-wing government is coming for our guns and there is nothing anyone is doing. Norwegian media has been silent about it, in fact I found out about from foregin media. Have you ever thought that maybe those kids should have been armed as well? If they had been, he would have been blown away, but strict gun laws make attack easier than defence, because a person defending themselves have to be armed all the time and thus more likely to be arrested for illegal possesion of firearms, but the attacker is only carrying firearms when they are attacking someone. Thus strict gun laws make innocent people more vulnerable to attacks from psychopaths.
t. Snownigger

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It still wouldn't happen this often. Stop making apologism for your shit hole for fuck sake

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No it's not compared to america. Don't talk about places you can't point out on the map.

It doesn't because gun control advocates are prohibitionists. They want handguns banned entirely (a common cause in the 90s) along with "assault weapons" with pistol grips, and also autoloading weapons leaving people with only pump and bolt action weapons.

In California Will Ruger himself found this out when he sponsored all the original Assault Weapons Bans in the early 90s, because his company made non-assault weapons like the Ruger mini 14. A few years later, gun controllers wanted those guns banned too because they were readily convertible into "assault" configurations and came with 30-round magazines standard. Then they extended handgun licenses to all firearms, and added a "safety test" with a $50 fee. Now there is a $25 fee for all gun transactions (including gifts to relatives), and a 10-day wait. Same for ammunition sales as of last year.

Where does this end? With guns defacto banned. Which is what prohibitionists want. And in it's wake are prisons full of random nonwhites found with weapons, and countless lives ruined by fines incurred for not storing ammunition in a locked container as the law requires.

Nobody benefits from this, except prison guard unions.


I can literally go get a revolver for 600 bucks, rn.

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Standards of living are the highest in the world, culturally speaking we are the vanguard, europeans are interesting people and you don't need an app on the phone to meet girls. It's not perfect nor it's ideal but the worst thing that could happen to Europe is getting americanized

You are responding to the wrong guy perhaps?

I didn't "cherrypick" anything. It's not my fault if your arguments don't hold up under scrutiny.

Why do you assume I do not have to work for a living? What makes you believe your "lived experience" is so special? Anyway, as I have already stated: Gun control does not conflict with gaining ownership of firearms that might ultimately be used in a revolution — at which point commercial armories and government weapon caches would probably be raided anyway.

They also proved to be particularly lethal tools — much more so than hammers or knives. Guns are not mundane consumer goods, that is a fact regardless of your positions on gun control.

On what basis do you make these assumptions? It is perfectly possible to be both an anti-capitalist and in support of gun control. In fact, I don't even think gun control is that important when compared to other variables when it comes to crime (such as social alienation, unemployment or urban decay for example) but I do believe it is worth considering as a policy. It also has absolutely nothing to do with idealism — now you're just spouting Marxist-sounding buzzwords to please the crowd.

I have no interest in taking your guns. I want to regulate their distribution, not outlaw their ownership.

europe getting Americanized mean all of Northerner europe becomes like rural France while all of southern europe becomes like rural Spain

I am ok with this.

Acording to fbi statistics hammers
kill more people than long guns.
How so , what regulations?

All those people believe we are living in the end of history.

Well, they are going to make it correct.

I can't really speak for America I guess because the gun laws I'm actually familiar with are that of European countries. AFAIK they haven't changed significantly in the last decades and it's fairly easy to gain ownership of a gun as long as you go through proper procedures.

You mean that except for center Europe the rest of europe becomes less americanized? Holy shit I'm ok with this too.

Guns don't kill people! Baboon peoples kill people!

Except in Brtain (wah waaahhh). Issue here is not what you can but that to get a license you need tp have a reason to own a gun.

Long guns are but a single type of guns — this doesn't account for all gun deaths. Still, even if hammers did kill more people, that doesn't mean policy aimed at reducing gun deaths are irrelevant.

This shit is so liberal it burns.

This is also the case in Belgium, but "personal security" is accepted as a valid reason. My father owns a Smith & Wesson revolver even though he doesn't have any specific reason to own a firearms that any other guy on the street with no rap sheet couldn't also appeal to.

Ah, self defense is not recognised as a reason in the UK

I know it doesnt most gun homicides are handguns, hut goes to show you muh evil ars aint so evil

$600 for a revolver? I hope it fires at least .454 Casull and is in good shape.

UK, the country that collects the browsing habits of everyone EXCEPT politicians?

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At least you guys have sport shooting, sometime i wonder if the usa will even have that


Yeah, it's Yemen.

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Liberalism is the rest of the mind making excuses for the id.

Daily reminder that you're all a bunch of basic bitch liberals, no matter how much you LARP as revolutionaries.

I've got my evil Assault Rifle-15 and a whole bunch of boxes of nigger repellant right here, and it's not going anywhere no matter how much you bitch about it.

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no shit, with the rise of 80% kits any hope for an assault weapons or handgun ban is basically dead. And thanks to California making it a huge pain in the ass to buy ammo, DIY primer/gunpowder kits will probably happen in the next five years.

But they're regulating 80% kits now in California as well.

Begone amerifat.

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Their making you put a serial number on which will totally be complied with.

No they aren't, because 80% kits aren't guns. Legally you need to register it with the state, but you can also claim it's an import. Or more importantly, just not do it at all which is what criminals will continue doing. Even if the state did figure out how to somehow ban 80% kits (which are not legally guns), that wouldn't stop people from 3D printing them instead and swapping on parts. The state would then have to ban gun parts, but this is also getting extremely hard because then a huge amount of regular home improvement hardware is affected.

In practice, it's now impossible to ban guns thanks to the Internet. Which is why they moved to curb ammo sales, their only remaining vector. But this too will change, all that's needed is a manual with a home chemistry set and electronic scale. The state can't easily ban that without also banning 99% of educational/laboratory/kitchen equipment, including children's toys.

Airshit doesn't count.

You need a mill not a printer.

I used to work with the guy with the glasses on my campus, he and his crew are at the protest today telling everyone that the problem is capitalism, not guns. There's the snapcode if you wanna add them and watch them.

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Daily reminder that you're a product and tool of COINTELPRO

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For non-regulated parts? Sure. But not for the regulated part. Already 3d printable glock frames do ok enough with 22lr or 17hmr. Printed AR lowers work fine with standard rounds. The tech will only get better.

Daily reminder that you're a bunch of faggots who LARP as revolutionaries.

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I’m laffin!

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The only solution is to ban all males from owning firearms.

Nice. I don't snap chat but I'll check the website. #enoughwar
^This 100% Nikolas Cruz said himself his plan was to go do the samething he did to those Americans to some Afghanis and the government would've given him the gun and the plane ticket to do it if he just didn't do it to his classmates first.

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I cum a little bit every time you grace us with your presence boonposter.

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That image actually proves the mutt's point. His grandfather fought for America to become a soulless multicultural shopping mall.

Then that disqualifies most Nazis.

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Who is this? He looks like a thin Alfred Hitchcock lmao.

Who's the LARPer here?

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I think it is Hitchcock.

U wot?

Why am I not surprised that this is the best Holla Forums can come up with?

So a zip gun? We really are living in da future.

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Like a zip gun but capable of reuse. The "zip gun" better applies to using it with 9mm rounds, because the frame won't survive more than 5-6 shots without cracking. But again, the tech will eventually get better.

Also actual 22lr zip guns can be fully 100% 3d printed, further demonstrating the pointlessness of gun control. And why they've moved onto ammunition.


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What exactly have you accomplished thus far fellow Holla Forumstard?

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The glock parts sure. But the upper you printed, how much can you rely on it? Why not just get a CNC?

This stuff really makes me think. I just can't get the "perfect take" on it. Come on Anons, what is the 100% right take on this?

Try actually making an argument like a big boy.

And I assume you haven't worked for a living and are a raging liberal is because no working person on earth world be talking like you; most of us are so beat the fuck down that we sit, as Adam Smith said, in tepit silence dreaming of a better world.

If we want that we are going to need guns and sorry to inform you but "sensible gun control" is that. Any encroaching on my ability to purchase what I can right now is a fucking attack on the working class.

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The upper isn't regulated so it can just be bought off-the-shelf. California hasn't moved to regulate this because there is no feasible means to do so without making a massive bureaucracy that will affect other industries (notably home improvement hardware, think of the Luty Gun). But yes it can be milled too, I mention 3d printers because they are more widely available.

Ban missiles not guns.


Is your deal today to derail a thread by trying to convince others that they 'don't REALLY like guns' despite how much they say they do? Or is it the standard played out "LARPers XD" thing? Either way it is contrived and dated. The only thing spicy about your approach is your undeserved sense of smugness.

Coddled teenagers and their white collar parents demanding their legislators give Trump and AG Sessions more power because guns are scary. That is the basic dynamic at work here. Remember when teenagers used to be all about rebelling against authority? Now they worship it.

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I meant lowers than I guess. I get confused. Especially since the whole concept of a lower and upper receiver seems to be firearm dependent?

Do you know more about this law? Does this limit ammunition types? What's the definition of rifle or shotgun?

This shit is gay too

Yes it's an AR thing. Most guns like AKs have both welded together into one giant "receiver". But the terminology is roughly analogous to handgun receivers and handgun slides.

The BATF clarified this policy, basically anyone who manufactures AND sells/transfers more than 5 guns per year is a "firearm manufacturer" who must obtain a special BATF firearm manufacturer's license (about $5,000/yr). All NFA items (full-auto guns, silencers, short-barreled rifles, the pancor jackhammer and explosives) require a $200 tax stamp per item and might have to abide by special storage requirements (in particular in regards to explosives). Some states ban NFA items altogether, and all machine guns built after 1984 can only be transferred between police departments and Federal Firearm Licensed (FFL) dealers.

Any rifle is a gun with a rifled barrel longer than 6", any rifle with a barrel longer than 6" but less than 16" is a "short barreled rifle" which is an NFA item. A shotgun is a smoothbore weapon with a barrel longer than 16", any shotgun with a barrel less than 16" is a "short barreled shotgun" which is also an NFA item. Any gun with a rifled barrel less than 6" is a handgun. There's a bit more to this but this is the basic classifications. And the classifications change slightly whenever a new President is inaugurated and a new BATF director is chosen.

Here's a handy infographic.

Attached: nfa_pistol_aow_sbr-640.jpg (640x1439, 282.53K)

I'm asking like what if you made a 120mm for personal use? What would the BATF do?

OK yeah, I agree. I also think you're a cuck if you think your boss earned his right to exploit you? Am I right? Yes. Is that an argument? No. I understand WHY they want to ban guns, don't get me wrong, the idea of getting blown away by some faggot is a little spooky. I just can't quite find the right position. The position that is completely defensible from all other positions. I support the right to bear arms and all, but I don't have the arguments down. How do you argue with some fifteen year old who wants to infantilize himself to protect himself from guns? I don't even fully understand how this would stop shootings? Police shoot people all the time in Burgerland, and I don't see how people couldn't get guns that way and shoot people. Or how they couldn't just go in a classroom, lock the door, and whip out the butcher knife? I don't know, and Holla Forums just keeps posting two Marx quotes and calling the students children. Come on Holla Forums dialecticians!

Nevermind. Web search is my friend:

based america

Attached: europhic bush.jpg (304x410, 14.31K)

All rifles above caliber 1.0 are considered "Any Other Weapon" and require a special $200 tax stamp. This doesn't sound bad, until one considers that each and every round of 1.0 cal ammunition also requires a $200 tax stamp. Likewise as most 1.0 cal guns tend to be some sort of explosive device, that also has more restrictions applied to it. Think things like grenade launchers, grenade machineguns, mortars and rocket launchers.

Mortars in particular are also subject to other regulations given their popularity with terrorists (the IRA and Hezbollah in particular have had great success with them against British and Israeli police forces). This is because mortars are extremely easy to build compared to other types of artillery.

Attached: panzerfaust series.jpeg (600x600 6.96 KB, 9.92K)

I guess that means you make as much artillery and artillery practice shells as you want though.

Every child should get firearms training and be aware of what guns are and how they work. Knowledge is power. At age 18 citizens can join a citizens' volunteer militia which can work alongside police, taking on the role of meter maids and event security. Also rebuild the Civilian Conservation Corps, and require all citizens to participate in it for at least 12 months while they work to clean up rivers/mow lawns and understand what "ecology" is. At the very least, this would cut down on the fear and extremely idiocy which pervades society.

Attached: CCC-poster-1935.jpg (520x643 64.28 KB, 42.11K)

Attached: 312312456.jpg (600x578, 58.19K)

The CCC is a peacenik alternative to a full blown military draft, which most socialist countries had. It's also one that would give people a clue about how humans are capable of destroying the environment. Most Americans are fat anyway and can use the exercise.

I don't even close to understand how a material justification can be given for guns but not over eating.

Okay, some of this is a bit much but I like it. Much love to Holla Forums

CCC volunteers were fed, that was partially the point of the CCC: to keep young men fed and not starving on the street, a situation which leads to gangs, terrorism and revolution. This is also why food stamps continue to exist.

Workers NEED to be armed for revolution to occur. Take your grabbing shit to, you reactionary Porky. >>>Holla Forums

Attached: MarxVsReganOnGuns.jpg (1200x1200, 128.04K)

Fuck this bourgieous liberal protest. We need workers to be armed because your more likely to be killed by cops than in a mass shooting.

Attached: ShutTHeFuckUpLiberal.jpg (651x407, 61.83K)

That’s why we need more guns. To kill Porkies.

Who are killing us with cokes.

How is shooting at the cops going to help you not get killed by the cops?


this is your brain on liberalism

Pretty sure walther was thiking of target shooting when they designed this

Attached: F81EE660-46D6-4864-AA23-F47DD728668A.jpeg (1944x1000, 612.43K)

I hope these kids are the utter destruction of Holla Forums, Trump Gang and Republicans. Your guns will be fine, but the screeching autistics worried that seizing their guns will be the end of the world make me want to find out if that's true. Posadism now!

Attached: 20180317_100559.jpg (674x661 499.27 KB, 613.22K)

fuck these protests
We should do one for activist bobby shmurda

Attached: IMG_20180324_181814.jpg (1238x1647, 155.51K)

Fuck this shit, people's nuke ==NOW==

Attached: ganhi_got_nukes.jpg (640x400, 73.42K)

Cops can't kill people if they are all dead.

Why don't you do it then?

Honestly, I legitimately hate this kid now

Attached: 1521930779341.png (1967x1967, 2.97M)

is that the kid whose dad was an ex-cia agent?

Also, here some posters that will totally push for more gun control

Attached: DZEa1AlV4AU2BUl.jpg (1200x900 189.28 KB, 288.42K)

ITT: Why leftism is dead, and is never coming back in the first world.

one more

Attached: DZEHDT5UQAAW5y3.jpg (768x1024 170.5 KB, 155K)

This is why I fucking HATE posmods. Who's gonna take this seriously?

T H E Y ' R E G O O O D M E M E S

He ain't even using the meme right.

Sorry, I meant ex-FBI

Attached: kevin hogg.png (848x746, 813.61K)


Attached: maxresdefault (1).jpg (1280x720, 84.39K)

Maybe Rafiq was right about memes

Generation tide pod is now a pillar of intellect in regards to social issues. God bless these brave leftists. I’ll be donating to David Hogg as soon as possible.

I know you're just being retarded but the law leads to a lot of cases of alcohol poisoning going untreated at colleges because they're too afraid of getting caught drinking underage.

I see like a true comrade, you browse Twitter Moments too.

Attached: stalinc.jpg (350x375, 21.21K)

it just pop up and I was disgusted as hell

Attached: Dfhgeshgeg.png (727x653, 199.29K)

Fucking lel
This is what I'm calling them now.

Attached: eating-tide-pods.jpg (800x420, 127.59K)

I'm all for using satire to criticize capitalistic society, but do these kids think they're actually doing anything by using stupid memes that none of the legislators will even understand, let alone take seriously?

I don't get the price tag hanging in the microphone.

Attached: 1438348889558-1.jpg (1300x1000, 268.81K)

Allowing normal people to own guns is the dumbest fucking thing I've ever seen a nation do. It doesn't do anything. And no, owning guns will not help any revolution because revolutions depend entirely on which side the military is on.

This fucking fantasy idea that gun ownership matters in any fucking degree is pathetic and fellow leftists here need to absolutely wake up from their frankly embarassing notions that guns do anything at all except perpetuate a shameful gun culture and death of innocent people.

Something something amount Marco Rubio took from NRA in excchange for dead childrens.


Attached: f868a8d8b9ce486101b4bb1b5cb1eb771addbeac.jpg (600x337, 44.01K)


Attached: some kind of libeal sailor moon.jpg (490x640, 55.52K)

it’s time to give up your guns white boi, hand em over pussy ass nigguh Dey fo US now

Attached: 00AD4275-9B55-4207-B09D-1DC481900F16.jpeg (577x1024, 95.82K)

Crisis actor confirmed?

It's defecting Holla Forums who are both attaining hope that there are potential pro gun commies they can enlist to vote Republican and commiserating because they realize Trump is such utter shit that they're going to lose the House and Senate in 2018. I'm so sick of NRA trolls I might just take an anti gun stance PURELY out of disgust and spite. I'm a pro gun commie, but I'm exuberant to see the Alt Right's project generation Z rise up and spit on them. I hope these parkland kids chew up paid NRA congressmen and shit them out. Fucking reactionary autistic NRA trolls are clueless that guns will never be outlawed cuz it's in the bill of rights. We've had enough mass shootings without gun laws being passed that you would think they would realize that.

That's what people have been saying.
My whole thing is, that even if he isn't a crisis actor, everything he says should be treated extremely suspect. Most kids aren't free from their parents influence while they still live at home, let alone if their dad is an FBI agent. We don't know how much he is affecting his decisions.


free bobby

Attached: bobby-shmurda-murder-chargesjpg.jpg (1200x1200, 171.96K)

muh crisis actors gun steal muh guns goys

Attached: FB_IMG_1521907562914.jpg (720x556, 32.93K)

I bet he let pussycats in his dog house.

Attached: ahhhahahh.jpg (970x647, 47.68K)

Seems likely if for no other reason than how well orchestrated this whole media campaign around the Parkland kids has been. I don't know if the kids themselves are plants but I live nowhere near Parkland and the schools are plastered with professional looking posters. Somebody with money and reach is backing this thing.

Take a look at their list of demands, includes things like create a centralized database of guns for the dod, and require mental healthcare providers to give information about clients to law enforcement. Shit makes me paranoid too.

is this a fucking joke? This is like saying EFF trolls or SPLC trolls. The NRA is not the alt-right and the NRA is not Holla Forums. The NRA itself only barely endorsed Trump and only because his only opposition was Hilary (whose husband passed the original Federal Assault Weapons ban). They aren't Holla Forums either because Holla Forums are cucks who will ban guns if it means they can continue sucking off Trump.

You're shitting on the wrong people.

That's completely wrong, the 2A can be interpreted in such a way that bans all civlillian gun ownership but still allows it for citizens "militias", also known as the police. Likewise the 1A and 4A can go out the window too, and taken to the extreme amendments can be repealed by new amendments as is the case with the 18A and 21A (Prohibition and it's repeal).

Fucking seriously, just stop and think for a second. For a full decade it was illegal to posses mere alcohol in America. BEER WAS ILLEGAL. If given the power the government will happily take guns too. And of course this all affects nonwhites much more than whites that have lawyers, creating Disparate Impact (which is illegal per the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which can also be nullified by the courts or repealed as most of Holla Forums wants).

Attached: dubs.png (350x226, 54.92K)

This is actually really tame.

They could have them live there for awhile to build a background. I'm sure the kids at the school would notice if they weren't in any of their year books or classes previously.

Attached: 131030_COOL_21JumpSt-alt.jpg.CROP.cq5dam_web_1280_1280_jpeg.jpg (590x416, 69.63K)

Nevermind misread. But still adding to the conspiracy theory.

Please read a fucking book.

Read, literally, science if logic by George Hegel and capital by Karl marx abd read examine your stupidity.

The theater of American politics never stops being entertaining.

Imagine thinking bane was a representation of fascism.

[b]Not my words, just sharing here:[/b]

David Hogg and a few other actors giving antiGun speeches the morning of the Parkland shooting.

1. One girl bursts out laughing while pretending to cry.

2. The shooting didn’t happen in the morning. It happened in the afternoon.


Attached: ClipboardImage.png (689x601, 640.84K)

This is your text on phone-posting.

It's just sloppy activism, as to be expected from literal teenagers. Yet they get 24/7 AAA news coverage because they are demanding that the President be given more power, a thing that everyone seems to just accept as ok now even if they supposedly hate Trump.

I live in the age of glitchy phones.

Attached: puking.webm (640x360, 5.11M)

From what I've seen the typical mode of operation is to take advantage of naturally occurring events rather than creating them entirely. I'm not saying they never fabricate things from whole cloth but I'm more skeptical of conspiracies that require that to be the case. If the Parkland kids were trained, selected and shipped in beforehand that means whoever conspires to set this up has foreknowledge that a shooting is going to happen. Possible, but that takes a lot of work.

My personal take on how this sort of conspiracy would happen goes like this. There's a staffed and funded pr agency with int and military contacts somewhere. They've got a contract to turn the gun control debate in a direction that satisfies certain policy objectives of whoever is paying them. They know school shootings are a big media show and create opportunity to influence people. So they start laying the groundwork, polling, testing slogans, building social-media and ground teams. A few school shootings happen but they're not quite right for various reasons. Shooter is inconsistent with the narrative or it happens somewhere they have no good contacts or the time isn't right etc. This probably goes on for at least a year or more. Finally Parkland hits and the time seems ripe, they go through the list of students who are currently or have previously attended the school and get lucky, out of a few thousand there's a few kids whose parents are known political or int actors with the appropriate loyalties and some of their kids even have some media experience. They make some calls and the parents are willing. They roll out within hours and prep the kids to start saying the right things on tv and setting up interviews with friendly media. In a school of a few thousand you'll have at least a few kids who are willing to be part of a media operation and not ask too many questions if it means they get to be famous and fight the bad guys. The media operation is already set up they just need to plug in their names and faces.

Attached: Gendo_Ikari_(Rebuild).png (1920x1080, 1.38M)

Attached: BAC4B965-50CF-4019-9059-4D2D11265A71.jpeg (1536x1964 747.5 KB, 656.85K)

Fuck off putin bot 😂

looks fake af

Even Dorner got killed by The Police eventually.

Attached: 5StarLegend.jpg (522x522, 45.99K)

Shit like this is what makes me dislike Holla Forums so fucking much. It is so, so easy to play them and InfoWars types for fools. How the fuck do you know that's not some disinfo agent telling them exactly what they want to hear? How can you be so willing to believe the most vast of conspiracies but totally suck the dick of some "user insider" at the drop of a hat?

The government has psy op battalions already stationed all over the country.

Attached: No Longer Slave.jpg (317x317 101.83 KB, 14.86K)


Based Dorner. I wish when reactionaries lose their minds and go on killing rampages they at least target the right people.

It's weird how out in the open they are about it now.

what documentary?

I went to the range today instead of going to some stupid protest

Attached: gun control.png (999x617, 48.56K)

enjoy being dragged away into the darkness after being put on a list

if you post on leftypol i can guarantee you 100% you are already on a list

And liberals want more surveillance and bureaucracy on gun owners. Gun ownership is going to get more expensive to the chagrin of lower income communities
That's honestly my biggest fear they know how to put out the fire before shit hits the fan
Better than doing fuck all tho, at least if you're on a list you know you are doing something right

Isn't it also strange how primary conspiracy theories have become in the reactionary world-view in our times? Back in 2008 when people were still under the illusion that the Bush-era assault on civil liberties was an aberration, the whole FEMA camp meme, while absurd at face-value, had a certain amount of internal logic.

One wonders why anyone needs to believe in the specter of imaginary concentration camps when the whole country is really a prison. Why is it necessary to build a tertiary gulag system when the combination of constant 24/7 surveillance and the Kafkaesque complex of laws and institutions of American justice mean that one slip up and you're in jail. 20th century dictatorships arrested people for political purposes but the fact that the average American breaks a dozen laws a day without knowing it means there is no longer any need to openly arrest someone for political reasons–you merely find or invent a suitable pre-text.

In that sense, repression can be framed as post-political hence no need for a grand political conspiracy amounting to a coup d'état to drag the gun-toting, bible-thumping boomer away is necessary.

Speaking further, when conservatives were confident that they were the establishment, they pooh-poohed all conspiracies that weren't state-department friendly. In the Bush years, conspiracy theories were the province of the Left but in our time the conservative establishment can only keep itself abreast by pretending to be the anti-establishment and hence Trump and his entire media team act like they've got tin-foil hats on in the public eye.

Attached: magaman.png (150x84, 12.23K)

The thing is you can't beat it by randomly shouting "SHILL" at everyone.

Psychological operations work by making normal people believe the psyop is true.

Attached: kekkles.gif (360x270, 1.63M)

Attached: DXUB97VVQAAZiDh.jpg (652x369, 73.74K)

I counter protested with a bunch of 2nd amendent Gadsden Flag wavers

imagine being insecure enough to actually take the time to come here and type this out.

Attached: 7dd2da2bb32165fb322543a6ad38167a9f802b98a41e6d715bbccea5fefbe813.jpg (284x276, 12.41K)

I could not possibly stand to be around anybody there. Even dealing with "socialists" irl is enough.

I kinda larp as a reactionary irl

We’ll just have the state take your weapons away from you then, fascist. Also quit being so paranoid, nobody is coming to take your little toys away, or ban them.

basically how it went

Attached: comcon gang.png (1023x638, 16.11K)

That is the point of this whole charade. Rich celebrities and capitalists can always hire security guards and can count on police support:

The fanaticism of America's liberal elite in favor of gun control reminds me of a similar observation that has been made about how they rail against borders and walls in public and return to the safety of their gated communities. People who will likely never compete with an immigrant for a job are the people who tell workers how they should talk about such things. Similarly, people who will likely never be exposed to violence, let alone state violence, deign to lecture us on why we don't really need that gun we're carrying or keep under the mattress.

We also know that access to weaponry in modern and early modern Europe affected everything from wage-rates to what sort of privileges that peasants were allowed to keep.

I think it essentially boil down to this: the American elite knows that the American working class is angry and waking up. In view of this, the potential exists from their perspective for a long-term period of social instability. In Europe, you have strikes, protests and riots but few countries allow American-level access to firearms. So, the protests their end up being like a therapeutic outburst, which while inconvenient, is necessary so things can keep functioning. I think that the gun laws of other OECD countries have likely stopped revolution in the OECD, especially in Europe where there have always been militant and well-organized prole movements.

I believe America's bourgeoisie is silently terrified at the thought that after liberalizing gun laws at the behest of reactionary organizations like the NRA that workers are gonna take their guns into the workplace with them, that they will take them to protests and who knows what might happen? Inequality is exploding and it seems that the plan of the elite is fundamentally anti-reformist, you could even say accelerationist. Maybe this explains the heavy drive for gun control? I've never seen anything like this in my lifetime or at least anything I can remember after being politically aware.

What do you guys think?

I dont think most of them are aware of much of any of this shit.
I think most of them are completely blind to anything outside the "liberals vs conservatives" circus.
yeah, if you suggested to them that poor people should have guns so they can go on strike armed and kill the cops if they try to fuck with it, they'd call you a crazy insane violent extremist terrorist, but not because they're afraid of it happening, just because its completely outside the window of what they'll consider.

That ship sailed when the government started spying on everyone without warrants.

Attached: qel30w8nlrn01.jpg (750x538, 54.77K)

I think you are correct. Cheap ARs and AKs are getting harder to find. Ammo is also seeing an increase in price per round. What used to be a working sport like hunting and shooting will become gentrified to the point where only petty-bourg will shoot their government approved rifle with biometrics and tracking devices on a nice golfcourse like range. Where only those who can pay can have access, owning guns is going to be another class barrier much like education or 'affordable' housing. Not to mention you are adding on an already corrupt and incompetent government bureacracy.
Liberals think they are doing good by advocating for sensible gun control like more training and background checks with ammo but these programs will likely become more monetized thus fucking over poor people. Liberals live in a ideal of moral superiority, they don't give a damn about the consequences. As long as it confirms their moral righteousness and ideologues. Some of these kids are genuine others are doing it for political gain but in the end they are being used by special interest groups to push for a more massive militarized police/surveillance state.

Attached: Screenshot_20180324-211056.jpg (956x830, 329.83K)

Attached: 105abcb035490493afdc65edb63b2d7ae085b859764e53658547b84b6228b2ca.jpg (539x552, 29.38K)

Attached: 1452329994171.jpg (960x547, 70.42K)

what did he mean by this?

Attached: goober.jpg (393x326, 56.38K)

Also forgot to mention the average prole would turn to the black market/private deals to find cheap firearms thus bypassing any regulations on the SALES of firearms making the whole gun control thing nul and ineffective

Why does Gonzalez support pedophilia and underage sex?

Attached: 5ab706a9c4b0a.jpeg (528x300, 44.01K)

It's all "for the children", their children at least. Liberals especially Democrats don't give a shit about poor people, at most they only care about race or sexual orientation. Which is why they don't do anything to stop the broader slide into poverty half the country is facing, even as this slide destroys the businesses (TV, film, toys, cars, videogames) they rely on due to a lack of money.

It's actually very christian, and speaks to their roots as christian democrats. They legit don't care if people are poor or starve, even if they can no longer afford the services they provide. They only care about being correct and only care about their morality. It is all ideological purity testing, used to badly disguise the capitalist system they willingly support.

They aren't, and they have none.

Attached: 1416361096308.jpg (400x400, 68.58K)

I'm thinking "christian" in the WASP sense, not the catholic/european sense. WASPs are all social darwinists and their scripture backs their treatment of poor people, who are more often than not alcoholics, nonwhites, or (gasp) catholics anyway.

nice posts

Did you come step out of a time warp from the 1980s?

Attached: MarxVsReganOnGuns.jpg (1200x1200, 128.04K)

Sorry, he meant 0.56ASP

yes and so did everyone endorsing gun control. Their parents grew up in the 70s/80s and were known to be bitchy and annoying back then too. Their spawn emulates them but with a warped view of humanism.

The military in America is very reactionary. It’d be great for them to be on our side, but’s it’s unlikely.

Hunting, shooting, and having fun with guns is part of our culture. It’s just alienation and mental illness which fucks everything up. Seriously more people die of cops than in mass shootings. Armed civilians also help detour gang violence and organized crime.

Attached: GunControlDosn'tStopGunViolence.png (1029x4529 288.49 KB, 809.38K)

American liberals are tools for bourgy. Their identity politics in every direction amounts to "strip rights from the poor while the rich are allowed to continue business as usual". They then have the barefaced cheek to claim they're impacting everyone.

Better be this Gadsden Flag.

Attached: CommieSnake.png (275x183, 11.53K)

woke people will defend this

Attached: DZFRxkoVAAA90cI.jpg (1200x686, 145.62K)

Seems like 1/4 of the threads on 4/pol/ right now are just photos of Gonzalez and Hogg. This whole affair is very strange.

why don't they march against reactionaries owning guns?
just do it under the pretext of disarming the "mentally ill", it's the same thing after all
everytime they do it that's the excuse given
other than that it's disgusting nonetheless, they need to arm the workers and disarm the police
also every child needs to get basic military training

how do you prove someone is a reactionary when they go to purchase a firearm

good on him. need more of this at these events.

explained in the next line
IQ test will get them all

i was actually going for "autism level", since mental issues should disqualify, not "intelligence", that'd only be used to disarm the poor that simply lack opportunity for proper education

Please tell me gunmen appeared at the march and shot these faggots.

The list is us friendo

This is how I imagine a 32 year old Social Media Marketing executives from Silicon Valley thinks how a 15 year old would think about gun violence. Buuuuuuuuur t’s not like said individuals are instrumental, or have any significant influence in this beautiful grass-roots leftist event ;^)

Attached: C948E2F1-93D3-4C24-A81E-4E570E870C2B.jpeg (657x574, 64.35K)

I fucking hate liberals.

Attached: liberals3534.jpg (1920x1080, 312.19K)

Somebody post that screencap about how Harry Potter is liberal

Why is it always, ALWAYS fucking Harry Potter?

why are they so loathsome
as if their messages aren't retarded enough in content

Attached: b764055d6b618b17aa8ccdcbb062e3004fc15f0f33ef530889bf4700941bef0f.png (857x477, 291.45K)


because Harry Potter is the epitome of literature that is both woke and bizarrely reactionary

Most Harry Potter girls sucked though. Hermione was the worst though since she was the author's self-insert.

Attached: harry potter anime232.jpg (1600x600, 205.02K)

Should i send this to some super lib i know?

Attached: BF6899DD-196C-42C2-94E0-C577A4359F09.jpeg (2000x5268, 902.9K)

Chum bucket was fuckin lit. The Krabby Patty is nothing but capitalism with the human face

*The Krusty Krab fml

What’s even more disturbing is all the trash, and shit these so called “students” left behind. You literally can’t make this shit up, there’s no way these were actual high schoolers, I saw them being bussed in, and even took pictures.

Attached: 922F10D7-DAF3-47E8-B7EC-C380CE88965A.jpeg (1536x2048 931.63 KB, 1.22M)

in your post:
why third worldism is defeatism and in essence just as bad as fascism

this actually pisses me off, they care so little about their movement they just dump the signs. I still have all the signs I made to protest Scott Walker

Attached: a65fcf3516034c1a4c749577c00060ecb4140913261fc07323ab3182fab85144.jpg (823x586, 170.15K)

Attached: 91d1e1d57381a174aa0c82a50beee20ee7e739977548c5243d8d721c51461ff0.jpg (224x219, 19.07K)

Attached: F2553966-9FC4-443E-82E0-98E7C8B85E27.jpeg (1536x2048, 680.42K)

the similarities of this with the social democrats attitude towards the nazis and their delusion of being able to "fight them" simply on legal grounds is amazing but not surprising, this is really getting to the core of their ideology
nice work by that user

Jesus these kids are walking a fine line here and probably don't realize how dangerous this is

What country even uses Semi Auto rifles as their standard issue?

I just lost a shitload of faith today that I really should not have posessed to begin with.

Attached: bf3961b6f0e4ea91a1f183cb1b715e3c675b6fd3573eb055706409a33054b995.jpg (1286x400, 138.2K)

that such a thing as "civilians" even exists is disgusting in itself. anyone able-bodied and mentally fit needs mandatory military training and to do some form of service at a gun at least once in their lifetime, and be it just guard at their regular workplace.
"civilian" is a poor excuse for people to drop responsibility while insisting on rights while just dicking around. fuck "civilians", everyone becomes a reserve.

Basically this abolish the police, replace them with rotating people's militias.

Some of them are pretty nice draftsmen too.

Has anybody thought to grab a couple and ask them some questions?

Attached: army-soldiers-barrett-50-cal-m82-guns-weapons-sniper-rifles.jpg (1920x1200, 659.49K)

they're going to become more invasive with the psychologists. “Forgive them, they know not what they do,” says Biopower, and readies the syringe.

Attached: mentalhygeine.jpg (960x884 158.93 KB, 124.67K)

what kind of sight is that on the gun? it's not a lense but some weird little grid net and there's a cable going in on the side

Some of you guys are all right…

It's a standard Leupold 4.5x14 Vary X Scope with a honeycomb filter on the front. The thing that looks like the wire is the adjustable carrying handle. scope

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thank you
i can see now that the angle made the handle look weird, as if an attachement to the scope
and a honeycomb filter seems interesting, wonder why i've never noticed those before

Kek, the heroin needles.

The Spanish Civil War Part 4: Franco and the Nationalists. It's all on youtube. Here's the exact timestamp:


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Hear, hear!

This has not been the case in the majority of revolutions.

I know you guys have pointed out that the small-headed kid's dad is ex-FBI, but don't forget that Gonzalez's dad fled from Cuba.

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So he’s a Gusano?

No, he's a headstrong, self-made man who managed to narrowly escape Castro's horrific purges ;^)

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Why is it always fucking Harry Potter?

On every single issue from abortion to gun control to immigration liberals always have to make some smug fucking Harry Potter reference.

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yeah but Kaczinsky did nothing wrong

These kids are all liberal upper class shitheads who are only in it to promote themselves for a future in democratic party politics. No idea why so many socdem types worship them. The chapo subreddit in particular thinks that Hogg is amazinc being blantantly pro-cop.

You mean extremely well organized top-down activism™

Who exactly do you think "socdem types" are, it's the exact people you're describing. What do you think their end game is? Further empowerment of the ruling class at the expense of the workers, literally every political position they hold breaks down along these lines.

shut up you fucking liberal

we're all already on lists

Quit the bullshit, None of those pictures are yours and the last two are old and unrelated.
The last one is also completelly fabricated


Also who gives a shit about littering? Petite bourg fucktard need to get out.

Caring about trash is petit bourg now????