The MEK is a terrorist movement that seeks to overthrow the government of Iran. Its ideology is an eclectic mix of Islamism, Feminism, Marxism, and personality cultism. It was listed as a terrorist organization for the murder of several Americans in the 1970s. In the 1980s the MEK fought against Iran and has no support in Iran because of this betrayal.

The MEK was delisted as a terrorist organization by the US and other Western governments after years of lobbying that involved paying many politicians "speaking fees". One of the greatest supporters of the MEK while they were listed as a terrorist group by the US government was John Bolton. This was patently illegal to coordinate with and take money from a terrorist organization, yet no one has been charged.

John Bolton's support of this organization should be of concern to everyone. His willingness to consort with terrorists and cultists reflects poor judgement at best and disloyalty at worst. He has routinely subverted American interests and the cause of international peace.

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MEK paid John Bolton while they were listed as a terrorist organization.

MEK paid many US politicians “speaking fees” notably Rudolph Giuliani. John Bolton spoke and attended numerous functions during this time.

MEK Continued Terrorism

MEK Cult Behavior

More on the MEK's_Mujahedin_of_Iran

how about you use some real sources

Headline: John Bolton was paid by terrorists.

All sources:

Email these sources because they will be the first to cover the story.

Get these guys to retweet you. Use a sock puppet Twitter. Make sure you tailor it for your audience. Include a simple SFW infographic if you can. Links and videos are the gold standard. Use SFW hashtags and hijack at least one popular hashtag. The news will move on your email if they see a buzz on Twitter.

Also you can use tweetdeck to easily schedule your tweets. It's very useful for spamming things like this.

Use to watch to see how much your message is spreading and if you are getting censored.

lol. This sounds like the perfect neo con strawman

The biggest part of that is the cult element. In the 1960s and 1970s they were a sort of Marxian Islamism that backed Khomeni's revolution against the Shah. When that wasn't working out for them they turned to join Saddam. During the 1980s Rojavi's cult of personality and feminist policies really began to take hold.

The organization today is pretty irrelevant except for the fact that it gets the ear of important people. It still does limited paramilitary training, but it is a shell of its former self after the failed 1988 invasion of Iran.

/ourguy/ confirmed?

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They aren't real communists though.'s_Mujahedin_of_Iran#Before_the_revolution

the majority of 4pol is not supporting Trump any longer!

That's a good start. Making sure that ordinary people hear about this is critical though.

So basically my local ML chapter.

Considering the leaders forced most of their members into celibacy yes.

Its basically Fascist Brazil vs British Empire thing
You don't support American imperialism because it will just install puppets that are on the same level as the previous government
It will be easier to throw over the government of one country than to fight the whole American hegemony

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If you adhere to that manner of reasoning, what stop you from advocating revolutionary movements in countries with ostentatiously anti-capitalist governments to be crushed in the name of the precedence of anti-imperialism?

Go to bed John

Dialectically this makes sense. Don't blunt the impact of anti-thetical forces otherwise you may derail the revolution.

If a revolutionary movement can overthrow their government AND stave off US influence then they have my support

So you would support putting them down, because no revolutionary movement in the whole fucking world could pretend to be able to face the US political-military machine heads-on.

I meant "ostentatiously anti-imperialist", fug.

I'm not saying that they should actively go against the US at first, but just not work towards the same goal as the US war machine.
Because their victory will mean nothing when afterwards they just get replaced by the same thing they fought but wearing stars and stripes.

wtf i love john bolton now!?

Sounds pretty nifty, ngl. Why are they bad, exactly?

They seem like comrades, why should we hate them?

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The Marxist label is entirely inaccurate and it stems from the Shah and the Islamic Republic labeling them as such for their own propaganda campaigns. In fact the MEK spawned as an oppositional party to the popularity of Marxism and secularism within other radical parties. The leader of the party on Marxism:
That aside they lobby for US led regime change in Iran and that doesn't really have the best track record anywhere it's been implemented.

I'd not say it's entirely inaccurate as their ideology is clearly influenced by Marxism and that even if they're not, they're still against capitalism and class society.

They might be, but they will definitely get capitalism with the US


Literally this.

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Why did Trump hire a based commie?

I found where the money comes from. They may still have some from Saddam, but today they are paid by Israel to conduct terrorist attacks. They also conduct sham charities like every other terrorist group.

More on their terrorist activities and connections to Israel.

Hmm smart. I never saw it that you could bribe them this way.

Goldman Sachs do it all the time.

The MEK founded a terrorist training camp in Albania after being moved there by the US. Albania is a NATO member state. Albania has strong diplomatic and business connections to Israel. The MEK has ingratiated themselves with the Albanian government and organized crime, but locals dislike them. MEK defectors are regularly harassed by Albanian gangsters on behalf of the MEK. The MEK has also recruited some Albanian youth.

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Bolton isn't just based for supporting Islamic Gommunism, but also for taking money from George Soros.

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Dude looks like if Friedrich Kittler went on an all-strudel depression binge

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You really think anyone really wants to hear one of those "things" speak when theu can't even be bothered to tune when they're on TV?