Why don't you join ISIS? They are a radical Communist group, with actual military success...

Why don't you join ISIS? They are a radical Communist group, with actual military success, unlike every other group you seem interested in. Personally, I'm against Communists, so I think you shouldn't be ISIS, but since you are Communist, why don't you join ISIS?

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What are you talking about? ISIS economic model is literally ancap

No. They want the central government to control everything, to seize all assets of production.

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Basically, Zakat = From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs

wtf i love reactionaries and US puppets now

But don't you think that is a propaganda message utilized by the fake news deep state? After all, since they know you are motivated by certain things, they couch things in terms that would lead to the outcome they prefer. Here, they prefer you not join ISIS, and, as you, Communists, are the vulnerable group, they tune the messaging about what ISIS is in such a way that you would find them undesirable. These messages will often be supposed extremist press, or near-extremist, but are, as we all are familiar, controlled opposition, video related:

Muslim socialism exists… so? ISIS ain't it.

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< radical islam

There is no such thing. That's like saying "radical europeanism". What the hell would that mean?

ISIS isn't anti-Israel. Where did you get that notion? When ISIS gets injured, they go to hospital in Israel. Many ISIS are notorious homosexuals. Many ISIS are transsexuals, which demonstrates enormous flexibility regarding gender - more the the US military affords.

By the way, it's genuinely insane to consider cultural hegemony an indication two cultures are the same. It's rather precisely an indication they are unique (it is the force which compels uniqueness).

The Caliphate is nothing less than the victory of the proletariat.

Communist believe that commercial culture is offensive:

What is it with lefty? Cowards poop their shit arguments and then run away.

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Right, he converted to Communism, then killed Nazis. Many believe the betrayal was Hitlers, but rather Stalin betrayed Hitler, failing to legitimately come to his aid.

Tbh I don't know much about ISIS ecc.
I know that I don't like Islam and don't shairaa in my country. Nor I want I want institutionalized religion. So, I'll pass

IF you agree that Communism isn't just a joke, THEN you must agree you should JOIN ISIS.

I, for one, am your enemy, a Fascist, and opposed to Communism, and urge you to become a Fascist instead.

But then again, wouldn't you have already joined ISIS if you were real, legit, an authentic Communist?

Then you're just a neocon.

Reported for being alphabet soup.

Not true. How'd you get to that conclusion?

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You see, the REAL reason neocons like you HATE ISIS is that they don't agree with Communism at all, and are PHONY COMMUNISTS, who just wear silly little shirts, and go to overpriced trendy homosexual nightclubs, pic related.

ISIS Sharia (specifically Zakat) = From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.

See why the Neocons hate it?

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Its pure communism with market economy

< Russian filenames

They make videos on 10 languages cant find that one in english.

First Zakat doesn't mean that it literally a religious tax.
Second even if it meant that, what about the rest of their teachings?
I mean following this reasoning isn't social democracy full communism because they have free health care?

Show me some fucking sources for what you are saying.

CIA propaganda, tbqf.

It's not a "religious tax". It's a government tax. The myth you have perpetrated upon you is that Islam is a religion. Religion, though, is a concept which is a Western invention, a theory, really. Well, Islam is a political ideology, not really a religion. And that's where Communism comes in. Communism also has its forms of prophecy, but it is also not a religion.

You see, there is NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ISIS AND COMMUNISM. None whatsoever.

< what about the rest of their teachings
Not only compatible with Communism, but the perfect fulfillment of it.

But communism is tax less.
Fuck even lower stage communism like albania and North Korea are tax less
That why hoxha and soviet spend decades and decades purging religious groups?
What? Institutionalized religion is not an ideology
You are aware that most of Das Capital is spent on mathematics right?
Again how? Explain Jesus christ

Are you the same person trying to talk up isis on Holla Forums?

Nobody wants to join your "Many ISIS are notorious homosexuals.'' club. Go away.

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I'm a Fascist. ISIS is Communist. If you are a Communist, then you have utterly failed to prove it, by explaining why you haven't joined ISIS, which is Communist.

Zyakat taken only from rich.
In imperial Russia church used by the government as propaganda machine and for spying on citizens.
IS make collective property economy, not the government one so its communism.

You failed to explain why isis is communist in the first place

This post is a prime example of an out-group homogeneity effect. Communists and jihadists obviously don’t have anything in common, but since you and other right-wingers think that both communists and jihadists are bad, you begin to think that they share a lot of similarities. Other manifestations of this effect include the so-called horseshoe theory (popular among centrists) and the notion that liberals and conservatives are similar since they are both “servants of the bourgeoisie” (popular among radical leftists)

Zakat applies so long as there is money. Once there is no money in existence any longer, the true Caliphate having full dominion, then the principles of Zakat remain, that is the distribution, and the expectations of labor remain.

Islam/ISIS/Zakat = From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.

< obviously
That not an argument.


Lie. For Shias is voluntary for some sunni is obligatory. Not all of them. Wahabbi don't even have a fucking state.
First "imperial russia" is not the name of the USSR, and the fact that you call the Soviet Union imperial Russia shows your ignorance.
Second, I don't know if they did but even if they did what does this have in common with isis? If religion is a ideology, then shouldn't be the church who controls the state and not the other way around?
Also what does orthodoxy have in common with Islam?
What? Zakat is used donated to churches not the fucking state. Even if, I already told you communism is tax less. And even if, Zakat while is one of the important principles is not the entire basis behind their economy.
Pic related are the pillars of sunnis, where zakat is obligatory, not in every country.
What's communist about this?
Beside the fact that this is Alex Jones tier, zakat doesn't mean that nor has that function. Even if it had that function, zakat is charity first of all and Communists are against charity. How the fuck did you make this connection?

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They not even muslims whatever they call themselves. And we talk about IS

Yes, lad? I notice your anti-gay artwork.

Yep. It's mandatory for ISIS.

I noticed your autism.

Read the whole post you stupid fucking idiot

You wish to avoid the topic at hand, so you resort to name-calling. That's because you're a phony. You're not a real socialist or Communist. If you were, you would have joined ISIS.

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mate this falseflag is becoming weaker with every post you make. You won't replace the baboon poster or the user faggot with his dumb questions. Give up and go away.

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No, being so certain of wacky theories that you come here to lecture communists on their own beliefs despite clearly not having ready any communist literature yourself and trying to compare this meme-tier understanding of communism to you equally shaky understanding of Islam and Salafism reminds me of the time Chris-chan make a dating advice wherein he advised young men to buy MLP figurines to attract women.

It's amusing, but nothing you've posted has convinced me that taking you seriously would be fruitful in the slightest.

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ISIS is Far-Right

t. fake Communist

I have addressed that here:

and here:

But to be very clear here, we are talking about Communism, which is collectivist, surely, and a collectivist culture, Islamic culture.

What you say about this?
(got Arabic version but…)

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Shit like this is why no one is taking you seriously. Read a book.

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Not all collectivism is communist.

Don't know if you are trolling or not.

The source culture of ISIS is the semitic religion of islam, its culture being to this day not individualist, but collectivist. Its prophet is mohammad.

The source culture of Communism is the semitic religion of judaism, its culture being to this day not individualist, but collectivist. Its prophet is marx.

Collectivism cannot possibly be right-wing. That's why Communism cannot possibly be right-wing.

Defenetly IS much closer to communism then to socialism.

Is this an actual poorly done ISIS attempt at sliding?

Bullshit like this might work in your little group of illiterate reactionaries, but we're actual fucking communists who have read communist literature and know communist history. You need to read a fucking book.

ISIS launched a successful political action in France yesterday. How many successful actions has your fake Communist group launched in the past month? Holding signs?

There is no doubt here. Marx was a jew, this is not doubted.
< his maternal grandfather was a Dutch rabbi

Granted, he created a new religion, Communism, so in a way he changed religion, but in a way he kept the same religion. This is the religion of ISIS.

poltard spoted

< oh, let's not have people joining ISIS
t. CIA

Furthermore, what's obnoxious about lazy shit posting like that is that I plainly stated I'm a Fascist, and I wasn't shy about it at all. But you just are a coward and a fake Communist.


He was, at best, loosely ethnically Jewish purely by lineage.

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Every user in this thread posting without sage deserves a ban for feeding this cunthead's autism

Your opinion is very important for us keep up to date

What's funny is that you could have mentioned any one of the multiple actual leftist insurgencies or groups that do commit violent actions but instead you mentioned ISIS, a group that has been unilaterally opposed and detested by nearly every leftist organization in existence.

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Pic unrelated I guess


Robert Fine.

Gee, what a fucking coincidence.

I already addressed precisely this objection, read the fucking thread, become an intellectual, nigger. The dupe of your argument:

My reply:

Your reply?

I'm trying to convince Communists that they are ISIS, if they are authentic. I am a Fascist. What's the "trick"?

Inb4 Sargonite.

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The fact that you are an idiot that doesn't know what Islam or communism is.
Do you know how much fascism owns to marxist rethoric?

Your whole point is so retarded, you come across as simply fishing for replies.

I do not believe that individualism is collectivist. He's a mental midget.

And literal midget.

Without actions, nothing will happen. Why do you prefer a state of fapping to MLP to actually changing the world?

Robert fine spent half of his Carrera calling the left anti semitic, do you read anything apart from Google quotes?

Kikes do believe in equal rights - for each other. Marx took his concept and then created a society which on the surface would afford equality, but in practice would be easily exploited by the kikes (and this is indeed what happened).

Marx, however, was a semite, and was arranging matters to the advantage of the kike.

Muh joos

For example, by denying the existence of evolution (ie denying that intelligence is genetic) then an artificial playing field of equality is invented. We have seen this play out, with women, who are of inferior intellect, and blacks, who are also of inferior intellect, and nothing less than this was created in Communism, where it may seem to be an equal situation, but then there is the need for administrators, many middle men, and this is precisely the environment wherein the parasite thrives, the kike. Indeed, it is a Utopia wherever it arrives in the world, not for the niggers, not for women, but for middle-man administrator thieves, the kikes, oh yes. Quite the utopia. And such a tremendous number of them would be required too. It's a genius design, the ultimate sacking of a country by them.

< evolution isn't true

I can see Nazi propaganda hasn't managed to update itself since the early 30s.

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Why he wrote the jewish question then?

You seem to be unfamiliar with the Chinese, who are the "jews of the orient".

For this reason:

trick is little too generous since it implies a certain amount of cunning. you're trying to dictate what communism is to communists, without actually citing Marxist theory. you're keeping it very vague (describing ISIS as "collectivist") without even bothering to throw in any phrases or concepts (proletariat, bourgeois, etc.) like some of the higher quality trolls that infest this board

Look, I quite obviously know you are all homosexuals, so the thing about actually joining ISIS is a bit of a joke, since there is the very real threat they might kill you for being a homosexual (it's unclear the situations where homosexuality is permitted by ISIS, though it's known to occur).

However, supposing you weren't a homosexual, why wouldn't you join ISIS?

ISIS is clearly a grass-roots people's movement.

But "on the jewish question" wasn't that much sympathetic to jews

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I literally just said you're trying to do this without citing Marxist theory. you could have at least googled something.

You're the most phony "Communist" I've ever met. You are probably not even deliberately misstating what I said. You are not capable of anything intellectual.

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Today we would call it "controlled opposition," but he didn't even bother to get someone else to write it. The purpose is to seem to be on the opposing side, when the true purpose is to hamstring the opposition.

Yeah, that's not how the English language works. You aren't an intellectual, you aren't a Communist, and you aren't an authentic anything.

Your fallacy is Fox News -style "appeal to ridicule".

One thing's for certain, you don't know shit about the overseas chinese, who form a parasitic group, much like the kikes, though their areas of specialization only overlap.

And, again, the Chinese, like the kikes, are quite fond of communism, being of a communal, non-individualist, society.

You called the Chinese the "Jews of the Orient". What am I not understanding?

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How can he post shit like this with a straight face

We've already gone from "communism is a plot by the Jews to create Jewish dominance" to you claiming that the Chinese are basically Jews because of a highly misinformed and arbitrary metric.

So did the Chinese and the Jews get together to create communism? When did this happen?

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Oh, in the English language:
does not mean
< Y is a kind of X

At least not in every instance. This a way, in my language, which is the English language, that we introduce something like an analogy.

wtf are u doing

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An example, there is the saying, "the Irish are the niggers of Europe."

I'm sure you turned skirt and ran, kike. How do you justify yourself, you utterly phony Communist! An intellectual defends his positions!

So… you're not an intellectual. It's quite obnoxious what a nigger you are. Please learn English before commenting.

This fucking thread is still fucking going
the absolute state of this board

so this is what you get when a moron pretends to be even dumber than he actually is. interesting. carry on.

But conservatives are liberals…

you're getting a little too flagrant. maybe ease up on the exclamation marks.

also are the mods asleep or what?

I think I smiled a bit. But there's a lot of truth to this. As you go further to the left, the more homosexual the people in question become.

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But how would you defend your position, if you were capable of doing so, and were an intellectual, and not a phony Communist having no intellectualism?

Exactly. Meanwhile, the Democrat party is drifting left, to become actually Communist, and Sean Hannity is literally the most liberal person on television, yammering on about free speech and liberty and such.

So not only communists are jew but Islam is also a Jewish creation therefore Islam is communist and ISIS, which is a bastardization of the Islamic principles which funded by nato and israel, is peak communism with all the other groups that fight it because they are also funded by Israel too and hezbolla must be a jewish plant too seen how they are funded by socialist north korea which is de facto a jewish puppet…All this because Karl Marx a jew who challenged the status quo which was/is Jewish wanted the to world to be controlled by jews.

Damn… Jews sure as shit ain't that fucking bright

Or maybe you are just a fucking idiot

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wtf I love the democrats now

So bolshevik were homosexuals? But how they can be homosexuals if they were Jewish and de facto Islamic?

So, the Western press is overwhelmingly engaged in deception regarding many matters. This is of course no surprise, and I covered your objection already, here:

The video is a must see, being 3 minutes long. It is Gloria Steinem, discussing how the CIA supported the Communists.