Gun Control

Why are so many leftists pro-gun control? It's fucking retarded. We can't rise up against the ruling class without firearms.

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I think you mean liberals or social democrats user

Their effectiveness is only going to get worse and worse as advances in robotics makes human solders obsolete and information is going to become replace them as tools for that purpose with the upside of not involving bloodshed. Then again I am a coward so take that with a grain of salt.

They're not. If there had to be a single filter between socialists and liberals, it would be the issue of guns if only because of the pragmatic and strategic importance.

you're thinking of liberals, user
we like guns here

I know many people who support democratically controlled workplaces, but not the right to bare arms

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Because in liberal fantasy land literally nothing in society warrants guns. Everything is perfect, the government will absolve the people of their violent tendencies against themselves.

Do we have literally any reason to believe that robots will make human soldiers obsolete? People think most things will make things obsolete. Robots might never even exist.

Then they don't support the necessary means to defend and maintain democratically controlled workplaces.


If you lurked for 5 fucking minutes, you'd know this is a pro gun board. It's time to go back.

I was just asking for a rational explanation to this question. Of course I knew this is a pro-gun board, I just needed others to maybe answer my inquiry into this logical fallacy

I get the impression that liberal gun policies like those of the US can create a weird "assurance trap" of sorts, where a guaranteed potential for armed resistance is enough to make the population complacent, safe in the belief that they can always grab their guns when things get really bad. Compare that against Europe and various third world countries, where mass direct actions and open melees with police and military are far more common.

If you are an American normie in a crime zone or somebody who is witness to these high profile massacres that simply don't happen elsewhere, it's easy to see how you might become exasperated with revolutionary posturing, because nobody ever fucking revolts. You will probably come to favor moderate policies aimed at assuaging the immediate material misery of violence rather than paying further homage to an inert ideal.

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A lot of people for reddit are like this

Automation is already a growing concern in agriculture right now since 10% of lettuce is already being cultivated by robots and if lab grown meats can replace livestock in a cost effective manner we'll start to see people being pushed into cities where lag for drones becomes less of an issue since It's a much smaller place to cover.
With the way things are going I'm terrified of the idea of techno feudalism becoming a thing where we're forced into becoming dancing monkeys for the amusement of "generous" liberals since they'll become the new nobility and the people who understand technology will become the new priests who maintain their weapons.

OP never said anything about this board being anti-gun. This anti-gun-commie thing is really popular with idpol twitter shitheads

I wish people would try to keep in mind that this board doesn’t always represent the wider 1st world normie “Left”

Lock & Load!

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GOD & Guns keep us strong!

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Should that be the truth, the USA would already be a socialist utopia.

This but unironically.

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Pls educate urself. Go watch “anti-gun is reactionary” by Jason Unruhe

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Kinda glad I never fell for the communist meme shit

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U Mad lol

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does wanting to make it more difficult for the mentally unstable in the USA to get guns mean you can't be a leftist? gun control =/= anti-guns

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I’d like to have the personal liberty to start a business/enterprise without the state crushing my pursuit of happiness, but enough security to stop Treyvon, and his 9 friends from raping, and killing my family over “gibs me dats”. Crazy, I know…

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Precisely. Property is the crux of liberalism. You're a liberal.

Ah yes, because it's the leftists who use da state to rise up and ovethrow your pseud arse

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Social democrats are leftists

leftists are liberals that like guns

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