Holla Forums on suicide watch


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At least they reconize how retarded they were in thinking that trump could have changed anything

Fucking took them long enough to get a fraction of a grain of salt of realization that this is the fucking way the world works.

Then again, that's giving these idiotic figure heads and snake oil salesman too much damn credit

What's Holla Forums saying btw? I'm not going there, what's the consensus?

They're banning anyone who says what's basically correct. John Bolton as National Security Advisor to Trump, someone in a president's ear 24/7, that's probably, uh, not fucking good.

Broken clock strikes right at least once, problem is, Holla Forums wants to be a broken clock not even right once. It wants to stay a broken clock.

This. The fact that they still support this clear grifter after bombing syria and keeping up shitholes like /ptg/ shows how they don't want to change.

A lot of people were calling it out as a part of servicing Israel / the Yinon Plan and that Trump was compromised to ZOG Occupied Government. A lot of these people got banned, even the ones afraid of war. The people claiming it was 4D chess or a new way to make liberals and Democrats angry were untouched

What did the signing of that budget bill entail?

The Holla Forums formula sounds like a direct upgrade to 4chan, but it really lends itself to overbearing moderation.

blew up the deficit and raised military spending

Damn… I'd rather have nazi than this tbh

4d chess, check their ban log lmao.

More screencaps of reactionaries realizing they’ve been swindled.

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But wouldn't building the Wall have significantly contributed to the deficit as well?
How did they not expect this to happen after Trump got involved in Syria?

Nearly anything is better than establishment /ptg/-tier drones. Here's the thread if you want to see the shitshow
>>>Holla Forums11404237

Guys I think the planets may be aligning perfectly for socialism in America. If Bolton pushes Trump into war with Iran, and we wind up with another Iraq tier quagmire, then it will probably roughly coincide with the next economic crash. Meaning that you will have a failing economy, unpopular leadership, a public sick of the political establishment, and a miserable, pointless war on top of it. If those aren’t the best revolutionary conditions we can hope for then I don’t know what are.

You are overrating americans.

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Actually this seems like the right time to bring some alt righters to our side

It also legally bans a wall from being put up for now

I'm so ashamed that I didn't vote for Trump and won't get to be part of his victory in 2020. This country has no future. He deserves a second term.

She's not even realizing that standard chess is 2D. But what can you expect.

America should die without bringing down other countries in the meantime

>tfw voted for trump unironically

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Congrats on accelerating the dialectics, comrade.

it was not my intention, but you are welcome

Lmfao i love how they were so worried about obama doing this, when trump actually did. The eternal boomer stikes again.

Have you ever been here?

Are Asser-admirers welcome here?


fuck it, might as well stir some shit to see how they react. maybe I can set a world record for quicket ban :^)

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Sadly, no. For Trump to only have one term Democrats must offer a superior alternative. As Democrats want to ban guns (gif related), gun owners will be forced to settle for Trump.

The only way Trump leaves office in 2020 is if Democrats do a full 180 on gun control, prove it by reducing it and giving amnesties to those convicted of gun crimes, and put up a candidate that would do more like mandatory gun training in all K12s. It won't happen because Democrats don't care. Thus Trump will slip through the crack, riding the razor's edge of mediocrity.

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4/pol/ is fully retarded and will back whatever Trump does. The salt mine is 8/pol/ because 8/pol/ seriously thought Trump wouldn't be a hardcore zionist.

I still wonder how they rationalized that

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Because they were blinded by ideological optimism as well as Friendship Froggy Meme Magic(TM)

4/pol/ is basically just Holla Forums 2 and likes Trump purely for the chaos he causes. They're more or less accelerationists/anarchists. 8/pol/ was just being flat out stupid, but then again so are most nazi larpers in general.

reminds of a may day march that took place in london a few years ago. Good showing from all over the left, stalinists, trots, Ancoms, Syndies and trade unionists.

The EDL and UKIP members tried to do a counter-march but were outnumbered 5 to 1 easily, and the police were forced to put a wedge between the two groups when some pissant waving a farage poster on a stick around got the shit kicked out of him.

good times, comrade. good times.

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You'll get banned if you're overtly Str*sserite

I'll keep it on the down-low in that case

The Democrats have a real shot at winning the presidency in 2020 now. All they have to do is run a competent centrist candidate who is not radical on issues like guns. The anti Trump contingent will vote for him by default, while disillusioned Trump supporters will stay home. As long as they don't put up a meme candidate like Oprah or Joe Biden, they'll be fine.

Does sanders stand a chance?

I think you're overestimating democrats and americans here. Most of the democrat politicians are borderline unelectable and repulsive to most people. Not only that, but the vast majority of millenials as well as younger people are disillisioned and wont vote at all.

Sanders would die three weeks into his presidency.

in order words the democrats are guaranteed to lose.

assuming that the dems don't successfully cheat him again then yes, absolutely.

I unironically believe the next president to get elected will be the one who says "i am going to do everything Trump didn't and protect the rights he stomped on!"

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They don't have that person. They need someone who is EXPLICITLY pro-gun. Jim Webb is the closest they have but he'll be 74. If they want to poach those voters they have to serve them up the policy they want or no deal. Otherwise, they'll settle for mediocrity over a -D that they know will put anti-gun people on the Supreme Court. Losing the SCOTUS is enough of a draw for those voters, especially when Trump will hit the notes he needs to hit on Chinese trade reform (re: tariffs).

They need to change, otherwise voters will just default to Trump just like they defaulted to Reagan in '84 and Bush in '04.

Rolled 14, 14, 12, 2, 1, 17, 2, 10, 12, 13, 20, 9, 15, 9, 8, 14, 20, 16, 12, 18 = 238 (20d20)
Remove the ATF in it's entirety or at least the F and then I'll vote democrat. I don't really support trump and I usually only vote R because independents never get elected and D = BAN THINGS RAISE TAXES MORE SHEKELS since a very long time.

Btw why America security has so many fucking departments?

Wow they are ban-happy

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Join the club, I got banned for spamming
in a dozen threads

Congress’s solution to every problem is establishing a new executive agency

Imagine unironically considering that a "win".

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Remember, comrade. Right wing = mental illness.

A noble cause. Hopefully you woke up at least once bootlicker

This is a live rendition of the birth of Christianity on of all places Holla Forums

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honestly leftypol and pol needs to die tbh

t.unknown stranger

I think even Biden could knock the fuck out Trump. Not that I'd want him as a candidate, but I think his chances are pretty good. He's just generic enough to be inoffensive.

I take it 2016 was your first election.

Young people are more politically active than ever thanks to the amount of seething rage Trump is inspiring. They cannot wait to vote.

I feel like Trump's going to get a second term anyways because Americans are just dumb like that.

they DID vote for Bush twice…

thicc bih

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Sargon is that you?

Itt: Pol melt downs.

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now is the perfect time to make them feel extra bad for their choices, no mercy for retardation

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i just want to say what on my mind.

You never vote out a war president, m8.

It's one of the reasons people fear Trump will start another war, to secure that second term.

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And now, we switch into maximum shitpost mode :^)

Pretty much this. Trump's 'coalition' of angry white retirees and bumfuck know-nothing coal-miners is not a winner unless you're up against Hillary Clinton aka worst candidate since WW2.

People here are WAY overstating the gun thing. For one thing, the SC will bear the mark of Trump by that time-that battle will be pretty much over. Further, Obama got in on a fuzzy centrist gun message. Dems can totally do that to.

Cory Booker.

Can u post your original post for reference?

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Oh Holla Forums never chage

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This is only the beginning, the remaining years are going to, in my opinion, drive at least 4 or 5 of their posters to commit suicide.

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Nobody wants to check for themselves because your board has now become more autistic than /mlp/ in its prime years

not worth the 6 months of chemo i'd need after.

t. white MAAB

Why would anyone want to feel the need to purposefully go on Holla Forums

Are you one of their mods trying to claim that this is all an elaborate ruse by us to make you look mad and desperate and confused

Anyone with two brain cells working (IE not Holla Forums) could figure the fuck out your entire board is in tantrum mode

Look at this video and tell me Sanders won't have a major role in the 2020 election.

The kids treat him like a fucking rock star.

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Anonymous delivers.


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I don't want to insult you, but when will you stop getting raped Holla Forums


State democratic parties are in shambles thanks to Hillary. They have let the GOP redistrict everything in their favor. It won't matter what happens because in the long run the GOP owns the country and will end up forcing the dems to the right on every issue.

Of course this could be a good thing as long as the actual left starts developing dual power structures to give representation to the proles. But since it is America I highly doubt that will happen.

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This isn't even a cult of personality at this point. It's a cult.

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that tweet is from September of last year?


More recently that that he'd been bragging too

war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength

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It's like you can see the exact moment his budget plan came into effect.

Dems are running Kamala D. Harris/ Biden ticket 2020. They need her skintone and his experience. They are going to get slaughtered. Biden will be attacked with pedo memes which no american will accept, and harris will make it a race thing, which center america will reject.

No, that's because of Obama. He let the ground game slide during his presidency. Hillary just exacerbated it.

However, they are rebuilding it. Doug Jones win in Alabama is partly a product of their recent efforts.

That's not going to matter much in a few years. Apart from the court challenges, the next census is in 2020, which means redrawing districts.

The Dems are already mobilizing to prepare for that. 2018 will also be their big push to take back state power as well as congressional power.

You're probably gonna get banned anyways because usually people in your political situation tend to take longer to get rid of their ideological baggage and end up sperging in some thread about social issues but if you stick around and read maybe you'll realise str*sserites are just socdems and you'll have moved beyond to being an actual socialist

I didnt realize it was MY board now. Hmm guess I might change some things…

These are examples of the issue with people, and now sadly chans. I remember old school halfchan Holla Forums where everyone was forced to actually engage with the "other" side.

It's all just an echo chamber, here and 8/pol/. You fuckers are so scared of getting icky to see what is essentially your oppositions open discussions.

Try thinking larger than just your own group and their views. It helps to keep others and your own views and beliefs tested, and refined. Not just shouted and parroted back by the idiots who just ask others to tell them how it is.

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what fucking discussion? Holla Forums is nothing but
If it wasn't full of reddit, stormfags and other retards I may actually give it a look.

You stupid bitch, it might as well be, you all have to post the same about Trump's Administration's negligence or you get fucking banned.

Like hiring John Bolton, for instance, which your mods seem to enjoy very much so despite being the Zionist Neocon to end all Zionist Neocons

You get banned for disagreeing with the mods on the president. You have Obama liberal levels of delirium about Trump. This is why we are laughing at you.

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Can someone explain to me how US foreign policy really works? Trump came into office advocating foreign policy reform, and it seems like bit by bit, forces opposing foreign policy reform have outmaneuvered Trump and forced him to make concessions to the warhawks. Is the Mueller investigation related to this? It's almost like they're using the "Russiagate" thing as a way to push Trump into a more aggressive foreign policy.

Lol thinking Holla Forums gives any of these people any standing whatsoever.
You should lurk there for a couple of years and just read.


You really have no idea about Holla Forums like.. at all.

This is the worst advice you could tell anyone and you should apologize for even asking such a thing.

This is exactly what I meant about old 4chan Holla Forums. Left, right and every other snowflake was contained to one board. This forced discussion between all on views or theory.

It also kept the extremes in check… now with the two just being circlejerks it allows for the formerly extremes of both sides to take hold as regular members grow tired of the yes men on the board.

When you're done projecting, and assuming you know anything about me please join the discussion.

But as of right now you seem pretty asspained and venting about your sister board.

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You're all redditors, boomers, and tweens now lmao

Trump is obviously too disinterested/senile to push his own policy preferences so he is just turning over his administration to the Neocons. I gave up all hope when Bannon was fired.
Pray for me gommies

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I'm not projecting, since all of you started protesting and larping like a bunch of retards we have the model canon for "Ideal Holla Forums poster" down fairly well.

That and you posted your facebook all over the Holla Forums pages you liked

I actually think we know enough. Stop playing mental gymnastics and just admit Holla Forums is a torture chamber huggy box at this point

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I mean it's fucking endless. It really is fucking endless

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Really? I dropped this faggot hard after Syria

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I swear to fuck, I hope he knows that show was pretty lefty and actually had a Marxist actor as part of the main cast

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Not all of us have their sanity blasted away to the point they can read that shit constantly

I could keep going forever but I think you get the fucking point now

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Unless a mold breaking Democrat comes along, yeah I’ll vote for him in the general. I’d eagerly vote for some other republican in the primary though

If this is what the superior white race has to offer then my desire for a qt brown gf just tripled.

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Rinse repeat until you're fucking 90

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You'd be better off not voting at all than voting for an establishment neocon who went against nearly every single policy he put forward

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Eh, voting is basically a symbolic gesture anyway in elections of this size.

I'm not going to vote for him. I've been considering trying to set up locally IRL. I'm not really a Not Socialist since I believe any ethnostate ideas are sci-fi in America, but I just feel trying something would be better than nothing

You mother fuckers need to stand up on a chair or something so my point will smack you in the face this time.

This board and Holla Forums are shit. Both are hug boxes of reddit levels.

Unfortunately they are hug boxes for fucking off the wall stupid larpers and newfags. The white national, stormer fucks were originally ran off to stormer but came back in full force.

Had others been there to challenge their shit views maybe they would have been fought off. Maybe if you all didnt build a special club and hid away from others challenging your views, and at the same time challenging others views.

This created people who maybe seem things differently and adapted. Not just hear their own view parroted back reinforcing a possibly shit idea.

Holla Forums has their own cancer that likely would have been fixed had having the same challenge the stormers faced.

Just saying locking yourself in your room from your bully older brother didnt help him or you.

Maybe Holla Forums could teach you guys how to meme

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Can't even blame Americans for voting for that guy. Their only other choice was one of the most corrupt politicians out there. Trump had a very divisive platform on top of the media making him look like an inept fool 24/7 during the campaign. That just says how bad of a candidate the democrats chose.

It would've accelerated under both. Maybe under Clinton even worse than under Trump.

We've heard it all you dumbfuck, at least our mods are more lenient then yours, we discuss, however lightly, actual fucking topics

We at one point read enough. I mean why would I stop posting here.

Stop saying things every single Holla Forumsyp resorts to, it gets grating

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Do you have anymore asinine advice like that? Or is that it?

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And Holla Forums calls us the LARPers. I don't have my beliefs because they are memeworthy

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This is actually not true. I've been using this board for a while and came across a much bigger diversity of opinions, and schools of thought than a lot of other places I visited on the internet. Reddit for political stuff is stupid, its infected with rich get richer dynamics by the upvote mechanic and it has a lot of normies. I see little intellectual thought or conversation happening on subs like r/politics or r/the_donald.

The reason why 'memes' are of a lesser quality or even quantity on Holla Forums than on Holla Forums is because there is more of a diversity of thought. For someone to get a meme the person needs to understand the thought behind it. Since many on pol share a similar view and draw the same conclusions they have easier memes.

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I’ve been lurking here for 2 years and can confirm they’re actually pretty funny.


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Im getting the kid with the fingers in the ear thing going, "la la la la la!"

Basically you aren't denying both boards are shit, and you seem to think I am Holla Forums incarnate…

What makes you think I exclusively browse Holla Forums, or 8ch? Why are your views of others so shallow and one-dimensional?

Also check 'em!

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because every so often a Holla Forumsyp drops in and screeches BUT WHAT ABOUT MUH MAYMAYS and other inane shit. You're folling fucking nobody, it's time to stop.

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I am actively saying that this board is better than 8pol. Do you even fucking read?

You're great at dubs.

I remember this too except one side completely overrided everyone else. Neo-nazis called everyone who disagreed with them a kike and spammed that A Wyatt Man's drawing of a Jew. That was the most post image on Holla Forums during that time and it was used to deflect any criticism of Nazism. Then people who didn't become Nazis themselves left because nothing constructive came out of talking to Nazis. Gee, I wonder why Holla Forums became such an echo chamber.

This. The board in it's current state is no longer as diverse as it once was back in 2016 due due to the over a dozen US military bases in Syria controversy, but that diversity of opinions was extremely refreshing to see and the main reason why I would keep coming back here everyday.

Even so, this board you can find Anarchists, Stalinists, Marxists, DemSocs, and other assorted leftists. What is Holla Forums other than an unholy mixture of stormfags and r/the_donald

I was actually about to shop something like this, but someone beat me to it.

Attached: hqdefault.jpg (400x400 39.52 KB, 26.43K)

Libertarians and Blacked posters

Attached: 1344633511827.png (2536x3456, 1.35M)

all you’ve said so far is that you hate pol and leftypol... now fuck off imbecile, we are discussing how much of a failure your prize pig is

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Did you just put Hitler and Trump in the same post together? Jesus fucking Christ, please kill yourself and don't denigrate Hitler like that.

The next election will be like what 2016 would have been (Clinton vs Bush). Next election will be depressing as shit. Two candidates of parties that both promised hope and change are now seen as major failures. It's going to be hard to win votes. The independents are the ones both parties fight over and independents are often more skeptical. The election will be seen as useless.

Attached: 1475899908373.gif (250x220, 1.58M)

can you feel the acceleration? more people realising how shit party politics is, and turning to the fringes and independents for answers.

I was on a right wing fringe until I worked within a corporate abomination. I really can't wait for these neets and high school kiddos get actual jobs to see how bullshit it all is. I've seen the most nicest and happiest person turn to a tired depressed person who had to transfer cause work was too hard on her. They work me hard too but I do it for the older folks who can't. The real world will wake these peeps up. Life is shit and it's not because your room is messy. It's because of the bourgeois.

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Can someone remind me why A.W is hated? Apparently he rejects Marx's dialectic materialism or some shit?

Sorry, wrong thread.

what makes anyone think Bolton will "get what he wants"? He's a tool to be used by Trump like every other person in washington.

People here often complain that class conciousness is low, but I don't agree. It isn't a measurable statistic, but I get the feeling as we become ebtter connected, it's becoming obvious that maybe happiness in slavery isn't the key to a good life.

Attached: 1431789470960.jpg (174x255, 90.68K)

what does class have to do with any of this thread or what is happening in american politics? pray tell

One of those times was because his asshole brother (or cousin) was the governor of Florida and pretty much handed him the votes.

class conciousness is always relevent.

Class being brought up on a leftist page? Yeah, how irrelevant.

Attached: george.gif (450x285, 439.87K)

I myself cannot determine if it is me getting older or the knots starting to fray on the system. Traditional methods of control and propaganda do not seem to be working as effectively as let's say they did in the 90s.

The OP is about how Trump is total failure and could not deliver on a single promise for the working man despite running a populist campaign around combating the system and taking down the crooked aristocracy. However, dumbfuck Holla Forumsacks failed to recognize that he himself was a member of that aristocracy.


Fucking this.

Attached: CtzbSYxUMAAIWgi.jpg (638x960, 68.06K)

this is some special kind of mental gymnastics

Attached: f2b.jpg (640x480, 32.91K)

l0l domold dumpff owned am I right

I mean, again?

there's muh deep state and various factions entrenched in the whole apparatus, but most of all it's because Trump is a fucking windmill.

At the rate things are going they won't be able to get jobs since higher education will be made unaccessible for all but the richest citizens, and all the low skills jobs at walmart and mcdonalds are going to self-checkouts and food kiosks.

Attached: getrnvhaljugbnsufv_batch0594974943.jpg (620x684, 66.55K)

Whatever capital wants it gets.

Attached: american interventions south america5334.jpg (3300x1619, 648.9K)

this triggers my american sensibilities

Attached: 1318294409955.jpg (208x199, 13.31K)

Hail Dugin

go read his accomplishments, go see how the economy is doing, go see what happened to black unemployment levels and other metrics, go see what happened to fucken ISIS in 1 year of a trump presidency compared to how fast it grew under Obama, go see how everyone got a tax cut, go see how relations with NK and Russia are improving, under Hillary we would be at war with one of them, under Bernie we would be ruled by loud black girls just like they ruled his speeches and mogged him

Pic related

That statistic is trash. It doesn't even count locked up niggas
Thanks to Assad and Putin, not because of America.
Because he's a massive cuck scared of both
Why you assume we prefer hilary over him? We love trump mate his incompentece is accelerating the dialectics at light speed and the world hates the us even more. It's the best thing that ever happened. Under hilary we would have non of this, only more borderless Neoliberalism and wars while she smiles.
Obviously I don't like american imperialism I hope he won't be able to do a war, hilary would have been able no doubt so he's better

I'm totally serious, from a communist stand point the guy who's making the dream real is him.

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Attached: 15000548101584.jpg (763x809, 169.6K)


When you suck someone's dick for so long and so hard maybe you should expect to get a load in your mouths. And these fags complained and whined about Hillary "starting world war 3".

Attached: retard realizes he's been duped.png (1093x158, 74.41K)

I'm actually having a hard time grasping this idea. Why is this act the one that finally pushes them over the edge? We've had tons of other examples of Trump's spineless hypocrisy, yet this is one the ultimate betrayal.

Is it because the WALL is dead?

Attached: Noteddy.jpg (340x364, 19.38K)

This, I was a right wing fringe too when I was a student, now I'm unemployed and the simple fact of facing the world of work to search a job turn me into socialism.

This. I don't get it. What is it about that budget that MAGA-lords found really all that more outrageous than pretty much everything else Trump has done since he stepped in as President? It's been months since everyone knew there would be no "Wall".

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You mean

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I said that the US didn't help

Pretty sure it was a building up of let downs of all their hopes and dreams.
This was just the last tether of hope they had.

They are broken; rebuild them.

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They did too, though.

We might not like it but they did.

Accelerationists need to join the Democratic Party and make Mark Zuzkenburg the next president/

All the Dems have to do is vote for a social centrist who agrees with Bernie on social policy. Unfortunately there more likely to nominate that CIA lady who tochured people, because they want a president with a vigina.

Assad said that after the US bombed there were more problems than anything else. Plus it's not like they didn't create the situation in the first place

trips of truth
that faggot needs to fuck back off to 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧left🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧Holla Forums

To be fair, I left the trump train after he bombed Syria. Left the right after Charlottesville. If you had convictions, a right winger would have left by then. Those who stool around are just edge lords or genuinely helpless. There maybe right wingers who finally get the message now, but it’s going to be a few.

Whoops, forgot to get off my shitpost flag

Sure but they're airstrikes backed by Kurdish advances still were basically responsible for destroying isis.

I'm unaware of what Assad roll was Or putins.

Lol, yeah, politics are basically what football teams you're rooting for.

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Dude. The 1000s of kilometers in which land was taken across Syria is Assad's contribution.

yeah ok buddy, how about no
no idea if you thought your response was funny or anything, but you already looked retarded enough without that on top

also i advise you not to post images of yourself, really not helping your case, potato boy

For some strange reason I feel like he DNC is controlled by the GOP trying to make the Dems as unelectable as possible.

If Mark runs, I'll vote for him and redeem myself.

The fools.

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I never said that.

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So by that logic it's rightfully Kurdish territory?

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The economy grew in line with a multiyear trend. Trump didn't wave a magic wand to conjure up the decade long recovery that followed the recession.
Again your giving him credit for decade-long growth trends.
From a short sighted debt inducing tax bill that will further hollow out already inadequate social services and whose gains will be eaten up in the long run for a majority of tax brackets.
go see how relations with NK and Russia are improving
In a way your right about NK. Relations on the Korean peninsula are "improving" in part to Trump's headass sabre rattling, "America First" foreign policy rhetoric, and the US looking more and more like the waning unipolar power that it is.
Put the kool-aid down.

The absolute STATE of Trumptards

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Dems are gonna take Congress this year, nominate Joe Biden and give Trump a second term

Anarchy is not chaos.

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I'm too afraid to visit /pol those guys are scary

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Where have you been the last eight years? Don't forget all the idiotic things Biden has said. He would be like a left leaning Bush.

I was permabanned for saying "Trump is just another rich lying asshole" more than a year ago. 8/pol/ is full soy, fully reddit, fully compromised.

Are you genuinely implying Bush wouldn't also knock the shit out of Trump? Trump has managed to make everyone before him look like a saint.

A big factor in the 2020 race will be stable leadership. Despite his gaffs, Biden has an advantage on that front since he was Vice President of a working administration. Trump, however, has both gaffs and a broken White House.

Voters would have to either pick a fuck-up who knows how to govern or a fuck-up who can't. In light of that comparison, Trump better be praying for an Oprah candidacy since they'll both be even on that ground.

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A wild Holla Forumscuck appears.

I agree with this commentator. His numerous creepy gaffes with young women will be put on blast on social media 24/7. I don't think he could win a primary.

True, but we're playing hypotheticals here. I think if Biden would win the primary, we'd probably get another 2016 on our hands. A lot of bad press and a lot of disillusioned voters, however I feel Biden would win just on the sheer dislike of Trump.

In all likelihood, the Democratic primary will be like the GOP's in 2016 with an army of mediocre candidates. The only good part of that is if Sanders were to run again, he'd probably win it.

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The comment section on this is hilarious. Half of it is people mad at Trump and the other half are still defending Trump like these (not written by the same people btw):

Pretty much this.

These guys aren't going to make it to 2020. They're going to be completely burned out by then.

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Hell no. But by that point Holla Forums will be 100% kosher, anti-gun and pro censorship. Their fate is the worst: they will become everything they hated.