Survey: 1 in 4 South African men admit to committing rape

Survey: 1 in 4 South African men admit to committing rape

One in four South African men questioned in a survey said they had raped someone, and nearly half of them admitted more than one attack.

The study, by the country's Medical Research Council, also found three out of four who admitted rape had attacked for the first time during their teens.

It said practices such as gang rape were common because they were considered a form of male bonding.

The MRC spoke to 1,738 men in KwaZulu-Natal and Eastern Cape provinces.

The research was conducted in both rural and urban areas and included all racial groups.

Using an electronic device to keep the results anonymous, the study found that 73% of those who admitted rape said they had carried out their first assault before the age of 20.

Almost half who said they had carried out a rape admitted they had done so more than once.

One in 20 men surveyed said they had raped a woman or girl in the last year.

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woops, looks like we accidentally shitposted in a mod's thread

How is it racist if it's accurate?

This is obviously only because of the material conditions in South Africa. There is no other explanation.

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The Mỹ Lai Massacre called

I mean, the answer is simple, Capital Persuits reduce women to property or goals, thus it encourages individual psychopathy which includes rape in order to raise one's self perceived "superiority"

Additionally, older beliefs may lend to concepts of women not meaning consent, thus in a way justifying rape for these people.

indeed, the bbc is very relevant to the conversation. their choice of sources could be biased

Also if this is a mod thread can you go deal with that incel indian's thread

SA is closely tied to the USA, that is enough to explain the trend of rape.

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Here we go boys!

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Rapes are high in burger and hueland

The more Americanised a nation is, the more potential it has for raep.

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If this is caused by race, I have to wonder why other African countries like Kenya and Uganda have a lower rate of rape than the US, Sweden, etc? The Holla Forumstard would say it's because of non-white immigration. But then how do you explain Mongolia (ethnostate with no immigration) having more rape than Kenya?

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additionally, its definition is not defined well, esp in sweden.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this data is unreliable due to vast differences in reporting and data collection.

Chaya. No. Women don't report/police don't care. It's not about race, but let's not he stupid here. Backwards country, backwards people, backwards mentality.
There is nothing to explain here

essentially the beliefs of the old and unreasonable, which is an understatement

great idea femme

This was America not even in historically recent terms, in a blink of an eye historically

Ever wonder why the people who rape the most have not much to lose? Either the extreme poor or the extremely wealthy? Let's not joke, the issue is not race.

The issue in fact, is power and money

I don't think I've ever seen a 1 in 5 type rape/assault ratio be statistically accurate and not just fudged numbers for scare tactics. It's funny to see how both tumblr and Holla Forums will uncritically swallow them up depending on who they're talking about.



This sounds very much like the US.

How come victims aren't ashamed about it in South Africa?

The aspect is cultural aswell, there is still some stigma to a woman not being a virgin at marriage for example, and additionally America is now using progress to further mask Capitalist Ruthlessness, they claim to be against Rape but will continue to support a system that reduces and encourages women to be simply goals for men to take, as opposed to encouraging improvement for self interest.

The south african data in the OP was from a survey of women, not based on the # of reported rapes.

Dude, it's trash. I don't want to be Holla Forums but the time I spent in africa made really sorry/afraid for these people. Mind that this was nigeria, not even the bottom of the barrel, visiting a nigerian brothel really changed your perceptions on thing.

Also I've read statistic about liberal (the bottom of the barrel) in which it was shown that at least 70% of women in Liberia has been raped once in their life, mind that this is not rape in the sense of being watched on the streets.
It's really hell on earth, people seen it on television and when they go there they stay in their luxury hotels with a warm bad, air conditioner and vaccines. If you venture out of the safe zone it's actually fucking scary just to breath. It's really a visceral feeling and you can think I'm dramatizing, but no trust me.
Everything it's hostile there. I always thought I was street smart and I'm pretty used to see poverty but boy, I felt like a little school girl in the wrong neighborhood.

Holla Forums btfo yet again
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I'll take your word on it rather than read sociological evidence based reasons why this happens, after all why wouldn't you have the answer? "bruh they're black" is the answer to all answers, just flash it in front of everyone and watch as everyone is convinced

well yeah, it is liberia, guess which country made it so exponentially worse?

nobody denies the rut africa is in, but we cannot simply ignore the american hand that subtlety encourages this, never forget it was an african-AMERICAN charles taylor that fought against a once american backed leader of samuel kanyon doe

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Anyone got rape statistics for Burkina Faso under Sankara and other socialist African countries?

zero, also there were no incels.
state issued gfs

Never dared to say that you cheeky cunt.
Brush they are fucked up under every aspect and the dumpster of porky would be my answer, but what an american piece of shit would know? He'd rather trigger Holla Forums than be fucking realistic.
Africa it's shit and don't give me none of that "IT'S RICH OF CULTURE" countries are beyond fucked up, it's not their fault but I wouldn't even know where to start fixing
Why you have to justify the unjustifiable even when people are not blaming it on race? This is a shit attitude of the liberal

Shit no doubt about. Have you ever read congo's history? Read the Wikipedia page, it's better than a Le Carrè novel I swear. It's just scary to think about it tbh, these continent was literally used as a dumpster for so long that it doesn't even know anything else.
People knew who kanye west was but saw the first world only through media.

You're probably French or something

No why?

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Rape has a diffrent deffiniton in Sweden than in Egypt. Also this is affected by the ability of victims to speak out. This graph is bullshit.

More news from South Africa:

Probably because developed nations are more likely to recognize rape.

This is why 20% of the women in American universities got rapped and Sweden is the rape capital of the world.
Sweden and American unis are the safest place for women I can think of.

*20% of women in american universities get sexual assaulted with a wide definition of sexual assault

Yeah. The thing that bugs me most about how rape is sensationalized is that everyone focuses on women and ignores the other victims of rape. Ignoring male victims I can understand even though I don't agree with it, but it really steams me that people always ignore kids.

There are lots of problems with that figure, not least of which is that if you put out a call for participants in a sexual assault survey you automatically bias in favor of more victims, since victims are more likely to respond.

African decent here. can confirm.

read the other posts in the thread

yeah iirc the survey response rate for that data is in around 20%, which could be a major confounding variable

Gee it’s almost like anytime a large number of niggers inhabit a nation along side whites there seems to be a highly disproportionately number of rapes committed by them. Probably just coincidental, and most likely doesn’t apply to any other form of violent crime.

For what it's worth, I don't think you adequately explained or defended your position of 'it's america's fault'.
It just seems like a knee jerk reaction because you don't want to think about this very hard.
Surely there are other developing countries that America has been involved with that don't have rape epidemics, so there must be other factors at play.

Dude. Rape is present in really backwards cultures. Fact. If you live in a borderline lawless land it adds up. End of the story.

I think America exacerbates, and many of the nations America has been involved with also involve the well of nations such as Japan, western europe etc

America literally chooses who becomes a shithole and who deserves their support. So much so they are bullying japan now and can get away with it since japan knows this.

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Interesting perspective mr Tank, unfortunately if I reply with my thoughts i'd probably get banned.

I'm not a mod fam

What? Is this something unknown?
I don't see what's the problem in this thread, africa is shithole. Is that controversial of a statment? Countries can be really shitty

This is a mod thread, eventually the OP will check back in and toss around some 4 week bans.

Your posting style is a just a bit grating. This isn't how people talk on chans.

Yeah, precisely what people are saying in this thread.

although, I think the region holds great promise if it's successful nations can keep up their development.

It reminds me of reddit arrivals on 4/pol/ tbqh

Good luck doing that, I don't think the USA would let them

Suck my dick, and you too tank poster.
I'm 2016 new but not that new, I used to post on here with a stalin stache and left around december, I only keep track of the NK thread.
No I don't belong here, I never adapted to chan culture and I probably never will. This doesn't make my argument less true. Africa is worse than shit and even people get raped for breakfast, not because of race but because is a lawless hell hole of a dumpster for porky's trash

Another example of toxic masculinity and rape culture. This is seen as a "sport" by these men and women are nothing to them but prey to won and conquered.
Material conditions due to poverty mixed with a regressive culture dominated by white supremacy is most likely the cause of such high level rape.

I'm not necessarily disagreeing with you, I am just saying you are pretty irritating.

The regressive culture in S.A. is due to the ANC, not to whites. The whites actively fought rape when they were in power. The new ANC cops are happy to just dick around.

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Why? Because I don't talk like a fellow anonymous?

More precisely, your righteous indignation. Reminds me of Jordan Peterson.

I wish you could express yourself without sucking dick

he knows not of the age of comfy posting, let him learn

No need to insult this much.
I just know first hand how women live in those countries and it's not good.
Not for a moment I blamed it on race or anything but how africa got fucked by imperialism, but the liberal rethoric of some people in these thread were the poor African can do no bad is quite fucking autistic tbh.
Obviously if it was just scamming or killing for money it could justified, but when it comes to rape no one can explain why and so they negate like chaya did by posting that shit map.
I admit they are fucking animals, like every person from a poor country is less civilized than someone from the first world, but I don't blame it on genetics. Negating how much of a shit africa is and how dangerous it is it's just naivety or denial

Because it was so great before. No ethnic cleaning, no rape as a weapon of war, no slavery everywhere, no burning the harvests to starve entire populations…

Some people man. Imagine going from eating grass and hunting people with spears for their shrunken heads to a steady job, anti-biotics and a net decrease in both premature deaths and famines….to eating people's shrunken and hunting for grass.

Being honest, being conquered by Europeans was the best thing to ever happen to Africa.

Holla Forums turns more and more into Holla Forums every day

It hasn't developed thanks to colonialism/imperialism, that's the point.
Burkina Faso is a good example of what africa could be when free from the chain of colonialism.

actual colonialism defenders, fucking hell

Burkina Faso was colonize by France. Ethiopia is the only country in Sub Saharan Africa that was almost completely spared of the colonial yolk.

As a French, I admit being colonized by Rome was the best thing to happen to us in our history.

Over 6 millions Gauls, one died in the war and another was taken as slaves. When the empire felt, we got assrapped from every side.

It is still the reason we went from villages in the forest to civilisation.

It's a former colony. You think of Ethopia and it's not the best country in the world.

Only 20 people is supposed to represent a whole country?


Shouldn't this be on Holla Forums? I guess the Overton Window has shifted in our direction! We have lefties telling the truth about Der Schwarze!

Wowie, it's almost like black people are lumpenproles or something? But surely that cant be, Contrapoints told me that black people having gibsmedats = socialism

Nope. Actually my country did colonize it.
Mate are you justifing colonialism or what? Or you just misunderstood? When I said Burkina Faso I meant under sankara

As a Holla Forumsack, I would say that black women are generally more willing to have sex with black men than white women are, and Sweden is the rape capitol of the world because of all the migrants seeing the beautiful white aryan women and being rejected by most of them, so what they can't have willingly, they take by force. I will admit, it has some less-than-clear laws about rape, but it has still skyrocketed ever since the muslims went in.

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Please fuck off. Justifing rape is a new low

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Sankara has been unduly canonized imo. He was only in power for 4 years before he got coup'ed. The man who lead the coup then went on to be president for 30 years and reversed all of Sankara's policies.

You completely missed the point. Read what I said again, carefully. You will see what I meant. People tend to be more attracted to members of the same race. We know this based on miscegenation rates when people are given the choice of who they love. Muslims and Africans trampling around Europe are typically rejected by white women, and thus are raped more often than not because they are unwilling to miscegenate, and these refugees didn't bring many women with them. If you want rapes to decrease, stop racial integration programs and send them back where they came from, because white men in Europe tend to not be rapists.

Chaya, stop posting bad data please. It's embarrassing.

This is how you know they are not war refugees but clandestin immigrants who come for the money.

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So, why does whites don't rape black women?

Well I guess Holla Forums can't blame the blacks entirely for this one.

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just because all of country was polled does not mean that the rate is equal across groups
we would need more granular data to establish that


Maybe they have less data available, so rapes arent recorded

So you don't know anything about African history and you think it only started when Europeans showed up during the Renaissance.

Wow! To think that there are people who can read this and not realize that Gulags will be a major part of any right-standing society.

We have something awful rejects at hollaforums raiding us with these kinds of threads

I still have no idea what the deal with Holla Forums is.

From what I gather it’s a 4chan archive that attempts to look like a real forum for ad revenue

1: Definitions of rape is subjective, it varies from country

2: Some countries, in particular African countries, struggle to keep track of simple weather forecasts to help farmers let alone getting a central database up and running with all the crime committed.

3: As last factor, and this is a difficult one to explain I would say diversity of beliefs and diversity of cultures / groups. One group / culture has little issue committing horrifying crimes against the other group. Since the other group is seen as bad / the enemy. Therefore I would expect with more diversity of religion, more diversity of cultures that social unrest, and with it crimes, would rise.

You can still make a race argument if you somehow link more masculine / testosterone fueled behavior with increased likelihood of risky behavior including rapes. African men have higher testosterone production. From this comes patriarchal masculine culture and if nothing is done by social norms or morals then this behavior is a consequence from a patriarchy.

SA has always been and always will be a shithole.

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Pigs do

Say something I don't know




Correction, 1 in 4 South African BLACK men

They rape because they choose not to control their sexual urges.

Wtf does capital persuits mean?

Thats a forum scraping website. Its content is stolen from other sites with a bot progrsm.

In my defence I waa drunk and it was poorly worded

"The research was conducted in both rural and urban areas and included all racial groups."


So do people seriously think it's because black ppl are bad etc.? Dumbdumb. Rape and other antisocial behaviors happen because there is no good social narrative and organization that can provide order and mental stability. Why would anyone even think of race when its obvious SA is one of the most tense societies there is. Colonialism, 80% of the population is basically second class in their own country.

Race is simply not relevant. For those who wish it to make an issue, think: are you trying to kill a bunch of ppl? Not worth it. We have to make social systems that can provide order and competition without grievous abuse. Like Sojourner Truth said about women, if women have a pint while men have a quart (of intellect), why not let the woman fill up her pint? This is not to admit of such differences, but even if you believe in them we still need societies that give people the chance to be decent and respected. Private property rights and arrogant bigotry stand im the way.

No one here said that

some people definitely did but they were banned and their posts were deleted

Because you're a fucking retard that can't fucking read and doesn't understand how math or statistics work.

Here's what Cohen has to say about this:

I can't believe we're talking about this. The most important bottom line is that the BJS should not report extrapolations to the whole population from samples this small. These population numbers should not be on this table. At best these numbers are estimated with very large standard errors. (Using a standard confident interval calculator, that 16% of White women, based on a sample of 69, yields a confidence interval of +/- 9%.) It's irresponsible, and it's inadvertently (I assume) feeding White supremacist propaganda.

In other words, a sample size this tiny simply cannot be understood to tell us anything about what's going on at the population level. The odds of picking any 10 or fewer women out of a crowd whose experiences have nothing to do with what's typical are far, far too high.

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if had comunism this not happen

*ascends, it would be an improvement