The two worst posters on this board read Posadas

Anal Water, the demonic Jewess and their friends read through some alien communism.

Highlights include:

This is literal pseudism.

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Jesus Christ, why is Anal Water's voice so insufferable? Why do all these YouTube pseuds have the same faggot voice? I can't listen to this guy finishing more than three sentences before getting scabious eruptions

It comes from overconsumption of soy, probably

Why he speak so lightly btw? What the fuck?

mp3 or it didn't happen (ogg is fine, too).
Well, religious people in the sciences are not so uncommon among astronomers, and the idea of the universe coming out of a "primal atom" was espoused by a priest.
Haven't listened to it yet, but I'll give my wisdom anyway: In the ancient past, people just used the sun to tell the time, then clocks were developed in some places that had different hour-length for night and day, varying with the length of sunrise and sunset over the course of a year. I think the change abstracting away from nature is due to technical changes that make us less dependent from these natural rhythms (artificial light, work happening more inside buildings), and the rail networks needed a less localized time concept. I don't think having a rail network automatically means you have capitalism.

Take a guess.


AW doesn't understand historical materialism and makes up some random equation with indigenous Americans

You know, he's got a point! I've just decided to drop my astrophysics research so that I can relentlessly study Hegel and become an internet pedant

He rails against materialism so yeah.

I don't understand how you can deny the fact that class struggle was the underlying driving force of history? What about the populares in the Roman Civil Wars, the German Peasant War, the fucking French Revolution…

Literally every major event in history has an underlying class struggle. AW claims this is "badly sourced" and I have no idea how he'd come to that conclusion.

Wut? Where does he say this?

At 40:05 he says that he doesn't see how Marx sees the necessity of class struggle because the indigenous tribes didn't rebel?! Or something along the lines. It was pretty nonsensical.

Soy, beta, low intelligence

Holy shit, I did not actually think that he was this far up his own ass

Also, can't AW not turn off his fucking TV in the background? Throughout the entire video you hear some reality soap or infomercial in the background.

He lives with other people I'm guessing.

Tanks say this too though.

At 59:17 anal water claims capitalists have an interest in UFOs? What dafuq has he been smoking?

He needs to get laid.

Well for once he's not wrong

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TBH the more I think about it the more and more I realize AW has been a troll all along whose primary objective is to turn leftists away from scientific socialism via Hegel.


Soy is bourgeois, comrade.

Just listened to that point, he didn't say that. He said that some Native Americans didn't have class society yet were materially fine and had no internal struggle as class struggle because of a different ideology. Marx himself thought that this struggle was not a universal necessity later in life, that's why he was interested in Russia.

Does anyone know if he really believes in aliens or are he and his friends just memeing?

Do some people actually watch / listen to these 2 hour video sessions? I mean come on.

Fuck all you non believers.
The USSR had perfected dolphin-human communication and alien lifeforms will not contact us because we don't have a global socialist government of which will only get after a global catastrophe.

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This I got bored after 10 minutes

I just go in, post the newest, hottest Holla Forums meme in the comment section, then close the tab and scrub my view history.

That is the most literal definition of 'seizing the memes'.

Great praxis tbh

Can someone remind me why A.W is hated? Apparently he rejects Marx's dialectic materialism?

There are a great host of variable reasons behind it, most can't stand that he continually affects a know-it-all edifice and goes way way WAY out of the way to pick fights on the grounds of some latest fashionable nonsense which he has 'distilled' from his bullshit readings of theory.

in all honesty, he actually is very well acquainted with a limited set of work, but the general consensus is that he is terribly intellectually dishonest - I don't fully subscribe to that, but call him a 'monist' and await the hilarious and inevitable response

Fuck off to Holla Forums with your pseudoscience memes

False equivalence. Soy isn't really that good for you, it's healthy in a small dosis but it shouldn't be a fundemental part of your diet, and also, depending on where you live, it's production is also based on horrible working conditions and environmental destruction.

Stop seeing Holla Forums as the big other, you don't have to go on a soy-only diet like hbomberguy and get me Gynecomastia just to "trigger right-wingers epic style xDD"

He believes in aliens and is now into demonology

We /leftyfringe/ now

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Anti posadists are revisionist counter revolutionaries who deserve 50 years of hard labour in gulag.


He and the Jewfu sound like alienfags, so yes.

t. AW

His channel isn't even monetized. I'll let him have all the views he wants.

Anal Water hates materialism so this fits.

uh, I don't believe in that shit



He has one of those weird accents where you can't really tell where he's from because he sounds so mish-mashed. Like, when I first heard him I thought he was a Chinaman from New York.

Ehh, maybe those guys aren't so bad after all

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They're better off on /x/, than here.

/x/ is stupid

Pic related, went there came back with this

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I'm sorry.

Don't be lol. Truth be told I used to hang there almost every day back in 2013 or so, to this day I recriminate myself for wasting time with the spoopy when I should've been studying theory.

Pic related, guy is totally right about the occult.

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He's accent is basically foot lettuce guy's with the soft voice of a narcissistic serial killer.

Anal Water's voice sounds like sandpaper.

Chaya always sounds like she's got marbles in her mouth.

Unlistenable, sorry.

Isn't she that esoteric cunt? Maybe she does have some kabbalistic shit in her mouth to improve her thetan levels, who knows?

Why does AW hate HistMat and DiaMat so much? Is it just his Hegelian idealism or can he actually demonstrate a flaw in both methods?

He hates it because he thinks both are abstract idealism. There was a time a few years ago where he and Yuiposter made a big deal about saying materialism is just bad idealism. Makes no sense to me tbh.

for the love of god, stop bumping trip/namefag threads

Is there any proof that AW has actually read something else besides Phenomenology of the Spirit?

He reads Hegel's Logic.


I don't doubt he's read his Hegel. But my question is, has he read anything else beside Hegel?

No, he does read Hegel in-depth. Look at his personal channel:

The same channel this Posadas thing is on is the same channel his other recordings of Marx, Marxists, and some other leftist stuff is on. So he has read more than Hegel, and he seems to give it all the same treatment as what he gives Hegel's stuff. I think what makes him most butthurt is when someone claims to get Hegel and improve on him. That's when you see him go on the attack and do everything he can to prove they don't get dialectics because he's special and can comprehend what other geniuses like Marx cannot. It's what I least like about him, he's got a huge ego and thinks somehow he is better than all of these people and that he is the only one that understands Hegel.

Oh. My. Fuck.

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Adorno was absolutely wrong.

t. fascist

He claims Marx gets Hegel, at least in Capital. He also has a bunch of other readings where he agrees with the writers rather than shitting on them, like the Marcuse one

Propping up "science" is pretty bullshitty TBH.

Prove him wrong then

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