Daily News Thread 3/23

'Zionist hawk', 'stalwart friend': strong words greet Bolton nomination

U.S. President Donald Trump’s choice of John Bolton as national security adviser provoked strong reactions worldwide on Friday - and few stronger than in the bitterly-divided Middle East.

Senate Sends Trump $1.3 Trillion Spending Bill

The Senate narrowly averted a government shutdown by passing a $1.3 trillion spending bill early Friday that increases military and domestic spending and strengthens background checks for gun buyers.

Trump Threatens Veto of Spending Bill, Raising Shutdown Prospect

President Donald Trump said he’s considering a veto of the $1.3 trillion spending bill that won final passage by Congress Friday morning, contradicting his aides and raising the prospect that he’ll close the government over the failure to get a deal on immigration and his proposed border wall.

U.S. charges Iranians for global cyber attacks on behalf of Tehran

The United States on Friday charged nine Iranians and an Iranian company with attempting to hack into hundreds of U.S. and international universities, dozens of companies and parts of the U.S. government on behalf of the Tehran government.

China Hits Back on Trump Tariffs as Europe Off Hook for Now

The trade conflict between China and the U.S. escalated, with Beijing announcing its first retaliation against metals levies hours after President Donald Trump outlined fresh tariffs on $50 billion of Chinese imports and pledged there’s more on the way.

Europe Demands Permanent Waiver From U.S. Metal Tariffs

European Union leaders demanded a permanent EU exclusion from U.S. President Donald Trump’s metal-import tariffs and kept alive a threat to retaliate, highlighting persistent risks of a trans-Atlantic trade war.

Venezuela Announces Monetary Reforms as Petro Buoys Economy

President Nicolas Maduro also announced that new bills will be put into circulation in Venezuela, slashing the denominations by three zeros.

Paris says supermarket attacker known only for petty crimes as ISIS claims responsibility

The lone attacker who killed at least three people in southern France on Friday was known to the police for petty crimes but not for jihadist links, the French Interior Minister said. Islamic State claims it was behind the attack.

Kansas militia members wanted to kill Muslims -prosecutor

Three men charged with plotting to bomb an apartment complex in western Kansas, where Muslim immigrants from Somalia lived and had a mosque, wanted to kill as many as possible and send a message they were not welcome in the United States, a prosecutor said on Thursday.

Reddit: Guns, beer and tobacco transactions now banned

Gun Deals, Beer Trade and Cigar Market are three of the latest communities to be banned by Reddit in a move to distance the social website from transactions of "illicit or strictly controlled" goods.

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The Trash Patch In The Pacific Is Many Times Bigger Than We Thought

Between California and Hawaii, there's a teeming patch of garbage that's stretched over an area more than double the size of Texas.

Five Takeaways From The Disneyland 'Homeless' Report

It’s the report being read ’round the world. “Working for the Mouse: A Survey of Disneyland Resort Workers,” co-authored by the Economic Roundtable and the Urban and Environmental Policy Institute at Occidental College, has conclusively revealed Orange County’s dirtiest secret: The Happiest Place on Earth is little more than the embodiment of scarcity economics for many of its workers.

Stephon Clark: Protests over police shooting shut NBA arena

Protesters in Sacramento, California blocked a motorway and basketball arena over the killing of an unarmed black man.


Applying Political Ideas on the Individual Level


Migrant cleaners in Living Wage victory against the Daily Mail

A group of migrant cleaners - who are members of the trade union United Voices of the World (UVW) - have just won a historic victory at the Daily Mail.

Exonerating the Empire in Venezuela

The United States has for years undermined the Venezuelan economy with economic sanctions, but US media coverage of Venezuela’s financial crisis has gone out of its way to obscure this.

Europe is Pregnant

Europe is pregnant with something but what is it? War or peace? East or West? North or South? A still birth or a renaissance? The beginning or the end? Something has got to give. The past must let go.

If magatards don't wake up after him appointing Bolton as an advisor, they are truly lost. This dude wants regime change practically everywhere and was prepared to tell Congress in 2003 after Iraq that Syria posed a threat to US interests in the Middle East

Summons issued to Trump in case alleging he is violating emoluments clause

A summons has been issued to President Trump in a lawsuit alleging he is violating the emoluments clause of the Constitution.

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John Bolton getting this position is probably the worst nightmare I had walking into this administration. Then he didn't get the job, and I thought thank god, fucking at least it's not John Bolton.

Now John Bolton has the job. And I am living my nightmare.

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as a non gringo whomst bolton and why is he gonna shit the carpet worse than his predecessors?

The only silver lining to Bolton's pick is:
>Bolton contradicts Trump on the majority of his Foreign policy (Trump


Neocon, helped push for Iraq War, in favor of regime change in Iran, North Korea and has declared Syria a destablizing factor in the Middle East against American Interests. Was a member of various neocon thinktanks, US ambassador to the UN under George W. Bush, super pro-Israel

Problem 1.

He didn't think the Bush Administration went hard enough on the Iraq/Afghanistan War, he has not changed this attitude

Problem 2

Every year he literally says "Start a war" to solve a problem. It doesn't matter the diplomatic conditions, or in the case of Nuclear Weapons, his literally only solution to any given problem at any given time is always, and has always been "Fuck it, drop the bombs".

After the Bush Administration, thankfully he lost pretty much all of his power and nobody thought they would ever hear of "Bolton" and "White House access" ever again. It was a dream, a nightmare, something that could never happen again. The world is safer now that John Bolton is relegated to life without having direct access to a naive president every day.

Except that dream is over now, and the nightmare is awake

John Bolton says

John Bolton says

John Bolton says:
On bombing Iran

John Bolton fucking says
“Pre-emption opponents argue that action is not justified because Pyongyang does not constitute an ‘imminent threat.’ They are wrong. The threat is imminent, and the case against pre-emption rests on the misinterpretation of a standard that derives from prenuclear, pre-ballistic-missile times,” Bolton wrote last month in a Wall Street Journal column headlined, “The Legal Case for Striking North Korea First.”

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and regime change in Libya. Is there anywhere he doesn't want to topple?

If it isn't populated by Canada or Europe or Mexico you best believe that John Bolton will want to fucking massacre you to kingdom come.

You know how Americans politicians reasoning is depicted in Propaganda?

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I want to skin him alive

I want to skin him alive

John Bolton is everything you ever dreamed of happening in a nightmare situation that you brush off as, "It only happens in the movies" or, "people will be too reasonable for that right?" That's John Bolton.

He was a nightmare during Bush, and he has been reincarnated as Death Incarnate once again in Trump.

This is fucking bad. Like, real fucking bad.

This is like if Dick Cheney or Donald Rumsfeld got White House access again.

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Look at all the bans in the polyp thread about bolton
My sides are in orbit

I hate France because they liberated gringos. Now I hate France even more because they liberated gringos. England should have doubled down

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Literally going full circle now from mocking the Bush Administration as Jewish controlled war mongering puppets into sucking the dick of the same very people they were mocking.

It's like watching teenagers turn into fucking boomers

Surely this will be positive for negotiations

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Theyre sticking it to the "leftards", if they become just boomers out of it they dont care

I really want a time machine to show Moot what Holla Forums became when he first started 4chan so he could never fucking allow such a board to ever exist and cause as much damage as it has done. Worse than chanology ever was. But of course, that's a fantasy.

John Bolton would love it if the only nations that existed were Canada, anything in the EU, Britain, and Israel. Everything and anyone else is expendable and a target lol

That was him during the Bush Administration.

Now imagine him during the Trump Administration. This really is a fucking nightmare lol.

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Trump can't afford to just check out and let his cabinet run things like Bush did, he has too much of an ego to just be a figurehead, hence all the firings. Things are bad yes, but not as bad as they could be.

He got rid of the other guy because "He wasn't being tough enough", you're going to have to rethink your optimism there bud.

Even at his bare minimum, this is a truly fucking smelly idea though. Bolton at minimum is still Bolton.

Got rid of McMaster because he was a dissident. Bolton will prove to be even more of a pain in Trump's neck. I expect him to be out by the end of the year, assuming we don't all die before then

I hope you're right, but my gut is telling me Trump just wants a war with Iran, or at least making Syria FUBAR

Who fucking knows at this point. I'm far more concerned about China and Iran than Syria and NK. He's too buddy-buddy with Russia, and is probably starting to realize he could get a Nobel if NK goes well.

Let's elect Trump and scream at anyone who says otherwise what's the worst that could happen?: The Great pre-20's Grift of American White Nationalism

is probably a book I'm going to write before I die.

WEW, Trump's calling for removing filibuster rules and changing Senate voting rules to simple majority instead of 2/3rds. This is what happens right before the ruling class shove through a bunch of shit nobody wants. They're seizing the moment, my dudes.

This post made laugh for some reason

Holla Forums is canvassing trying to sell the Bolton pick as a good idea (of course).

1st day in:
John Bolton, a man who thinks we need to strike North Korea and Iran first and a firm believer in preemptively striking first without warning (just like Trump), starts military exercises in China's soveriegn waters in early morning.

Are you ready to get drafted, and shipped to the jungle American 18-45 yr old fuckos?

Everyone above 18-45 is provisionally eligible for draft, and seeming as China, North Korea and Iran are all prepared for crazy high mass casualties we'll need as many boots on the ground as possible.

I sure hope so.

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who else defecting to China to avoid the draft?

But wouldn't Chinese send you either on the battlefield or in camps if they doubt your loyalty?

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My dude I'm headed straight for that one Maoist village in central China to work on farms and read theory

Surely not until after the fallout clears?

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It's because we're living out the nightmare sequence in Dead Zone.

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'Unhappy' Trump Grudgingly Signs Omnibus Budget Bill


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I misread "Omnibus" as "Ominous"

It def is

I read it as ominous first because I read the whole thing, it took me a second to realize it didn't.

Couldn't the US nuke the capitals of every country in the world ten times over and still have a few hundred nukes left? Last time I checked they had thousands. I doubt we need more

This and Bolton, feels like the end of the god damn world

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The problem isn't quantity, it's quality, our nukes are mostly outdated.

If that's the case I can see the motivation to have up-to-date weapons

That doesn't mean jack. Trump is fucking tofu when it comes to major decision making, going along with whatever plan sucks his cock the hardest.

If Bolton sells him on the idea that a war with Iran will make him the greatest president in history and erase Obama from existence, he'll do it.

Wouldn't the quantity probably outweigh the even need for quality

Not if the nukes explode in the silos.

Are you even sure that would happen

It's more fun if they blink in candyshop colors and have bluetooth.

At this point, we can assume the opposite of whatever Trump or his spokespeople say.

Trump won't sign the bill? Trump will sign the bill.
Trump won't fire McMaster? Trump will fire McMaster.
Trump won't go to war?…

Capitals aren't necessarily the highest priority targets for a first strike attack
Pic related depicts what a hypothetical soviet attack on the US would have looked like. Black circles are first strike targets, purple triangles are second strike targets.
The first strike in a global nuclear exchange would be aimed at preventing retaliation, while a second retaliatory strike would attempt to wipe out the enemy's civilian population by hitting cities.

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Legit the us air force found like 30% of its nukes are fit to use.

What the fuck is going on in Montana and North Dakota? I assume there are silos there? I know there are a lot out in rural areas in the West

If North Korea can do it, I doubt most of these nukes would "explode in silos". Being "unfit for use" doesn't mean premature explosion, it probably means they might not deploy at all.

Which is a problem, but if we take one out of five nukes the US military has, it's still more than anyone else on the planet

Putting "the ICBM might not deploy its payload" as a hypothetical negative in terms of the US military's wants was pretty painful.

I don't think I want to say that again.

They crash dozens of F-16s every year like they were paper airplanes and they are maintaining and exercising those all the time. I wonder how many ICBMs can realistically get off the ground. I guess if we ever need to nuke the midwest we're gravy though.

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yes, silos

How the fuck did this plan of genocide become the norm and commonly accepted as "how things are"?
Does humanity even deserve socialism?

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Because America was ready to do the same thing. Nuclear Weapons are a hell of a drug

If you really want to know more check out this good interview with Daniel Ellsburg. youtube.com/watch?v=zcOuWI9h_dc

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Such optimism

No, I mean.
How was it accepted on either side?
The U.S.'s plan for nuking the USSR would've looked similar and followed basically the same plan.
Why'd it even get to that point? When did MAD stop being for those who had gone mad?

#MAGA I suppose.

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I don't think the toothpaste can be put in the tube again with nukes. It's awful they even exist but what can we do to stop their development? Technology was a mistake

Multilateral disarmament?
But that's beside the point. They have terrible power, but are merely destructive and not nearly as dirty as they used to be. It's less the use of them at all that bothers me. It's the genocide. It's thinking burning millions is acceptable. It's the modern form of terror bombing. Even when looking at them like as weapons, why is our "normal" potential use for them to be holocaust?

Once nuclear weapons became powerful these sort of plans were inevitable.

Here are some other cold war era war plans. I find them fascinating.

Since we're basically picking a fight with China let's take a moment to appreciate their DF-26. Now, ordinarily I would say that on a navy to navy basis the U.S. dominates, but with their DF-26, navy wise there will be ballistic nuclear missiles landing on every aircraft carrier at mach 9. There is no defence against these, yet.


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Because war is war and war is blood. You aren't wrong, but "staying ahead of the curve" was the deciding factor in developing all those nuclear weapons, jets, helicopters, airplanes, experimental aircraft, tanks, APCs, automatic rifles, sonic electronic ball busters etc

Then, because Capitalism behaves this way, who wouldn't have seen this fucking coming, "staying ahead of the curve" became permanent in the sense that the Government and the US Military's put so much money into the manufacturing output during and directly after World War I and World War II, that it created the military industrial complex. It got worse every after the second world war.

Thus, the market became swaddled with weapons manufacturers that it needed, if they were gone it would all crash and fall apart. So the US, instead of manufacturing to keep ahead of the curved, manufactured weapons just to manufacture weapons so the market wouldn't destroy itself.

This was like heroin to the market, it's fucking awful to do, and you never should have done it, but blood feud necessitated manufacture and there's no checks and balances in capitalism to stop such a thing like this from happening in the first place.

As it grew, from the top down, every part of the US government, because if this all fell apart, so would the market, and what if the Soviets did this or that, infected regular political mind and thought

Why do you think people were even protesting the Vietnam War in the 60's. It wasn't just the Vietnam War, it's that World War II just happened, this kind of shit was frankly unprecedented in history at that point, and another World War could happen the next fucking week as people were being sent off to die. For a Cold War Truman declared with the Truman doctrine, he shot up the market with a kind of heroin it could never quit.

So, because of this endless feedback loop of arms manufacturing, it necessitated an arms race. Because the US was out of control in manufacturing weapons of mass destruction.

But now the Soviets are gone.

And the military industrial complex has reached its natural conclusion.

In a way, the Two World Wars managed to make America the deadliest power in existence not for any moral, justifiable, or logical reason, but because it has a lot of fucking money and it gave that money to weapons manufacturers to stay ahead of the curve in a growing diplomatic community, from the League of Nations to the UN.

Two World Wars worth of dead men cursed the soil they died on, creating the necessity to end all men.

It's fairly Biblical.

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Air Craft carriers occupy an interesting niche. They are incredibly useful for power projection during peace time and for toppling regimes in the developing world. But most of them would inevitably be sunk in the opening hours of a real hot war.
The defense is retaliation. There will be no hot war because the stakes are too high.

And here's an addendum

America created the biggest military the world has ever seen from Capitalism and because it has, it will never stop or it will end Capitalism.

Since the Soviets are gone, and they had less of this problem then just responding to what America could possibly do, America could justifiably demand for the end of the Soviet Union. And so it ended.

And now everyone is capitalist and capable of this very dire feedback loop of military manufacturing response turning into military industrial complex, the next big loop is other nations acquiring this feedback loop like a virus. Like a drug. Like heroin.

Which means some frankly terrible shit.

John Bolton is now in the White House everyone put their right hand over their heart because they have a gunshot wound right through it.

Attached: DW422GNXcAApE7Q.jpg (578x767, 101.44K)

I disagree with him on a lot but Dan Carlin has a pretty good podcast on the history of nukes and the kind of plans developed for their use and the logic behind them from ww2 up to the Cuban missile crisis. WARNING: 6 hrs long


America conquered the world and went mad because there wasn't anything left to conquer, so they keep fighting phantoms and perpetuating their international weapon buying club (NATO) to prop up their unsustainable military budget. There's no way out of the conquest feedback loop.

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And John Bolton couldn't be happier with his big new seat at the White House

Link please?

So did the wall meme finally die after the new budget was signed?

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>>>Holla Forums11404237

I doubt they will attack Syria. During the campaign Trump said he watched an Assad interview and came out of it questioning the mainstream narrative.

What the fuck else did Trump say during the campaign

I think "bomb their families" came up a few time

I'll believe it when the United States removes it 2,000 US soldiers from Syrian soil. Remember, it was said to be 500 before the Pentagon admitted it was 2,000 (as if we can trust that number). The war has already begun


b-b-but he said he was against Iraq!

World's Wealthiest Lose $71 Billion in Market Selloff


Comrade Trump killing the porky.

I'm sure Holla Forums is still deluding themselves into believing it'll happen but it's dead for now. If they're lucky, they might put in some new fencing.

How many levels of American Imperialism is that guy on?

I think the wall is dead too but Trump never advocated for a wall along the entire border. I can look up page numbers in Crippled America if you want proof


Bolton has the mentality of like Napoleon or Alexander of Macedonia.

Marceline is so sexy

Me, Before President Trump signs a fucking god awful spending bill


Me, After President Trump signs a fucking god awful spending bill

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I love how everything Trump does is part of some larger plan. 4D chess-fags are truly delusional

We are witnessing the bargaining to acceptance stage of depression unfold in a matter of moments and posts

If only that depression was directed at the president. He can do no wrong. Just like how appointing Bolton is a ruse too

welp, who's with me?

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If we're to die soon we might as well see it to the end; who knows, maybe the Maoists have a point with their chaos theory

Pretty much. This was likely Trump's last chance to get the WALL. The GOP are too scared to move on it and November will probably bring about a Democrat controlled House.

The ironic thing about this he would've gotten it if he made a DACA deal with the Dems. Now we can look forward to him impotently pushing it as November 8th approaches.

Guess I gotta start working out to be ready for the happening.

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One CEO Makes 252,469% More Than His Employees

How Your Pay Stacks Up to Your CEO’s

If you feel like being angry, Bloomberg made a cool interactive graphic that shows how the median employee's salary stacks up the CEO's.


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Stay safe, comrade. I'll help with the revolution at home

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That rush of excitement followed by soul crushing despair. Sweet nectar.

You can feel how desperate they are for Trump to be the god savior they wanted.

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The DJT close ==30 points== shy of total economic Melt down in the US. The down 30 was well below DOW theory sell requirements.


Attached: 1437038530884.gif (448x252, 1.99M)

I got a fuck ton of food allergies that prevent me from eating MREs and my eyes are all busted to fuck. Somehow I still manage to live a normal life and have plenty of friends I've had since high school, and I've been in relationships before.

I'll fuck the gfs while you're gone. Dw.

It wouldn't hurt; I'm not sure that it would matter. In any case working out will help you feel happier, or at least more at place. If you do decide to give into doom, which I imagine is tempting, if not necessary, for all of us here, at least do so with the intent to enjoy the minimal present you have, with friends, family members, books and writing and other pleasurable activities. I myself have little hope, but life has hardly ever met my or anyone else's expectations and predictions, why ought it begin to now? There's always hope in uncertainty, and we live, if nothing else, in the most uncertain times in human history.
Rejoice! The world does what it does without discernible reason; a situation in our favor may occur yet.

Also working out will improve your health and increase your life expectancy so if communism wins in your lifetime, you will increase the amount of time you could expect to enjoy it.

I want the Democrats to take Congress simply to see how they factor it into Trump's larger scheme.

Kek, your dream is becoming increasingly likely. The Republicans deserve it too at this point. How many dimensions can Trump project his chess scheme into it?

watching the aut-right meltdown on twatter right now is gold because 99.99999999999% of them will still vote GOP in 2018 and for trump in 2020 because of scary trannies or whatever

Is there a certain hashtag? Post some of the good ones here, I want a good laugh

It's more likely they'll just sit it out instead. That's been happening a lot in these recent elections.

Can confirm


Chem em.

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I've got no clue about US politics. Are the republicans at risk of losing their majority in the senate to democrats, too, this year? If so, wouldn't that change be at risk to backfire heavily very soon?

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Signing up to the Army to rape an Iranian mother shielding her children from murder because I have no GF, because we destabilized the fuck out of Iran during the Cold War necessitating this war to inevitably occur, so I could also stop people from having gender dysphoria and own the libs, because nobody could ever dissent against a veteran.

Laughing and crying as I see my comrade shot after I filled her up, I wanted her to suffer through the pregnancy I gave her. Then my comrade just said "No problem man, she only has daughters. They're fucking Muslims, they're bugs, they're below us, who gives a shit man. Young pussy is the best pussy". We all laugh as we take turns raping them as they cry out in agony, blood, and screams. They died too. And nobody knows, do people honestly give a shit about Iranians? I think aloud, everyone shouts and laughs, "FUCK NO!"

We all laugh about superior force of power for being white against the Muzzies.

We go home, and we're heralded as heroes. No one dares disrespect us Veterans.

My Lai 2.0, a war of Holla Forumsyp's gleefully signing up to battle to destroy Iran to say they helped the white race kill and deface more Muslims for making them do this. Everyone at home cheering Donald Trump as the leader we needed.

Thousands upon thousands are dead. Those were the officially reported numbers. The reality was far more people died in the Iran War, Trump is elected to a second term. Just like Iraq, Afghanistan before it

Iran never recovers, and the CIA funds destabilizing agents throughout it, so the military industrial complex can make that market soar.

God Bless America, God Bless Rape, God Bless the Soil made up of the Millions upon Millions of dead Native Souls this country was founded on, God Bless the Slaves for facilitating the Infrastructure they built against their will and died of malnutrition to make it. God bless the deaths of every war we ever fought against a nation powerless to defend themselves, because we are the victims and we are the meek. God bless all the women who were raped in them who had to birth children they raised and never told who made them into being

God Bless America, and God Bless Death

God Bless Santa Claus, God Bless the Easter Bunny, God Bless Burger King, God Bless God, and God Damn Our Enemies, May Those Women Rot in Hell for loving the children we forced her to bare

The Iran War became the Iran Genocide, because God is on Our Side

And God loves Holla Forums so much by the time they get home and realize what they've done and seen, they all commit suicide like most Veterans in combat.

But it doesn't matter. They were all Real Americans, Fighting for the Rights of Every Man, They Were all Real Americans, Fight for What's Right

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Bolton will never affect Trump's actions toward Russia.


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Attached: DGkz11yXgAcFBKN.jpg (702x814, 95.57K)

This is basically what would happen if we ever go to war with Iran. How would I know? Because it's happened every war we ever fought in over seas

There's a possibility. The Democrats are actually in serious risk of losing Senate power this year. However, if they manage to hold onto all of their seats and gain 3 more, they'll control the Senate. It's an incredibly slim chance, but with the way things are shaping up, it could happen.

That's why the Senate is avoiding the suggestion like the plague. They know that if there's a Democrat sweep in 2020 like there was with Obama, they'll be shit out of luck.

Also, Trump is wrong. The reason it went heavily for the Democrats is because the alternative was working with the Freedom Caucus, and those fucks would've killed it. So it was either make a deal with the Dems or not pass anything.

Attached: QEHELN7VJBCMZKPMEP63T5XODU.png (1400x787, 450.85K)

This is how they'll respond to a catastrophic Iranian War, too

We can all sigh a relief that War Never Ends, nor do its profits. And America always bathes in the blood of those people its conquered, for the eternal youth that conquers any fountain: Money.

Thank John Bolton, he'll lay the ground work for this terrible, tyrannical war

Attached: Iranian People5.jpg (800x533 273.88 KB, 141.09K)

Attached: 7cef3ca24b02776251d573bee6605c60ecd84cd0f5d1cf9c80a9ef7cee5c34d8.png (704x183, 156.31K)

C'mon, America is not going to war under trump. I mean the government is already unstable as shit, how can they afford a war. Especially with Iran, which is not considered absolute evil by most non Americans.

The United States has been hostile to Russia for centuries and this is only gonna make it worse.

We've been taunting them fir decades at the Crimean border.

I'm telling you the reality of a war in Iran. Because this is how American troops engaged in War for over a century now, and it's practically all the same savagery.

Even if it isn't under Trump, he's setting even more groundwork for the inevitable war. And trust me, it is an inevitable war. Under this Administration, or some Administration down the line.

In my book americans are worst than the fucking nazis mate. It's not like I don't belive you, I got called out so many times as a reactionary for saying that Americans are scum.
That said, yeah there will be a war, just not now pls…

Even if it does not happen under Trump, war with Iran is inevitable as long as America is commited to Imperialism and serves as a slave for Israel lobby

So what are the realistic odds we’re going to war with Iran with Bolton in charge?

Horrifying odds. The problem with Bolton between administrations when we thanked our stars he was out of the White House power sphere of Bush, he learned how to get his way even outside by being charming and lobbying to what the powerful want, money, justifications for war, what have you. Worming his way into national security circles. Not nearly as much power as before, but fairly outspoken, and to those people, very convincing.

So not only is he back in the White House, is more convincing, and is advising Trump who just lets anyone on his good side get what they want; he also has plenty of Nat-Sec people behind his back to talk to Trump about Iran.

What would Trump even do surrounded by Bolton and Nat Sec people who want war with Iran, when Bolton was hired for being "tougher" according to Trump

So the odds are horrifying

Not sure who the account is but the video is pretty indicative of his stance. Trump's already hawkish on Iran. War though? Heightened tensions at the least

The Supreme Court has ruled that the line-item veto is unconstitutional.

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I put them at 2/10
A war with Iran would require ground invasion and I just don't think they'd risk thousands of casualties. Plus there's uncertainty about how Russia would react, it could preemptively help Iran with air defense and make any invasion a potential WW3 scenario.

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Well if it’s not war than would is Bolton going to do? He’s pretty openly called for regime change in Iran.

Bolton will scream at Trump to go to war and Trump will whine that Bolton was better on television.

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Why the fuck does Portland, Oregon have so many triangles and dots? This town and its port are fairly useless.

Overseeing the development and signing off on plans to escalate the Syrian/Eastern Iraqi conflict. Especially if the conflict dies down, they're bringing in Bolton to keep it going and take advantage of possible political crises in Iran that can be used to destabilize the government.

Try living in the Houston area, loosers.

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also no gf, cause im a shitty autist and no one will like me, maybe ill go to just to get killed on pourpose

Attorney says Roy Moore supporters offered him $10,000 to drop client who accused the Senate candidate of sexual impropriety


What the fuck.

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I live in this area

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To be clear, though, this nuke map should only concern you if we expect hot war with either Russia or China which, at the moment, I can't especially see occurring in the foreseeable future.While North Korea can certainly nuke America, it cannot nuke the entire continent due to their limited nuke amount. Unless you live in: Austin/Houston, Seattle, San Diego, Washington DC, NYC, Hawaii, Guam, or Mar-a-Lago, you're not really in their cross-hairs. Iran of course doesn't have any nuclear weapons.

Of course if the US indeed does strike NK, chances are raised of a confrontation between the US and China, but it seems unlikely that it would go nuclear quickly, if at all. Writing this in hopes of saving fellow comrades from panic attacks.

Jesus fucking Christ.

So let me get this straight

Roy Moore's lawyers, long after he lost, approached the lawyers of someone he molested when they were underage, and are suing him for a variety of legal reasons. Then, they offered a bribe to stop being her lawyer, in a plan with Breitbart to publish the lawyers giving a false statement on their client they just were bribed out of defending

and it didn't work anyways because what kind of fucking lawyer does that

How fucking shitty are Roy Moore's Lawyers, and how is Breitbart this legally in the fucking negative zone

Breitbart really is scummy, but this is next fucking level. Must be desperation.

Why are the GOP so laughably cartoonishly fucking evil. I know that the whole Government is cartoonishly fucking evil, but why are they this cartoonishly fucking evil

let me get this straight, meeting Bannon was supposed to be a reward for dropping the case?

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And for such a low amount. That's like what a traffic court lawyer would charge.

Der Ewige Boomer

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Where can you even find these Clown Lawyers. I mean yes, I know there are plenty of Clown Lawyers

But this is a fucking Saul Goodman level Clown Lawyer

Also, of all the lawyers at your disposal, with some fucking WEIGHTY damn charges against you, why the fuck would you hire someone this incompetent. Is Roy Moore autistic

Read it again. This happened a month before the election.

But yes, they were desperate. Bannon had a lot riding on Alabama.

Serves him fucking right for trying to do this seedy shit

Don't be talking shit about Saul.

I often recoil in disgust at what people do, and how ignorant so many others are, and I have the thought that we deserve to be wiped out. But then I meet a person who is genuinely nice, or I see some little kid who honestly believes that good things happen to good people. And for that .0001% of the population, and for the potential for that to eventually be the norm, I say yes. Humanity deserves and needs socialism.

Caption this meme

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What about LA? If shit starts seriously escalating, would it make sense to escape to Mexico?


Wow Bannon does it again! He's really winning a lot of people over. Trying to bribe to lawyers to drop pedo cases. Great optics. GOP is pushing Road to Serfdom reeeeee tax nazis bullshit. But sinking the corporate welfare on a trade wars. Bolton that guy from the Iraq war was great. Seems like a nice guy. China is hitting with tariffs. Whispers of the EU hedging against America. America has been saved, and is going to get what it deserves real soon.

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This is some Ace Attorney tier shit.

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gonna turn 19 soon
let's go die

I sure hope so

You laugh, but not too long ago Kelly had to have a meeting with Trump's cabinet to explain to them that it looks bad when you act like greedy, uncaring pricks.

You laugh, but not too long ago Kelly had to explain to Trump's cabinet that it looks bad when you act like greedy, uncaring pricks.

Breaking: Trump kicking out the transgenders from the military. Cooking evangelicals some cake with crumbs. Another sign of late stage capitalism.

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Good. He should ban fat people from the military too. Should remove about 75% of active duty filth and leave America vulnerable to just revenge from the rest of the world.

When they try to draft me for war with the DPRK I'm just gonna go full tranny.

They'll likely set up holding areas for the tranny special services if the war gets cooking. High volume death conflicts almost always become a disease and addiction at home too. If this guy Bolton, other Fuckos he stooges in, Trump and Hannity™ get slick then it's going to have to be real bad in order to force America to act. Let's hope not aye?

Is pic related /ourguy/, uh. /ourgirl/ uh, you know… Ah fuck it.

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if I'm ever drafted to fight the DPRK, i'm fucking defecting.

There's a bright side. I believe socialism is resonating with more people. The tax cuts and Trump are being met with distinct unenthusiasm. Only religiously supportive Trump voters are enthralled by his performance. GOP is having to resort to Pennsylvania Supreme Court like tactics to win elections and remain the party in power. They are associated with being extremely free market pro capitalist anti socialists. They're definitely not a friend of Marxism even by Derrida's stretch of the mind pure deconstructionism (except by making capitalism look like shit). People don't want war for a bunch of stupid shit. So, not a bad day's business for mind slanging socialism. CHEERS

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If we word is correctly, it wouldn't be difficult to get more people to question capitalism. But we would need to be tactful, and avoid buzzwords.

Hell call it anything else but communism and sell it to defecters from the right wing and Republicans. I want to invent a new kind of communism that is technocratic socialist green pro gun pro military and triumphantalist called anything but communism. That would wring in the militias, and right wingers if it was geared to them too (no idpol).

perhaps something like Victocracy. The government of victory over greed, cowardice and liberal lies.

My only problem in creating this with right wingers would be that I firmly people are labor and immigrants shouldn't be persecuted because their labor is a commodity and source of wealth. Persecuting refugees is a fucking staple of the right wing. You can't have the masses in America's temperature right now without the latinos.

Needs more green farmer technocrat

should be interesting given that state security and the military are going to openly take over the government before 2024

Not at all what we want. No the most common thing we're looking for in green Marxist technocratic farmer pro gun pro military is a theory like socialist cybernetica and a military like Lenins. No thought police. It just can't be called communism in name, but it's theories on Das Kapital must transcend communism in favor of the proletariat. The future, and not the past. I'm a wierd academic type, and pretty clever. I'm not after fascism. I'm trying transcend all known paradigms. More invention than derivation but whatever replaces the sun is just a new and different sun.


Don't be ridiculous, Saul would've closed the deal.


I'll laugh my ass off if China stops buying out of spite at a time when they need trillions to cover the increased spending and tax cuts.

Neo never left the Matrix.

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Actually he was much smarter than them so he went

You have to realize, most of the lawyers who graduated in the past decade probably played Ace Attorney.

Non American here, is john bolton a legit unironic fascist?

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Not a fascist really, just a living caricature of the chauvinistic jingoist imperialist pig.

Do people not realize that is europe "unites with the world" that means Eastern Europe is occupied by Russia again while Spain, Italy and Greece all get military dictataorships who support military dictators in North Africa and the Middle East. There is nothing good that comes from the mass migration except people getting pissed off and demanding something be done, which usually leads right into fascism. Encouraging more of this means encouraging the elements which create fascism.

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He's on the same level as HW Bush, who was Ford's CIA Director. Him being the new National Security Adviser along with Pompeo (another former CIA official) as Secretary of State is Trump admitting he's just Jeb! with Tariffs.

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oh great another bush neocon also the spending bill trump just signed is obviously dedicated to financing a war, they are going to war with Iran aren't they? this is bad

Or North Korea. Or Syria. Place your bets!

"not enough labels"

Because of the draft, the Vietnam War enjoyed widespread support until then. There were no Vietnam like protests agains this the Korean War which was bloodier and closer to WWII.

He's an American fascist in the John Birch Society sense. Asiatics get the nuke until they all die or stop being commies.

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