Muh lumpen darkies

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shut up user or Holla Forums will laugh at us. our first duty as socialists is to convince Holla Forums we hate minorities

Just goes to show how stupid autright idpol is.

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But this doesn refute nothing. They were all immigrants.

And your point is…?
"ah ah you don't refer to the same sources as i do therefore you're wrong"

For my understanding the idea that immigrants drive down wages is because they would settle for much less than a native would, this article doesn't disprove that. I live in a third world shit hole myself so I don't make this argument, but I don't think the article disproves it.

Also lib on is trash

I'll bet a silver dollar they were Polish. Maybe some African. The only jobs shitskins do when they're not scamming welfare or spelling drugs is taxi and kebab stands. But they're definitely not Pakis or sand niggers.

They were mostly spics and nigs.
Plus it's funny that you talk good about Slavs. The amount of double think on you guys

The article is talking about the uk.

Spics work in america but nogs definitely dont lol


Most of the public cleaning personnel I come across on a daily basis in Brussels are of North African descent.

Am british, can confirm most cleaners are ss african or eastern european women.

None of what you've posted contradicts the fact that these workers have been used by capital as scabs to replace the unionized workers who used to do the labour they now perform. This is why these migrant workers are now having to repeat battles that were successfully fought decades ago.

That isn't a "fact." That's you creating a convenient narrative to fit your backwards ideology.

If they were indeed "successful" then those unionized workers wouldn't have been replaced you fucking idiot.

Blame the capitalists who import cheap labor not the immigrants themselves who are exploited.

I don't get how both can't be true. It isn't like I blame them for coming to the west, btw.

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I also don't think that makes them lumpen, either

So strikers somehow can also be scabs at the same time, now. You're really stretching it, aren't you?

Nazbols arent leftist

You need to stop having a tantrum because someone else has pointed your ideological dogma is in conflict with the evidence. You only need to read Guy Standing's The Precariat to how capital has used migrant labour to undermine and destroy the improvement in employment terms and conditions that earlier generations fought for.

When scabs realize they're getting fucked over and decide to organize against it, that doesn't stop them having previously been scabbing, no?

supreme praxis

So what you mean to say is that everyone is a scab because they were at some point not class conscious…?

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you accidentally added a ">" in front of your sentence.

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and again. it appears to keep happening. maybe check your keyboard?

Just ignore all the other million low wage workers that work for basically nothing to send money back home. This is like saying that illegal Mexican workers in the United states help the local American workers. THEY DON'T, yes it's sad they have to do this and they shouldn't have too but they harm the local workers.

I work where migrants are arriving and the company is in the process of removing the local workers in favor of refugee workers since they work for less,they work harder and cope with worse conditions since getting fired means no more money for their family and the Boss can heap more shit and illegal hours onto them. And best of all their in no unions, have no wish too since the boss could remove them and any local union workers who strike will get easily replaced.

And it's not just my workplace it's the entire industry lots of my regions low skilled labor jobs are doing the same. I support giving these people a good life and wish for the eventual abolishment of the state but it's pretty fucking obvious free labor/worker movement is beneficial to Capitalism and has harmed local worker unions. Same with the EU and it's freedom of movement between poor Eastern European peoples into the wealthy West have harmed labor movements.

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C H E C K. M A T E.

Same in France, plus some southeast asian types who are probably filipinas.


Mass immigration from poor countries doesn’t bring down wages in rich countries because of factor price equalization

Third world immigrants are far more likely comrades than fat native boomers, that's for sure


Tell him to fuck off
"far more likely" doesn't mean "guaranteed"
There are plenty of piece of shit Cubans in the US for instance

I've yet to meet one tbh

Check mate bigot.

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fucking watermarked """meme"""

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