Why isn't every workers a socialist...

Why isn't every workers a socialist? Do they enjoy working for trillionare companies/magnates who evade tax while they receive no wage rise? Does it feel that good being deceived?

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Pick your poison

So it seems, but there are folk who are poor and still consider themselves right-wing.

I think it's because poor people don't relate to progressive stuff, they were raised in a abusive and overly-religious environment.


Material conditions aren't the same. People instinctively know socialism is a meaningless project. In a way the ghosts of capitalism and socialism feed off of each other to become the present frame. What we call capitalism today isn't actually capitalism. It's a force changing ever rapidly and ever more transforming all things into symbols and signs, even it's own engine. Socialism is no counter to this. Only a spectre that serves to legitimize it while it changes and mutates into something weird and unrecognizeable


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t. Douglas Lain

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Same basic reason people believe in religion. Fear and intimidation plus obscurantism. Nobody would believe these things if introduced to them newly as an adult from an outside context. The bad ideas only work if they are your context.

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Most of the non-socialist workers buy into the shitbertarian meme of "well we agreed upon $X.XX wages so it's a fair deal."

Because you are the alternative. Become something worth of attention first, then speak.

The spectacle, user. The spectacle.

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Because the workers aren't the idealistic beings which a lot of socialists make them out to be, and a lot of them are either painfully stupid or just ignorant.


Yes. If not slightly better than the rest.

consider following your own advice

I don't consider myself the savior of the workers

Atomwaffen why are you here?

Because socialism has been infected with all kinds of shit that has nothing to do with work.