In the early 90s I cheered when the USSR dissolved, but now I only weep for it.
And so I must ask the question, how?
How did the USSR get corrupted by liberalism? You could argue Brezhnev, Stalin, Khrushchev, or the succession crisis that led to Gorbachev. But how? I still wonder this even as someone who remains critical of the USSR, but yet I weep for it’s dissolution. How?

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Well, it had to happen eventually. It was prolonged, painful death of socialist experiment that should have fallen along side German Revolution for it's own good. Yes, USSR did provide a huge development (even though forced collectivization killed millions), giving cheap housing, stability, free healthcare and education, promoting gender equality and so on. This things are to be praised, but mentality of "revolutionary country" died pretty much with failure of worldwide revolution. Many Russians weep after the USSR because it made their country strong. When there was a poll asking "who, by your opinion, is the greatest historical figure of Russian history", Stalin was voted 3rd greatest Russian (even though he was Georgian), while Lenin was far behind him. That's because Mr. Steel man wanted strong, centralized state with huge army capable of expansion and retaining the country's former glory, while Lenin was for self-determination, encouraging secession and revival of until-then repressed nationalities, like Ukrainians.

It had a massive military industrial complex that was integral to its success but ultimately unsustainable given the many setbacks and failures of its foreign policy in the late cold war.
In other words the America waged a generational struggle against communism and won with their dominance of international shipping and control, direct or indirect, of most of the resources on earth.

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Human nature is one of the most important concepts in Marxism, the entire Marxian theory of alienation is based on it.

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