Daily News Thread 3/22

Civil, Transit Workers Strike, Bringing Paris to a Standstill

French civil workers are staging a strike Thursday to protest President Emmanuel Macron's push for a series of controversial reforms, union workers are reporting.

John Dowd Resigns as Trump’s Lead Lawyer in Mueller Probe

John Dowd resigned as President Donald Trump’s lead attorney countering Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe as the inquiry into possible collusion in the 2016 election intensifies.

Trump set to announce China sanctions after IP probe

The Trump administration plans to announce sanctions against China on Thursday after determining that the country is encouraging the theft and transfer of intellectual property from US businesses.

China Considering Tariffs On US Agricultural Imports: Trade War Coming?

A global trade war is looming large as President Donald Trump gears up to announce tariffs on Chinese imports Thursday. The slated move is said to impose up to $60 billion in new duties on Chinese goods mainly targeting China’s high technology sector and intellectual property products to curb theft of U.S. technology, White House administration officials said this week.

Online Sex-Trafficking Measure Clears Congress, Goes to Trump

Congress passed a bill to combat online sex trafficking that has split the tech industry, bringing one of the first measures to weaken legal protection for websites closer to becoming law as Big Tech faces a mounting backlash in Washington.

Mexico’s Presidential Race Is Tightening, Poll Suggests

Mexico’s presidential candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is leading by only 5 percentage points in the latest opinion poll, a sign the race may be getting tighter as the July election draws near.

Ex-S. Korean President Lee arrested over corruption scandal

South Korean ex-President Lee Myung-bak was arrested and jailed early Friday over a range of corruption allegations, becoming the latest in a series of disgraced leaders embroiled in scandals and other problems after leaving office.

Peru’s Wise-Man President Toppled by Corruption He Had Pledged to End

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski resigns before impeachment, after videos.

U.S. to Shield Europe, Australia, Brazil From Steel Tariffs

The U.S. will shield a list of allies including Europe, Australia, South Korea, Argentina and Brazil from steel and aluminum tariffs that take effect on Friday, according to U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer.

House GOP to Push Farm Bill Linking Food Stamps to Job Training

House Republicans will pursue a law reauthorizing food assistance and farm subsidies without Democratic support after negotiations over changes to the so-called food-stamp program broke down, the chairman of the chamber’s Agriculture Committee said.

Turkey Gives Its Aggressive TV Censor Control Over the Web

Turkey’s parliament approved a new law on Wednesday that allows its radio and TV watchdog to vet Internet broadcasts, granting the government the ability to intervene against content by producers including Netflix.

YouTube gun ban drives bloggers to PornHub

YouTube has banned videos that show people how to manufacture or modify guns and their accessories.

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Texas Oil Drilling Causes Alarming Increase Of Land Sinking, Satellite Images Show

Decades of oil production across vast swathes of Texas has taken its toll on the very land itself which is “sinking and uplifting” at an alarming rate, according to a team of geophysicists from Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas.

U.S. miners' union to endorse two more Democrats in coal country

The main U.S. coal miners’ union is set to endorse two Democrats running for Congress in West Virginia, two sources familiar with the matter said on Thursday - a boost for Democrats trying to win over a constituency that voted heavily for Republican Donald Trump in 2016.

After West Virginia, Arizona Teachers Lead 'RedEd' Rebellion, Oklahoma to Follow

After a state-wide mass mobilization of teachers in West Virginia which moved state lawmakers to action for overdue pay raises, teachers in Arizona clad in red have followed suit and have taken to the streets holding a series of #RedforEd demonstrations to demand a better pay.

Florida school shooting students told to wear clear backpacks

Students at the Florida high school where 17 people were shot dead last month are being asked to wear clear backpacks.

‘Not near our kids’: Wealthy Californians fight homeless shelters

Three cities in affluent Orange County, California are suing over proposals to set up temporary homeless shelters in their area. California has the largest homeless population in the US and the plans have residents fearful.

'Gun, gun, gun’: Police mistake cell phone for firearm, shoot suspect 20 times

Harrowing footage of the moment police apparently mistook a cell phone for a gun before firing 20 bullets into a suspected vandal has been released. Sacramento police are investigating the shooting of the unarmed black man.

Trump Says Biden ‘Would Go Down Fast and Hard’ in a Fight

Donald Trump has a message for Joe Biden: "He would go down fast and hard."


Saudi Crown Prince Boasted That Jared Kushner Was “In His Pocket”


ICE Contractor Says It Doesn’t Use Solitary Confinement. Photos of Its Isolation Cells Reveal Otherwise.



Millions of Russians and eastern Europeans now believe that they were better off under communism. What does this signify?

In Afrin, the UK Has Blood on Its Hands


Was Carillion’s Collapse the Beginning of the End for the UK’s Outsourcers?

Two large British outsourcers are also on the verge of collapse, and the vultures are circling.

Who's leftypol's bets on?

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Is this May '68 all over again?

No, but one can dream. Paris doesn't seem to be the hub of radical and experimental leftist organizations like it once was. Melechon's cool and all, but he's no Foucault, Deleuze, DeBord

rats are starting to jump ship

Not yet, but when Macron tries to bring in conscription things could get ugly…

Trump and Biden run in 2020 and spend the whole time dodging sexual assault rumors during an economic crisis and escalating war in Syria.

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But how? Assad has basically already won

/ourguy/ Mélenchon hitting an explosive brought by a railway worker:

Turkey invaded Syria numbnuts

Israeli/Saudi/American axis increase pressure against Iran/Assad/Russia. Maybe Turkey has a political crisis about Kurdish question.

Absolute madman.
This may be the point wherenhe goes full 2017 Corbyn and organise the broad front.

When you post to 8ch.net you support pedophiles


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Sea kitten palace is better.

This, I'm french and I've never riot or even protest but the return of conscription might change it and I know it would piss off a lot of young people too.
Also, nice trips.

They forgot the board promoting commies fetish.

They are straight up lying about /8teen/.

killing kulaks is the only thing that gets me hard anymore

The best part is that even the army doesnt want it, when the mass protests come theyll be like"oh no, we're just going to have to cancel it, such a shame".

Also, more teacher strikes


I'm back from the Paris protests
I'll scan the fliers I picked up later

you can fucking feel that protest. God I love France

Batten down the hatches, comrades. Trump's going to fire Mueller.

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I love this administration. Driving an empire off a cliff is good anti-imperialist praxis.

Nice lad. Some translations would be nice pls.

Open conflict between Russia/US confined to Syria?
Everyone has been scared shitless because they assume that any open conflict between powers will lead to a total war of annihilation. Trumps just the kind of guy to ignore a decades long strategic consensus.

"Macron, it's gonna blow!"

Congress's massive new spending bill completely whiffed on Trump's demands for 'the wall'


This was likely Trump's last chance to get any funding for the WALL™, which means it's now effectively dead.

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Quite frankly I don't think Trump gives half a shit about Syria so long as he gets something, or believes he'll get something, out of this conflict. He's already talked about meeting with Putin to lower tensions. Who knows. I think a conflict with China is far more worrying and likely than one with Russia.


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I barely speak French, i think they're sayng macron is blowing up and after that they just say "Jean Luc, Président", and I tink you can figure that out

Summons issued to Trump in case alleging he is violating emoluments clause


oh fugg

What is even happening anymore?

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Could be: lespaves.net/invitation-from-paris/

Yes, this is class struggle

Can’t wait fro Trump to have America leave the WTO.


lol, GunTube when?


Reminder Californians are just Burgers, but worse.

We need Guns to protect people from the police.

Trump removes H.R. McMaster as national security adviser, replacing him with John Bolton


John "American blood in Iraq mud" Bolton? Oh fug, we're going to war.

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Please do lad

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War with Iran/North Korea/Russia/China soon

The future we deserve.

holy fuck this is surreal

Literally just about all ogre now.

China says it may hike tariffs on US pork, other goods



Also, I have to laugh at all the stupid Trumpers who think we're importing pork from China. What rubes.

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RIP Syria, Iran and DPRK


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welp, nice knowing you guys.

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One can only hope.

seriously though, if the empire goes to more wars there is more opportunity to oppose it radically

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Doomsday posting apart, is the US going to war again?

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We've had endless war for endless peace for at least two decades. A war with Iran seems more and more likely though.

A war with iran mean WWIII

Oh, I think we're well past that stage, user. When war comes to Asia, it's going to be a war of extermination of all non-NATO-aligned peoples East of the Euphrates.

I am Iranian citizen, will I be sent into war???
I'm not so smart on bolton…………..

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Iranian are nice. I'd come and help so I can kill some americans, make some Iranian friends and find a Iranian wife.

what the fuck are you even doing nigga

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But my daddy went to war too and I am strong and cool…..

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he'd at least be a civilian casualty and beome a token for the anti war agitation
nobody cares about a dead soldier

Feels good, man

yeah, i'm not gonna look that up, you're just trying to fuck with me

It looks weird but it's not gross. It can just cause breathing issues

Nah Iran would be Vietnam mk.ii: shiite boogaloo.

Its settled, im getting fit and joining the army

Hope you die then you stupid piece of shit

Maybe. Really, the big takeaway of these shakeups is that Trump wants to go back to the "good old days" of the first months in the White House where everyone sucked his dick and everything was in chaos. Appointing Bolton reflects this desire. As a Fox News personality, he'll coddle Trump's need for constant aggressive action while fellating him constantly. If that means bumbling into a massive war, so be it. Baby needs his ego stroked.

The latest rumors suggest Trump is going to fire Kelly in the coming weeks and not name a replacement, having everyone just go straight to him. The spineless GOP better brace themselves for the dumpster fire raging anew.

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It's just the technical term for sunken chest.

okay ugly

No seriously you fucking cunt. You pride yourself enough in posting it in a leftist board, you a cunt or you want easy (you) s.
Why be a welfare queen for the us? Why people like you can't go somewhere and do the fighting for someone else? You can go to ukraine or syria, why go with the most criminal army in the world and actively help them commit crimes?

the world isnt all gringos and obesity, even if the world has to revolve around you guys

Why aren't you already enlisted in the IRGC?

Sorry m8. My fault. You post came after a long string of posts about the US army, I made the connection only now. My bad. You are based

You probably should've mentioned what countries military you were joining, majority of the people on this board hate the US military & automatically assumed you were American when you mentioned joining up.

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okay ugly

I am not living in Iran now…….
But if war happened have to move……..

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Can someone give me some context?

Well at least Bolton is a materialist who understand reality for what it is.

The French railway service is a national property, and Macron wants to privatize it even though we all know privatizing the railway does not work (see the UK).
Moreover, French railway workers are mostly commies, so they are quit active in protests.
They were 400000 people in the streets last Thursday against privatizing the railway, against the university reforms, and so on.

Looks like the French are finally amping up the protests. Last year's outings were absolutely pathetic.

This isn't what I had in mind when I wished com a YT competitor.


Disappointed but not surprised. Maybe we should build gulags there instead. As in, enclosing them.


Remember the altists who genuinely thought Trump was going to put a leash on the Pentagon and the police State?

Fun fact: the Russian Revolution wouldn't have been possible without radicalized railway workers.

tfw Sarkozy has been arrested